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Apogee XT Barb?
Video card cooler
Aerocool touch 2000
[O/C] Scythe Yasya Six Heatpipe CPU Cooler Review
TRUE 120 extreme backplate
thermally controlled fans- do they work?
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120x38mm fans -> Which ones are most efficient?
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comp restarting over and over
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Just L@@K At The mess !!!!!!
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ultra U12 question
Using Falcon II 1156 Socket-only got brackets for 1366/756
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How tight do you tighten bolt-through kits?
"Your foldin'? you better get some Neosporin"
Antec 900
Upgrading my cooling
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Advice for Quad core?
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Brackets to fit fan on Xigmatek HDT-1283?
Cooler too Big???
Best fans for push/pull through Venemous-X?
Very uneven tempatures on Q6600
Need Opinion on Cooling + Setup
Dual side panel fans
Best thermal paste?
Noctua D-14 & Gigabyte Mobo... Will it fit?
i3 530, High Temp Spread Between Cores...
Help on cooling!!!
Prolimatech Armageddon
4.0 Ghz 955Be Stable
cpu fan cleaning without removing
Custom Fan Wiring issues
Heat Sink Fans
Artic Cooling?
Better fans... but quiet...
ASUS M4A79XTD EVO Fan Settings Help H50
Enlighten Me on current best noise to performance fans.
Need cooling equipment, advice needed :)
Thermalright Venomous X Review
Hmm what to do
What order should i make my loop?
955BE 3.81 Mhz Stable, 3.9Mhz Stable but High Temp Help please
Sunbeam Multi Fan Power Port
Need a HSF recommendation
good cheap after market cooler for gtx285?
Double Dip cooling???
Should I get new cooling?
Gentle Typhoon's installed
New Build Temps
Corsair H50 Fan
Will True Rev C work on am3 socket?
Ok, another fan dilemma. Need some input.
am2+ HSF blue LED
Corsair H50 Fan Questions
SunBeam Core Contact Freezer AMD Review
Quietest Fan for AM2+?
Extreme Heat! =(
Tuniq tower 20... BS or truth?
Looking for a Scythe Mugen-2
performance to noise ratio
Fan controller setup.
BFG GTX295 keeps killing my fans
Megahalem or TRUE Rev. C or Venomous-X
High Temps - i7 1.35v w/ Venomous-X
push pins on arctic cooling freezer 7 pro
Battle of titans: TR vs. Noctua vs. Prolimatech
Acer Aspire laptop cooling mod
Turion Cooling
Gentle Typhoon 1850RPM vs Yate-Loon LS in push pull
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P > How to control non CPU fan speeds? (Software)
I need a FAN management program!!!
VapoChill Micro
What is the "BEST" way to deal with super hot rigs?
Need thermal pad
CPU Cooler Size
AMD X2 Athlon dual core 6000+
Deepcool Ice Blade Pro - The Cheapest Best-Performing CPU Cooler
What fans do I get for push/pull configuration?
Do SSDs need cooling?
Best cpu coolers on the market 2010
Whats the best thermal paste available now?
[O/C]Prolimatech MK-13 VGA cooler
Upgraded my heatsink, but temps are EXACTLY the same?
Help why are my temps so high
Where do buy a 110mm blue led fan
MK-13 Results
Having a nightmare putting retention clips on for fan - titan fenrir
[O/C]COGAGE TRUE Spirit LGA1366 Heatsink Review
thermaltake Ultima 90i or xigmatek sd964 for Phenom II x4 940 ???
Good cooler for light OCing with a 250 Regor?
Yate Loon D12SL-12C 120x20mm fans Rated at 1300RPM/44 CFM/20dB <---really?
Intels new stock heat sink...
Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer
Upcoming Prolimatech Armageddon flyer
Q9550 runs HOT at idle!!
Which new cooler to buy? (socket 1366)
This is going to sound really ghetto but...
AMD 8650 Cooling
Need Help With Case Fan Airflow Route
Silly question: How important is chipset cooling?
Thermolab Baram + 2 1850RPM GT Vs. Noctua NH-U12P SE2
Looking for a Xigmatek XLF-F2004 in the UK
Need some Ideas
Good Top Down Cooler
Will my computer be cooler without its side window?
Where can you buy Thermal Tape
Temps with XIGMATEK
Do fans come in 10mm thickness?
Delta between single and push/pull fans
C2D, E6750 w/ OCz Vendetta 2.0 120mm
AMD AM3 cooling ??
120x25mm Fan Advice
Operating system (GUI) Fan Controller?
