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help on buying watercooling
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Silencing but still maintaining proper cooling.
My Mission
Quick question...need quicker answer...please..
Pabst Fans
Best Heatsink for Athlon XP 1800????
Maze 2-2 plastic bolts
Need *aluminium* waterblock for NorthBridge
radiator problems
chip temps
How do you tell if your Heat Sink is properly installed?
Cooling the VIA Chipset?
486 hsf and voodoo3=BAD
Do shims Help?
1/2" or 3/8" Tubing for WC setup?
Watercooling Radiators
What fan to get?
761 chipset coolers???
need help with MBM5
Can't find 25mm fans
Artic Silver 2 becoming "silver plated"
Underclocked Athlon 1400 ! Tried lots... help!
Has anyone installed ALPHA PAL8045 on their Shuttle AK31 motherboard?
Heatsink Lapping
Cooling an open athlon
Peltier question
My new rig
overclockers.com heatsink recomendatiosn so wrong
Waterblock Mounting Tip
Heatsinks on Water Block
Radiator Fan
Northbridge Cooler?
does excess heat affect superglue???
New case plus using watercooling your recommendations
Need expert opinion on Alpha8045 and shipping PC Boxes
Crystal Orb
Condensation: When it will and won't happen
Just an idea to keep a bong filled
Pelt on a slotket????
best >compact heatsink?
For All Those Interested In Watercooling!!
glueing crap whithout as thermal adhesive
Too loud!
Alpha PAL8045/Delta68CFM (fan to blow nward or oward)?
This Is Very Funny
ASUS A7V266-E & Alpha PAL8045
cheap watercooling
bacteria growth
CPU Temp Question...
power supply fan
non-linear delta t
Swiftech MCW462 Waterblock vs OCH Z4 Intercooler
if money didn't matter..
T-Bird air cooling limit?
Best Cooling Liquid
Conformal coating tip
Athlon XP 1800+ and watercooling results
Is the stock heatsink/fan good enough for overclocking my Celeron 433?
pelt & water
Does size really matter?
AMD's were sabotaged...
Random water cooling thought
This just doesn't look right...
A7V266 Temperatures
Stupid Question..
Extreme Heatsink Cooling!
Water Cooling Questions
Look Her Mr. Moderator
enermax variable speed fans? good/bad?
Free Porn Here>>>
General Fan Performance
mad output fans
Low Pressure Drop Cooler
Air Chillin!
Watercooling project
Cryogenics Cooling Mods (OC Thread)
AirCooler for AMD, which one?
durons, tbirds, which one runs hotter
$300 water cooling setup
Alternative cooling?
copper, alumiunium, silver and zinc radiator?
EROSION in Water cool?
dangerden shipping?
Buying Cooling Products in Canada?
What's a good HSF for under $20 shipped?
Which Radiator would you buy?
fountain watercooling
48C under load not OCed?
Lapping my Volcano 6CU+
what do i need, and where can i get it?
Cooling a 1.4 Tbird
Heated (heh) debate on AMD thermal resistance
Video AMD mp no heatsink no smoke!!!
Swiftech on my 1.4 tbird?
Bongs are like Deltas
Copper Coolermaster
Artic Silver -- All over the place
Question about the Super Orb Fans.
H20 is the way to go.
Need quick answer to cooling question
Anyone else try these pumps?
Using a 72Watt Pelt on a 1.4 Athlon?
small cooling
heatsink dilema please help
adding salt to water???
PIII733 overheating - help !!!!
DangerDen hold down
My Bong cooling, the plans..
for people who like orbs (both of them)
For anybody who has a loft tank and dont mind drillin
what is the Best 60mm heatsink fan?
got a new pump, its awesome!
I need some help lapping my Blorb
peltier questions for athlon
Advice on Cooling should I trust the Mobo temps at all?
"is that your bong"
Really big reservior for a bong
temp ok on my new system?
17volt mod
I am back with more watercooling questions
Adding outside temps in MBM
Need good cooling fan
what heatsink/fan is this?
Internal diode OR Asus Thermal probe?
Peltier question.....
top fans
They stole my last name
Coolermaster cases?
Advice-What NOT to buy
good cooling but running hot... why?!
Home Built Water Block
newbie question here
how much could i squeeze out of my CPU
Hit 1716Mhz with phase change!
Ducting - Ferking well do it
just a tip
power source of water pump
best waterblock and radiator
I am a loser.
I Need Urgent Help...
water cooling question
Win Xp=Xtra heat??
adding a fan switch
Heatsink and Fan????
momo temps
Honeycomb block?
Big Gun gets an upgrade
Place to buy resistors with 3 pin fan output?
CPU Temps???
1.2 Ghz T/B hsf onto a gf3
Ok to overclock?
Yes, I've got it!!
HOPG or Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite for short.
Rheostat Baybus
Fans anyone
For those of you running evaporative coolers...
My amd is overheating; need advice please
watched a stereo fry from lak of cooling
What to do with the rest of the silver tube from rear window repair kit
Metal Bongs?
best case fans
Best place to buy copper and aluminum?
