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What do you think ??? Is it good enough ?? *g*
Celery cooling and break-in
CPU temp at idle is 10 degrees less in W2k than WinME?????
Deionized Water?
Bong water cooler
Help with cooling
Could Windows Logon be a better stress test than Prime95??
Hey Hoot.....Got the Digital Temp Replacement.....
additional fan IN case to increase airflow?
Bong questions...
Hoot, question about LM-338/317 voltage regulator
CPU Heat Questions.
Looking for Delta 80mm FFB Fans?
alternative to H2O
Temp Monitoring Hardware
Alpha P3125S Results Here!
Need advice on H/F combo
Quieting the Delta Fan Article
kk266 and gladiator
Variance between the Mb temp. and the CPU temp??
Alpha p3125s - To lap or not?
Opinion about the Coolermaster CB5-5G12
pelt question
Operating Temperature
Dissappointed in MC-370
Plugging in this pump
CPU heat causing screen system to lock up
Anyone know a good place to buy the swiftech 462a online
Thermalright SK6 What do you people think about this heatsink w/ delta?
Lego case....
Why is my 'Please post your Glaciator temps' topic invisible to me?
Please recommend case/psu...
Updated info on DIY 40A switching power supply!
Blowhole.....Sucking or Blowing?
Peltiers and Water
Hey Hoot, you ever finish the wiring portion of cooling mod?
how wrong???
A ? about cooling a case with a water system.
Lower CPU/Board Temps
Temps Goin Nuts???
For people who watercool.
Should I Lap GlobalWin WBK38???
Can you lend me $5,000,000?
Hmmmm... Is the CPU die on a T-bird waterproof?
Proper method for lapping, what is it?
could too much thermal paste be applied?
copper plate with aluminium waterblock?
Any views on ThermoEngine V60-4210?
Check this cooling mod out.
What is a good TEC for a athlon 1.333 GHz (266MHz)
What is a good TEC for a athlon 1.333 GHz (266MHz)
OCZ Gladiator Clip Question
Alpha P3125S Installation Tips Please?
Case Fans (80 - 120mm) currently on Ebay
Hey AMDGuy...
Arctic Silver II Problems
Please post your Glaciator temps
Glaciator red wire broken?
Please post your Glaciator temps
watercooling beginner
A way to get those awesome polished metal 120mms.....
Peltier Cooling
ahhh... clip on volcano II, what do i do?
Anyone Wanting To sell Their Geforce GTS?
Help, i cant seem to keep my athlon 1.333 below 60 C
Decent result from home-made fandapter?
Side case fan
creative use for peltier cooler
watercooling help
Glaciator results not what I expected
Question for HOOT
Fan size
Simple Cooling Question
Another Glaciator Question
Yippeee! Can't wait to get home!
peltier water cooler
water wetter and biocide
thermoelectric cooling info
Simple solution to 120vac
Two questions
Woo Hoo
Am i doing this wrong
Fixed why my CPU was so dam hot
water question
Are the clips on the GlobalWin WBK38 hard to deal with?
Dual 92mm's
Why is my CPU so dam HoT
Help a new b out!
Vapochill System
Could be burning my ass off
Where is the Clock Generator Chip on a KT7A mobo?
PII heatsink
Why they make AGP card with the chip Pointing DOWNWARDS towards all the other PCI cards????
If I OC...should I do so right after stability tests? Or could I wait a month or two?
Does this make sense to you???
water water everywhere...
Enlight 7237 Fans?
Power for water pump? How to . . .?
I think this one is for the pros
Overclocking Tempature Help
how do I get the retail hsf off a P3-600?
Installed Swiftech MC462A...
Heatsinks for a Socket 370 Celery 600
BEcooling or DangerDen waterblock?
Glaciator vs MC462
If you want to hear some fan DBA levels, look here>
Seeking reliable CPU fan
Thermal Dectors
millennium glaciator or swiftech 462?
Can someone explain how watercooling/peltiers work?
Considering a Full Tower over my current mid-tower....can someone help me decide?
Should I seal Up All These Holes In My Case?
Pump Questions
Good Cooling = Overclock?
the old "burn-in" question...i know it doesnt help OC, but is there a point to doing it?
120mm aluminum panaflos?
Anybody have an ARRL membership? (Peltier PS found)
Will 3 80mm fans @ 32 or 34db be very loud/noisy/annoying? (i know this is opinion, but still)
Postivie Pressure?
When installing fans, should the ones with more CFM go in front or back?
are "Top Motor" (Dynatron) fans any good?
