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DD Maze2 water block mounting question
delta 38
Hey Hoot, try this and post your results!
Back in the saddle again and temp question
In search of some fan connectors.
My Millenium Glaciator initial results
air tight?
delta 38
Why is my cpu running hotter than before I reformatted and reinstalled?
Watercooling Problem
Copper Frenzy? - less than thrilling results with Glaciator
12 days of waiting, and now its here :)
can you help me find that original WPCREDIT post?
Variable speed fan
Peltier Calculations Anyone?
How do I cool this rig?
Cooling Problems?
2 Watercooling questions.
How many watts of heat?
What is 'sensor 1' in MBM5 on my Epox 8K7A?
thermal grease
New HSF king?
water cooling system I can buy
Do you think 510 CFM of airflow would be OK for a MIDI Tower?? *g*
hmm... the battle of the bigboys- sk6 vs glaciator
fan switch problems
Internet shops
More Glaciator data
Radiator Suggestions
how much loauder?
Radiator under case???
How reliable is Asus Probe ??
Point of deminishing returns...
When do you put the hoses on?
Installing Millenium Glaciator
what is the best way to cool off the hot side of the peltier?
help with HSF choice
Hey Hoot, I set up your Thermal probe trick!
Fan in my Moniter ???
different flow rates for different metals
51C idle and 50C load ?? dose this make any sence??
Heat questions, problems
Wondering about Arctic Silver's II strength
Wondering about Arctic Silver's II strength
Is this normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13.8volt 20-25amp power supply for pelts!!!
Wonder where I can find an office watercooler...would be great form my comp!
Geforce 2 GTS Cooling...
Millennium Glaciator Question.
memoryexpress and ordering a mc462a
it's too hot
Water cooling Air Problem
Is Watercooling really better?
Best Fan for K7 Athelon
Need some opinions, concerning orb
Is This Overclockers.com, Or Martha Stewart Living?
maze2 and hot cpu
socket A cooler for socket 7? Why not?
Got it all wrong again!
Just ordered 3 Millenium Glaciators!
Question about some fan specs.
nasty temps!!!
FOP-32 or Alpha PAL6035?
What do I do with this fan?
Aquastealth question
power supply for pelt
Can I use a Swiftech MC-464 on a PIII?
Where can I get these radiators
Another Pelt question: this time 156w vs 172w at Dangerden.
Mid tower case recommendations?
KT7A and my 1.4 AMD
what is the.....
Position and Fan for DD Cube
Plumbing question(s)
Soak cooling? Tell me what you think
cooling fans.
My case sucks!!! I have 2 choices.
Lian Li PC -68
Is the Asus Probe Reliable ???? For a split second my CPU temp JUMPED to 113 C / 230 F !!???
Preventing algae growth in open reservoir...
Are BIOS temps idle or load?
Eheim or Danner Mag Drive???
Aquacoil or DangerDen Radiator???? HELP!!!
What do you think of the Taisol CGK 742092
Need some advice on upgrading an upgrade......
172w Pelt power source amp/volt clarification???
Good Case for Water Cooling, and also Good Case for standard Air cooling
MC-462a and 80mm Delta Prob....
Goo Gone is Citrus-based...do not use on CPU or HS
Unexpected dust filter...
Cooling the coolant.
Thanks for all your input peeps
Please post full load temps of watercooled no pelt
bigger reservoir for bong tower cooling..IDEAS PLZ!!@!#!#!#
What are these bongs you speak of??
power supplies for pelt & system
air flow/pressure expert needed!
Vantec fce-5025n a good cooler?
bong cooler questions
I Ghz Thunderbird too hot
Power Supply for 172 W pelt
at 1540 mhz now. (from 1333). need suggestions to make it fly faster
Anyone know where to get a silver or cusil cold plate?
modifying a swiftech 462
Fan position on radiator
I need a slocket with 4 holes---- who's got em?
Hola amigos. Hablamos 80 mm fanos!!!
heatsink and Fan for Celeron SEPP
what is the URL for the store cooler breeze or something like that?
water-cool set up done!!!
CPUCool program using athlon forced cooling
The PSU debate, how much is enough really???
