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Glaciator Owners!
Watercooling kit advise please.
Watercooling system not performing well
How to clean a watercooling sys.
PAL 6035 conversion to watercooling
Bong Cooled VS Normal water cooling
Where in the UK can I buy the Glaciator?
Bong cooling question
Peltier Question with 1.4ghz Athlon
Blorb peg lengths.
Do I need a HDD Cooler???
Radiator idea for H2O cooling
Fong Kai 320 cooling question
Two heatsinks + AS = Same results???
Anyone here use a bilge pump
What is a good Water-Cooling System?
Vantec P3D 5030
Somebody plz help me with rheostat.
petwarehouse.com pumps
new pics of my new res setup
What is the best heatsink for the T-B w/out reverting to water cooling??
1.2ghz temps
Is this a good Water-Cooling system?
Could this be a disadvantage to lapping
How to build a thermal probe?
Help with water-cooling questions- Thanks for help!
What is the best heatsink/peltier setup ?
Water cooling setup. Good or no?
Cooing Design -- Any help please?
Help I need peoples input as to the best heatsink out there.
Need good HS in Britian
Thermal Stuff
1 Gig Athlon cooling
danger den kit *newbie question*
danger den kits *newbie question*
Would an arrangement like this give much more cooling?
Hooking an Air conditioner to your computer very effective?
Peltier Cooling help and ideas
ABIT Temperature Thingy
Not Mercury - But Flourinert by 3M. Extreme coolage?
5v mod on fans
Idea came to mind..
Just don't think all the extra $$$ is needed !!!!
Peltier specs... need help.
Orb HSF damaging CPU?
When the fan oversizes the heatsink
what else can i do(the full story)
Hey all you airflow experts!!
Cooling software ? Help
Please help with my cooling probs?
Fan noise levels, listen before you buy.
Hole Saws.
Expanding BlOrb heatplate using Thermal Resin only?
peltiers powered
Floor mounted fans?
Need Fans for cheap with Reasonable shipping rates, Help!!!???`
Mercury Instead of water
Copper reservoir- where to find one
Yeah.. what he said...
case cooling question,side fans intake or exhaust
Case Question
WTF?? Alpha FC-PAL6035 better than Thermoengine??
Sugesstions for cooling
Vantec FCE-62540D!!
Arctic Silver Nightmare!
Delta Black Label
Maze 2.2 & Dual 120 watt Pelts - Results!
Is it ok to have positive pressure (in the case)?
Which heatsink to buy?
Cool with -50 F air
Who make the best ATX desktop (non-tower) case?
Have we become obsessed with temps?
I REALLY killed my alpha.
Thermalright SK6 showed up yesterday
A fan with heat problems?!
7V Mod For 3pin type fan?
Whats a good water block for Socket 370 cpu
Which fan is better for a P3 700, PEP66 or FOP38?
Not sure of the cause of this one.
Glaciator vs. CAK 38?
my 1 ghz now running at 1.4 ghz, w/ a 27cfm fan on the golden gate.
Need help boosting fan speed on variable HSF
CPU Tempatures with water cooling?
Dare I ask...
How do I clean my CPU?
Running comp with aquastealth2 + aquacoil now! (temp question)
Anyone know were I can find a high output PCI slot cooler
has ne1 modded their Glaciator?
Water temperatures?
I killed my Delta ? Someone help ?
Artic Silver II not working!!
Watercooling an AMD 1.4GHz
Watercooling a AMD 1.4GHz
slot 1 HSF installation
Water cooling and PSU question...
what should pelt cooling temps be
Cohesive air blower alternatives
will this fit on a wbk38@80mm and 52.3dB FFB0812EHE$20.00
Ok can i put this fan on my WBK38
Water cooling setup, need some help choosing components
AMD socket question...
interesting heat sink would you not agree?
What the best cooler Period.
Water Cooling Help Needed!!
My cpu's temp. 50c ~ 55c (full..above 55c),then.. do I have some cooling problem?
Where to get thermal probes
Good Cooling!
BECooling Aquastealth2 + aquacoil
230 Watt Peltier.
Motherboard monitor 5 and ShutDown NOW! - v4.4
No case + House fan - why not?
Which Radiator Is Better, Senfu or DangerDen Cooling Cube?
sorry for another dumb question...
