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Why I am SOOOOO sad.
Z4 needs some respesct.
Just finished making MY Spiral (pics)...
direct CPU duct
3/8 or 1/2 hose?
migrating water cooling to full tower case
Funky idea for closed loop watercooling
Refrigeration Cooling
AX-7 or MC462 heatsink..which one?
A little Innovatek lovin' (first wc experience!)
I need Barbs for my water blocks
howe thick you make ore waterblock base ???
Huge disparity w/watercooling
Cheapest place to get a heatercore and Eheim 1250 pump (nt)
"every trick in the book"
Which one...
new cpu,old cooler
Getting rid of stickers
Does lapping improve Pal8045 perfomance
Was expecting better results from the mcx462!
How hot is too hot??
Grrrrr!! cpu temps are still high
Distilled Water
Safe temps for XP 1600+
It Wont Bleed!!!
Tank size
need some cooling bad!
3/8 or 1/2?
Does the AX-7 blow down on heatsink or away?
Best hold down for waterblock...
just got thermalright sk6
Thermal sensor to measure cpu temps
Whats going on here?
Duron 1000 Temp Problems
Filling an In-Line System??
Air flow on CPU
Black Ice SE Gold
Freezer Mod problem.
Liquid Immersion Cooling
Can a SK6 HSF fit on a socket 478?
Baybus Question
ATI 8500 cooling!
where to find fan adaptors?
Newbies water RIG 2 degrees warmer than heatsink and fan Help!
Does halving the Voltage on a fan, also give half the noise??
Will my water flow be too low because of this setup?
new very cheep waterblock
I know I post alot, I'm a newbie. Question - northbridge cooling
Cardslot fans
Talk about heat!
What fan do I use?
questions about copper tubbing!!
newbie needs advice
Too many air bubbles in H2O sytem :/
Voltage Regulator
Watercooling not doing a very good job!
non o/c temps vs o/c temps
H20 Success!!!
fins for a waterblock?
My first CPU duct a success!
Placement of Rad Fans
radiator cooling noise?
TBird 1.3 temps?
radiator shroud
Temp Monitoring / Shutdown.
Why are my temps so high???
VIA Monitoring
Celeron Slug
I scored big time at the local hardware store
Duron Burning In Hell Need Help
Cold and quiet
Anyone got a Koolance Case?
Custom Water Block. Is it viable?
recommend pumps please
***Best p4 heatsink***
New HS fan....hot, too hot!
Argh, US > UK voltage adapter....
why is my ambient so close to cpu temp?
ambient temps - how much a factor
Optimal mounting HD for best cooling?
water cooling: are my tubes too long
Seals and Attachment.
thermalright ax7
1ghz tbird with missing L1 bridge
To pelt or not to pelt?
Good place to get high performance stuff in the Bay Area
Volcano 7
Delta fan + Rheostat
More fun with liquid nitrogen
water cooling parts
6cu + contacting about half of core
help me choose my wb
Taking a YSTech fan apart- How?
Cooling frankenstein?
Antibacterial Properties Of Silver
p3 800eb cooling probs
Whats the best hs/f for pentium 4?
Cutting fan grills on case?
watercooling geting started questions - I'm new to H2O
help me with my fans
Look what I bought to tinker with
Curious about High Temperature Posts
Rheostat on a Volcano 7+?
What is Happening?
One lenght of 5/8" hose in a 1/2" system?
radiators at dangerden?
new Geforce 4600 cooling
heatshink issues!
fan adapter
I really like this new fan I bought
How do I do the 7v mod?
Amd Temp
how to install waterblock?
Best Cooling Solutions for Intel 850 Chipset
Video card and memory Question
Monitoring a Sunon 80m case fan?
shroud or no shroud?
who has a Volcano 7+?
AMD Temperatures
Is there a difference??? (CPU Coolers)
Inductor, phase II
Cutting the tubes...........
Duct to H/S Idea
low power peltier
put something in the middle?