Help Athlon 900 running at 67oC With 3 fans and thermal paste
Mucho questions for the cooling gurus ("I am not worthy") from this newbie (long)
What is the best watercooling kit money can buy?
where to buy large watt peltier... where at???
Chipped PEP66 Copper Insert
Dow Corning silicone insulating question
FS/FT: BRAND NEW Danger Den Cooling Cube Radiator
Taisol CGK760092 (Copper Base) with Papst 80mm 46.5cfm, 37dBa
condensation prevention
Do I need an Exhaust Blower?
newbie dilemma
ThermoEngine TIM as good as they say?
Thermistor placement question
Heatsink Fan Distance - Please Help
GlobalWin WBK38 Noise Reduction ?
Lighter Fluid good for cleaning?
Slowing water in Watercooling Works!
Pep66 with Delta it's not enought! what u suggest me?
cpu and case
On the Best Danger Den Water-cooler. How much of a difference does a peltier make?
300mm fan
what is the best water block for your money!!!!!
coolant ideas for bong?
dragon orb
NE1 funnelled a 92mm or 120mm onto a MC462?
Cooling Putty on Heatsinks
Where would one buy di-electric grease and Dow Corning's 1-2577 Conformal Coating?
how often to you clean your heatsinks
Major cooling prollemz w/ Lian Li PC 70...
swiftech 462-a killer?
Fitting a FOP38
Could this be better than the GLaciator?
Peltier + Geforce 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still impatiently waiting for my GLACIATOR
Millenium Glaciator Initial Findings
questions on some heatsinks
is a GlobalWIN WBK38 CPU Cooler good?
Post your homemade waterblock pics!
Just a BIT warm... HeLp
The most interesting "overclock" I've ever done
Results from my WaterCooling Adventure....
Tks for all the help...
Is the Glaciator AMD approved or not?
Upgrading ye old Celeron 550 to Tbird
Glaciator price ??
Best Cheap HSF....Noise Doesn't Matter...
Chillers? Cheap freezers? How can I chill my water mix? Idea?
Who has links for silver coldplates? What about cusil?
water cooling for the first time
is a 1.2Ghz T-Bird 266 locked by default?
Whats a good temp for a A7A266 with bios1004??????
Overclocking Basics
I need case WITHOUT powersupply.
What's a good water cooling kit?
Millennium Glaciator,is anyone actually using one yet?
PLEASE, Cooling for PIII 500 (Katmai)
help... heat probs
HSF for a 1.33Ghz T-Bird
HSF for a 1.33Ghz T-Bird
Got a question on pelts
70GPH pump ?
Watter wetter at jokos
i want to know this ...
Temp rose 5c when I installed my Enermax PSU
how low can a tbird 1.33 go?
Cooling a PIII 733
How do you run a Delta38 at 7volts again?
Best athlon + MoBo for high overclocking and low price?
Do any heater cores accept 3/8" tubing?
Who was it that helped me out???
Plz, where to find spacer for Pep66?
Material For A Duct.
has NE1 tried the radiators from Cool-computers.com.
How to calculate cfm?
Need a Good Compound for Sealing my Pump/Resevior
Positive Pressure
new system. please help. thanks!
Pump flow speed
WOW, ThermalRight SK6 is DA BOMB
cooler cooling?
Heatsink Lapping
Removing heatsinks from video cards
copper waterblock + aluminum radiator how bad is it?
Question about pump resevoir
water cooling
What's the best way to clean out your watercooling system?
My nasty ho of a heater-core
HSF question
What line to put rheostat on ?
where to buy conformal coating online?
condensation protection. how toos.
Plz, how to fix a Sunon 80mm 46Cfm on a Fop32?
Dammit, why is the temp so high? Do i need thermal paste ?
Best Heatsink+Fan Combo for...
Help Plz, how to fix hsf on North Bridge?
My case mod - tell me what you think
10"X10"X10" BLOCK OF DRY ICE...
Water Cooling SUCCESS!!!
silencer or enermax psu?
removing the HSF
mag drive comments
Taisol HSF
I give...spent the money and It isn't better
First attemp at lapping HSF
Lapping The CPU Does it Really Work ? --- A Idiots View
recommend hsf for o/c duron
Duron or Athlon Owners w/ FOF38..please chime up!
asus temp
"Accurate Core Temps"
looking for 2000 grit wet dry ?
