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corsair h50?
Winter cooling
2nd fan going to help on hyper 212+
Megahalems vs Mugen 2 - your thoughts appreciated
True help
Underbolting a fan...
How come my Sharkoon 2000rpm fan only hits 1880rpm?
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Did I use too much elbow grease?
Bios fan controler
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Rate My Fan Controller
What's The Appropriate Fan Power for Push/Pull with Megahalems?
Whats is the Best way or method to check your ambient Temp.
Cosmos 1000 airflow solution! Any advice?
Cosmos 1000 airflow solution! I need help.
Accelero rev 2 fans?
120mm fans
140mm fan?
high power, high pressure fans
Which Cooler to get?
eah4870dk ram sinc cooler
Why Cores have complete different temps
First time Core i7 OC (couple questions)
External hard drive fan too loud.
fan resistor
MX2 vs MX3
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White LED Fans, good ones?
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Thermal compound!
Wind/fan ducts for the Motherboard...
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What would happen if a cpu/vga fan failed?
Socket 775 Supercoolers 23 coolers roundup
TRUE mounting on 1156?
What fans are you using with megahalems?
Lapping my CPU & HSF
Nb sb Aftermarket coolers?
Size and compatibility issues
What is the best choice?
Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme mod???
CM fan review
Promalitech Megahelms Surface
Prolimatech Megahalem - too heavy?
CFM for vga cooler?
Large amounts of TIM!
Heat Sink For Intel i5 CPU
Indigo Extreme update
I want to replace my top fan
Help w/Megahalems Temps!
Aftermarket air cooling for 295?
Best aftermarket cooler for a GTX 260?
Cooler for q6600
TRUE brackets for the P55 boards?
Thermaltake V9 VJ40001W2Z with s1283 Dark Knight?
Videocard Temp Help
quick compound refresher
Best fan VGA/case fan arrangement
Request: Scan of 92 fan
CPU temps with watercooling oc'd i7
Socket 939 Opty 165 heatsink vs P2 955BE heatsink for Athlon II X4 overclock
GPU Cooling
painting 120mm fans?
Where can I find 80mm case cpu duct?
Looking for XIGMATEK XLF-F1255 Fan
Should I washer mod my TRUE on an AM3 system
stacking fans
Water cooled HELP!!!! with temps
Zalman CNPS9900 NT
does coolermaster gemini ii work for socket 1156?
Cross brace for TRUE
Looking For Good 92mm Coolers. Suggestions?
Help choosing fan for TRUE (ultra-120 extreme)
CoolIt Systems Domino A.L.C. Liquid CPU Cooler
Weird temps
True 120 / Xigmatec s1283 Case Clearance
Setting up an Aftermarket Cooler / Case Fan
Reduced My CPU Temps by 6C!
Dust problem in my pc's
Heat pipes and gravity...?
Preferred way to mount MOSFET coolers?
Vibration on Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer
Water cooling?
You think this is enough air flow?
Help! New fan with bare wires, noob doesn't know what to do...
OCForums needs content editors!
XCLIO 777 Anyone Have it
120MM Fan + LED's + Quality? Do they exists?
The right CPU cooler for me
Heatsink review that actually uses lapped heatsinks
Highest flowing 1366 waterblock
Quick Newb question on Am2+/Am3 brackets
Noctua nh-u12p penny/washer mod?
Noctua NH-U12P on q6600 GO @ 3.4 ghz
Cogage TRUE 120 for 1156?
red led heatsink?
question regarding Megahalems heatsink
Green Fans
System Temps
PLease take a look at my heatsink base
Help me with a cooling solution
Choosing Heatsink..Will it fit?
TFC vs. SR1
TFC Screws
What's my actual temp
Help cooling a CM ATCS 840
Need some help on cooling because of case design. Help please?
My temps are weird I think
Decent LGA771 heatsink?
is there a BEST i7 cooler?
Fan shroud, it works!
Custom Rig Guidance
4850 1 slot cooler
Normal Temps? Core i7
Hyper 212+, the best cooler under $30.00
Help me find the right HS
Highest OC possible with stock NB cooling
Glacialtech UFO V51 vs Thermalright SI-120
96 CFM vs 2 51 CFM fans...
Alternative Cooling?
Ultra 120 Extreme models - confusing
Fan speed control
Building my own video card heatsink
cogage install question
Pick My Fan(s)
Which cooler is better the one I have or this
TIM crapps out IMO
system too hot?
