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thermoengine w/delta w/85w pelt
which cooling device?
maze 2 and lapping
60mm fan options
Consumer Warning - Thermal Grease
extreme surface area
Jon wants to do watercooling!
Best Prices
AVC Sunflower - 4000 RPM FAN??
water pump for watercoolong
Fans and their performances?
Fans and their performances?
Will that work?
Help me!!!!!!!!
Best hs/fan for oc a p3 866
How to bypass HSF Rheostat?
MotherboardMoniter 5 Question
Are the Blue Thermaltake Ramsinks good enuf form my 8500?
Cooling Setup *addicted*
Installing a Rheostat ... I need help
92mm or 120mm to 80mm adaptor?
Putting Thermal Paste on a T-bird
long-term N2 solution?
New Swifty style HS
Air flow in my case?
High temps with watercooling - HELP!!!
My Actual Flow Rate !OMG! HELP!
What heatsinks can I put a 80mm fan on?
1001 things to do with liquid nitrogen.
Case Idea Opinions please!
how thin is too thin?
any results from the Alpha 8942 yet?
Temp Question & Recommendations
need a good submersible pump?
1.3gig Thunderbird at 54c?
How Hot are your water Pumps?
water cooling video card
HSF's interchangable?
TT Volcano 6Cu+ (7k rpm) + Athlon 1.133
My new 120mm hs fan works great!
What's a good northbridge cooler?
Plexi Glass case... good heat dissipation?
Best way to attach 1/2" barbs?
Removing Arctic Alumina Epoxy mixed with ASII
New Bong Idea using balls
Breadfan's Front page article
Silly question
Does the Peltier work like this?
Chassis fans @ 5000 rpm?
To take off cpu pads or not. That is the question.
Making a shroud question??
What's the best overall heatsink and fan?
Question about r404a compressor
Pep66... Blow or suck?
Freezer-as-case update
Don't Understand why is PC so hot
Temp Moniters
Sidewinder TC-4
Want to see others' explination of a peltier.
Need a cheap crappy HS
This is cool
Aircooled Deltas?
A7V266 Question
water cooling fluid suggestions?
Powering A Pelt
Blowhole w/fan
Danger Den Maze 2 or Z4 waterblock?
Ghetto Question or 2
Need Good Quite HSF
Kit or Koolance..Which!
General Temperature Question:
Do two 80W pelts used together equal a 160W Pelt?
Where to buy copper in NY?
Radiator Question
JB weld and copper
Water Cooling All Done!!!!
rants/questions/and a nice little story.....
BEST Northbridge Fan
too many stupid plans (me)
Northbridge Cooling on the ECS K7S5A: What's the best active cooling device? and more
air cooling temps
Quick Danger Den MAZE1C-1 question
Am i THE cheapest bast*rd
How do yuo connect so many fans?
anyone kno what 80mm fans the dells use? cause i cant get mine to come off!
O_o Dell heatsinks have a near mirror finish!
what do i do now
Better cooling with a 3rd PSU fan
The 10 Tenets of Effective Case Cooling...
Fan/HS suggestion
Attatching fan to back of video card
Heater Core question
Socket 85 Watt Peltier Kits @ Leufken
LOL Silly idea
Annoying bong sounds!
little push pins
Thermal gel/paste ...
Total off the wall Thermal grease question...
How to put thermal paste ?
--You Should All Try This--
Fan w/ rheostat question
Hard Drive Coolers
Best Heatsink?
Swiftech Mod
lookin for U.S Water Wetter /sales websites..
Inline pumps besides Eheim?
Case Temp Very High - 42 Celsius
Is this a waste of my time?
How about wind-chill cooling?
Coolermaster HC-001 Heatpipe
svc golden gate
--help I Think It's Dieng--
Dumb Idea
Zalman AlCu Heatsink CNPS6500A-AlCu Heatsink
Fan Tragedy
Alpah8045 users look here
AS2 Foiling killed my pelt!
Water cooling upgrade...led me to grief.
Rio pump inline or sub?
Best radiator?
Do you think this would work?
I like how cool my computer is!!
50mm fans (like the old first Gen Pentiums used) where to get??
another 4-hole wb hold-down
Northbridge supercooling
2500 Watt Compressor?
Video Card Mod
A MC462a chiller: would this work?
? 72wPelt and Swiftech MC462-A ?
12x5 radiator with 1/2" fittings
Volcano 5 Overclock
Why posted temps are nearly useless for comparison
What are your watercooling temps?
whats a coldplate?
Liquid N2 cooling?
MAZE1C-1 and TEC size?
DangerDen ROCKS!!!
help me identify this slot1 hsf please
Digital Doc 5 AAHHH DIE!!!
WaterCool Northbridge?
quiet hsf
How is this hsf?
Arctic silver II on the northbridge
Is thermal paste really needed?
OCZ Liquid Diamond Thermal Compound?
Volcano 7 RPM question
Super cube?
after lapping!
P4 waterblock(pics)
cheap heatsink for a pelt
Finally finished!! my case pictures
My case Temp is 36 Celsius
HELP! p3 at 104?!?
Please explain "too much paste."