Pentium 4 cooling fans?
Where to get silicone tubing??
i read this mineral oil cooling article..
Cutting holes (a newbie question)
What's your highest temp
submersive cooling Q?
120 mm panaflo
Question for those who watercool w/ Lian Li
Watercooling Temps
alcohol as a biocide?
ARGH! My ears!
How for can push my p4 1.6a with stock cooling?
Wow!! my H20 setup works
best place for temp sensor
cheap pelt
Lapping a new Thermalright AX-7??
better fan, or better heatsink?
powerful 92mm fan
quick, easy, UGLY duct
Already thinking up ideas for my next watercooling rig
Will this give negative pressure airflow???
Gemini Spiral Blocks RW numbers?
Arkua or another quiet fan/HS
best Geforce3 cooler
I B The Noob
120mm delta!
basics of cooling technology
cooling air outside???
Lapping a Crystal Orb
Fan speed showing at 50%
MAze2 Question?
RPM fan monitoring problem
How do i cool this thing!??
Help!! Its Overheating!
Thermaltake Volcano 7+
digidoc 5/ fanbus question
Foam heatsinks?!
volcano 7....any good?
BEST looking HSF I have ever seen!
Voltage monitoring
Temp probe
Mounting Maze2 on socket7?
Trying my own version of "cool and quiet"
Is there a temp ratio between cpu and other hardware?
Peltier Question
Showed my G-dad my system, saw ice on my socket!
Check this out!
need a good heat sink, under $50
New Type cooling fans
Fans for Heatsinks
Gosh, I cant lap for my life!
AMD 750 Duron temp??
Watercooling Pump Timer?
Watercooling question
Innovatek setup?
HOOT or CW833
Would dual pumps work in one resevoir?
maxi-jet and 1/2in tubing
oil cooler???
Looking for Socket Clamps
case cooling q
Need good NB cooler
slot coolers?
Don't trust asus probe
Alpha 8045 HS fan direction?
Nidec Blowers
12v and 3.3v = 8.7v Fan
Peltier cooled WB instead of radiator?!
anyone know the fitting sizes that come as standard with Eheim 1250
the things some people do...
Anyone have any experience with "PC Power & Cooling" products?
The BEST 120mm Case Fans!!!
help opn lowering CPU temps
Proper flow order for H20?
Is there something wrong?
ax7 too heavy?
Glaciator II Safe?
Quake 3 vs Toast?
My observations of AS3 (Better late then never)
need a good ALL aluminum waterblock.
How Long Do I Run Toast?
Water Cooling - A First Experience
recommend a radiator and waterblock...
Substitute for Artic Alumina Adhesive
The Future of CPU cooling: CPU Throttling/Variable fan speed?
Best Water Cooling
Bad temp?
Watercooling Nightmare
which HSF?
mb5 saves the day
want to make......
whats the best liquid for water cooling.
my block im makin
Extreme or heatercore?
My fan died - please help
Comment on this card cooler?
my newest waterblock
Full Load Temps
Splicing up IDE cables
RDRAM Cooling
Radiator location.. In or Out?
get rid of pump noise
Condensation from water cooling
Want to OC.
Quick bit of help>CPU Waterblock clamp.
Best Socket 478 Heatsink/Fan Combo
mini fridge cooling
Koolance II Enermax PSU Question
condensation precautions
more than a little confused
First Impressions: 80mm-120mm adapter
Slot A Water block
hey wahoogie thnx
Whats quite in DB's?
Finally done with my rig.
Water cooling setup - hose OD/ID fittings
Alpha For P 4 Northwood
northbridge cooling
Cryo/Cuff being used for water cooling
WBK38 Lapping.
More copper
Alpha Papst Combo?
Newbie Question
Where do you install a temp probe on a cpu?
Update to my original question on cooling
How often do you??
How to quite me system (fans)
what size pelt to use
The best Kit
Mounting Fans on Rad
heatsink size vs cfm
Best place for a radiator?
