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Just partially cracked my cpu core, but workin great AND 20C COOLER!
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Question for Hoot....On Hoot Chute AC Fan Control
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My Ultimate System....a Must See!!!!
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HELP ME(system wont work right)
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Automatic shutdown on pump failure
Duct for a Alpha 6035??
I need the wisdom of the site for this ?
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How many people here have build a phase change cooler?
Alpha 8045/shuttle Ak31 Rev3.1
Fan Lowdown! ?
Small pack of Watercooling Q's
AMD1.4 - Alpha's PAL6035 vs PAL8045
wyes for tubing
Building a tower...anyone has an idea?
Alpha PAL8045 vs. Millennium Glaciator II
Water temperature in a water cooling system
Temps and Swiftech MC462-BA
Does anyone know?
Dragon Orb 3 mounting mod
Location of radiator in case
Anyone for Green Eggs and Ham I am cooking
Watercooling Pumps
gold plating heatsink?
Different sensor readings?
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What will keep my Tbird 1.2 cool?
Water Cooling Kits
4 u wat is a better cooling system...?
Would this make sense? TEC question
phase-change thermal compound
Converting a WBK38 Heatsink into a water block...
Ack ! I got me 2 jets
Dielectric Grease - Where?
80 CFM Delta Fan...?
Where do I put thermal compound ?
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Athlon Tempereature Question
Soyo Dragon Temperatures....
Water cooling "results"
Swiftech and a Shim
The Ice Probe, Potential Water Chiller?
TEC reccommendations for Athlon XP
what is Thermal Sensor
Alpha8045 & Alpha8045T
do i need more flow?
Hardware monitors
XP and cooling
Quick yes or no: Tell me if this is a good TEC setup.
Ouchhh!! So HOT!
AMD recommend PSU questions
Submersible Pumps?
water~cooling links?
My watercooling temperatures
Hard Drives and Water Cooling
Copper HS Question?
got the copper
Fan hole cutting
Thanks a lot guys:(
fans at 10v?
Just got my Swiftech
First time Heatsink install
Temperature Regulated Fan?
gotta low down case inside temps.
Need oppion on this case
realistically 800AT@what? i already 1050mhz
So With Thermal Paste?.............
Hsf And Goop
broken peltier?
those 235 cfm fans ????
Geforce 2 GTS Overclocking Help
Help me deside on my water~cooling setup pls!!
Average and Acceptable Temperature for AMD 1.4
Athlon Low!!!!!! Temps?
Running 55C idle 65C load, just ordered Millenium Glaciator II...
Why do I only get 48oC idle?
fan stores
what sizes?
EXTREME overheating problem!
Conversion chart
pal6035 on xp1600?
Duron Temps a Bit High
what the heck is a peltier exactley?
Ultimate Cooling System
Peltier Cooling
Thermal Paste
CPU Heatsink and Shuttle AK31
P4 cooling fan
What temp should my processor be running?? Pentuim 4, and AMD Duron
Water in watercooling or not?
Is Gf2 GTS stock cooler good enough?
Liquid Nitrogen????
Remote fanbus
controlling case fans
Lapping Sk6? Should I?
Goliath HSF
using PSU fans as case fans
Thermalright SK-6 w/ 80mm 50cfm fan, still hot!?
website down ??
My new fan
Effect of 7 volt mod
Strange idea I got while I was drunk - Please Read!
Watercooling RES info
submerging the whole MOBO and cards in water..
What do you people think about this cool overclocking case.
who sells MIllennium Glaciator's
New guy ? about ak31 and volcano hsf
Question about Danger Den radiators
case temps!!! mini-hulk OR mini-oven?
False Advertising?
HSF's Compared -- Complete study
Low Decible High Cfm
Cleaning a Heatsink
swiftech on a ASUS A7A266
Enermax dual-fan PSUs, need this..