Are the thermaltake ramsinks good enuf for my 8500?
how big of a resivor is big enough
Newbie Water Cooling
changing fan voltage with a resistor
Powering a 172w peltier
Best way to get the air out of the system?
Chip Is Cooking!!!!
Has this helped anyone?
info on fan?
bathroom blower to cool down my comp
Peltier Question
Different Ways of Water Cooling; Science Project, please help!
pump connections
What type of radiator is best and how much flow?
My Dream Cooling setup :)
Thermalright AX-7
ugly temps
whats going on!?! =(
Artic Silver??..........
Zalman cnps 5005 &5100
How many fans do you have in your case?
reservoir heatsink
Cooling advice needed
ASII + Epoxy
Watts of heat for a 3 GHz P4 @ 2.0v
Freezer Mod
lapping copper heres my plan
OCH Z4 Aqua bock fitting question
Quick one to help the inexperienced choose a heatsink
Alpha 8045 modding
Need Advice For HSF
Cooling-The Definitive Guide
Water Cooling question
Not just for beer anymore. Fridge mod pics.
www.crazypc.com Airduct. Should I get it?
Shims?! what to do....(need answers kinda fast)
are the thermaltake ramspreades worth it?
Program to read temperature sensors?
Termal Tape or Artic Silver Glue?
waterblock idea... Turbulance
What's wrong with my temp settings
Active ram sinks?
What is lapping??
80mm or 120mm Fans?
Everyone Read This!!
So........How did I do?
Ahhh!! Why cant i lap this correctly? PIC
Would this be a good idea
WaterBlock efficiency at sub-zero temps...
120v fans
What are your temps?
To sub-zero or to non-sub-zero watercooling
What does MBM and MBM5 stand for?
Most accurate method for taking temps
AIR VS WATER {AMD boxes Only}
Which Could It Be
lapping heatsink help thanks
Watercooling a GF2 TI
Best Fans?!
Too hot. What's going on
look in here
I need duct help
overclocking troubles
Need cleaning advice please
cheap, quite, respectable, heatsink
Guessing I need more fans?
where can i put the fan filter?
air cooled peltier?
my temps =/
Help! What do I need?
Best Athlon Heatsink/Fan?
Pics of my new Fridge Mod
CPu fan, in or out?
120 mm Panaflo's
Heatsink Problem
Best sensors monitor program?
Any Good?
Pelt for OC celeron 1.2
Shocked the hell out of me
SK-6 and new XP2000+
A question about hose barbs/connectors/nipples.
Do you have to reapply AS3 everytime? (I am wrapping pins)
Momma Nature cooling my rigs....=)
JB Weld?
whats the difference?
How to check if PSU will power TEC?
So cold here I shut off my radiator fans, and...
Where do i buy a vapochill online?
Chance of leakage?
how hot can a GPU be?
Vacuum chamber for peltier condesation prevention
good idea or waste of a good case?
I have a problem!!
temp monitoring software?
Improving Refrigeration Efficiency
What is the best CPU cooler for overclocking?
could I ???
Check out Pudgy-Ducks XP Diode rader plans
ultimate cooling system
what HS would u suggest for a sunon 50cfm fan?
air cooling a pelt, what would u need?
how do u make 2 psus in one case work together, syncronosuly.
180 gph???
dual fan 6cu+
want to join the watercooling elite!
Fan speed and OEM intel HSF
Cheap solution for moderatley lowered HSF noise
anyone know whan the thermalright slk-600 is coming out?
how hot is chipset?
spliced an ide cable!
whats with shims?
watercooling maintenence
whats right?MBM,SANDRA,or BIOS
New review soon.
help me identify this fans specs please..
Lapping WOW it sucks.
What pump?
The Numbers Game...
Water Cooling with a Refrigerator
Cooling Setup?
Good, cheap place for blue orb cooler and ram heatsinks (set of 8)
Needs Lapping
My Winter Cooling setup...Its kinda Crude...
how do you mount waterblocks
CPU fan shrouds
Got any Ideas
my temps...good/bad?
Lapping ?
watercooled notebook!
Clear side panel for Koolance...
Peltiers.. where to buy?
Where to buy THERMALTAKE 7+ Cu
A couple cooling questions
better than glaciator2?
heater core off ebay?
AMD xp1800
Koolance case power up Panaflo fans problem
Installing Case Fan
Just modded Alpha 8045 for P4
Coolmaster DP5-6I11A
How do i remove Arctic alumina epoxy?
Lapping too smooth? Maybe.
what a difference
worth watercooling
hey hoot how do u lap?
are these temps right??
my friend has an 80mm fan and ...
CPU temps ?
One drip and it's bye bye
Really stupid watercooling question....
120 Volt Tap
I think this would work
any1 wanna make me a custom water block?
ramsink help
win98 reinstall=high temps?
PSU for two 156w TECs?
Volcano 7 or GlobalWIN CAK-II38?
Old computer, pull out that psu fan!
Should I have more air goin through the front of the case or out the back?
How to make a fan spin faster...
What's a good HSF?
Cooling fans? Low Noise, High CFM
It's here!
Adventures in Water Cooling!
