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Dragon Orb 3!!!
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Maze 3 temps
My Swiftech MCX478 is on its way
Themaltake Volcano 7+ and the Socket 478
Case air flow questions
A question about building waterblocks
Case Fans
Crazy H20 idea, but might work.
Alpha 8045 and Swifty MCX462
H2O cooling without a radiator
Newbie: Judge my planned WC sys
Tt Volcano 2 or AMD retail HSF
Globawin FOP 32-1 on a XP1800+
my home made radeon8500 waterblock
Does anyone have this fan? If so,...
How accurate is the temp from ComuNurse touching the side of the core?
scarey thing...
To lap or not to lap??????
Need help keeping Tbird 1.33 cool
Too many fans??
Clr ??
Up & Running- finally, but...
Suggestions on Cooling
Lists of fan specs (.xls and .htm, various sizes)
Crying on my Maze 3
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Watercooling setup done!
Overclocked Geforce2 Ti cooling
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a new hs compound
advantages of staying home from school
Volcano 7
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Conductive epoxy ~ NAWCIUIOTCT!
How smart are decibels anyway?
What would you recommend for a powerful yet quiet 1200mm fan?
My Next Case
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Maximize Bong Performance
question on max cpu temp for athalon xp
PLEASE HELP ME. This is my last resort !!
Safe shut-off temp for oc'd P3?
Flow Rate - Closed vs Reservoir
Which HSF for an athlon xp1800+
lab grade water chillers for cooling a farm
Help me choose a rheostat!
serck radiator?
A vortex tube
looking for an article on evaporator cooling.
Correct me if I'm wrong please but...
Anyone know why the Maze 3 looks different?
New Plot of Condensation Points
UK, purchasing
Waterblock Design Help.
1.0 duron + sk6 + 34cfm fan = 60+ degrees C?!?!
8500 Cooling
List of 120mm fan specs (Excel workbook)
Hard-Drive Immersion?
need good lapping info....
Does anyone use this GPU Block?
Water + Air - Works Well for Vid Cards
Can GlaciatorI or II handle the task?
Idle temps from winter to summer
airflow management .... in a sieve.
H20 for around $200?
refridgerant parts?
Any cool sites to check out for background info on refirgerant systems (ACs, Fridges)
crashing because of heat?
relay help
If PIII99 fried, should get 1Ghz?
CRAP! Socket370 tab broke!
Do i need a NB cooler at 160 FSB..25c case temp
I want to cool it with coins!!!
Will modding my case help?
Will AS2 be good enough for this situation?
REAL quick question...
Cooling a radiator... would a 108CFM fan.........
best water block and water mixture
Better Preformance
Help, northbridge cooling!
LN2 cooling review
is this too hot??
MAZE 1,2 or3
Does this look like a good design?
A strange bong problem
Legal and available coolant?
Urgent Question about new WC setup!
Where can I get silicone tubing?
Question about a compressor to phase change gurus
best hsf
Is a bleeder/fill tube necessary for a water cooling system?
cross-flow fans?
Copper Thickness
Best Cpu Fan??
Loud Heatsink
aluminum or copper?
Redline Water Wetter... which is the best???
submersive cooling using water project
Control RPMS on Delta 60x60x25
These temps are WAY too high
water blocks
how to make a heat sink??
Water/Air Cooling?
Leaking eater core...how to fix?
Dried Ice on a Air cooled?
Cohesive Air cooling with Standard Fans?
are the results out on Maze3 vs Gemini?
anyone here running vapochill?
W/c kit arrived, yay! Got a question though.
Would this work out ok? (car radiator and dual resevoirs)
Summer system temps!!!
Quiet Fan
Case Temps too high, what to do next?
Liquid Nitrogen cooling
Watercooling Mainstream Consumer PC's
Need H20 Advice
Need Recomendation
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!
Now going to watercooling
Vapochill Cases - I'm curious
Maze 3 and Lapping
Yet another water wetter ?