Cooling questions for an odd pc
Good fan controller
Venomous X .vs. HDT-s1283 Quick Load Temp Comparison
Dual Loop Question
GentleTyphoon D1225C Series with Rectifier Ring at the blades
Heatsink Questions
Thermalright Ultra 120 Fan Holder
DIY Hard Drive Cooler
My first build, HSF recommendation. mATX
PCI Slot Fans
How many fans can a motherboard fan header handle?
Promlimatech MK13 or Thermalright Spitfire
EVGA Dual HS S775/S1156 Boards with TRUE
Temperature Monitor Issue
Just bought a Venomous X and now I am looking at Fans, Need help please.
Questions about push pull fan arrangement and cpu fan headers
Advice for new HSF
80mm LED Fans
Asus m50vm t9400 sudden temp rise to 100C on orthos stress.
Boredom and Duct Tape....
stock I7 heatsinks
Integrated GPU Cooling
Pics of my case (max air-flow)
Foxconn 2ZR71-409
Bought a new cooler and temps went up!
cpu cooler some of cpu is exposed
HAF 932 and cpu cooler
Fan questions
new build, need advice on cooling etc...
[O/C]Lamptron FC-5 Fan Controller Review
No Me gusto! Mi CPU es Muy Caliente!
Sunday Afternoon Modding (How To Put Old Heatsinks To Good Use)
Please help me design my study
confused on which temperature is what?
difference in a 2 pin fan and a 3 or 4 pin fan??
High temps @CPU
Have to tell someone about this that gets it.
What should i get
too hot?
i7-860 abnormal temps
Heatsink fan...
cpu cooler bigger than cpu
Help finding a 200mm Xigmatek in the US
Push Or Pull???
new build, how should I cool it?
Replacement fan for Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
Need A New Heatsink...
i7 on stock cooler...what to get
Current cooling setup is not cutting it/ total redo.
Thoughts about cooling backside of the motherboard? Pros and cons?
CPU Temperature Intel i5-750
Fan(s) for Thermalright Ultra 120
[O/C]Mega Shadow - Lapped or Not?
need feed back on cooler master
phenomII 945 cooling
140mm Fan Filters
Evercool Transformer 4
fan control question
OK to run a 230 mm fan off of a MB header?
Best AIRFLOW budget case?
CPU Fan and Case Fan Stopped Working
more powerful xigmatek fans
where to put heat sensors...can i use sellotape
anyone tried scythe orochi hs?
Changing coolers on iMac 20"- can it be done?
3pin to 4pin pwm adapter
Motherboard/HS for Q6600
qx6700 cooling?
Case fans setup- looking to upgrade suggestions?
Does TR 120e Fit LGA 1156
im a little worried about these temps
which one is better?
burners too hot?
40mm fans
mcp 355 overheat then seize
Tuniq Tower 120 Universal
advise on 120mm fans
Unlocked AMD 720 BE Temps?
Has anyone seen foil used instead of heat sink compound?
how do fan controllers work...like if i bought one will it definatly work?
Core 2 Duo E8400 to 4.5ghz
manual fan control for 4pin fan?
Which CPU cooler is the best?
I need help with airflow. Hard to figure out.
Which method to apply AS5 to single core Conroe?
Limiting the CPU in Windows XP?
A few questions about airflow dynamics.
Northbridge temp?
advice for noob - air cooling and more
Think a 5870 can be cooled enuff with a thermalright v2?
Prolimatech MK-13, where can I buy this vga cooler?
Is this case any good?
What ever happened to the HSF/Water block database?
Source of heatpipes for DIY?
XIGMATEK PTR-N881 HDT or Thermalright HR-05 For NB
Scythe 120mmx12mm Slim Slipstreams
How do my temps look for a new i5 build?
Scythe 120mmx12mm Slim Slipstreams
How long does thermal paste keep?
corsair h50 or megahalem
Finally got Megahalems!
New cooler
fan controller for mega deltas?
Cooling comparison and question
Recommend me some ~1400rpm 120mm Fans
Delta Fan Controller?
Getting cooler for Q9400
Cooling Problem(LGA 1156)
airflow changes - ATCS840 - made it worse?
A study on twin-tower architecture
Question about Sanyo Denki Long Life fan
Possibly a silly question - should I replace my TR XP-90c with a Scythe Mugen 2?
CPU Cooler Question (775)
Best software for case temps?
Lian Li 120mm Fan Grill?
Does thermal compound have a shelf life?
VGA Cooler
[How-To] Sleeving Some San Ace 109R1212H101 Fans
Antec TriCool 120mm Fans?