Question RE Peltier PSU
Hoot Chute success story
TOO many fans?
heatsink and a pelt
Ram cooling a GeForce 2
Help with Heatsink PCM..........
Waterblock question
Ok, need cooling techniques! INCLUDE ANYTHING PLEASE!!!
Hi I'm new and I have a couple questions
Where is article on using 2 ganged fans??
What's the BEST 4500rpm HSF
cleaning fans
Considering water cooling, what pros and cons you people run into?
Is 65C a very high back temp?
A ? about Swiftech.
a decently performing orb
Shuttle Ak31A+Alpha8045= question?????
what is the smallest water pump
Slot one
VolcanoII or CBG-38
Zalman Chipset Cooler need opinion??
New Waterblock Design
NEW Heatsink Database
Asus Probe versus BIOS??
Vulcano 6Cu+ vs Vulcano6Cu or Dragon3
Quick Connects
Chances of leakege, is it safe?
Is this enough to watercool my whole system?
Maze2- should be lapped?
Any thoughts on Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu
Young Lin 80mm Fan 3pin ?
Specs for CPU fan shipped with P3 866
AMD XP Temps - Too Hot?
THE ORB cooler(10/10)
Help with heatsink and fan
To lap or not to lap, is bigger the better, thats the QUESTion!
look 4 a new case
New Guy Looking for some advice
my new 900 t-bird
Qmax question
Cleaning my Waterblock
Will This Work As A Water Cooler?
program ?
Temperature problem in my Compaq Laptop.
Loud submersible pump
ys 40cfm vs. delta 50cfm?
Look Ma, no glue!
Watts to celsius
3/8" tube ???
Best Air cooling?
ducting!!! air into or from HSF?? what's better?
Freon system!!
My T-Bird is really HOT?
Purchasing a Peltier?
making water neon colors?
Where to get a tiltmeter
Tiltmeter design
Wood PSUs?
Glaciator I vs. Alpha 8045
need some explaination for dba level
sub zero temps(-20F)
172mm fans and radiators
Need A Cpu Heatsink/fan
Your Alpha PAL8045 temps
what is peltier?
Where to buy titan chipset cooler?
A ? about fans.
Need Link to Panaflo alu fan FBH-12G12 P-Q curve
case for water cooling
wats a good hsf for an amd xp 1800+
Tomshardware's water cool... good?
Peltier accommodating cold plates?
Improving cooling efficiency
Glaciator I vs Glaciator II
Socket 478 Coolers.
The Core
cooling for geforce 2
Will a swiftech 462 or alpha 8045 fit on my Tyan Thunder K7 with Golden sockets?
Waterblock thickness
GPU cooling
Breaking the rules with thermal paste!!!
InWin cases...radiator idea...
thermoengine - clip pressure on Xp
Best case cooling setup (antec 1030)
Help with Phase change cooling
How are you?
Bong time again!
Update Cooling 1.4 Tbird
Place to buy Papst fans?
50W peltier... how does it performs?
First Case Mods
Need fan for HDD cooler
Zen cooler
Heater Cores
Superglue! yuck!
Water Wetter/antifreeze breathable?
Water level detection?
Heatsink for 4 tabs, Athlon based...
Cooling Software
Vid card waterblock hold down
good water cooling kit?
PSU Fans
new vd3 hsf
as adhesive realy works!!!
rheostats from cars
Water Bongs Showerheads
cold glass tower
Swiftech 462 R-1 WATTAGE??
as thermal adhesive removal
2 Questions....Koolance, KG7
help on buying watercooling
on 2cool2k.com
Silencing but still maintaining proper cooling.
My Mission
Quick question...need quicker answer...please..
Pabst Fans
Best Heatsink for Athlon XP 1800????
Maze 2-2 plastic bolts
Need *aluminium* waterblock for NorthBridge
radiator problems
chip temps
How do you tell if your Heat Sink is properly installed?
Cooling the VIA Chipset?
