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Watercooling Noobie!
Delta 68... how loud is it?
thunder bird 1.33 Hot?
What fan for Thermalright AX-7
Searching for a 50x50x10 fan.
vapo-type phase changer review
Gigabyte GA-7VRX cooling issue
bong size question
I messed up. Am I now in "do this at your own risk" territory?
What position is best?
Decent temps?
im stuck at 14 FSB with current setup. how can i go higher?
Best way to mod radiator connectors?
100% passive watercooling project
Jet Powered Cooling!
gasket for a fan
where online can i get cooling fans at good prices?
--Submerged Radiator/Heater Core?--
Looking for a reliable way to check temperature of mobo and cpu
Running temp for an asus?
50°C idle?
Avc Sunflower
Lapping heatsinks-is there a 'how-to'?
Which fan for a SK6?
Best cooling system for athlon xp under $100
Is it worth it to watercool my Ti200 ram?
Are Tyan Temps Accurate?
comment on my setup
Tons of pictures of my new watersetup!!
Anyone know how to ..... ?
KA7 - Which CPU + Fan/Heatsink to get?
SIBAK? same good perf with maybe les cfm less DB?
Heatsink emergency! help!
Volcano 7+ and EPOX 4BDA
Minor Zalman Update here.
Tt P4 Dragon 478
applying thermal paste
Anyone work with metals or know someone who does?
how much cooler is water cooling vs heatsink fan
Water cooling
What are you P4 Northwood guys using for cooling.
Im fed up with Athlon
Who wants me to melt something?
northbridge cooling
Idea for ghetto ram sinks
Which water pump???
Ys Tech
Tt Crystal orb atachment
This is not good for my health.
Wow... this is weird...
---The Beast---
peltier wondering..
GPU insulation?
less fans = lower temps?
How to make your own Athlon Heat spreader
Experiment: Liquid-Gas Phase Shift Properties in Extreme Atmospheric Conditions
Double stack fans like a turbine?
Thermalright AX7
Someone Help Me Find or Make a Template!
Arctic Silver II... tragedy for you too?
Maze3-1 Reviews
If you are thinking about a Dr. Thermal TI-V77 read this
--Anyone Tried An AX-7 Peltier Setup?--
Fan choice for an AX-7
cooling plates - how effective?
Tbird 1.4@2.4, (isn't Helium great when it's liquid?)
HS and Fan for XP 2000
Where in automobile is heatercore usually located??
Asus P4S333 and WPCREDIT cooling???
Does Swiftech have a website or contact number?
CPUs are hot
air + water counter current cooling?
Overpowering Peltier TEC
maze with pelt witch one is better
Koolance WaterBlock or Maze 3
would a amd athlon 266 fsb run in a athlon 133 mhz fsb mb?
Can anyone tell me what is overclockershideout email address.
high rpm fans on mobo headers
how many CFM needed for PSU fan? also, using WC, how many watts?
Bio-Balls in my bong
Danner pumps
MBM5 questions
where to place the wire from a LCD temp gauge?
Best socket 462 Heatsink??
just recieved my ax-7
Are there any guides on how to water cool a PSU
volcano 7 X dragon orb 3+
will this cooler work on a celeron in a slot adapter?
Do I need wc?
3 pin to 4 pin adapter fan connection
Resavoir for watercooling?
Cpu Fan Speed To Slow
DangerDen vs. Koolance: Which is best?
Tygon Tubing
I need some cheap cooling
Thermalright AX7
WC in Coolermaster ATC-201
Give Your Opinion On Best Heatsink
does Purple Ice radiator super coolant prevent algae growth?
submitted for oc.com watercooling approval:
Peltier/TEC Stacking?
AS2 x AS3 ?
Lets post some realistic temps guys....
Accurate Temp Readout?
What kind of shim????
Cooler than cool
ABIT KG7-RAID Chipset Cooling
WHat is the best Socket 7 heatsink?
post your water temps!