Millennium Glaciator II or Swiftech MCXC370?
new water cooling system ---- help!?
Where can i get dielectric Grease
10mm Fan Recommendation
Motherboards Thermonitor miscalculating?
Sumbersible water... pumps where to buy?
Sand Blasted WB
Backwards Blow Hole!!
Power that Pelt
Modified "Mr Frosty" Icemaker = 2.5ghz w/ XP 2000+?
temps risen with new case
heater core
Question about my powerheads diameter
sk-6 questions?
Ok fans? In or Out
air trap
Submersible only ----> Inline pump
Look what I found!!!!!
Chest Freezer
what does the result of lapping a hs look like?
How Does Watercooling really work, Easy to hook up? And how much does it cost
Condensation Protection?
Air or Water? HELP ME!!!!!
Best Heatsink/ Fan???
Thermaltake Volcano 7
anybody here using a dragon orb?
Freezer Question
Suck or Blow!!!!!
Condensation--newb question?
socketA ASIII
a question about bong placement...
Water Cooling very sensitive to ambient temps
ok im trashin the SK-6 HSF....whats the best HSF....
Fan or Mobo Header?
Which way should case fans face?
My temps...
air bubble probs......weird....
I need a quick answer on tubing 3/8 or ?
OMG!! 97 degrees celsius!?
can u mix AS3 and some epoxy to make adhesive?
Can I add a coldplate to a Maze 2?
Need help: How can you stand all the noise?
short, decent, and quiet o/c cpu fan?
Home Made Air-Condisoner
Lapping the Die
why does my heatsink buzz?
Thermal Equations
I need some HSF help
Need Help Lapping!
Mini Fridge for thou that watercool.
bong question
Papst Fans FYI continued...
Maze2 or MCW462-U
Papst Fans FYI
New fans and better temps...
BIOS or Probe w/temp is correct
Refilling bongs
What is Swiftech thinking?
do you guys turn you pumps off?
What should I do? Watercool Video card inline with cpu or air cool it?
Water Chiller
any way to get fans plugged into psu to appear on mobo monitor?
Cpuidle Pro
I got a pelTEC blackice cooler for $11
water cooling setup suestion
Water Cooling Advice Needed!
Bong question
Everybody w/ a Pal8045, LAP IT!
volcano 5 lapping?
high case temps
xp 1700 temperatures>
Watercooled fellas please take a look
Graphite Foam heatsinks and waterblocks???
how do you run your pump?
50c. full load?
So which water cooling kit should I get?
i need a hsf for xp 1700 for under 20 bucks
passive cooling rad???
passive cooling rad???
HELP! Pumps...
Fluctuating CPU temps
feasible or folly ~ cpu super sucker
--Should I Lap My Glaciator (pic)--
AMD XP Temps
Pumps, Tubing and General Questions.
do you hear that?
A little confused
Question on filters
cooling questions
bad temps even with new 1040b case
Pelt or no pelt, that is the question
77.5C why hasn't it blown up?
Will 156watt pelt work
WaterBlock + Shim..Good or bad?
Cheap water cooling
Koolance Mods
Balance airflow
applying thermal paste in TEC setup
new watercooling setup
I ordered my water cool kit
Uhh I wonder..
What size peltier?
Need Quiet Fan
How Hot Is Too Hot?
to inline or not to inline
AS3: how long and how much? please post your results.
Undervolting fans..speed sensor
OCing the Athlon
cooling a soundcard?
pci slot fan slowed dial-up connection
Sh*t! I chipped my Alpha 8045! How much will this effect temps? PIC
case cooling
Dr Thermal Extreme
Help needed with freon system
1st bong....
Corb or 1u HSF better for GPU??
cooler for a slotket
Where can I find Stock aluminum or copper?
Water Block Poll
120 mm case fan over alpha
What's this blue thing for?
Heatsink Questions
False Temp..?
How does this sound
Help! Pal 8045 is 40C Idle w/ 1900+!!!
What killed my 1st Peltier System? (never booted)
Room temp and computer temps....
Chalk me up for another water cooling question
Can a Crystal Orb cool a small Pelt?
I Gotta Tell You !
Help with Pelts
Improved efficiency with not much more noise.
120mm at 130 cfm
slot 1 cards with temp sensor
In what order should water cooling be ran in?
I need some advice before I start water cooling
Which is better.
cold plate thickness: 1/4" vs. 1/8"
Water Cooling advice
Freezer-as-case question
What is the best fan for an ATI 8500 RADEON
Question for fellow Koolance watercooling users
yet another watercooling question
Perforated Heatsinks ??
Pelt with HSF?
Overclocker's 500gph pump/res
Question about a volcano 6cu
power amp cooling
Many modern heatsinks seem to be fundamentally flawed in design
HSF suggestion(s)?
hsf for duron
Too Pelt or Not to Pelt
Help me out with mum
See this to learn how to lap
Just enough!!??!!
my first case mod and watercool
High CPU Temps
Why are my temps so high? (SK6, Athlon XP 2000)
Artic Silver 3
Temp Probe Question
Fan wattage?
watercooling setup
Simple Maze2 Question.
heatsink removal
Should i use a shim when installing pal8045?