Venomous X Pressure Mount Confusion
Northbridge/Southbridge Temps
42C at idle?
Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev2 problem after installation
Cooling a CPU & Graphics Card
Old comp says its overheating.
Initial Temperature Readouts... Virgin OC'er
[O/C]Overclockers Tech: Coolink SWIF2 & Noctua NHU12-P SE2
Venomous X and 38mm Fans
What is the correct wayb to apply thermal paste onto heatsink?
DVD expanison coolers?
Coolermaster hyper tx3 problem
megahalems lapping
A very important win for Megahalems
What do you use to load your CPU to check temps?
New design lamptron
So was wondering is there any other way to cool a PC?
Anyone else miss the old days, before prefab enthusiast hardware?
Will the accelero s1 work with my 8880 gts?
Considering going back to air...large & quiet case?
plan on overclocking once I get my pc built...
System Operating Temps
Water cooling a Silverstone FT01??
4pin PWM fans
Hot HTPC - Help!
HSF for my Q9550 (LGA775)
MegaShadow lapped or not
stock hsf mod
CPU Fan too close to exhaust fan?
Really hot N/B
Official IC Perihelion Test Results Thread
Intresting is my thermal sensor dead?
Corsair H50 Cooler
Antec Tricool speed control with Speedfan
2 new intake fans in front of case, problem
Difference between 3 and 4 pin fans
Change Up
Cooler Master V8 Extra Fans
How I got my i7 15 degrees cooler
Thermalright ultra 120 extreme for AM3
Thermal compound
[New Poll]What kind of cooling do you use poll (2010)
hello Im new but I have been wondering
Cooling BACKSIDE of motherboard???
[O/C]Scythe Kaze Server Fan Controller Review
Clarkdale Corsair H50 Testing
Phenom II X4 810 cooler recommendation
Need some good and quiet cooling for GTX 285-OC
How do you determine cfm?
Safe to add a higher flow fan?
Coolmaster V8
Best 120mm LED fan
Output of a fan RPM wire
New Setup Overheating in Seconds with prime95
Ceramique or AS5 for air?
ChipSet Cooler
Weight of Megahalems
Installed new HSF, too soon for OC?
Folding Rig temp question
Cooling challenge (damn dell...)
Scythe 4 channel fan controller????
Temps.. Whats going onn??!? Help pleaseeee
Swiftech thermal pads - Don't remove the film??
Help! Installed coolermaster...
mATX Cube Cooling
Thinking about a H50 to save space.
cooling help
Is it me? or is the LGA775 HSF design the dumbest ever?
Should I replace the push/pull NF-P12s on my H50?
My liquid cooled pc just failed!
Thermalright ultra extreme
Plastic Side Panel vs. Mesh... Turbulence?
thermal pastes!!!!!
Thermal compound?
Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra: New high-end liquid metal thermal compound
arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev 2 AMD mount problem?
Lookin for a good 120mm PWM fan for CCF
[O/C]Thermalright Venomous X CPU Cooler
Can Someone Please Check My Temps? Phenom II & Thor's Hammer
Innovation Cooling Giveaway - Perihelion Thermal Compound
H50 decision
EXCLUSIVE!! - Sodium-Potassium Liquid Metal Cooled Danamics LMX Heatsink
strange fan/air question for heatsink mount
Scythe Kabuto?? Anyone else
Best air cooled solution for 5770 in crossfire?
The Master Cooling Thread Sticky:
SpeedFan 4.40 utility-any good?
Fan question guys
most powerfull
[O/C]Scythe Musashi Review
mother board monitor
Thermalright 775 Bolt through Kit Rev 2 -- anyone tried it?
danamics lmx review
Would this allow decent air flow for a cover?
Semi-Passive Phenom II X4?
Fan controller question
cooling for laptop
Picking out fans for Megahalems
[Help]Buying a new cooler
Bliss 7800gs cooling
Noctua NH-D14 brief physical comparison vs Megahalems Rev.B and TRUE (PICS)
Cpu Cooler For I7
Looking for a big heat sink (not for CPU/GPU/PC related)
new fan switch
Lapped heatsink and temps went up?
Removing case fan grills
Aftermarket cooler for EVGA 8800 GT SSC (?)
Question about bigger case fans > 120mm.
What is the correct placement for case fans?
Is this too hot?
What would the the quietest cooling solution for an i5/7 in a SFF case?
wow...just wow.
tuniq tower extreme on a p5q pro board ?
