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Methanol/water coolant
How to install Vantec P3 heatsink...help
Online shop for cooling ?
Does ASII wear out over time?
could someone help me
Volcano 6 CU+ any good?
Volcano II is good for me!!!!
water cooling by pumping water through my bar fridge
safest Fan/heatsink?!?
Cooling Problems
AMD 1400Mhz no Acpi-suport ???
Sweet New Heatsink!!!
water cooling dual thunderbird 1.2/266 FSB
you guys better watch out
-350f cooling?
easy effective cooling
Is a vapochill worth the time???
I need some lubricant for a case fan, what can I use?
Data files for the Radiate software package
What would be the result of mounting an Aqua cube upside down?
TT Super orb.....
8035rpm "Delta" fan am i blessed?
what new toy
How do I mod my SK6?
How effective is lapping 'really'?
Anyone have an Aqua Coil in an Inwin Q500?
New Watercooled System ... Some advice
HardDrive Coolers....Any good?
My first successful OC
cpu is heating up
The Hedgehog is back!
sk6 which way should fan go?
Basement is 71F!!!
Can anyone show me a pic of radiator?
Where do you get the copper block for a water block?
Aircooled cC0 700 stuck at 157fsb, will a peltier help?
The ultimate Blorb......
Motherboard Moniter?
Whats the most i can get from my fan
What is a good water cooling kit?
A whole new sound.
So what kind of pump?
What's a safe ºC for an Athlon Classic?
waterblock question
Help! CPU Overheating like crazy!
New Koolance case -- stats
PIII overclocked temps
Total case cooling
New Watercool kit burned my 2 different AMD chips????
Core Voltage
1.2 O/C 1.4 idles at 30C!!!!
Heatsink temp....
Hose barb mounting - heater core
OEM Fan with T-bird 1.4
Opinions on Becooling water cooling kit
Safest fan type?
The best HSF that money can buy
I can't get a grill on my sk6
AC cooling
Temp Raise - FSB/Multi vs Core
watter Wetter and ANTI-FREEZE
Alpha 6035 and Tbird 1.4?
TBird 1.4 and Pal 6035?
its cold in here
Good computer case????
Which setup is best with either a RIO 800 or Mag Drive 2
Fan measurements
ZM17-CU something cool and something new
Best fan ever!!
submersible fuel pump? how many PSI?
What the h3ll is wrong???!!!!
how to setup my new watercooling setup
Best tubing
two watercooling setups or one?
Dual pelters
What's the best CPU COOLER /HEATISINK?
Heater Core vs. Bong
more watercooling?
Watercooling setup recommendations
Need info on this radiator
Glaciator Questions
Alpha Pal 6035.... A bad heatsink?
Problem Finding The Temperatures For CPU w/ MBM etc.
Problems w/ the watercool kit from E!_EN..
getting ac2 off a TB?
Water cooling questions
Anyone duct cooling a high end Tbird?
Interesting water cooled temps
Thermo Epoxy..
alpha 8045 opinions?
Z4 Waterblock?
Glaciator & ASUS CUSL2-C - will it fit?
Thermalright SK6 /w Y.S Tech 27 CM
MBM5 no temp readings
Overheating Geforce 2
Lower temps in Win2K?
new CPU/mobo temps with iwill KK266+
Globalwin Cak 38 on socket 370???
What's A Decent Case and PSU???
Socket A HS on Socket 370
Fittings for Maze 2
Where can I pick up conformal coating
PCM versus ASII w/ ThermoEngine HS?
A new fan dezign idia
overheating problem
Ready to peltier-ize !
Monitoring CPU temps?
can i overheat
ideas for closing up holes
Senfu waterblocks?
MSI problem.
This Heat Sink Is Insane!!!
Water Cooling Pumps
condensation help!
Z4 Aqua Heat Sink - Overclockershideout
What is the temperature before Tbird burns?