What Fans with megahalems LGA 775?
How would this compare to Intel's...
Dusty much?
Can I over clock more
Please somebody get this 120mm 76mm thick fan!
TRUE vs WATER: Comparison on OC'd i7 Platform.
What cooler for i7 920?
Direct touch Heat pipes w/h naked core???
Indigo Extreme?
Side air duct and Core i7 860
1156 Cooler
Zalman CNPS 10x any good?
Laptop cooling -- fan control
Noctua cooler, good, bad, average???
Can this fan be controlled?
Xigmatek reveals 1156 bracket arrival
Packard Bell iPower 5000 Heat Issues
New i7 Rig..are these temps high?
New fan controler from Lamptron - FC5
Need assistance cooling a 4+ year old computer
Corsair H50
Cores reaching 98 degrees
How to control fans in SLI ?
Case for overclocking?
trying to select a hs/fan for m2r32 cpu
Low-ish Profile HSF
Xigmatec HDT-S1283 + Bolt Thru Kit
Nothing but problems with Ninja Mini
System Running 24/7
Lookie what I have . 109R1212H101
i7 temps and airflow.
what does it mean when...
Thors hammer +
question about my new duorb vga cooler
GPU Fan at 100%????
Furmark Stress - VF1000 on 8800GT
NZXT fan Controller problem--Sentry Lx
Setting Up Air Flow
Fan controller -- Fanmax 8
Fan controller
New Zerotherm i5 compatible HSF
Extremely Low Profile Ramsinks
Will stock cooler fit all motherboards?
Lapping question
Help Cool A Core I7 920
Interview: OC legend Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido
Help on deciding new cpu cooler!
Cooling for p6t se
Just joined can i have some advice on my cooling setup
HELP Aquagate Max
Fan help 25x25x6
Q9450 with freezer 7 pro
Help choosing a hsf
Will Intel Q9650 Heatsink work on an E6700?
Someone check my math please
i7 - NH-U12P OR TRUE 120
Cooler for 945 on M4A78-E
PM push/pull help
optional side fan for coolermaster HAF 922 case
Cooling question
Advice on Air flow & Case cooling
Corsair H50
Reputable site to order updated 1366 bracket?
Proper mount makes a difference
North Bridge of LP board
overpriced coolers?
Memory Cooler Preferred
Cooler for overclock'd P4
Looking for a replacement fan for my Dark Knight
Slot blower: more harm than good?
Antec 902 airflow questions
5 Volt Fan Speed Controller (QUESTION)
What is your Ambient temperature
PC Cooling Recommendations
Modified TRUE washer MOD :)
laptop cooling
which is better
Thoughts on Water cooling my pc.
180mm Fan
Tuniq Tower 120 fan replacement?
Cooler Master V8 - Thermaltake Armor MX
How are these 120mm case fans
Acceptable Temps for TRUE?
Best 24/7 Cooling Setup?
TJ Max and using Real Temp
Converting TRUE 120 Copper to a CCTF
best 120mm case fans?
My ATI Radion 4870 X2 makes my room baking!
Heatsink [LGA775] - Buying from NCIX
Cooling for this build
PC way too hot, no idea what to do
Exhaust out of the top or out of the back
Mugen 2/viper ram/asus p5q turbo pro help plz? : )
T-Rad^2 GTX anyone tried?
Cooler Master Hyper 212 PLUS, considering
how do you make coolers shiny again?
Indigo Xtreme - Review
a simple fan question
Need help with new pc temps
Right direction or not
Mugen 2 Heatsink fit a Gigabyte MA790FXT Mobo?
Noctua i7 920 10c+ to HOT
Best Low Profile Heatsink...
Heatsink Pins....
need help with new h20 220 setup
AC 64 pro vs NINJA
Need help finding Sunon Mag Lev fan
could I get better to equal cooling with smaller HS with less fans???
Defective HS?
Fan controllers needed? Why not use Speedfan?
Need advice about this 4870x2 mod
Looking to replace my fans
My first attemp at a air cooling mod
WTB True cooler... Can't find it.
Antec 900 cooling question
Best WC for armor+ MX case.
Help with my TRUE!?
lapping the xigmatek s1283?
Is it a good idea to apply my own thermal paste to my GPU?
295 cooling sample
Maximum safe temperature Nforce 4 northbridge?