486 hsf and voodoo3=BAD
Do shims Help?
1/2" or 3/8" Tubing for WC setup?
Watercooling Radiators
What fan to get?
761 chipset coolers???
need help with MBM5
Can't find 25mm fans
Artic Silver 2 becoming "silver plated"
Underclocked Athlon 1400 ! Tried lots... help!
Has anyone installed ALPHA PAL8045 on their Shuttle AK31 motherboard?
Heatsink Lapping
Cooling an open athlon
Peltier question
My new rig
overclockers.com heatsink recomendatiosn so wrong
Waterblock Mounting Tip
Heatsinks on Water Block
Radiator Fan
Northbridge Cooler?
does excess heat affect superglue???
New case plus using watercooling your recommendations
Need expert opinion on Alpha8045 and shipping PC Boxes
Crystal Orb
Condensation: When it will and won't happen
Just an idea to keep a bong filled
Pelt on a slotket????
best >compact heatsink?
For All Those Interested In Watercooling!!
glueing crap whithout as thermal adhesive
Too loud!
Alpha PAL8045/Delta68CFM (fan to blow nward or oward)?
This Is Very Funny
ASUS A7V266-E & Alpha PAL8045
cheap watercooling
bacteria growth
CPU Temp Question...
power supply fan
non-linear delta t
Swiftech MCW462 Waterblock vs OCH Z4 Intercooler
if money didn't matter..
T-Bird air cooling limit?
Best Cooling Liquid
Conformal coating tip
Athlon XP 1800+ and watercooling results
Is the stock heatsink/fan good enough for overclocking my Celeron 433?
pelt & water
Does size really matter?
AMD's were sabotaged...
Random water cooling thought
This just doesn't look right...
A7V266 Temperatures
Stupid Question..
Extreme Heatsink Cooling!
Water Cooling Questions
Look Her Mr. Moderator
enermax variable speed fans? good/bad?
Free Porn Here>>>
General Fan Performance
mad output fans
Low Pressure Drop Cooler
Air Chillin!
Watercooling project
Cryogenics Cooling Mods (OC Thread)
AirCooler for AMD, which one?
durons, tbirds, which one runs hotter
$300 water cooling setup
Alternative cooling?
copper, alumiunium, silver and zinc radiator?
EROSION in Water cool?
dangerden shipping?
Buying Cooling Products in Canada?
What's a good HSF for under $20 shipped?
Which Radiator would you buy?
fountain watercooling
48C under load not OCed?
Lapping my Volcano 6CU+
what do i need, and where can i get it?
Cooling a 1.4 Tbird
Heated (heh) debate on AMD thermal resistance
Video AMD mp no heatsink no smoke!!!
Swiftech on my 1.4 tbird?
Bongs are like Deltas
Copper Coolermaster
Artic Silver -- All over the place
Question about the Super Orb Fans.
H20 is the way to go.
Need quick answer to cooling question
Anyone else try these pumps?
Using a 72Watt Pelt on a 1.4 Athlon?
small cooling
heatsink dilema please help
adding salt to water???
PIII733 overheating - help !!!!
DangerDen hold down
My Bong cooling, the plans..
for people who like orbs (both of them)
For anybody who has a loft tank and dont mind drillin
what is the Best 60mm heatsink fan?
got a new pump, its awesome!
I need some help lapping my Blorb
peltier questions for athlon
Advice on Cooling should I trust the Mobo temps at all?
"is that your bong"
Really big reservior for a bong
temp ok on my new system?
17volt mod
I am back with more watercooling questions
Adding outside temps in MBM
Need good cooling fan
what heatsink/fan is this?
Internal diode OR Asus Thermal probe?
Peltier question.....
top fans
They stole my last name
Coolermaster cases?
Advice-What NOT to buy
good cooling but running hot... why?!
Home Built Water Block
newbie question here
how much could i squeeze out of my CPU