Sometimes you get lucky...
Back of motherboard temp
Pump question
water cooling
copper shim
Heavy Cooler
SK6 - 48cLoad!
link 4 AMD CPU temps?
How are Spir@ls?
CPU temperature
Open case vs Closed Case
AS2 temp drop that dramatic??
45c idle TOO HOT??
Zalman northbridge cooler
New watercooling setup
Highest CFM 80 MM FAN
how hott?
best waterblock?
man i sure could use a bong about now
Amd Xp 1800+
Freon Freon Freon...
sk-6 blowing or sucking?
blue orb on south??? ...northbridge???
cleaning AS
best PSU for cooling
Snow inside my case...?
which way works better for my hs fan
peltiers . . .
Case Cooling
Filters for fans...need suggestions
CPU Temps
Ram Sinks?
best hsf
If i have good temps @ stock-clock, how high in temp should i overclock to?
where can i get a cheap pump?
Chipset cooling
Liquid Nitrogen
You have to look at this cooler.
Easy mod for better air flow
Safe I/O voltages?
new to watercooling, need help!
Anyone got any general tips for making my PC quieter ?
is the new Glaciator II any good?
How to remove the Hsf from Celeron in Box?
Evapourative Cooler *in a fridge*!!
I fried my t-bird - ALMOST!
Colder water
Dual Pump setup???
glaciator 2.
Determine lowest possible "Bong" temps
open/closed evap system
info on watercooling
Just recieved my new 1800w DC power supply
noisy fan
Water Cooling for My Science Project
ooooh new radiators
Digital Thermometer with Setpoints & Outputs
using glass for resavor?
silver mountain HSF
It Is Your Duty To Help This Newbie
What do you think of my waterblock design???
P4 watercooled temp...
Dynamat...anyone tried it? will it raise temps?
window fan as radiator fan
PLanning my WC System
what temps are you getting ?
Wattage calculator
Thermaltake Active Memory Cooling Kits?
A friend ordered a Systemax,the temps are awful!
Very odd Block idea...
Bong dribbling driving me nuts!
How To Deaden The Noise On A Pump?
Anyone know where I can buy a 60 to 80 fan adapter for my sk6?
posible original water cooling idea
relay to make 110v pump turn on whith computer
What kind of power supply for a peltier?
Brand new system...need a bit of cooling tho
Active Ducting
Alternative cooling...
computer for gf
duct and exhaust but running warm still???
Am i going to have a corrosion problem soon?
water/air hybrid comments
black ice 2
Pentium cooling for N Bridge
Vacuum: effects on cooling?
For all you who are installing a CPU soon
Which Waterblock? MCW462, Z4, Maze2 or Silver Polyblock?
Crystal Orb
Is 58c normal on my MB?
12v pump on the market ?
Thermal Compond necessary? SK-6...
dissembling a fan
Am i running a bit hot??
SHIMS, whats the point?
SK6 + A7V266 New fan dropped temps by 7c
Shims - where can I get one?
1.4GHz Athlon T-Bird Temps???
What is the best HSF!
Millennium Glaciator & Millennium Glaciator II
peliter or HSF?
2 questions for SK-6
Case fan layout/mods
Do I need to reduce my flow?
Water Cooling System
small radiators
Fan Q's
Anti-Freeze to Water Ratio Question
Does the GlobalWin WBK38 fit onto a Socket 370?
Removing Stock HSF
Waterblock pressure
Swiftech 462a / AK31 installation
I want to mod my GF3Ti500. ..
Cooler, more quiet Thunderbird??
New Koolance case...experiences?
how do u people apply thermal compound ?
450 liter enough
Ahhhh darn, i need a new heatsink...
Are these high temps for 1.4 OC'd to 1.533?
Dr. Thermal TI-V77 vs. Millenium Glaciator
Fan Filters for Air Cooling?
Noise reduction solution for DragonOrb3 and noisy fans!!!
Will the Millenium Glaciator fit on an Abit KT7?
I don't get it!
Lapping My P4...
Water cooling
Heater Core Question
hsf advise please :)
Temperature issues with A7V266
Hacking up my PSU with a Dremel
another water cooling question...
Rackmount water cooling
What's the best heatsink/fan for my Intel-based CPU?
all i need to know is were to get water cooling parts in the uk
my cool case idea
Aluminium VS Copper
Best water cool@price
Ready to Go Resevoir?
my 8 lapped Radeon 8500 sinks
Anything better than blue orb for vcard cooling?
Water cooling?
How far over ambient is good for air-cooled CPU?
AMD - Watercooling - peltier
For all you waiting for a spir@l
Peltier source?
Vcool_16! pieces of crap!!
What's next?
my new mag-drive enough pressure for the following?
Thermometer for your Water Temp.
Koolance System Update\water-cool.com
I am now back in the think of it.
Need Water Reservoir Ideas
damn - i need a pump
Submersible pumps
How does my watercool layout look?
Thermal Diode Recalibration - BIOS Update
How thick should the base of a waterblock be?
Crystal Orb
does anyone know how to make quick disconnects for a watercooling system?
