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does anyone know the gph @ x feet for the eheim 1046?
Enlight 7237 users : Question on Hd cooling
Warm weather aaaargh.
Yea! Got the temps a bit lower! WOOHOO!
Does 3/8" vinyl tubing fit on 1/2" inlet on eheim 1046?
buying a complete watercool system/case?
AX-7 spacers
started my water block
2lb Glaciator
Q about milling copper
Solid State Mini Fridge
radiator help!!
removing thermal goop
Panaflo 80mm
OCZ Gladiator: C/W = .21 ?!?!?!
what size
Advice on case fan scheme
portable water chiller
1700 + Temps, need some feedback.
Argh my worst nightmare
How to build a rheostat?
Bong Cooling without water loss?
Res or no Res? Final thoughts?
watercooling a radiator
Changing CPU heatsink/fan combo..need some advice
I am Having unexplained Heat Problems
Just another idea (could be good or bad)
I know this sounds stupid,but..
Anyone running a Thermalright AX-7 on a socket 370 mobo??
Find your "real" flow rate
Playing with my blocks again
Coolermaster Hard drive cooler DC-4002
AX-7 w/ no fan
i have a question
Screensavers Dunk a computer...
- peltier(tec) results
Does running AC motors at lower voltage do anything bad?
Cooling the water by air bubbles
Maze 3 Review
A few questions about water cooling
aluminum heatercore better than DangerDen Cube?
Cooling Help...Take ur Own Advice. :(
Idea Gains Huge Temp Drop
Clear acrylic tubing for a duct
Is Volcano 7+ Too Noisy?
Does running DC motors at lower voltage do anything bad?
Harddrive coolers
pc-70 and heater core
Still trying to cool off
Can you have too much?
Cooling to the extreeeeeeem!!!
Active/Passive cooling??
Any word on the Maze3 yet???
I Am New To Overclockers.com
Negative case pressure...
120mm case fan and the Alpha PAL8942
Oiling fans!
Check this (FAN)
anyone looking for water cooling?
50$ on zipties?
Water cooling without a pump
Heater Core and Water Pump Question?
anyone find any maze3 reviews, otherwise post your maze3 experiences!
Radiator or heater core?
pasivly cooling a power suply
What's the core made of?
CWC Black Demon Radiator
cooling and hose size - Innovatek
Broke my new CAKII38
TT Volcano 7+ s478 impressions: wierdness but works well
A cool or stupid Idea?
Water cooling problem
water block design
anyone use this
How can I connect pump to ps?
AX-7 with low to medium CFM?
question from project X!..
water in my vanes
Is this CPU temp too high??
Where should I put the radiator?
Question about the composition of the core
This is the kind of Heat sink i have
OOOO baby I am cooking
Target Temperature
Need advice on Hard Drive cooling
question on smoothing out heasink
watercooling setup??
Whats a good design for a waterblock?
Installing The AX - 7
Replacement heatsink for 8KTA3 with one less lug
Err what's 14 F in Celius?
Silent Cooler for Athlon XP 1800+ ?
30 min. + 0.00$ = -22*C
Duponts Big Scam
Well I'll be a hairy monkey... (air case cooling stuff)
Clamp setup for 8500?
homemade GPU waterblock
Advice on Watercooling kit.
CALM system duplication...
I want to get the 120mm-80mm fan adapter, which 120mm fan should I get?
Who uses filters?
8KHA+ Question
Refrigeration question
Decisions, Decisions
Alpha PAL8092T/Swiftech MCX478 and the Asus P4T-E
P-II @ 350 9.0 Celcus :)
BEST Air Cooling for PIV....
Watercooling Radeon 8500
What's A Normal Temp for a AXP 1800+ ?
Man, SHE is LOUD!
Overclocked Athlon
BlackIce Pro or Extreme Rev2
Anyon using the Zalman Flower P4 CNPS6500-ALCU?
AZZKICKER's Home Made Socket A heatsink
question about ducting.
suck or blow a radiator
Good temps for a 1.33?
Sink, pelt & heatpipe ref matl. here
dimensions of a heater core help!!!!!!!