Air Bleeding Technique Ques.
spootey pump shakes monitor!
Cleaning The CPU
Will This HSF handle my AXP 1800+ ?
Water Cooling Setup
How does a HSF work?
How many lbs can 4 socket lugs take?
Speed Fan 4.02 and K7S5A
Turbulence - How do you eat yours?
Short Cycle Timers, replacement for thermostat on refrigerator cooling?
CPu temp
new case--High temp!!
Peltier and arctic silver question
70mm Fans
Enermax Ultra cool thermol control 80MM
TAK68 and MSI mobo
case fans
Pump Power Cables
LooK AT THIS!!!!
Case Fan over CPU-Cool Idea?
skin=good heat conductor?
I found a new heat conductor
Check it Out
Project: Obsidian Water God
40mm to 60mm fan adapters.
Just a few WC questions.
The most expensive learning session...
Hmm... Does this sound right?
AMD's reply to my letter about the four mounting holes
inline pumps and heat
Is a shroud made of cardboard and duct tape good enough?
Is this possible?
Noisy Global Win
Could I use this stuff?
Questions about a P4 setup....
Danger Den Maze 3!
Witch of the two radiators is superior. SuperCude/OpelManta
Cool Tower Pro
Should the fan blow in or out?
Quiet cooling
Whats a good PSI for water block???
Simple and cheap rheobus: do it yourself
Suggested reading?
Advice needed 4 temps.
I am Feelin good
Anyone use Rheostat buses?
It Leaks !!!
New Koolance block??
need some help with aligning fans fer case cooling
removing hsf on Radeon
The new Gemini water blocks
Peltier Question
Separate Case for radiator pump pelt?
Gainward Geforce 3 ti 200, needs better cooling....
What is the right liquid mix for water cooled system.
Radeon cooling.
Water-cooling ?
Where to buy copper?
water cooling parts
Koolance Water Cooling Case PC2-601
alpha 8045 waterblock??
Thermaltake Volcano 7+ issues
Intel stock cooling?
I need better fans...
Plain and simple quietest 80mm fan on the block
Figuring out your airflow (tip)
alpha 8045 80mm fan?
Pump question...
Bigger is better
My watercooling plan so far, any tips?
carbon heatsink?
Numerical Modeling of Water Blocks
DIY Inline Fan Speed Control
pc healthe monitring proplem in bios
HHC-001 doesn't fit on all MOBOs
Would this improve a waterblock?
new water cooling idea
Direct die cooling suggestions needed
Rheostat heatsink question
drop in temp
Case cooling: which way do we want the fans to go?
innovatek for p4
ok this is weird
what do u think of this?
After tweaking some here are my temps from my ghetto bucket bong
A little lap will do ya'....
How to arrange piping for single loop serial inline?
Eheim 1250 fitting question
What to use to remove Thermal Grease off CPU
Check out what i just got.......
Cooling Wisdom Needed!
NEW AMD retention system!
Watercooling maintenance??
1 1/2" split to 2 3/8"???
Lapping troubles
4 pin to 3 pin??
Heater core flow rate
Coolermaster Heatpipe or Thermalright AX-7???
WaterCooling Kit Innovatek def. Swiftech
SK6 with fan adapter
Corb or Blorb?
Peltiers/TECS More than you really want to know.
12v adapter can it be done to run fans?
Found Pelt power supply
A/C case fans
making new waterblock today
Is this HSF ok?
Installing new Swiftech HSF!! Please help!
ThermalRight AX-7
Cooling a vid card pics...
Need advice on which heatsink. Pal8045U or AX-7?
bleed valve
Crazy MBM Temps!
Dye Lite
Fan to fight static pressure
Good? Bad? idea for H2Ocooling
microelectronic thermal studies
help distilled water everywhere!!!!!!!!
7 degrees Cooler after lapping
Intel 815 chipset cooler?
Suggestions on a CPU fan???