Exploding Heat Sinks !!
please, help me choosing a 370 hsf.
Dual w/c .. good or bad ?
AMD- Cooling nightmare?
Liquid Cooling!
Temps for XP 2000+
Machine shops for CNC milling???
A little mod that I did for some better cooling
need Help with my slot 1 PIII 800 cooling
Peltier & Condensation (or not)
gemini for decoration :)
More radiators equal better cooling performance ??
My Maze 3 PICs!!
Completed With Some Worries
will i be able to get away w/ this hsf setup?
Watercool folks ..post your internal diode temp
i decided to show you what my wb plans are!
New Water Cool Setup Question..
water weter?
is a papst 120 mm a good fan?
polarity on pelts
new h2o setup!!
Comments on my wire reorganization?
Exhaust Fan?
Generic Coolermaster Heatsink
new water cooling kit from danger den
squeeky fan....
THe Killer FAN !!!!
what size?
Heatsink Base Dimensions?
Volcano 2 temps for anyone who cares
H20 cooling system
P4 1.6A & ASUS P4T-E Temperatures
Mobo temp?
Advice please, urge to kill rising...
Using a DD5 to monitor CPU temps...
Am I serious or insane?
Inline pump submerged?
watercool and air cool
Chipset Cooling ????
heat problems with my xp 2000+
Crystal cooler.
How to contact Alpha; get parts
another wb design
My Plan
air filter + room fan
Listen to a fan
Guys i need the most quietest case fans around!
Thermal Paste (discussion)
Good Watercooling Kit. Wanting to test my Fate.
It's that time of year again ! Stupid Idea or Good Idea, hehe
water colling block paste?
ANOTHER water block design?!?
Silver Blocks
Lapping XP+ Core
R12 safety question (cutting the tubing with refrigerant still inside)
Looky what I found
Is the Retail fan OK for NORMAL xp1800 use?
Cheap Cooling Solution
TMD Fans
This Board Is Going To Crap ***
Reservoir with 500 GPH 12V pump
Z4 Aqua Sink or Swiftech MCW462-UH?
diamond thermal paste
Question on radiator sizes.
mounting waterblock
Efficiency of heat transfer
What's a safe spread between ambient and full load temps?
Highest mobo temps??? whats bad?
In socket thermistor accuracy.
what do you guys have to say about a Via Aqua 1300 pump
idea on keeping pumps quiet
Where's that case that has like 20-30 fans in it?
Liquid Copper?
Need Help with Heatsink Fan
My Testimonial to Watercooling
MBM5 Question
Super Glueing a Crystal or Blue orb
wow idle temp dropped 5 degress!
WC setup complete - Thanks to all
Overdoze waterblock !!!
Uh oh I am THINKING again...
sudden temp increases
vaseline/petrolium jelly for dielectirc grease?
Aluminum Vs Copper
? for the watercooling freaks
How would i run a delta 50 at 7v?
Unreal temp with SK-6
Relapped the HS
Is this a good heater core? Look fast, 1 hour left!
Z3 Waterblock Holddown help.
Can you guys list the stores you know that sells the Gemini Spiral
AutoCad 2002
Koolance question
Clamping pressure with the swiftech MC462A
How Do I cool MY Extremely Hard drive?
Pressure cooker
"new" aircooling system
What is an average tempreture of An Athalon XP?
NPN Transistor Fan speed controler questions
Cooling A AMD™ XP1900+ n00bie™ style
Need fan suggestion
P4 1.6 and Asus P4S533 advice.
water cool flow
Opinions needed.
Wow i am excited
:/ more help
Open case cooling event
peltier question
KryoTech SuperG(1) Problem
AX7 Question
overclockers cases
Does anyone sell....
Getting a watercooling setup...
opteron cooling
Cool as can be.
Air cooled case quest
A newbie question....
Artic silver must have settled.