Answer Me This!
server size cases
watercooling idea
Anyone already ordered the COOLMAX CBG-38(Galaxy GC12) copper cooler for 14.85$ ??
But I thought....?
Should i use a 6cm to 8cm adapter??
Leak seems to be under contro!!!!
peltier question...
Two Things!!
:) Brand New Koolance Rig = FANTASTIC :)
Motherboard moniter?
Whats a decent C/W for watercooling?
Need lower temps
What does CFM mean??
So what do the negative voltage lines do, anyway?
SK6 or Vantec?
Which of these water blocks is best
I'm doin' everything right, but my 1.4 is @ 64C@IDLE!
geforce 3 Ti200 cooling
Yet Another "Let's Use Car Parts To Modify PCs" Thread
Fans ~> CFM
are orbs as worthless as they look???
Just got my 24v 12 amps DC powersupply=]
Backside mobo cooling
fan placement
is this a good case
Water cooling enhancment
Smoke machine to see air flow???
Opinions on Rio pumps..
rheostat installation
What is a peltier ???Newbie cooling question!!!
SK-6 loose fin?
new case fans, hotter cpu ?
Removing Paste
Can case temps effect water cooling temps?
What do you think of those CPU, GPU coolers?
nearly there!
Condensation or not?
i just got my new watercool kit !!
Temp sensor on Athlon XP
SK-6 Fan Clip Vibration
Delta fan specs
maze2 screws
Heater Cores
Pls help me get the HS off my HP's Celery...
new water cooling idea(maybe)
Maxi-Jet 1200 and EMI?
%@#$%#@ My waterpump is leaking !!!
Going to duct. Where to put it?
Hose Covers and a 1949 CFM Fan?
Small heatsinks available?
Weird fan connector
hand made water block
Food for thought...
sisoft sandra reports CPU fan speed: erroneous?
Getting a new comp and was wondering what type of cooling soluton i should get?
themeral paste and drying
looking for the best way to cool video & ram
well I finally bought it... maybe you guys can provide alittle help
Fan on NorthBridge (KT133A) necessary?
Newbie questions
Water cooling.
can't take off the HS
What are average temps with a 72W peltier and P3 (air cooled)?
reversing the air flow direction with FOP-38
thermal paste
Enheim 1048 or 1250?
Taisol CGK 760 or...
duron 750 mhz
My benchmark of SK6 + a variety of fans
disappointed guy with TB1333C&PAL6035 ... :o(
Question on cooling power of metals...
peltier and case
Calculating total wattage output...
bigger, better heatsink to use...
WTF $4000 US worth of cooling thingamabob
Blow in or blow out?
VANTEC CCK-6035D Copper 38cfm
wow... 13K - 16K RPM?!
Lapping an Athlon
delta high whining sound
A7A hit 80 degress C~!!! plz help
pelt power???
I need help with Case Cooling
SK6 or CAK38
Would this water rig setup work?
I love winter and fall!
just lapped my SK6
radiator question
300a celleron chip question
Water Cooler Kit
SVC Golden Gate equal to Coolmax CBG 38
a short history about cooling
Quick coolant question...
water cooling please help!
Millenium Glaciator mod
Should I get Water Cooling?
water temperatures
Asus Mobos and proper CPU temp
PCM Removal questions!
Blackice Radiators
Fans and paste
cooling issue...
new alpha
My fan will short out my mobo?
???Opinions Opinions???
1.33 ovcked
1.4ghz temp problems (prolly obvious)
Water cooling.....
A Newbie question with SK6-Delta Fan?
temp probe placement???
making home made waterblock
anything but coolermaster
Does the P4 run hotter then the Athlon?
A pic of my WBK 38 Lapped and Polished
Temps Higher In WIN2K ???
Major Watercool Problem..
Next Best 2 Delta
New to cooling question...
1000 axia @ 1530 mhz, Safe temps?
New fan possibility?
AquaStealth II Opinion
Fan for socket 7
Cheap waterblocks for chipset/GPU?
