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Holy Dust-Bunny's Batman...We need Fan Filters!
Danger Den Customer Service
why not?
the super orb cooler
golden orb water block
Lappin a Chip???
Alpha PAL6035 suck air or blow air?
Millenium Glaciator v. AquaStealth II
Remove an Orb
Dual Peltier Cooler design...comments, suggestions?
gainward cardexpert powerpack golden sample 64mb geforce3!!
Max temp for Super Glue
help with cooling
Weight Factor
computer ventalation
Alpha and Celeron 800
UK Water & peltier cooling
I broke heatsink mounting tab =(...need help!
Any way to get 7v for a peltier?
how do peltiers work?
Delta 60mm x 38mm 51 CFM fan
a bong and the peltier. a NEW idea. (?)
great cpu stress utility
Anyone know the ProCooling guys?
socket thermister?
Idea for a DIY water cooling system. Will it work?
A question about Sandra...
Insane watercooling? (warning: long)
A different way to stack fans?
can't overclock!
This is a FAN........
Mounting maze 2 on abit kg7
GPU heat sensor?
Waiting for my blower
NanoTherm vs Artic Silver
Watercooling in Canada
Whats this?
Just though about this......
Resevoir, how big?
HSF question
Silicon trick on the Thermalright SK-6
foaming at the mouth
GW CAK38 or GW WBK38?
A spin-off to the alternative water cooling thread..
can this compete with the swifty???
The green stuff on copper?
Delta 60mm or Delta 80mm?
Want to install a Peltier
Question on water cooling.....
Inproving HSF'z
how do you measure case cfm?
Making your fans run at 5, 7, AND 12 volts.
compressor cooled liquid
1gig@1.47gig, @ 40 under load
Cooling a Peltier
What HSF for mem cooling?
where do i find panaflo fans?
Modding my CAK38 for better surface area?
Lapping worked for me!
Accuracy of thermal sensor
Noise control
Chrome Orb vs. Volcano II
Maxing Airflow Question
Need a SIMPLE temperature monitoring program
EB @ 52 did not work....
rounding cables
Hoot, whatever happened to the follow up on the Cohesive Air Cooling article?
80mm vs 92mm case fan Q:
cooling in Antec ks-282
Pitspawn We Need You
HS from PSU
Small Radiators For £30+ Pahhh
Harddrive Cooling
which HSF for 1.2 T-bird?
Thermalright SK-6ab?
New Socket370 P3 1ghz o'cing cooler
thoughts on beehives
This is an awesome fan!!!
What's the silicone trick on the Delta?
Shall I lap my MazeII
Need Drilling Advice
Var kan jag hitta ritningar?
just wondering
how much are the ram sinks at your place?
we need better stuff, thermal paste doesn't cut it anymore.
Quick couplers
Preventing Multia Heat Death
Peltiers question
Where should I stick the thermistors ...
What heatsink is good for sucking fans?
Best kit for watercooling?
Help! Computer would not power on after hsf installation.
What size pelter for a 1.4 amd
found a new socket(A) fan. which looks real good, anyone got any experience with it?
Northbridge cooling brings down CPU temp
Amd 1.2
Which grit for lapping?
case size
My hot AMD 1000
Gorb or Borb
Water Cooling and Bleach?
AS2-4.99/ wbk38-17.99/ golden gate 17.99 at svcompucycles
gorb replacement fan
Looking for comments on my cooling rig
What pump please help me
AMD TBird 800 running to high temperatures!
gorb or blorb?
Global Win WBK 38 worth purchasing?
How to remove thermal pad?
Cool your CPU by up to 10c with WCPREDIT...UPDATED!!
Alpha 8045
More Cooling....
Still bad watercooling temps
Is this cool enough (newbie question)
tbird 1.2@1.4 temps.
Problem with Cpu Fan
Fan Adaptors
Is this overkill?
Thermalright SK6
I am in need of some cooling supplies, where should I go shopping?
using Super glue
so quiet!!!