Cooling suggestions?
thermal conduct of JB weld?
Grr Cpu still overheating plz read``
pumps of prefrence
any sugestions?
Looking for a new pump.........
Biostar thermal sensors
Eheim Pumps - Where to get 'em?
what is a AVC sunflower cooler for P4??
fop-38 to a piii 1.2?
enheim 1250
which way is better for maze2
How would once accomplish sub zero temps?
Great article on pumps
which do all of you h2o users think would be the best waterblock for my situation?
The importance of proper airflow
Can't keep a 1.4 cool to save my.....
SlOt A - Remember me?
Vid card cooling observation...
C2 Tualatin and P4 Northwood Cooling Selection Models
AS3 Users Beware... (Read)
maybe someone can explain this to me
Swiftech Volcano 7+ and Abit BD7 Mounting woes
Why did water suck for me?
are they that bad?
Antec reference+ crazy glue
Watercooling question...
Hammer and heat
My Coolermaster HHC-001 92mm mod
3/8 Silicone Tubing Works!!
More Efficent Phase Shift Cooling Design?
Refrigerated Case?
Yeah... AX7 for P4!
Please Help!!!
Anyone Live in/near Maryland?
Thermalright SLK600 for sale?
Enermax of Panaflo
I want to buy a Zalman flower but will it fit?
Plexiglass Questions.
OC XP 1700: What settings should I mess with first to last?
My successfully quiet sir-cooling setup
How many fans?
Tubing size: is bigger really better?
Is it safe to run a fridge without a thermostat (or a defective one)?
New plans for me...
What is the best Waterblock for P4 ???
Best P4 Cooler
What Fan i can USE
Humidifier and dehumidifier water cooling??
Need a Water block for a GF4 TI 4600 128 ddr
drinking water cooler
Water blocks?
Found a fridge, but thermostat doesn't work.
CPU temps on MSI MoBo
two deltas - which is better...
Fan stacking!!!
what programs are good for 3d waterblock drawings?
Quick connects
making a fanbus...
Does anyone know where I can get 7-inch (154mm?) fans?
Dragon Orb mod yields satisfying results
What is the max safe temp I can run a 1.1 duron?
Koolance or Swiftech Q Power?
Liquid Cooling guys. How do you Handle Condensation?
AX-7 Temps
Iron Hawk's Waterblock Design!!
XP 2000 heat question
what size hole saw for case fans.
Mobo manufacturers...auto HSF RPM?
mounting fans without screws
Antec 660PLus cooling control
cpu temp
Mixing of Dye Lite & Water Wetter
Removing Arctic Alumina Epoxy?
Homemade vs Complete WC kits
whaqt size fan fits on ax-7?
Want to REALLY see your load temps? Look here!
hooking up a rheostat
What heatsink should I get?
Best place to buy WC units
Minifridge watercooling
De-Ionized water for H20 Cooling???
MBM5 Question
how many RPM is Crystal ORB ?
Best P4 Heat sink and fan...
Thermalright AX-7 + T-Bred
AquaStealth 2
Temp Accuracy
Now what?
heating problems !!!
How do I tell the temp of My CPU
Water Cooling
Found gold (copper tubing) :)
Papst HSf
Old celly cooling
80mm Radiator
6000+rpm fans and motherboards
80mm fans on a hs meant for 60mm better?
big fan, small heatsink?
enough is enough
My New Favorite Fan
Cool looking Ramsinks
watercool getting inexpensive !!
Anyone know anything about his heatsink?
Brasso and Lapping a CU HSF..
What do you use to measure your temps?
Celeron cooling
xp 1900+[1.6Ghz] HSF 15<$<30
Water Cooling
Metal dust
found a submersible pump in the garage
best peltier
Heatsink re-enforcement
Is It Frozen????
upgrading using heat piper
Case grills
Peltier current amp rating...
Is this a Normal Temp ?