Has anybody seen the new "Thermal Integration FO-BE25"? Its a copper core Thermoengine
I need your help in cooling down my Celeron 566
CPU throttling
Peltier power supply??
Copper Cubes from UK suppliers
swiftech mc462-a with sanyo denki??? post your result please!!!
Heat Sink
Using pelts on Voodoo5 5500?
that is nasty
Water Block for my Slot A Athlon Classic
More Is Never Enough
New to computers
dielectric grease
How too supply a peltier with power
water cooling with something else?
PIII 700E with Peltier: Need Fix
Athlon TBird 800.... can't get past 900...
overclocker's cooling disease. who else?
Cooling tips?
Vantec socket A/462 W/Delta 60mm 7000 rmp fan F.Y.I.
I broke my Cak38 clip, any hope?
I broke my Cak38 clip, any hope?
PIII 700E with Peltier Cooler
Passive Air Cooling..
Enermax whisper duct. Anyone try this yet?
A better Riddle...
Fan sizes for the Addtronics 6896A case?????????
Another short ques
what the mel?could o/c by only 200mhz(temps running to50c), switch a fan, now by 441 mhz?!? no hotte
Just a short question
how do i get the gunk off the sides of my cpu core?????
Dang chrome orb...Help!11
I love my Glaciator 8)
fan for a Glaciator?
Riddle Me This...
Mouting 80mm fan on FOP32-1
Danger Dem??
Is 52c too hot?
Does a 1.0 OCed to 1.4 generate more heat than a 1.2-1.4 OC?
OCZ Gladiator work with slot 1
Case Cooling (hole in case)
CAK38, Noise Control Silverado or Fop32/38??
Card Cooler vs. PC Duct Questions
60 degrees celcius even though i just got a gladiator
Video/Monitor cooling made simple
replacing Athlon "boxed hs/f"
One for the pro's. "Watercooling"
Hoot can I get some help please?
If my end objective is 1.4-1.5ghz (or higher if heat allows), should i start @ 1.0 or 1.2?
Second PSU to power Pump
Millennium Glaciator
Cating a waterblock?
Taisol CGK760 Let's compare Temp's :)
Install Gladiator on Asus Help!
Sunon 50cfm fan.
Why, oh why won'y someone explain the Rheobus
Tornado 1000, Cyclone 5000 Ultra or the Addtronics 6896A?
Question about using a compressor to cool my water.....
Found a couple of great heater cores!!!
Cooling a cabinet
Glaciator HELP!!
good cooling cases
By lapping my hs i can expect to gain/lose how many degrees f/c?
Toilet in my bedroom.
OMG !!! Will we have to stop taking the *$% out of the ORB?
Question On Alpha Cooler From Coolerguys.com...
Dunno wat fan to buy HELP!!!!!!
For all the OCZ haters out there. Crazypc.com now carries the Gladiator
51c...should i complain?
kool maxx vedio cooling
Blow or suck
Galvanic corrosion
Hoot, I did your Digital Temp Mod, are my eyes playing tricks!?
There goea another $80 in the search for 1.6ghz, 1 bad-a$$ HSF
Is 60 Degrees Celsius Too Hot?
PC Power/Cooling Z1-D...is this HSF any good?
Enlight 7237 0X3 or Enermax CS-A1 QX-06 ATX Mid Tower?
Which one of these HSF's would work out best for me?
Arctic Silver II: $8 shipped...worldwide!
1 more fan
eheim owners...
Watercooling setup question...
looking for a new case
specs on the danner 7
Got my new case today, and have a question about a fan. :)
Got my new case today, and have a question about a fan. :)
water cooling.....
Glaciator C/W results
Really big radiator. :-)
Poll! What do you think are the best three hsf around?
Where can I buy a waterblock?
Eheim 1048 priming question
Quick coolant question...
Tyan Thunder K7 Hardware Monitoring Question...
Is this temp normal?
need help with cooling PLEASE
Cooling a Celeron 600 at 900 mHz or more.
Chipset and GPU waterblocks
A few questions for everyone whos interested...
Duron 800MHz Can't Overclock to 1GHz????!!?!?!
Need Case/HSF Advice
Opinions, am I good to go, or should I mod some more?
Need Help with MC462
Slot1 Water Cooling?
3dfxcool Socket-AHO cpu cooler
Do I need a new CASE?? It's a little warm in here!!
ASUS Probe
Has anybody installed a home mini-A/C unit blowing into case?
Will this work fine??
Too Hot or Not to Hot
This may be a dumb question so please hold back your mocking...
HSF selection, help me :(
Too Hot to Overclock
Lapping Question?
peltier question
millenium glaciator owners...
Wearing a skirt...