Help!! 1.33 althlon idling @ 60 C!!
Socket A cooler on Socket 7
1.4 tbird overheating
Condensation questions. Please help!
Replacement for Dremel
72 watt pelt?
COOLING.EXE @ Asus Probe
Intake Fan
Fans, intake or exhaust?
new system cooling??
Case Airconditioning.... Using Peltier Junction Device
Black light dye
Thermal probes waterproof??
PS for pletier
Safe temps for a P4
2 80mm exaust question
How do you guys drain your system?
Is there interest?
Major cooling problem
Heatpipe fuid
HSF for P3 Slot 1
copper stock
120mm to 60mm
heatsink problem
Which cooling solution is better?
Peltier Power Supply
Dual Fan PSU's Help me understand!
Air cooling a pelt - do you still have to insulate the motherboard
looking for quiet yet efficient hs/fan
Lian Li, does anyone here have this case?
Bong, the theory behind it?
What kind of pots to use with LM317T?
Papst Multifan 3312
Is It Possible To Have To Much GPH With a Water Pump ?
Fan Delima, 50 points for good answer
thank you everyone. it works great
Ram Sink Question
Properties of amonia?
A7V133 extreme temperature
Ideas for air colling a slot 1/peltier rig
Changing fan on ThermoEngine V60-4210
Grill Filter- worth anything?
Which HSF?
Axail Fan Airflow Direction T/F?
Looking for comments on water cooling setup please...
ahh..so quiet
So what was the difference between AS and AS2?
Some questions about heat
Gee can you make a bong too big....
Danger den website?
need instructions
conter rotating fans
ystech 120mm
Fan Question-100 Points for correct answer!
Why haven't we seen HSF units that...
Newbies proposed water cooling setup - need advice
Hoot chute in terms of CFM
Swiftech MC462-A
Cooling SW
Why do temps climb in bios?
Thermal Compound
newbie cooling question
Direct Temperature Monitoring System
Extreme cooling systems (Or, water in a rack!)
a Different approach to peltier/water cooling
A Testimony to Millenium Thermal
Waterblock for a slot athlon?
an idea about water cooling...
What liquid is the best for liquid cooling system
AMD Heat
Best HSF
AS2 and super glue
HS Fan blowing on CPU, Shroud sucking air out of case
does any body know how good the new tiger cooler is?
High temps-- Case on or Case off?
Question about DangerDen shipping...
thermal compound under stress
Anti-Freeze + Glue = ???
Do I need to water proof
the recommended temp
Arh, what to choose?
Windtunnel or Tornado???
Fan Question(s) Heatsink for Athlon 1.2
Air cooling a peltier???
antec jet cool
watercooling temps
Tbird 1.2Ghz, Cu HSF, silver paste = 60C ???
A loaded question re: radiators & water jackets
SK-6... any weight problems?
laptops make hot laps...
Whats so good about Copper shims ??
my t-bird 1.2
Newbie wanting water cooling info/suggestions
Light dimmers?
Blue Orb reall the way to go?
Which sensor is which?
Problems using Maxijet Inline
good psu for under 40$ shipped
92 to 80mm fan adapter???
Cooling Experts, come here
Fan Wires
Question about bongs.
The Best HSF For An Unlocked Duron 700@1000
NoiseControl Silverado
PSU problem
Processor strenght
Volcano 5 HSF
Alpha 6035 @ 1.4Ghz???
Case question
Water bongs
Cooling a Full ATX Supercase
The Golden Socket, and Koolers
Deer 300W power supply
silver heatsink
Dont Buy 40mm Fan From Comp Usa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Overheating vid card causing instability
heat problem
Sound comparison for "popular" fans.
Tightening down my DD water block
a few questions to a NOOB
where could I get a kryotech case used
Unbalanced Fan??
OCing a compaq 5441
OCing a compaq 5441
Swiftech MXC-370X
Waterblock Lapping
Nice and low temps when idle, high temps when stressed, peltier/air
Am I getting Flase CPU Temps with my Water Setup
Best radiator for the money?