Best place to buy centrifugal fans
fan question
Water Bong Theory
Set up done. (Maze3 temps inside)
Water cooling?
Glitter in the water for cooling?
Chipset cooler for ECS K7S5A
change Delta 80mm 80cfm
How to calculate Wattage of A/C voltage fans??
Waterpump relay....
B4 and After shroud temps
Air Compressor?
is this normal?
Where to get PAPST fans???
Soldering Question
Am I the only one who kinda likes a loud computer?
freon question
AS2 Idea...whatcha think?
thermalright ax-7 fit on KT7-raid board?
Temps on your Swiftech MCX478
Lapping HS again
Need Info: WC Lian-Li PC60
Cooler air
HSF advise please
WPCEDIT for CPU cooling
room fan idea
1,6a northwood @ 2,2
Hear my Roar! (Of fans)
What about the OCZ GOLIATH SE??
Foam mattress material (for insulation)?
YES!! I just got my WC!
Water cooling with cool VORTEX???
bong question
anti freeze mixtures in a water cooled system...
Lapping technique: details (+)
Confirming Details re: Fridge Cooling
can my volcano II be lapped?
quiet deltas do they exist?
Radio Shack Internal/External Digital Themometer....
Another way to fit a 92mm fan on an 80mm heatsink
Thermalright AX7 Guidance
Block concept
Very High Temps!!!
masked geek i got a ? for ya
highest overclocks?
Does this sound like a nice quiet fan setup?
Insulation help please
need some help from u guys
wellll id say.....
Post your highest temps! (can you beat me?)
What fans to get
Got my Swifty MCX478!
1800+ cooling help
Another water block idea
New air circulation idea
Funny thing happened on the way to class. . .
son of a !!
about watercooling system
Someone please offer any advice...
External CPU temp probe
alpha 6035K waterblock
Black Ice Prime or Xtreme?
Just hit 77c!
Would this idea work...
Does this rheostat exist, and should I use it?
Is alpha 8942 difficult to install?
Rheostat question!
Will I need more fans?
Maze3 over Maze2
Heat Pad vs Thermal Grease
Innovatek Water Cooling Kit In UK
Mini fridge size/efficiency?
ThrmealRight AX-7 or better
Air Cooling - Money No Object - What Should I buy?
Tt active ram coolers...good/bad kills crucial ddr like a mother???
Permanent waterblock competition
new watercooled system
Alcohol as cooling fluid?
Random temp increase?
Artic Alumina question...
Good System Temp?
how to switch from 3/8" barbs to 1/2" barbs on maze2?
You know you got it bad when
overclock getting expensive
Hair Dryer
CPU Radiator 'Zen'
Has anyone seen this waterblock?
new swiftech worse temps
Temps . .any suggestions?
Airflow question
Epox Bios temps accurate?
ocerclocking question
What's the best way to lap?
Dragon Orb 3 and Noise
It has begun
Cant find
is anyone else running or will run a koolance rig?
mechatronics fans: where??
delta or what
is the ys tech 80mm fan any good
Wanting to use a peltier cooler/heater to cool entire system/case
crazy water block idea
Generic thermal grese
Cooling newbie
Alpha PAL8045 Survey
New fan grills
UK Supplier of Clear case fans
New Senfu WaterBlock
HELP! Where to buy a Peltier? (+)
AS3 Turning to Liquid!
Newbie cooling question about temps?!
Help me find this radiator!
Question on recent water block designs
combining fan flow at 90º
Anyone tried any fan mods?
Check out this new waterblock
fan pins?
Current plans for water cooling setup...
Airflow Help...
cooling problems
tualatin cooling
Questions: Molex Conversion and HS Mounting
Refridgerator question.
old 250 W psu fan
80mm fan question
swiftechs's newest moddification
Dont know if this goes under this section...but o well
Mounting Maze3
AA Removal
Hot side of pelt
Comopunurse Probs