Is there a way to link a fan rpm monitor to cpu shutdown?
PSU 7v fan mod.
to hear or not to hear... that is a delta
hard drives are hot!!
Cohesive Air Cooling is what and where??? Hoot
cool, I got my mc462 to perform better
to vapochill or not to vapochill
Vid Card cooler
Zalman CNPS-5000 Radial Fin . Anyone heard of it?
Got my DD cooling cube and have one question
How to make the fan running a little quiet?
If you want to test the max temp of your CPU ...
Is Artic Silver Epoxy good stuff?
which heatsink for a blower?
Need a good material for the top of a waterblock...
which is the best FAN?
Hoot, did you get your Glaciator?
London Uk overclockers, please assist.
Any good temp reporting programs?, that are free?
How do i get my f@#@$$ fan quieter
Temp Probe what brand best
Size of Danner MagDrive pumps?
Socket Thermistors Debunked!
Copper and Aluminum
how to fill water cooling system?!
Best P4 HSF
Where to get a Kryotech?
Temps Asus
Room 26*C CPU 52*C Idle, OC'd
Window installation
fan setup
Best Place to get good HS & Fan?
epox 8k7a 761 north chipset/ blorb questions?
just got my becooling aquastealth2 + 5x5in radiator
Need Some help
Mirror vs. Not
How do you get a 80mm fan onto the WBK38??
Where do I get a 156W and a 172W pelt?
gettin' too warm...
free supaorc
Adding a fan to the side of my case...where's the best place?
P3 1 GHZ cooling suggestions needed
New fan on Golden Gate
Fan bus question
venting some air
FOR SALE: 120mm 130CFM Delta Fans...DIRT CHEAP!
Waterblock equipped with HSF?
Does this make sense ? AS2 corrode lapped aluminum ?
Is 52c too hot? 1400 AMD.
Power Supply
Where can I find 80mm fan grills
Ok Stupid question but Best Socket A Cooler?
Temp for 850 TBird
Less than $6.99 for AS2??
Cheepest place toge a Glaciator
Need a temp monitoring program!
Need Tips for Overclocking
best P4 cooler
whats the biggest badest HSF for this mobo
Dehumidifying a Freezer or Refrigerator
ASUS probe
CPU / Case cooling tip, Easy 2-3c temp drop!
what hsf is beter?
My load temps suck!!!!!!!!
Need Help Lapping a Gladiator
Super :Duper: Orb cooler
here ya go...
What's the name of the program?
My Horrible Misfortune..
Cheap temporary HSF?
Better than Lapping
If you plan to buy (or have bought) a gladiator/golden gate read this please....
Thermal Tape
Need Peltier Info for my Duron 800.......
HEY! "Liquid" question for u pro's
The ultimate coolling project
my hot cpu
Quick Question for you guys.
Mounting Blorb on KG7?
a question
Copper Corrosion how to prevent it?
Quick peltier question
choosing from a limited selection of HSF combos
can psu cause heat problems
#$*@! My GoldenOrb just died!!!! Need replacement! NOW!!! :)
Anybody having luck with a FOP 32-1?
Pump Priming
Pep66 on an Asus A7V133 +question about Pep66
Need cooling suggestions for my case. w/diagrams :)
Need cooling suggestions for my case. w/diagrams :)
Fan voltage
tons of cheap water pumps at this site
Anti-condensation idea
Good tip for intake case fans...
?Question about C/W?
Watercooling - Information Request
Whats the best cpu cooler to cool a 1.2 gig T-Bird for heavy overclocking?
Thermalright sk6 question
how do I get as2 off the cpu core?
Begginer Watercooler. Some dumb questions and hopfully some good ones too!!
Is this A Good water coolling setup?
Cooling Geforce 3 Elsa 64 ddr?
Water cooling problem
Canadian water cooling?
stupid questions
How to create a vacum?
SilverPlated HSF!!!
Millennium Glaciator --Review
Is this the blorb? Im not sure if i bought the right thing
ACTUAL water cooling flowrates...... and your pump?
Plz Help with water cooling setup.... Buncha questions
haw many fans do you have
MB vs CPU cooling
danner mag 7
Bong watercooling
What is the optimal power of peltie for ThB 850@1000 (7,5x133)
got my wbk-38 but still have questions
help weird temp readings
Keeping it quiet, is not so easy.