What is the hottest the water coming out of a waterblock can get?
Where can I get the Thermalright SLK-600!?????
Cooling Fan MINIMUM question
Overclocking Results
Question about Thermal Take Volcano 6cu+ and 7
How, where, why, and when to use a pelt?
Are Onboard Temp programs good to go by
How (in)accurate is the in socket thermistor?
Hmm would these be to close?
Best Water cooling Kit
I have joined the water cooling elite :)
A/C Cooling Need Help/Advice
60mm to 120mm converter
Just a kind of poll about my idea for cooling
I saw my cpu was at 80*C.....
are thermal pads sticky on both sides?
Koolance CPU-200 waterblock
Summer ruined my watercooling fun :(
Ducts 411
ditching dragon orb for millenial glaciator :)
whats avarage temps?
Alpha 8045 Waterblock
Chipset cooling (Crystal Orb)
waterblock vs. watersink
Uh...the hose is too small for the radiator...
wich is louder?
Cooling the NB with an Agilent Arcticooler
Water/Peltier Cooling Questions
What 2 Programs Help You Overclock?
the hype over AX-7
Is your board wrong!!!!!!!
Putting an AC next to intake fan?
very hot temp
Fridge Cooling
i850 Chipset cooling
How loud is a blue orb or crystal orb?
Anyone ever use this radiator?
Where to get Liquid Nitorgen
Q. Re: voltage of mobo pins/case fans
SVC golden gate cooling specs
Prime 95 and Curing?
Are Low Pressure Drop Coolers any good?
Check my shopping list
3/8" tubing vs. 1/2" tubing
"bong" cooling unit?
Anyone ever seen this AMD HS?
172mm Papst Fan...what to do with it
CPU temp drops with side removed. Need more air flow?
Swiftech MCX478 with 120mm Fan?
Any body read Japanese?
power supply fans
How to use a stock intel p4 hsf
Intake fans or outtake fans - Case cooling question
Stupid arctic silver III question
my friend has this case(link) what should i do to it? :]
Can I use an Aluminum coldplate with a copper waterblock?
4 hole dillemma?
gemini rez cooler dealy thing...
Stock fans on a Lian Li PC-6x case
Watercooling -- condensation problems?
Should I lap it?
What is the BEST Heatsink/Fan combo out for AMD Athlon xp 2000+?
which block?
Check out this HS for s478
LCD Monitor Cooling (big pics)
Thermaltake Volcano 7+ for P4 (+cooling advice)
Watercooling Advice
What is it?
What is a good type of psu for a peltier?
Fan Noise
H20 Flow path? Good article today on front page!
Thoughts from a mainframe guy
Tec/Pelt Users Gimme advice :)
I feel a bit stupid
P4 Norty Pelt?
someone with a rad, do me a favor?
Artic silver 3 or thermal tape?
my northbridge mod
Success !! my fan bus controller
Fan idea, no messing with rheostats.
double reservoir cooling concept?
I want liquid cooling,please some help
Need CPU fan
Swiftech/ what fan? or Alpha/ what fan?
Two pin fan connector
lapping result
what is the normal dif between case temp and cpu?
Temperature Problem
Cleaning off Artic Silver Thermal Grease
neopreme shim wasted my xp2000
Video card new cooling idea I'm trying now
how long does as 3 take to set?
my crazy noise reducing blowhole duct thingy...
Imploading Bottle
help a sheetmetal worker come up with a good case!
New PC! Yay!
Will reinforced PVC tubing make my system leak someday?
Lapping A HS
attaching a fan to chipset heatsink
Head Loss & Flowrate
lapping and sandpaper
Radiators/Heater Cores a bit of help please.
P-II @ 466Mhz OCed
buying copper block
How do I make a thermal sensor
need help keeping my 1.4tbird cool...
Mini Centrifugal blower.
Alpha PAL8942T - Should I get it for my P4 System?
thermal adhesive tape
noisy fan :(
60-80mm vs 60-92mm fan adapters
help in using cpu fan !
Stock HSF on a P4
1.6a P4 & 80w TEC?
My CPU Temp is TOO high.
a fan i found is it any good?
i lapped my 6cu+
Need help cooling off
couple o' fan questions
AC Rheostat possible?