Thermal Tape or Thermal Paste?
c/w and "theoretical" temperatures
Arctic Silver setting in?
C/Ws not a linear measurement......
Gold Leaf for Cooling?
T-Bird System Cooling questions
rototron 115vac 70/80cfm 120mm fan
Finally took the pics.
Watts a cpu radiates? huh?
Whats the best AMD TBird cooler for around 25 USdollars
C/W of the GlobalWin FOP-38
My CAK38 Temps-What are yours!?
The best Bang for your Buck
Water Flow Question
Heat Problems
Duron 850 at stock. Which HSF?
Glaciator doesn't fit on board!
How is a heater core "supposed" to sit?
Leave factory thermal pad on?
BLORB on KT133 or alternative
Taisol 76 HSF Question
how do i get this fan on the greenie??
what is the best fan and heatsink for 40-55 bucks
Internal diode vs. socket thermistor vs. calibrated probe
Best P4 cooler?
Your power supply to weak to power all those extra fans? Do this...
Swiftech MC462-A HELP!!
Plz, let me know your Pep66 temps
I like my Glaciator so far
Help a overclocking and a AMD virgin
Using a peltier with air cooling?
A good and simple way to lower temps
Best C/W at 16 CFM
TennMax BGA Cooler as a BX Cooler
danger den block should be here tommorow
C/W calculation help...
weird sounds from my pump
Heat Sink Lapping
Quick Fan Question. HELP
To all those who believe MBM/thermistor is the only measurement
Variable resistors
I am looking for a very good CPU fan
AMD mounting heatsinks?
Does this sound right?
how is this possible???
Whats the Highest "Grit" sandpaper you have ever lapped you HSF with
Water pumps: How much is enough, and is there ever too much?
What I'm doing wrong? Pep66 still not enought!
Got my AquaCoil radiator and need some help
cak38 is it any good ??
POWER SUPPLY problem or not?
whats the best 120mm Fan for a radiator
My Extremely Efficient Cooling Solution.......Check It Out.....
Fan Voltage.......HUH?
AsusProbe/MBM5 vs. probe
Who sells the Millinium Glaciator?
please help me cool my system, i dont understand what i'm doing wrong here...
To mix water cooling with air cooling??
Whats the smallest powered cooling unit???
where can I buy HSF
Should I lap my friend's FOP32-1 when using AS2?
DD Maze2-poor temps
applying thermal cmpd to HSF question.
Glaciators, The Emperor Speaks! :)
Non-conductive Shim
All I want is a link to a place I can get a 3/8inch thick copper cold plate for my peltier setup-
How hard is it to mount the DD Maze2 properly?
Alpha FC-Pal6035 or Thermoengine ?????????
Spacers......worth it?
Thermoengine......is it good?
Bong evaporation rates.
Watercooling temps
900mhz Athalon is 53c....and Im very scared.......
Heater Core recommandation
Water is "growing"
fop38 clip chips cpus easily???
F_Fan connection
2x 92mm or 1x 120mm for case (SX1030) exhaust, and dBa question..
Socket 370 HSF Removal
CPU runs hotter in suspend mode?!?!?!
Best ATX case?
are you overclockers or not
Best ATX case?
Here's what I did to my MC462
63.5 cfm - 46db case fan!! good or not?
Help me interpret my Galciator results!
Who's got the compressor?
How about Tom Leufken??
Newbie Here
Who's got the best prices on the net for Hsf??
heat spreader splice, AS II epoxy, and homemade water block question???
Home-made Vapochill???
reeaaalllly dumb hsf (globalwin fop38) question
Delta T
Need resevoir that fits in a couple 51/4 bays
Water Tower MKII?
A barrel full of questions...
3 to 4 pin adapter for delta 38
40mm fan on greenie below Alpha, do I let it suck or blow?
Cooling 172watt TEC with Chrome Orb
Help me lower my case temp
Room Temperature and computer over heating.
Thanks for all the help with my cooling problems.
DD Maze2 water block mounting question
delta 38
Hey Hoot, try this and post your results!
Back in the saddle again and temp question
In search of some fan connectors.
My Millenium Glaciator initial results
air tight?
delta 38
Why is my cpu running hotter than before I reformatted and reinstalled?
Watercooling Problem
Copper Frenzy? - less than thrilling results with Glaciator
12 days of waiting, and now its here :)
can you help me find that original WPCREDIT post?
Variable speed fan
Peltier Calculations Anyone?
How do I cool this rig?
Cooling Problems?
2 Watercooling questions.
How many watts of heat?