Case cooling question
Case cooling question
Cooling MX mem with peltier
I need advice on making a Lexan clamp
Best water cooler
Question about heat pipes
Battling Summer Temps
Alpha PEP66T is not enough to cool down my CPU??!!
Tubing Size?
Duct directly to CPU?
Small cheap radiator for GPU
Coolermaster VS GladiatorGoldengate
are my temps good?
what's the most quiet and "usable" heatsink/fan?
I hate summer!!!!!!
I am looking for a heatsink and fan for a super socket 7
Never much info on water cooling round here, why?
How do I get the greenie off?
any1 know if the swiftec MC462 fits on KT7A??
Cooling Tower Questions
Flow of water
Thermalright SK6 vs. Millenium Glaciator ? Which is better?
Peltier coolers?
Peltier coolers?
Interesting fan...
CPU temps with Asus PC Probe or similiar progs...
new system
Question: Where do you ppl get your VERY fine sandpaper for lapping???
Cyber Cooler PS-4B-5010
Enermax Power supply??
would anyone buy these?
Enlight 7237
better cooler?
Air Duct
Water cooling rig???
Watercooling questions
What is your cpu average temp?
Cpu is too hot!
Want to know how bunnys workshop cools ther Athlons?
Lets bounce a question of fans off of you.
Zalman Flower fan bracket - PSU - conflict!
Have you heard of this hsf? What do you think?
Is a 300W PSU enough...?
New Generation cooling
120mm fan on side blowing or sucking?
Some Quick Peltier/ water questions
case fans
finned double fanned waterblock.... Look here.
Lets talk about soundproofing possabilities
in-line pumps
Has anyone watercooled there Radeon?
In-Socket Thermister Accuracy Discovery...
I happened to be on Ars Tech and stumbled..
Air cooled Peltier on a GPU
Another one bites the dust
38cfm Delta best connection
What I did today fan wise..
Are Thurderbird spacers a good investment?
thermal pads...one use?
CPU base speed gives high heat and so on
Where to buy water blocks in UK?
Golden Gate, blow or suck?
chipset cooling
peltier condensation...
How to attach HSF to Northbridge?
What's a good chipset cooler?
Yate loon?
Are Peltiers indestructible??????
700gph pump too much????
heater core part # canada
wet dreams
Water Jackets/Blocks
which heatsink to buy????
Apparently the Golden Gate / Gladiator HS doesn't fit on Socket 370 's.
Taisol CGK742092
Decent Temperature?
pelts, coldplates, spacers, pressure?
how can i power this thing?
Some MoRe WATER cooling questions
Gladiator VS Glaciator
Swiftect MC 370-0A over rated?
Cohesive Air / Hoot Chute: Read this
Best Heatsink for Slotket
How do I remove the stock heatsink from my duron???
would this heatsink work with a gf2 ultra?
AMD Power Supply
SK6 came in & is on now :-)
Copper Foot Super Orb
anyone get a glaciator yet? I did!
lapping a gladiator
Thermosonic Thermoengine retaining clip broke......waht next?
HS with blob on bottom?
Thermosonic Thermoengine retaining clip broke..what next?
Received the Golden Gate / Gladiator in Mail today.
Can you really apply a flat/even layer of Artic Silver?
cutting a swath down the mid where the core is.
Water cooling issues?
athlon 1.3 heat pleasssssssse help
BIOS vs. Software CPU Temp.
Have you seen a Lian-Li pc 60
First casualty!
Pump suggestions
Will Welding of Blue Orb make a difference to temps?
Lapping CPU...........
Am I assed out?
Bong cooling questions
CPU Too Hot?
Thermal compounds
Installing Blow Holes
are these fans good?
Need tips for HSF testing for reviews
Instructions for making a shim?
Thunderbird Coolers
Price of some Eheim pumps?
wiring a water pump to a relay
HSF shim
Fop38 on 80 watt peltier?
Why water instead of antifreeze?
Arctic Silver II Sucks!
proper contact
need a serious heatsink
Grrr... watercooling woes.
just wondering?
Quick rls valve?
is this a good case setup?
A few WATER cooling questions. Making the switch ..please HELP
what if i only increase the FSB ...