Water Fountains
Dual AMD 1.4G System needs cooling solution.
Fan expert Users, get in here
Fan1 must be in use
newbie dual-fan question
Which Heatsink is better?
Fan running WAAAYY below standard...
Would an aluminum case help me to get my temps down?
Vidcard cooling: Use water or pelt?
Water Cooling Question...
schmooth new vid card cooler!
HSF question
need help on wiring some switches
How many watts?
Would this help or hinder...a watercooling question
where can i buy a sk6?
yes i got my watercooling!!!!
HELP! Thoughts on my cooling plan...
temperature question
Regestry Wpcredit
Swiftech MC462-BA Socket A Arived this morning, installed, crap temps ?
anyway to go further?
Possible New HS for my GTS
Intel Original Fan
MBM i don't think it's working properly...
Fans at 15v
Cool&Silent HD Sandwich
GREAT hsf review JoeC!
please help...wanna make purchase dont know what to do
Scope out this new heatsink
CPU Temp. very high
Yet another stupid which fan question
Which will cool better?
temperature question
2 questions
Please help with me with overclocking
New duct dezign
Dimensions for the hoot chute outlet...
Just bought a 1.4Ghz & SK6
How should I attach a compunurse to my cpu?
What is your idle CPU Temp?
software method to check if cpu is overheating ?
HSF monitoring...
Easy CPU Cooling question and interesting idea
AMD Newie
Running a resevoir inside a fridge?
Idle Temp Too High
Homemade inline Chiller Idea......
Water the better way to go (parts)?
What results have you gotten with the SVC Goldengate
Now please don't laugh, but how much water?
want to buy
A7A266 temperature accuracy
first water cooler
Where to find this Heat Sink?
big momma is it mountable
peltier size, and power questions
What is the best 1U HSF?
Which Case Fan Is Better?
A7A266 temperature accuracy
Questions about pumps
new pc problem..
is there any good sources for watercoolin gear in th uk
a cooling tip for noob's
Watercooling Question(s)
Enermax PSU Fans
Exhaust fan
Help with CPU TEMP!!!
Lian-Li or CoolerMaster?
Little question on bongs.. collers that is
Cleaning off thermal compound...
What's a good case?
where to buy a water chiller?
bios/sandra conflicting #s
Place to order PVC online for cheap?
I got my SK6 up and runnning
Budget radiator? "oil cooler, heater core"
Question about the 2.5V reading on VIA HWM
Artic silver paste question
Help with a pelter
got a big problem with my new water cooling system with peltier, HELP PLEASE!!!
HS Clip broke.
800E giving me s#/t
Getting cooler by the day...
Leave pump on overnight or no?
Question about water cooling...
anyone wanna buy watercooling stuff?
load testing
Few New Items To Consider For Watercooling
Homemade Waterblock question
Asus Board Monitor Temps
w00t! watercooling up and pumping!
wtf ia a bong cooler
Anot[H]er site has reviewed the new koolance
Water coooooling question
WOW! Never thought it would do this much!
Peltier Wattage?
Hit 1644Mhz with phase change!
winter water cooling
NICE Water-Kooling!!! Holy...
Got a Vapochill.
delta wattage?
Added fan dropped temps
want to go to H2O
Ventilation (Redneck Style)
Very simple water cooling without pump, radiator, reservoir, waterchiller.......
HS atachment
Probe placement?
anodized shim
Water cooling setup questions (lots!)
Woooo Hoooo!!!
Need help insulating and setting up a dual pelt, water cooled system
I need help in shoping for water cooling parts
How do I lap a heatsink?
maze 2 and z4 wont work on p3!!!
SK6 or Glaciator?
Vcard cooler or overkill?
Construction of my airtrap
anyone know where I can get me a 52W pelt?
one more fan way down in temp
Duct = No help?
Dual PIII Setup what cooling?
Air Chillers
SK6 or the Silver Moutain?