Fan on Orb1+?
How cold is too cold?
Supercooling Question
xp1900 wattage
Has anyone ever crammed a case into a freezer?
Holy %#@, Delta
Anyone seen this crazy waterblock?
radiator construction?
Check out this fan! MECHATRONICS 80mm
Overclocking Problems
whats good temp for 1800+
water cooling newbie
A question about A/C fans
ThemoEngine by thermosonice, Max Load temps are 50C
A better radiator then a heater core!!!
1.92v aircooling with P4 2767MHz(Too Much Voltage??)
Best water formula for watercooling?
Any review on the Black Ice Xtreme?
Pelt w/Gemini? Ever heard of MaxiJet?
Two ?s - Molex Connectors & Dow Corning from BE Cooling
This hurt my wallet
Eheim 1250 pump, no reservoir needed?
How is this..........
Sanyo Denki 80mm: How loud is it?
Northlake 24Vdc @15 AMP enough
H20 question on fittings
Total silent computer
watercooling help
Thermalright AX-7, how secure is it?
Where to get the GOOD STUFF to cool a RADEON 8500?
The Science behind Water Cooling
Radiator air in case
Lian Li PC60 Internal Radiator
Where can I get a good G-force water block
Volcano7+, disappointment (P4)
Is everyone still looking for a cheap and easy way to get Methanol?
Which Raditor should I get
Sisoftware Sandra
1/4" waterblock used with 3/8" tubing setup?
Swiftech mcw37 or mcw462-u water blocks?
Do i need to reapplay?
Fan Popped Out?
Swiftech MCW462-U kit vs Innovatek Water Cooling Kit!!
No more mounting holes
water cooling question
best QUIET hs/f for AMD XP?
Very bad news regarding motherboards
Will pal8045 work on msi kt333?
Cooling ineffective?
fan fins
Can I mount my heater core upside down???
waterblock milling
Which of my HS's to choose?
Dielectric grease VS Vaseline
!!!check This Out!!!!
Is this a good IDEA?
Abit KG7|Onboard IDE vs. onboard HPT370 controller
help with Water cooling & heater cores
are cyber cooler fans any good?
Best cooler for slotket-based cpu
CpuIdle for cooling
Check out this HSF, yay or nay?
A/C 6" fan for casing - opinions pls!
Fridge coolers hear my warning!
New Water Rig
POLL: Maze, Swiftech
Don't Forget The Thermal Paste!!!
Cheap bucket bong Umm thing
Where can i get the spri@l
Water Water Water | Retaw Retaw Retaw
Ice water bong for air-cooling
A Sunon fan disguised as an Antec??
Swiftech MCW462-U vs. Dangerden Maze2?
Overclocking/cooling the human brain(humor)
Pics of my fridge mod
Have mini fridge
Anyone ever heard of this stuff???
quick question on Supreme Mag Drive pump
Best watercooling kit
AMD K6 450MHZ Temp
help me gut my fridge
Water Questions!!!!!!!!!!!
If this happens again I'll have a heart attack!
120mm to 80mm adaptor on a PAL8045. success!
PAL fan question...
Which is better?
Wow I'm stirring up a tornado here.
Condensing unit BTU's
Is it time to work towards a 'Standard Heat Die' design and test procedure ??
I had an idea, don't think it'll work...
Ever see a grown man cry?
AX-7 or Aplha 8045 comparison
My problem
quiet hsf
--Poor Man's Cooling--
Shipping a heater core in an envelope (bubblewrapped)?
Would the new Thermalright AX-7 w/Delta 48CFM fan be good for this set-up??
XP Heatsinks
Water cooling with bongs
Watercooling temps
My overclock results (so far)
Thermaltake Dragon Orb 478
anyone else having problems with the DD maze2 mounting?
CPU backside cooling, kinda.
Yet another spiral design (Sort of)
AX-7 and Delta 4000rpm/46.1cfm combo?
Building my own water block, any advice?