Side fans, but had to duct.. trial..
help plz friends (urgent)
Intel PIV and H2O cooled temps
53c too hot for XP2000?
Tt heta spreaders?
Dr. Thermals?????
Volcano 7+
Enermax Fan w/variable speed
Golden Gate 40
Popping everybody’s water balloon
My WC Layout
Replacing PSU fans
Redline Water Wetter
What about this?
Best Bang for my 20+bucks
New water colling idea?
Hose Barbs still need clamps?
7 volt mod results?
Not Cooling But important
DDmaze 2 and epox problems?
Is this HSF to heavy to be mounted on a GeForce 4
panaflo not variable
Calculating cpu wattage?
My Duct(pics)
HSF reviews??
Boxed Athlon XP - fan and heatsink any good?
Temps on a XP 1800
this is cool fan duct
Two Radiators....
Fan at end of duct?
Help Identifying Fan...
Computers and Spaceheaters = Bad
Tygon tubing - better than silicone and vinyl
any maze3 reviews yet?
Scratched Crystal Orb
Did you guys see this one on the site?
Better northbridge cooling = better overclocking?
Undergraduate Research Symposium
Possotive or Negative Pressure?
Cant find Silicone Hose HELP!
putting a waterblock on enermax power supply
<-Floss your heatsink->
remove arctic adhesive
Air Cooling Aid
Power Supply Fan Reversal
Higher than expected?
Air beast
Decided on WC.... a little help please.
heater core position
Mid range pumps VS high volume pumps
To block or not to block?
Antifreeze-Water Ratio
will a Glaciator work on a 2000 Athlon XP?
with out being stupid what is a ok cpu temp
What percentage of my water should be anti-freeze?
Enermax 710BB Case question
Major Water Cooling Names?
Applying AS 3
Got it!
Watercooling advice under 100$
Pump Failure
Water cooling help......
pump mods?
Xp1700+ Temps???
Watercooled using a Socket Hold down beware!
Duct placement???
Water damage????
Uh oh think I messed it up?
is this a good beginers WC kit?
overclockershideout chiller?
Heat output of 1.6a?
OC'd numbers...how does it look?
For pelts
My Koolance mod
Monitoring Software???
Wattage Calculator
Scavenging parts
How To Mount a Crystal Orb on a Northbridge?
Z4 Blizzard kit just arrived...(pics)
Watercooling in Canada
Super Cool those radiators without condensation:D
Watercooling IN CASE recommendations
Volcano 7+ on P4 boards
Temp increase w/ vcore increase
mbm 5 newbie que.
whats the name of the program you use to check temps
Unhooking Watersystem? How?
Connecting 3 case fans via one power connector?
Gemini Spiral High Flow waterblock question
LMAO when I read this
CPU,NC,HD,GPU Waterblocks... too much?
Watercooling with Fishtank?
laptop cooling
AX-7 Fan?
Temperature worries
question about lapping
aquavia 1300 pumps?
Duct installed...
Best Place/Make of Baybus or Rheobus
Temperature concerns
Delta 50cfm on a Thermalright Sk-6
Air Flow Question
Northbridge cooling?
Removing a video card fan....
want to hear fans chek out this site
Few questions about H20 cooling... i dont know too much about it...
Best Passive NB sink/cooler?
Doug: thats one helluva heatsink!
Just a pump question
variety of cooling questions: fan connections and cooling for o/c
HD Waterblock mounting
Flow layout with submerged pump?
Best Athlon Heatsink and Fan?
Fastest Fan?
Got my pump today, and found an unexpected problem.
What do you think for this setup?
Factory Made PCs and Cooling
Would Someone Recommend a Good 423 Heatsink
WC: suggestion needed, good or bad
Endothermic reactions and processes
mounting holes athlon looking fore drawing
You guys are the best!
A new MB can be good for the temps!
Question for watercoolers using variable fan speed
Air-duct cooling help
submerging, what fluid to use?
Fans For The Ax-7
fans for the AX-7
Is 2500 Cfm Enough???
NorthBridge WB?