Removed pad and Lapped..GOOD RESULTS!
Thermal resistance question...
What am I gaining?
Temp probe TH7-II/ P4 1.6A
P4 heatsink
watercooling maintenance???
peltier pays off but system temps high
Are my temps too high?
I'm lucky!!
Fried CPU Because of Watercooling
My temp could go lower...but how?
petsmart pump
Questions about this heatercore
Crystal Orb on an Abit TH7II-RAID Northbridge
What is the best heat sink under $40
coolermaster HSF
Some info for you ax-7 people
First watercooling in testing
Best pelt for Air cooling with Alpha PAL8942T and 50CFM Suron
what's the proper temp
Best Cpu Fan
Back of mobo cooling: inacurate readings?
Pic of current block in the works
Has extra cooling on northbridge chipset helped?
High CFM Fans: Intake or Outtake?
PSU Cooling?
Pelt and aircooling
Proof Asus A7V333 temps are 10c lower than MB reports.
Maze 3 is here
Check out my home made Ram Sinks
Water Chiller or Pelt?
Need some assistance/recommendations.
Need some help wih CPU Temp
powering a TEC(peltier)
Thoughts on my new cooling idea?
Air Vertex cooling
recommendations of HSF for tualatin
Can't get 120mm fan 2 run on 7v
Lapping a new Sunflower Cooler?
hdd watercooling
Post a picture of your watercooling rig!
Surprise Surprise Surprise
Need a 25W rheostat, can't find one!
Maze 3 reviews please!!!
Non Conductive Coolants
HEY I GETTING A AMD XP 1800 +, i want to overclock, help
Whats the best waterblock under $45
Pump decision
Dial in watts for a TEC????
Dr. Thermal Xtreme!!!!
Have you heard of this?
Grr..now need new pump
OLD skool fan
Temp utility
Help me with MBM
I need a thin fan!
What is a good Gpu fan w/heatsink
Somthing Funny
Rheostat questions...
heat spreaders
Couple Water Cooling Questions
memory cooling
Thermal Probe dead?
Water cooling questions
Arrr warm weather
DigiDoc 5 Question..
Best Fan for a P4 1.6A
How cold....???
Best AIR-COOLEd fan to buy
What about oil?
Now that my watercooling stuff has arrived, got some Q's
build the ultimate WC system!
Acrylic kits?
gorb on celery
SVC Golden Gate 40
Duron 1000MHz, at what temperature should I become concerned?
Possible pump for WC
P4 socket 423 question?
Experienced peltier users help!?
New Condensation today.. help!
newbie install question... epox 8kha + and ax-7
Temp status questions?
is there a
High pressure pump not good?
DELTA Fans Question
about peltiers
Check Out These Pump Prices
Please Help! I lapped my HS but it added 2*C!!
I love my swifty!!
I installed the Z4 kit. Am I happy?....H
Smallest Car Heater Core?
Question regarding Maxi-Jet 1200 (powerhead)
Air cooling Question
Dual fans on my taisol, fastest first ?
BIG BIG tranny cooler...
Difference between socket thermistor and actual temps with watercooling
heater core sizes
Advice on cleaning my hsf
120mm Deltas
CFM of stock Lian Li ADDA fans?
Coolant i got from work
How is this WC setup? (First timer)
How good is this heatercore?
Dr.Thermal TI-77L Copper Core Cooler??
Finally got around to posting pics of my system
New heatsink
Watercooling Running Hot - Need Help!
Now this is a crazy fan
Somthing cool
Novice overclocker Quick questions
maze 3 thread at procooling
How good does a shim work?
How to get a old heatsink of a card
post your temps
What is the best heat sink.
Check my airflow plans
good connectors??
New with WC
HeatSeeker Pro XPT vs. Swiftech QuietPower
arctic alumina, temp always rises?
On behalf of snyper1982 "Does the AX-7 fit on the 8KHA+?"
I lapped my P4 today
A question...