Do I really need thermal compound?
Extra Cooling
too much heat ???
top fans... how many? and where?
Which processor fan?
Still problems
Overclocking a CPU fan
danner mad NOISE!
Flexible copper tubing...
Can you Mod a 3 pin Fan to still be able to read the rpm?
Are your water temps for REAL??
can you run black label 60mm delta's off motherboard, and some other stuff
what makes the swifty so good?
Tell me da temp dude!
How do you guys get rid of water pump vibration?
does solder stick to silver??
My water new cooling setup
copper ram shields/heat transfer pads/pennies :)
need quiet HSF recommendation for Athlon 1.33
Magnetic interference from Eheim 1048 w/pics
How about this cooler for my AMD 1.4?
Weight of HSF?
Looking for anyone using the Taisol CGK760092
Could this thingy replace a radiator and be more effective?
Peltier idle and load differnce in temp
250 Watts Power Supply???
useing transformer oil to cool computer
I wonder???
Pelts on AC? possible?
Condensation Problem with Waterblock / Tap water.
newbie cooling questions
penny ram heatsinks :D
Celeron Peltier Newbie
Idea for excellent heatsink
Push or Pull????????????
Does it fit¿¿¿
Cutting a hole
Ok its time to go Pelt
Mr B, plz my Pep temps seems to be too high!
voltage problems
Bare Wire
Water cooling without a reservoir???
What to put in
Duct problem
How in the heck????
Best Place to get fans
Need information about condensation
What HSF for my mobo?
Thermal Grease have to wait?
Weird Temps with new water cooling set up... ideas?
Another way of removing thermal paste !!
CPU lifetimes vs HEAT genrated
Fungus, chemical reactions in my copper block!
Just built a Cooling stack for my heatsink
How Do I Clean A Water Cooling Setup
Question about removing pads from my T-Bird...
Swiftech MC462A
need help with AT powersupply=/
Thermal Adhesives
copper + ally + gold?
Help Me!!!
Maxi Jet 1200?
Cooling with Dry Ice
Radio Shack now sells Thermoelectric Pelters
Air Flow!!!
Panaflo 80mm 47cfm 39 db
blowin in or blowin out!!!!
i broke my ******** fan
Any cheap wattercooling kits?
tennmax lasagna not happy with my golden orb!!
Twin exaust fans
Installing a CPU Temp Monitor
How can I fit Socket A HSF to Socket 7
Heat is the enemy right?
Where to put new fans???
5V fan running on a 12V line
Removing pads from CPU for Maze II
Quiet T-Bird cooler
WAAAAY too hot thunderbird!!!!!
WAAAAY too hot thunderbird!!!!!
Socket A cooler on Socket 7
Best 120mm fan?
The Best Hsf???
Vapochill system
Arrrrrggg....Waterpump is LOUD!!!!
Looking for Recommendations for some quality 80mm fans
tbird at 1600 vcore question?
HS on a Maze 2??? could it help??
WARNING!! SK6 HSF trouble.. read this if you are an owner.
50 CFM more air going through my case
can't find a certain water block
To Suck or Blow??? That is the question!
Vibration a problem??
Propane Cooling?!?!
Antec 350 power supply
Thermaltake Memory Cooling Kit
AM I the only one?
What about using 2 radiators...
Copper causes electrical "noise"
Temp Sensor
Water Temperatures
Myth: heat sink saturation
This will be the last post...
Best coolers for PIII?
How do you attach a copper plate to aluminum heatsink?
An interesting add-on for MBM 5
Can I use an additive with an evaporative cooler?
How to measure CPU temp w/o HWM
Metal Braided water cooling tubing?
300 W Power Supply
Dual pumps in a bong?
Liquid Nitrogen cooling question!
Enermax 650 Power Supply specs?
power supply specs
Bong users, please reply
updated results
Water Wetter required?!
P3 HSF or my Alpha 66
Cooler power supply
how should i cool my Laptop?