240 Dark knight or TRUE?
Conroe heatsink as upgrade for E5200 cooler?
Windows 7 Temp Monitoring
Zalman Adhesive first time
EVGA 295 gtx
please critique and suggest for my airflow
Golden Orb II
Cooler Master V8 or Mugen-2?
HD Cooling?
AC powered fan?
Holy mother of fan controller!!
Best case fan setup for me?
Akasa vortexx - 8800gtx?
help out a guy who has been out of the loop for a while... case temp control
4 pipe HR-01 not enough for overclocked Opteron 165???
Article about DIY diamond thermal paste
Review: Noctua NH-C12P fan
Where do I find small heatsinks?
HAF 922 Addionational Fan Question + Side Question
TIM Consultants Matrix II?
Opteron 180
Nvidia 8800 GT Idle at 67c
Need some cooling advice an old rig.
Spray painting a cpu cooler.
Changing Thermal Paste?
Asus Rampage II Extreme - Software
Dell 730x Water Cooling Question
Liquid Cooling Suggestions?
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro has 4 pin, mobo has 3 pin
Need advice on what chassis fan(s) to buy
NEED FAST ADVICE scythe mugen 2 cooling grease
antec tri-cool question 120mm
Buzzing/Humming sound coming from radiator
My Rig (56k no)
xigmatek darkknight Q's
Quick TRUE 120 question
Fan Controller.
Akasa nero ak-967 - installing a second fan - is this possible?
Northbridge cooling?
Changing TRUE120 with CM V10
Motherboard temp is off the charts
System temp running hotter after new cooler?
Apogee (Original) Cooling a Phenom II X2 550?
New 120mm Fans for Swiftech MCR320 Radiator
Need help
I did some cable management
athlon xp cooling?
Should I use the heatsink?
Temperature Monitor Program?
AM3 Cooler
CoolerMaster V8
is 920 @ 4.0 poss on air?
Scythe Mugen II
HSF under 65$$$$
thermal pads
Best 120mm Red LED Fans
Xigmatek S1283 Dark Knight issues
how often to you change thermal paste?
Cooling my CM690
why should i go with liquid...?
why should i go with liquid...?
Making a heatsink, any ideas?
Just a thought for anyone picking up a TRUE
Strange CPU overheating
Air Flow- Front to Back?
e800 backplate?
wireing 3 pin connector fan
Becoming the coolmaster!
Air versus water
Fan Replacement for EAH3850 video card
Need a cooling solution
120mm fan screws
Help me pick a cooler for Q6600 - OC'ing
Will I be able to overclock with this cooling?
Does the AMD Geode need a big heatsink?
i7 cooling optinos
Best HSF for under $100
Quieting fans down that will live in my case a long time I hope
Help w/ fan specs.
Core Temp Change
Watts per channel?
My Xigmatek heatsink and two tornados
Best Controller??
wiring fans
Stanley blower from Wal-Mart
This vs That
Overclocking RAM raised temps
best fans for Megahalems?
Lapping my TRUE, a picture story (56k stay far away)
Serious Enthusiast Advice Only needed for Extreme Cooling build *please*
Using Prometeia Mach 2 GT on GTX 280 VGA?
Colder liquid cooling for everyday use?
Placement of temperature sensors.
Little help please
Buy Apple Iphone 3G 16GB---$240./Htc Touch Pro 2 ---$290.
Temps high?!
Need Heatsink that wont block anything.
So, 83 degrees C is, like a bad thing right?
Need a little help!!!
About Asus Silent Knight
Core temp Variance
question relating to my next case fan
Which of these 3 fans would you buy? Noctua NF-P12, SlenX Ixtrema, Akasa Apache
Best Phenom 2 940 Cooler
How to install a radiator in a fish tank?
Reccomend a good Heatsink and Fan
best cooling solution for this situation
Motherboard and cpu heating up
Antec 900v2, i7 cooling
Is fan cooling enough?
cooling Thought expereiment...
Quad Core: Intel: Air Cooling?
Heatsink for new rig: megahalems?
Anyone some reports about this FAN?
Is Stock Enough?
SunBeam Core Contact Freezer
Phenom 8650 temps
what is the quietest 120mm fan
Not Extreme Cooling Just Regular Question CM690
Cooler Master Hyper TX2 on ECS 6100
Who Made This Heatsink
How did you set up your push/pull on your TRU-120/TRUE?