Megamite cooler
When the Summer Months come to town...
homemade temp controlled fan
Help: Reservoir is leaking.
Pimp'n the Volcano 7+ for you non Tt fans!
13 bucks for 235 CFM?
Lead heat sink?
help with water cooling
Dual shrouds
Would it be a good idea to mount the radiator here
Where Can I find a Duct?
Subway replacement AC unit
type 44 heatsink compound ?
Chemistry Time
rehostat +fans ,any 1 help a begginer?
Any maze 3 reviews yet?
What is the best heat......
My dual watercooled MP setup
Removeing ASII
Help on watercooling setup
cooling forced air
copper/plex sandwitch
It it OK to run a heatercore on its side?
ok guys heres the deal
Newb Fan "UNTAILED" Question..
I Build A New Duron 1gig
Bleed hose for H2o system?
Running 2 untailed fans into 1 4pin molex
Delta wiring questions...will this work?
got a really crazy/interesting idea...will it work?
Black Ice Extreme and Antec 1040B Case
Water Temps-Case Temps-Ambient Temps-CPU Temps
question about pumps
will watercooling northbridge help?
Did I do this right?
CoolJAG U1, where?
H2O Power supply
7v and no RPM reading
Memory Cooling Kits
hsf clip design
What to use for a 1600XP
Mounting HSF Question!!!
Cooling problems with AX-7
Would cooling with an A/C unit work?
Dry Conditioning
MBM cpu temp results vs. Sandra?
Question concerning the Via C3 processor...
Volcano 7+ on Soltek SL-75DRV5?
Is this an acceptable setup?
Super Hot And Moisture
can a huge radiator be used passively outside case?
why dont you just stick 2 of these on your heatsink?
Looking to replace my Crystal Orb
Air flow... What is best?
Cool little GPU fan...
-Heat Problems- Wanna watercool- Recommendations?
Thermaltake Volcano 7+ Mounting on P4 Info
P3 Slot 1/ Waterblock?
please shed some light on this....
Peltier + water chiller question
Giga-byte 7VTX
Im H2O now
AMD Stock Hsf
water cooling setup?
Thermalright sk-6 Temps too high!!! need a fix
Colder is not always better....
Cleaning a CPU and hetasink
Wrong Maze 3 :(
Need Air Flow Help
Anyone uses this cooler?
Pelts and a bong, and a computer.
486 Hsf ??
How to remove a northbridge heatsink?
Temperatures at an all time low.
Thermal Probes
Anyone ever use a Zalman CPU Cooler
get your HSF/waterblock combo here!
what rehostat i need for this
Socket A / Socket 462 Cooling
Anybody using bilge pump?
Swiftech + Delta = COOL!
Lapping a crystal orb
which P4 cooler
Asus A7v266 - Still reports 10C Over?
Thermaltake Fan Speed Controller
Check out these temps.
How to get rid of hot area?
flat intake tube.......???
maze 1 waterblock
ugh...new Vantec not cooling properly!
homemade waterblock gallery?! mods, make a sticky!
new cooling idea
does anyone know the gph @ x feet for the eheim 1046?
Enlight 7237 users : Question on Hd cooling
Warm weather aaaargh.
Yea! Got the temps a bit lower! WOOHOO!
Does 3/8" vinyl tubing fit on 1/2" inlet on eheim 1046?
buying a complete watercool system/case?
AX-7 spacers
started my water block
2lb Glaciator
Q about milling copper
Solid State Mini Fridge
radiator help!!
removing thermal goop
Panaflo 80mm
OCZ Gladiator: C/W = .21 ?!?!?!
what size
Advice on case fan scheme
portable water chiller
1700 + Temps, need some feedback.
Argh my worst nightmare
How to build a rheostat?
Bong Cooling without water loss?
Res or no Res? Final thoughts?
watercooling a radiator
Changing CPU heatsink/fan combo..need some advice
I am Having unexplained Heat Problems
Just another idea (could be good or bad)
I know this sounds stupid,but..