MBO cooling
Any but the Delta
Water pump how do you use it??
Y do i have 2 outake fans?
How can this be?
CPU FAN for p3
An interesting read!
STOP! Condensation.........
Thermaltake HSF?
Using a second Power supply
Attaching a Waterblock
HeatSink airflow question/idea....
Can you....
It's so Much Quiter, It's Scary
Ram Sinks For Video Card ???
What epoxy for homemade water block?
Water cooling and pelt questions [about 2cooltech]
thermal right sk6 with delta 38cfm
Abit KG7 Cooling issues...
Look at this SK6...does it need lapped???
How hot is hot?
120mm fan
Rear case fan, blowing in or out?
Black label delta from FOP38 on SK6?
Mould growth on cards in humid climate
How much water for an inline system
Overheating problems???
Heatwave caused cd-r to fail last night
Got some new fans!
How do I get the stock HSF off?
Aluminium Cap off a K6-2 ?
Heat Sink and Fan
Pentium II 450 pelter cooling?? Or water cooling...
Totally Silent PC cooling...
Millenium Glacier
Modifiying a fridge
Anyone ever tried "Heat-Pipe"
How good is great for HSF?
What is the best Air Cooling system for an AMD 1.2Ghz
making water block
What kind of Peltier am I supposed to use?
Liquid Nitrogen in Watercooling kit?!
Xeon Cooling
UPDATE To Danger Den MazE2 Sucking !!
HSF Recommendation needed
K6-2 Aluminum heat plate...
"Proce-saur" needs fan recommendations...
Tubes going yellow....
Heatsink/fan question
Case fans or case off with house fan?
I have no need for water cooling anymore :>
Minnesota + Overclocking
NonConductive Fluid
Palomino based HSF Tests
Dangerden Maze II - not so great?
Thermal Epoxy in Southern Cali...
Shrink fitting. What is it?
Reversing airflow on Volcano II?
Pelts for dummies?
Help Watercooling
The Swiftech is nothing compared to this...
Place two fans on the HeatSink for thew CPU!
Giving Up
Help! I sealed my 1.4 in the mobo!
Filling a water system
Video Card Cooling?
Voltages and temps.......????
Danner pump in Toronto area?? (Help)
Will watercooling work good in a room with 83F ambient temp ?
Naked Powersource - bad/good?
Is this right?
Anybody who can help...
Mounting the Galaciator
Cold plate for K6-2
About software cooling...
Will the Heat build up badly
How far has Athlon axia been clocked
Case&Airflow ???
Peltier for intake fan?
Cheap, sliightly messy, kinda cool-looking way to get more air into the box.
H20 Cooled HD's?? is there such a thing?
Water cooling with no air flow
Power Supply choice and question, plz read
Enermax fans
No More Heat!!!!
Heat Sink And Fan!!
Dragon Orb 3
it's hot in here
YS-Tech 120mm fans
t-bird and alpha
how much water wetter?
Lets hear it for cohesive air cooling!
Ideas for controlling temps with a pelt
Comments on homemade waterblock, please !!
How Noisey
OK Asus A7A owners POST your CPU temp and your BIOS version
hushing the delta any more bright ideas
Cooling Sites
South Bridge Cooling
Please help! I've fried it all :(
I think I found a great app for stressing CPU
Latest Cooling Stuff
Chipset cooling w/ old cpu hs?
What the heck about this thing?
High speed fans
Lapping cpu core??
Alpha PAL6035.....is this HSF ok for a TBird1.2ghz or higher?
Heat! Heat! Heat!
Finger meets 80mm Delta 68cfm fan
Thermistor anyone know the anwser?
Duron 800 temps really high :(
Recommended fan for T Bird 1,2 pc266
Question about Global Win fop32 plz read!
Just got my new DD kit, too big!
Moving waterblock from video to Nbridge
Thermal grease users
Purpose of copper cold plate?
How to quiet a Mini Super Orb
Thermosonic Thermoengine
Lapping and applying thermal grease?
watercooling and condensation