New case, Need cooling advice
Peltier and Condensation
case fans
Tbird 1.53ghz @ 1.92v running 53c under load with MC462, shd I worry?
Centrifugal Blowers
Is 45C to hot for a DURON???
where to buy copper bar
Metal fans versus plastic ones...
Thermal pad on ThermoEngine????????
SK6 Weird or what
Eheim 1048 question
Rookie AMD Heating/Overclocking Questions
Sandra vs MBM
Replace in socket thermistor
New idea for cooling, hope my landlord dosen't mind
*** Look ***
Here's my idea - please shoot holes in it!
Thermal Conductivity Of Steel??
MBM5 and watercooling is wrong?
power supply for 172 watt peltier
What water block/radiator do you recomend
Proper Settings for MBM5 & Abit BE6
How close to my monitor can my Eheim 1048 sit?
Hoots Weird Science
Pump Question
300 watt PSU
Any Help Appriciated
Are these waterblocks anygood?
Socket A thermistor, soldered flush with the mainboard ??
Will the cooling on this pre-modded case be enough for OC?
How to monitor if your water pump stops working.
Copper polish
cold plate
Maze2 question
Watercooling without Peltier - C'mon, Help a Newbie
Prime95 caused CPU temps to be 3-5C above normal even after removing this program!
Rheostat hookup help
Template for Waterblock on AMD
Thoughts on 2COOLPC?
Can I do a year-long overclocking project?
Water, car radiator, fridge & freezer, something for the extremists
where can i buy papst case fans???
Temp in UK at year high, 7.2k delta time :)
Athlon @ 1.82 GHz I want want want a Vapochill
Thermostat Where?
Ok i need some advice on a good heatsink and fan to get me past 1500mhz
How big is the Glaciator? Info needed...
Bong Idea - Pic Enclosed
TEC power supply for newbie
CD-ROM Overheating?
in-line pumps vs submersable
Staring at my temps!!
GlobalWin CAK38 Readings?
Why its hard to get any Athlon past 1.6ghz
Thermoengine with YS Tech 26cfm fan?
Swiftech MCX370, Its got Screws mommy!
water cooler setup with 172watt tec
Replaced Delta38 60mm with Sunon 80mm 42.5cfm/WinWBK
Any place in the USA carry the Delta 60x60x38 fan?
Cooling off a 1.4, which is the best?
Saw a fan at Radio Shack.......92mm and 120mm that was 110v.
water cooling motherboard
Top Mounted Case Fan, Yey or Nay?
Please help me with my sister's computer!
GORB with vacuum cleaner -searching for something better...
Is the swiftec462a really worth it for 80 bucks?>
P-3 933 370 what fan
I wonder if anybody has thought of this...
Problems after OC.....Help!?
PIII 700E dB0 Stepping
Delivery from millennium-thermal......
Water Cooling - with TEC vs. without
FAQ Gathering
Side Panels on or Off
need help with idea for water cooling
CPU Temp. 47C/Room temp. 30C sound right??
Do I have a 120watt or a 172watt Peltier?
Watercooling question
Copper water block question
water cooling question
how tight ?
where do i put the termal sensor ??
Everybody with copper waterblock.
we all think that we are using the best metal but
GlobalWin CAK38
Delta 7v mod
Silver water blocks
Thermaltake 60mm cooling fans?
170CFM blower - oiling?
3 way fan shootout, WinWBK. Less noise, better cooling?
for you hot rodders
Water Cooling Kit and Pumps for sale
what should i use?
C2600@1064 Full Load 46C (winter), need a better cooler
Vantec FCE-6030D
TEC HSF combo at radioshack ??? check it out
step-thermodynamics, anyone know about them?
Need pump a.s.a.p
silver HSF
Interesting question...
Best place to put a probe.
Enough Power
The absolute BEST CPU cooling is...?
hmmm ~~~~ Thermoengine V60-4210
broken center tab holding heat sink down
leufken kits?
Need advice on a waterblock
Enermax Whisper vs. Fortron Noise Killer
Moding heatsink to Mount Peltier's?
Where can i get the parts??
Where can i get the parts??
Threading a waterblock?
Overclocking is good but I need my ears, help.
Tbird 1.2ghz heatsink?
Gladiator or Glaciator?
P4 cooling requirements... need some advice