What is 'sensor 1' in MBM5 on my Epox 8K7A?
thermal grease
New HSF king?
water cooling system I can buy
Do you think 510 CFM of airflow would be OK for a MIDI Tower?? *g*
hmm... the battle of the bigboys- sk6 vs glaciator
fan switch problems
Internet shops
More Glaciator data
Radiator Suggestions
how much loauder?
Radiator under case???
How reliable is Asus Probe ??
Point of deminishing returns...
When do you put the hoses on?
Installing Millenium Glaciator
what is the best way to cool off the hot side of the peltier?
help with HSF choice
Hey Hoot, I set up your Thermal probe trick!
Fan in my Moniter ???
different flow rates for different metals
51C idle and 50C load ?? dose this make any sence??
Heat questions, problems
Wondering about Arctic Silver's II strength
Wondering about Arctic Silver's II strength
Is this normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13.8volt 20-25amp power supply for pelts!!!
Wonder where I can find an office watercooler...would be great form my comp!
Geforce 2 GTS Cooling...
Millennium Glaciator Question.
memoryexpress and ordering a mc462a
it's too hot
Water cooling Air Problem
Is Watercooling really better?
Best Fan for K7 Athelon
Need some opinions, concerning orb
Is This Overclockers.com, Or Martha Stewart Living?
maze2 and hot cpu
socket A cooler for socket 7? Why not?
Got it all wrong again!
Just ordered 3 Millenium Glaciators!
Question about some fan specs.
nasty temps!!!
FOP-32 or Alpha PAL6035?
What do I do with this fan?
Aquastealth question
power supply for pelt
Can I use a Swiftech MC-464 on a PIII?
Where can I get these radiators
Another Pelt question: this time 156w vs 172w at Dangerden.
Mid tower case recommendations?
KT7A and my 1.4 AMD
what is the.....
Position and Fan for DD Cube
Plumbing question(s)
Soak cooling? Tell me what you think
cooling fans.
My case sucks!!! I have 2 choices.
Lian Li PC -68
Is the Asus Probe Reliable ???? For a split second my CPU temp JUMPED to 113 C / 230 F !!???
Preventing algae growth in open reservoir...
Are BIOS temps idle or load?
Eheim or Danner Mag Drive???
Aquacoil or DangerDen Radiator???? HELP!!!
What do you think of the Taisol CGK 742092
Need some advice on upgrading an upgrade......
172w Pelt power source amp/volt clarification???
Good Case for Water Cooling, and also Good Case for standard Air cooling
MC-462a and 80mm Delta Prob....
Goo Gone is Citrus-based...do not use on CPU or HS
Unexpected dust filter...
Cooling the coolant.
Thanks for all your input peeps
Please post full load temps of watercooled no pelt
bigger reservoir for bong tower cooling..IDEAS PLZ!!@!#!#!#
What are these bongs you speak of??
power supplies for pelt & system
air flow/pressure expert needed!
Vantec fce-5025n a good cooler?
bong cooler questions
I Ghz Thunderbird too hot
Power Supply for 172 W pelt
at 1540 mhz now. (from 1333). need suggestions to make it fly faster
Anyone know where to get a silver or cusil cold plate?
modifying a swiftech 462
Fan position on radiator
I need a slocket with 4 holes---- who's got em?
Hola amigos. Hablamos 80 mm fanos!!!
heatsink and Fan for Celeron SEPP
what is the URL for the store cooler breeze or something like that?
water-cool set up done!!!
CPUCool program using athlon forced cooling
The PSU debate, how much is enough really???
Help Athlon 900 running at 67oC With 3 fans and thermal paste
Mucho questions for the cooling gurus ("I am not worthy") from this newbie (long)
What is the best watercooling kit money can buy?
where to buy large watt peltier... where at???
Chipped PEP66 Copper Insert
Dow Corning silicone insulating question
FS/FT: BRAND NEW Danger Den Cooling Cube Radiator
Taisol CGK760092 (Copper Base) with Papst 80mm 46.5cfm, 37dBa
condensation prevention
Do I need an Exhaust Blower?
newbie dilemma
ThermoEngine TIM as good as they say?
Thermistor placement question
Heatsink Fan Distance - Please Help
GlobalWin WBK38 Noise Reduction ?
Lighter Fluid good for cleaning?
Slowing water in Watercooling Works!
Pep66 with Delta it's not enought! what u suggest me?
cpu and case
On the Best Danger Den Water-cooler. How much of a difference does a peltier make?
300mm fan
what is the best water block for your money!!!!!
coolant ideas for bong?
dragon orb
NE1 funnelled a 92mm or 120mm onto a MC462?
Cooling Putty on Heatsinks