Advise Cooling TB1,2
Accurate Core Temps
Hey Hoot....
better than copper??
Should the plastic feet on a PEP-66 be filed down for..
Pressure reduces temperature - how to maximise pressure?
Cooling a GeForce 3
help with fanless cooling of Pentium 133
How do you determine how stressed you PSU is????
Lapping? or not...
Anyone have the AquaCoil radiator from Becooling?
Fan Power?
the best pelt
Whats a decent HSF thats quiet?
how to install case fan???
OCZ Gladiator great for cooling, death for shipping
4" X 4" radiator
final temps
Metal cutting carbide router bits
got question on cak 38 too? my temps still seem too high???
What the???
Danger Den waterblocks
CAK38 Global Win
looking to the future
A Question about a Tower Of Cooling aka "Nuke Water Tower Method"
gorb thought
Rheostat on Case fan(s)
Thermoengine Vs. Taisol CGK760092 (copper base)
How cool can you go .... Heat is evil
Looking for QUIET fan...
Another use for the golden orb
system temp monitors
24-7 and Bong Coolers?
Precipitation Cooling Tower
New delta focused flow fans
So high temps can make windows crash? is this true?
anyone ever seen or used these pumps
MilleniumsGlaciator&Swiftech 426 A
Delta FFB Series Screamers 60x60x38 !
Waterblock Roundup
Millennium Glaciator
My experiences
plz recommend cooling for IWillk266 AMD 1Ghz Athlon 266
Is a volcanoII good enough for a gig with out overclocking?
CAK38 owners, right this way ------->
Okay, what watercooling kit 2 get?
Suggestions / Opinions ?
Turnaround time for a Millenium Glaciator?
Another way out there cooling idea. But might work?
Call me crazy but will this work? A Global win cak38 with no fan?
Should be required reading
linux monitor info need help
Please share 80mm CPU fan funnelling experiences
Just got a new heatsink/fan combo. need help on installing it
Peltier Cooling system
Premium Silicone Tubing
Case Fans
What is the best performing QUIET $50 pump?
Comments on Watercooling setup
Noisecontrol Silverado?
Cooling P3V4X clock gen
Is my Chip slowly frying
Is my Chip slowly frying
Best fan for an 80 or 92mm fan adaptor?
Budget cooling!!!
How loud is Global Win FOP-38 ?
Millenium Glaciator. . . .
Average temperatures...respond!
questions about thermal grease
water cool temps high!!!
Cooling temps of mine. Are they any good?
Will FC-PAL35 crush AMD cpu?
Sticky Tack=Thermal Grease?
Thermoengine 6800RPM question?
Inwin a-500 atx cooling, whats the secret
Newbie, help!!! cooling problems I think
Making my water block today :)
Orb bashers plz read
What are your temps with Pelts with watercooling?
Experience with Plumber's Goop anyone?
Need new fan for Fop32
water pumps
what is best fans for....
Fan setup
voltage-regulation for CPU-cooler
water pumps?
Cooling Question
A tower in water
17v to a peltier
Mounting a golden orb on a celeron
need help with maze-2
Turning an orb into a water jacket?
Water Cooling with high temps need help!!
Keeping the water clean...
Where to start?
5 Delta 80mm 2 Sunon 120mm 43c WTF???
Best Hs/f Combo, buying 1.33ghz TBIRD Next weekend. Thanx alot guys!
Water cooling setup
Any Chemists out there??
Pelierizing a PIII
HSF install
Big HSFs - Are you afraid to move your PC?
swiftech MC370 fan question.
where do i find good peltier cooling systems?
Water wetter
Anybody have a Sicce Nova pump?
Oh yea ---- With the cold plate action- Copper or silver? Cusil is not an option-
about power.
How safe is water cooling?
time to get a new hsf
What pump do you use?
Radiator or Water tower
Slot 1 suggestions?
best hsf for.....
what is a good cooling fan for the pentium 4???
Getting the DAMN stock HSF off!
Efficient pumping for gravitational water cooling
how to get the sticker off
need cooling tips
FOP 80mm hack reliability question
Plans to funnel out of here. Need advice on heat sink
RADIAL FANS! 81 cfm at about 37 dba
RADIAL FANS! 81 cfm at about 37 dba
Does the swiftech cooler really suck this bad?