Positive Air Pressure?
Thermaltake Crystal Orb a good buy?
D-Tek TC-4 WB?
Use this for pelt insulation?
SlotA Fan Question.
Bad H2O temps? + anyone have a maze 3?
making the ultimate air cooled system! - am i crazy?
stacking fans
Ideal CPU and MB temps?
1/2 or 3/8? final thoughts please.
Wierd Question About Heatsinks
Watercooling with pelts
Air Cooling a p4
Does anyone want a FREE maze3??
Newbie Watercooling
Heat sensor for CPU
Just ordered AX-7 need fan recomandations
What about these fans?
Perhaps I didn't search well enough... removing AA adhesive.
External Watercooling Setup
HELP installing Thermalright AX-7
Submerged Water Cooling Setup
120mm Fan on P3125?
idea from Gemini reservoir/radiator...
This is a good place to get metal.
Air cooling: Who do you recommend...
good fan but not too loud??
Is this a good copper for making a waterblock
power for case fans(psu or mobo)(3 pin or 4 pin)?
Quiet 12v pumps - Where do I find one?
Finally, relatively quiet
A watercooling Idea
Thermal Probe Question
does any one here live in columbus ohio?
Vid card cooling problems (need help!!)
Athlon 1.4Ghz reccomended temp?
CFM, RPM and Noise
Gemini NVWB mounting harware question
solder copper to brass?
Radiator Zen CPU cooler
refrigerator question,,need help...?!?!?
Volcano 7+ & socket 478 problem and possible solutions!
Isopropyl Alcohol Source (rubbing Alcohol)
Which Hardware Monitor to use???
Putting in a duct...
Got LUCKY! Everyone make sure to INSULATE WELL.
Video Card Cooling
Visiontek, Geforce3 TI 500, Looking for easy...Please ;^)
Cpu cooling choice for Epox 8k3a/1800 xp
Help a newbie with watercooling parts
I'm building my first waterblock!
Input needed about tempsWhats
has anyone ever tryed liquid nitrogen in a cooling system?
AC cooled???
10 gef F drop
help me with water cooling :D
Rad in freezer?
Watercooled Notebooks
Full tower H2O setup?
Using Brasso to finish lapping?
refridgerant system
its green
Need Advice
12v fan at 7v, rear exhaust
Water cooling Questions
ax7 fit abit kr7a?
she is hot!!!
My micro ATX water cooled project is done
Burning in a HS
Loud HSF
Lapping a heat sink: Why?
what about condensation
Where can I find a block to use on my GF4 Ti4600?
Is my temp sensor messed up??
Would this be possible in a watercooling setup?
Copper AND Aluminum Water system?
Intake or not?
Eheim 1046 vs 1048
Water Cooling Kit Questions
ram heat spreader
Via Aqua Pump
Effective noise reduction device is very need
Where can i find the lowest prices and lowest s&h for wb and other things?
vortex coolers: wondering if possible...
Anyone here familiar with the Rio 180?
Aopen hsf?? Any good?
Anybody else tried this copper radiator idea?
Alpha 8045 Warping Abit Board
What type of water and additive do you recommend?
Whats a good pump?
Whats the diff between the high and low flow rate gemini?
Start folding and your temps will drop???
Question on fans, cooling so forth!
Anyone used the full Gemini cooling system?
Switech MCX370 Heatsink not worth the money???
where can i get a good/inexpensive waterblock?
Waterblock buying advice..need HELP!
Thermal Adhesive
need special heatsink
Solid Silver Waterblock?
case vs cpu temp
How would i make an exhaust fanduct for pal8045?
Major h2o leak!!! HELP!!!!
the optimal waterkit?
AMD Duron 1ghz running hot?
Good, cheap HS for a non overclocked computer
120mm-80mm converter
how do i clean out my oil cooler?
fans, heatercores, voltage, and psu's
Water cooled heatsinks?
here's something new!
Installing the WBK38
success--- duct
Destruction Day :(
It's amazing how much a dif one fan makes...
Thermal Probe Count..
Digital Doc 5
watercooling.... not much improvement
Whats a peltier?
What is your Max Stable Temp?