Which way should a fan blow on a CPU HS?
African summer temps and aircooling.. not pretty.
can I usea 72W pelt
Hot under the collar
need help on watercooling
Building a PC inside a refridgerator (I'm I spelling that right??)
My Vapochill / Plasma ...Pics
Water vs. Ammonia (for Sulfur)
What the heck?!?!
socket a and socket 370
global win cak38 vs thermoengine xtreme
Can't take the noise anymore... Watercooling.
What are your water temps??
Liquid Nitro
Radiators, Pumps, Waterblocks - oh my!
water did not work
Has anybody tersyed the AMD HSF that comes with the boxed set?
which pumps are best
what heatsinks should i get
Dual, liquid cooled peltiers...need help!
Is there away to tell the cfm of a fan just by the v , w , a and rpms? «equationtion
40mm fans and small hs needed?
My water chiller adventure
How to un-bond Arctic Silver adhesive?
What is the highest CFM 60 MM Fans Out Atm ?
maze2 vs. swiftech vs. reactor
Looking for a good fan
Air Conditioner and ME
a bunch o' watercooling questions
link to good P-4 cooling article
Thermo grease "Star 700"
which radiator?
Oh My God!!!!
System colled to 1C... is it possible?
Icebox cases
Epiphany! Pump failure...
How close can H2O rig get to Ambient??
H2O tubing... who, what, why, where, how?
Where do you buy your cases?
How much of a difference in cooling does an aluminum case make?
Using ASII epoxy on GF3 heatsinks...
Copper or Aluminum?
Isopropyl Alcohol
To submerge or not to submerge...
no temperature sensor...
water cooling parts questions
Which to Buy
HELP! Need help cooling my PC
I have some naked pic
water cooling
cooling trick that works if ur not scared
My case is so negative(air pressure) that the rear out take fans don't even work! ??
How can u keep the fan's noise down
Which would be better for this setup 3/8" or 1/2"
Watercooling setup runs hotter than my SK6, help!
Which Case for Cooling?
air flow direction on CPU heatsink.
home made radiator idea with pic....need comment
some are claiming the alpha pal8045 to be better than swifty!
Amd 1.4 System stablity on a nife edge
Newbies and Peltiers
water cooling & peltier
Bad connection "Slot A Athlon"
Temperture of Case is under 32 ?
silicon heatsink compound question
Thermaltake Memory Cooling Kit
Yo Colin, Hoot, and any other elecro buffs.
Dropped my temps by 4-6' C!!!!!!!!
1200CFM w/ radiator
MCW462 pressure drop vs. flow
Where to get a pump?
Bad water block?
How to watercool an AMD T-bird
I need an HSF installation guide with pics
What should i do?
where can I find cheap fan duct
dual pumps?
80mm to 60mm Adapter
Is AS II worth it?
water pump!
feedback needed on a watercooling setup
Contest! Who can post a pic of...
suck or blow?
Water block question
I want one of these for christmas!
2 120mms fans on a Cube radiator? recommended?
HELP! How to mod a ATX PSU so it can be turned on by a toggle switch?
Lian-li PC-60
Lookin for Blowers Help
poor performance from taisol with copper base
i need a waterchiller!
Imagine a way to use this killer fan!!
Multiple questions: Water block efficiency and others
Dreamcast Cooling
A wierd place to stick a TEC..what do you think?
Make air cooling device?
New KOOLANCE Case...looks great!
I got it!
Eheim pumps
Fans question
Overclocking your fans?
Sunon or Mechatronics
Copper Shims
heatsink and fan questions
artic silver 2
Watercooling+pelt, will PSU be able to handle it?
how tight should you have the nylon bolts for the dd water block
Hoot help out pls , alot of help!!
How to add a 120 Watt Peltier to the MC-462?
ADM athlon problems
How's this Watercooling Setup?
1.4ghz temps
High temps, good cooling? Can't OC...
Where to get me a waterblock