Anyone running a Thermalright AX-7 on a socket 370 mobo??
Find your "real" flow rate
Playing with my blocks again
Coolermaster Hard drive cooler DC-4002
AX-7 w/ no fan
i have a question
Screensavers Dunk a computer...
- peltier(tec) results
Does running AC motors at lower voltage do anything bad?
Cooling the water by air bubbles
Maze 3 Review
A few questions about water cooling
aluminum heatercore better than DangerDen Cube?
Cooling Help...Take ur Own Advice. :(
Idea Gains Huge Temp Drop
Clear acrylic tubing for a duct
Is Volcano 7+ Too Noisy?
Does running DC motors at lower voltage do anything bad?
Harddrive coolers
pc-70 and heater core
Still trying to cool off
Can you have too much?
Cooling to the extreeeeeeem!!!
Active/Passive cooling??
Any word on the Maze3 yet???
I Am New To Overclockers.com
Negative case pressure...
120mm case fan and the Alpha PAL8942
Oiling fans!
Check this (FAN)
anyone looking for water cooling?
50$ on zipties?
Water cooling without a pump
Heater Core and Water Pump Question?
anyone find any maze3 reviews, otherwise post your maze3 experiences!
Radiator or heater core?
pasivly cooling a power suply
What's the core made of?
CWC Black Demon Radiator
cooling and hose size - Innovatek
Broke my new CAKII38
TT Volcano 7+ s478 impressions: wierdness but works well
A cool or stupid Idea?
Water cooling problem
water block design
anyone use this
How can I connect pump to ps?
AX-7 with low to medium CFM?
question from project X!..
water in my vanes
Is this CPU temp too high??
Where should I put the radiator?
Question about the composition of the core
This is the kind of Heat sink i have
OOOO baby I am cooking
Target Temperature
Need advice on Hard Drive cooling
question on smoothing out heasink
watercooling setup??
Whats a good design for a waterblock?
Installing The AX - 7
Replacement heatsink for 8KTA3 with one less lug
Err what's 14 F in Celius?
Silent Cooler for Athlon XP 1800+ ?
30 min. + 0.00$ = -22*C
Duponts Big Scam
Well I'll be a hairy monkey... (air case cooling stuff)
Clamp setup for 8500?
homemade GPU waterblock
Advice on Watercooling kit.
CALM system duplication...
I want to get the 120mm-80mm fan adapter, which 120mm fan should I get?
Who uses filters?
8KHA+ Question
Refrigeration question
Decisions, Decisions
Alpha PAL8092T/Swiftech MCX478 and the Asus P4T-E
P-II @ 350 9.0 Celcus :)
BEST Air Cooling for PIV....
Watercooling Radeon 8500
What's A Normal Temp for a AXP 1800+ ?
Man, SHE is LOUD!
Overclocked Athlon
BlackIce Pro or Extreme Rev2
Anyon using the Zalman Flower P4 CNPS6500-ALCU?
AZZKICKER's Home Made Socket A heatsink
question about ducting.
suck or blow a radiator
Good temps for a 1.33?
Sink, pelt & heatpipe ref matl. here
dimensions of a heater core help!!!!!!!
What is the hottest the water coming out of a waterblock can get?
Where can I get the Thermalright SLK-600!?????
Cooling Fan MINIMUM question
Overclocking Results
Question about Thermal Take Volcano 6cu+ and 7
How, where, why, and when to use a pelt?
Are Onboard Temp programs good to go by
How (in)accurate is the in socket thermistor?
Hmm would these be to close?
Best Water cooling Kit
I have joined the water cooling elite :)
A/C Cooling Need Help/Advice
60mm to 120mm converter
Just a kind of poll about my idea for cooling
I saw my cpu was at 80*C.....
are thermal pads sticky on both sides?
Koolance CPU-200 waterblock
Summer ruined my watercooling fun :(
Ducts 411
ditching dragon orb for millenial glaciator :)