What's the best additional case cooling?
Case Fan Flow
Dual Peltier clamping...How can I do it?
Where to get or how to make a Res?
Dragon Orb 3
Need Experienced H20 help. Waterpump ques...
What northbridge cooling does
Water cooling... should I bother?
If I were to build a bong...
Car heater cores, $13, why don't more people use em'?
newbie needs answers!!!!
newbie needs answers!!!!
Contact plate/water block thickness
Heres My pc Cooling ...what do you think?
Briefly explain PELTIER to me!
water cooling kit from dangerden
Side Case Fan Duct
Glacciator 2 V.s Hedgehog wing??
Alright everyone... I did it.. I can't believe it, but I did it
Cable Modem Cooling Mod?? anyone??
Still new
Put in new case fan. Good temp drop.
Millennium Glacier II
Burst Cooling?
amd 1.4 getting a little hot
Small fans
Arctic Silver 2 - Questions
Vantec CCK6035D - Ugly
watercooling and Aircooling
Some air duct questions...
Watercool plan- best to split output?
Mixing JB Weld with AS2?
useing a Peltier just with a heatsink?
Blue Orb or Orange?
Peltier VS Radiator
Who can build my water Cooler?
model train store??
Good cooler for P4? Or just add delta?
Xp1800 Temps
Good Cooling setup
3 heatercores or 250' of 5/8" tubing for a radiator
have 2 radiators and a inline pump now
does this look like a good setup?
Dragom orb 3(please don't laugh till you read)
Fan or Heatsink Suggestion....
Doubt with watercooling
GeForce 2 HSF Removeing
Reservior or Not???
Heat Sink Question...
Is thermal tape strong enough to hold the Blue Orb?
P3 1 ghz cD0 retail chips......what HSF?
Help! It sounds like an airplane!
newbie HERE!!
Cooling a P4???
T-Bird @ 1.4Ghz idle temps too hot?
Finally got water coolin up and running! but need help!
Temp Gaged by color of fluids...
UNimportance of heatsink
Aluminum PSUs?
What type of radiator for a Lian-Li PC-65 case?
Electroplating a copper heatsink
Simple expansion card cooling
Fan Question...
6000-12000 grit too much
$120 for a fish tank pump, $59 sump pump
Millennium Thermal Solutions Glaciator II - First look
ice cold
temp question....
Hair gel
Lapping the DIE???
newbie question about case fans...
Heat Sink Recommendations
Mixing Epoxy
DangerDen chipset water block on ATI?
Do I need an exhaust fan?
I need some quiet case fans!
What case fans are best? What about HSF?
air cooled mini-tower
Best thermal grease temps: post here
how do i apply thermal grease?
Alright, I would really appreciate.....
gigabyte temp monitoring system???
lapping helps
Overclocking Blues
Whats The Best Way To Cool An A7v ?
Duel Compressor Advice Needed Please
ALPHA PAL 8045 owners or future buyers
Need a stronger pump...
dragon orb? Volcano 6 cu+?
n00b with ugly temps
Best video/chipset waterblock
waterblock connectors
salt water as coolant
Leaking due to Water Wetter?
21 Fans = 1708CFM Whoa!!!!
What's The Best Water Block?
New bong idea (I think)
35,000 RPM 80MM Fan!!!
polishing HS
Air Condintioning
Is This Possible?
Smart peltiers
very slight heat problem !!
Questions about my cooling..
Peltier or Water Cooling?
2 fans
wow check this thing out!!!!
The Glaciator II has been installed !
Socket A HSF on Socket 7???
How to lap properly?
Sk6 + A7v266 + Coolercase Tornado = High Temps ?????
New thermo engine
Cooling Stick?
blorb or oorb?
cpu temps
Extreme Cooling's future?
blue orb question
What is the casing on a CPU made of?
Which Heat Sink Fan should I get for my TBird?
A new homemade noisereduction mod
what do you think about this??
riva tnt2 ultra woes
Swiftech Mc462a
Please help needed building water block
getting power to my TEC
Killer deal on PS
SK-6 with a 50CFM fan better?
Blowing or sucking air on the heatsink???
This Chipset is HOT
Delta 50cfm cpu fan
Dangit! Methanol is expensive
My pump is making noises....
This is probably a dumb question
Noise Control Silverado
WTF! After 5 fans, My 1.4 Tbird is still at 52 C!
Global win
Thermoelectric Cooling Module
Waterblock with built in chiller..
1.4 at 74C
added 80mm Panaflo to wbk! Is my computer even on?
vp6 temp probes are effffed
PIII 933 temps? (No OC)
Very high CFM
my system pics: modded pc70...
What size pump should I get for my water cooling system?
Pentium 4 Socket 478 HS Please
Computer randomly Freezes or shuts off
The King is Back - Millennium Thermal Solutions Glaciator II
Water Pumps and Magnetic fields.
New 1.4 without water cooling
Please evaluate my proposed Peltier setup
Opinions on the MAXIJET MP 900
Do cooling programs really work?
stupid question and smart question
Wiring my Water pump to my PSU
special wquipment for duel proc?