Rheostat on a Peltier ????
oh fec
172 Watt Peltier Amperages?
Which temp is correct?
Removing sticky residue from processor core?
Registry question
The wonderful world of HSF
Fan Polishing?? For real? anyone tried it?
Fan Adapter on PEP66
maxijet pumps
Just a thought I had
Vacuum sealing the mobo?
water cooling question..
A good quiet fan for the thermoengine
Has anyone tried stacking two delta fans on one heatsink?
Cooling Fan dusted up
AC2 and old proxy
Cohesive Air Cooling
N2 cooling -would this work
ME hotter than 2000
Delta and Sanyo Denki Fan Question...
help, what bx cooler
*PING* Kyten j/k (off topic)
OH Sh!t !
Corrosion of metal
this enlight EN-7237 case look good for cheap cooling?
I need help...Please!
PIII 750 System Reporting 77C
1.2 @ 1.4ish 156w pelt do the job?
Case fan voltage mod
Mysters 3rd sensor on KT7
Starting up my watercooling setup
Enermax 350w Whipser, what temp does 2nd fan kick in?
Equation to figure out how many watts a CPU is putting out.
Need a fan to replace noisy Delta 38
temperature probes
What does it take to add bigger fan to a CAK38?
Fan Question
Lapping and AS2 - not good for me
Fan Question?????????????
Flashing BIOS changed my temp?!?!?
Anyone know the exact percentages of CuSil?
closed system fill line
Wowzers 10 C difference !!!
Water cooling
artic silver worth it???
Help me find thread about radial fan
How do I monitor temps, for my cpu?
Orbs Rule
Dual tec cooling, But with different wattages?
Advice needed on 12mm fans.
Video card COOLING question.
Puting my Gorb to good use
Copper tubing
Has anyone ever tried this?
Paycheck coming, H2O system coming!
Ok so I want cheep water cooling
This company makes a centerfical fan (like Short was talking about) for mounting on a 60mm
What is the best heatsink/fan combo?
How to apply Arctic Silver2
How to apply Arctic Silver2
CPU temp variation during load
Need help wiring old AT psu to ATX psu
Using a 80mm Fan on 60mm Heat Sink
Socket 370/A coolers?
Completely lexan case
chipset cooling on A7V
good server case
What an Awesome find!!
Where should I be shopping online for a good TBird HSF??
Piggy back Deltas on a thermo engine. Interesting results!!!
power supply problem
Radiator placement in tower case.
were can i get 7 good preforming copper waterblocks??
Golden Orb Modifications
slot 1 hs/f for p3
Super Orb vs. FOP
Thinkin about a Volcano II...
Does Enermax 350w decrease case temps?
Open Case=Cooling Solution?
finned vid ram
a good suggestion for overall better sys. stability
Tell me if this would work...
HEAT problem...
New Delta
Looking for a pump
CPU Cooler
Location and calibration of motherboard temperature sensors...
mc 462-a & asus a7a 266......grrrrrrr
Watercooling Mixture
open or closed case
Sub zero CPU
Delta Fans...
see if you can beat my pentium111 800EB processor statisics......
BH6 mobo question.
Adjustable fans
pelt question
water cooling
is the swiftech
Fop 38 heat problem
Hole's in a waterblock...
120x38mm Y.S. TECH
sorry all
Newbie temp questions...
Heat Sink Roundup @ OcUK
blue orb retention clips
Is epoxy a good sealant for a water block?
Dryer sheet filter frame.
Swiftech MC462-A AUSU P4T MOB
120mm over Expansion Slots
Who uses WPCREDIT for idle temp decrease??
cooling MBO chip
Question for Timmęy!
need a good waterpump
swiftech MC370 question.. (where to find the copper HS)
What waterblock to get
putin' golden orb on GeForce2 MX HOW??
Global Win fop32-1 vs Copper Orb
Lazer Cut Fan Covers
Water cooling order
water cooled tubing rated ?
Delta Fan FFB0612SHE 60x60x38mm 45cfm anyone tried this yet?
Alpha on a Be6-2?
Adapting 3-pin connectors to 12V?!
could you...
GlobalWin or Alpha.....?
Does anyone use this God looking fan??