What is the most powerful 120mm fan for < $10.00 each?
Push/Pull Setupd on Xigmatek Achilles
Stock/Chill Factor/ICD7 benchmark results =]
i need help im on fire!!!!
daisychaining pwm fans ?
CPU Cooler - PLEASE help
Need 120mm Fans
pwm fans..what to get
Intel I7 CPU
How much would you spend on cooling your pc?
Corsair h50 on my am3
GPU cooling
How good of a cooler do I need before I overclock this?
AEROCool Touch 1000 Sensor Issue?
TRUE & Megahalems: Performance with different fan configurations (Rd 2)
Peltier Help!
CNPS9900 and airflow
Placing thermal sensors
a series of questions
Vigor Monsoon III fan
Help on CPU problem with thermal MetalPad
Overclock my AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+
Cpu Cooling
Question on CPU cooling
Cooler for Athlon II 240
Adding second fan to Zalman CNPS10X Quiet
Noctua NH-D14 3 Fans?
Overclocking for the first time need help
Case Open / Case Closed Temps
How long for TIM to break in?
Radiator leak or fan oil??
Is it worth replacing 230mm fans with 120mm (CM HAF 932)?
Fan options for silent, but maximum airflow @7V?
Thermalright Venomous X
DIY Flow Temp Meter with Nokia display
Northbridge coolers
Reuse old stuck cooler?
Low idle temps High Load temps
Gigabyte G-Power II Pro....
Fan Noise
Need help with V8 and P6T
Best Heatsink For 955 BE.
My lapping story
fan controller
I know I'll get ridiculed but whats the front of a fan & the back.
can arctic silver 5 dry up in tube?
[O/C]Megahalems vs. TRUE Heatsinks: Stock Comparison on Overclocked i7 Platform
How do i remove sunbeam core contact freezer?
SpinQ differnt speeds?
To Lap or not to lap my Q6600; what have been your results of lapping?
Lapping Xiggy Dark Knight
Cooling choices! What to get for my i5?
MegaHalem vs. V8 vs. v10
Fan control
Removing passive cooling is safe?
Phase Change/Water Cooling 4.5 Ghz+
Added a few more fans...
CoreTemp overheat protection problem
best air cooler
My New Pc overheating problem
tuniq upgrade
north bridge too hot?
After reappling my TRUE, i7 needs more voltage.
Thoughts on pII 940 temps
water cooling
megahalems is mega hot
What's the best TIM for an HDT cooler?
Arctic Cooling Accelero L2 - excellent budget VGA cooler
HAF 932 + TRUE fan setup, quick advise pls
GOOD fans?
Cooling via outdoor temp?
CoreTemp 99.5/Win7 Pro 64
Can I push/pull
Don't Believe Them! (A Dell Story)
Working cooling method!
TRUE blow-back (not up) mounting hardware?!
How much cooler can better quality case fans be?
Best Zalman Heatsink.... to use on my pII X4
e7500 with stock cooling
Picking out a new case fan, newbie at this
Confused by Temperatures
Fan Controller vs SmartFan
Fans OD/ID
Need help with my PC cooling situation
new system - need cooling ideas
Questions about the TRUE
Runing a load on the CPU
Prolimatech MK13 Vga cooler.
arctic cooling freezer pro 7 for 20 bucks
ATi 4850 video card fan died, replacement fan opinions appreciated.
Using the "new" Dyson fan for cooling?
The difference between Core Temp and CPU Temp?
Megahalem Push/Pull w/ 800rpm Push/Pull Temps
what should i use to bond ram sinks xbox 360
Are these temps okay?
New CPU cooling, why do fans make buzzing noise? is it normal?
coolermaster R4 case fans opinions
mega shadow or true black
Thermalright Spifire
how do I ID my fans in bios?
Whats a good AM2+ cooler around $50 or less??
different programs/different temp readings
another noob question
probably a really stupid question
Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus, not getting good results.
Are these temperature right?
Best Ball Bearing 120mm Fans...
Adding fans to HP case
I am impress!
Science experiment.
Antivibration Pegs...
cool clear blue fans!!
zalman fan controler (AMAZING)
Best CPU fan/heat sink to buy for $30 or less.
Liquid Cooling Chems...
Quick Q
fan voltage/speed questions
Scythe Mugen 2 Instalation Question
A good 4ch/6ch fan controller...
Liquid Cooling Components
Broke the big boy 200 :(
nzxt sentry 2
Laptop is crazy hot - help?
Best cooler for roughly $35?
First Foray Into Aftermarket CPU Cooling