Compressed air cooling? (Active)
Budget HSF
[Gigabyte GAX38DS5 X38] - high powered fan on mobo header?
Antec 300 fan placement questions....
Dark Knight Bracket
Ac cooling
Adding 1 fan makes the difference
Scythe 120x12mm case fans
RAM heat spreaders
Stupid Customer: Cutting open heat pipes!
Recommend a heatsink for this build?
Swiftech H20-22- Apex Ultima Liquid Cooling Kit And stuff.
Socket 775 heatsink
Cooling Issues
Dark Knight / Ram clearance help needed
IFX-14 clearance
Proper case for water cooling???
Sunbeam Bolt-Through.
Yate loon medium performance, but quieter
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 120 Modification
tuniq tower vs ???????
4870 dk 1g cooler vs akasa
939 Cooling
Cant fit zalman 7500 on my mobo
Homemade cooling?
Temp problems
HELP!!! If I touched the bottom of the heatsink is this a problem?
6C difference between the cores under load
How do you start a poll?
Memory Cooling???
AMD 939 System
Ghetto Air Cooled Accelero S1 Rev. 2 (1600x1200 res warning)
The bad points of summer!!
Accelero Xtreme 4870x2
Your thoughts on this CPU cooler.
Do you recommend the Scythe Mugen 2?
Fan questions
Compatibility P4C800 mobo and TuniqTower 120
Corsair Hydro H50
Upgrading heatsink and fans, need help
WOOT!!! A new thermalright cpu cooler.
Problems mounting IFX-14 on LGA-1366
Coolmaster R4's
cou cooling website selection help
Had to do it
best 1366 air cooler
My first i7 build, so a few questions
Scythe Ninja (for 1366)
Adapter What Adapter?
Dual core temperature differences
fan controller without LEDs?
Mugen2 & HAF 932
Noise:Performance:Price 92mm fan(s)
775 Screw in coolers
OCZ Vendetta 2?
Best air cooler for q6600@ 3.6ghz
need some help mounting fans
Weird Temps and distance to tjunction max...
Cooler Master V10 upgrade kit
lga1366 vs lga775 mounting dimensions
Thermaltake SubZero4G Thermo-Electric Cooling
kind of a weird cooling question...
Average temperature of an OC'd q6700 (2.6ghz to 3.3ghz)
Conversion of Xigmatek S1283
Need a suggestion
Xigmatek Dark Knight Mounting help
Artic Cooling Freezer Pro 7
looking for a small LGA775 cooler
i7 temps (on air)
New Case Issues
oil submerged coolin case
how to mount the fan on Core-Contact Freezer ??
Silverstone Fan Controller FP52
Some cooling help Please!
Core i7 1366 cooling dilemma
what is a "good" amount of CFM's?
Heat Column & Heat Pipe Combo
Thermalright gone from Egg
GPU heatsink review site?
Thumbs-up for Scythe Mugen 2
My Non-scientific Review of 120mm Fans
my cpu is too hot
chill them bones
is this right
which air cooler
true and water
My current AirFlow? Advice Please
Help me pick a cooler
Any ideas on how to get my system running a little cooler?
GTX 275 not automatically cooling
King of air cooling?
AEROCOOL high tech 7 pro extra fans ????
Help for a Teammate
fan problem with my 5050e
What temps to expect?
worried about my temps
Computer without a case
coolit eliminator vs TRUE 120 Extreme
MSI Eclipse X58 Southbridge Cooler
Direction of CPU Fan: Aiming in case or out?
Ultra Chilltec vs TRUE 120 extreme?
Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer not good
The Joy of Air Cooling.
Have weird temp difference in readings.
chipset heatsink
mATX mobo (matx or atx case?)
Cooling PWM/Vram Heat sinks
Scythe 120x25mm SlipStream SY1225SL12SH - 110 CFM
What is up with theese temps?
Core will not cool!!!
Difference in Gainward GPU cooler
Just got an ES W3570 and i need a Cooler
How hot should a heatsink be?
Cooling for SSDs
Delta PFB 253 CFM ordered 2 and they are on thier way
Triebwerk 55mm fan from TFC.
Best CPU heatsink under $50
GoldenOrb2 help.
i7 920 air cool upgrade choices and suggestions?
Noise level in system opinion & reccomendations
Cooling AMD Phenom2 720/710 ->XIGMATEK EP-CD901
Are Lian Li cases easy to replace cpu coolers on?