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what is lapping?
Has anyone tried this
What did I do wrong?
Where is the cheapest place to get Artic Silver II thermal grease?
Newbie alert: What do I need to cool 1.33/266 AMD system?
Perfect 120mm template for a fan hole
Hot in CA today
Highest temps?
Thanks Joe,,I love this site !!
colored water for water cooling
something to think about for watercoolers read pls :)
Fan Questions
Looking for some input before starting Watercooling Project
Alpha goop w/heatsink VS AS? Anyone test this?
BIOS vs Asus Probe (special appearance by MBM4)
Cooling like a pro, can we do it too?
Alpha pep66t v2 on P3V4X
Water Cooling-Cooling water Outside the Case
Chilling water?
is 75 c too hot?
Positive or negative case pressure....
Why is it so...
I've heard mixed reviews on the fop38 and the wbk38. I need to know the bottom line. WHICH IS BE
Idle & load temps
WBK38 on Cel2?
Pictures of a self-contained mid-tower H2O setup.
Whats the best Heatsink for a 1ghz T-Bird that will fit a Abit KT7A Raid?
What's With Water Wetter?
Pumps in Canada ?
Sunon or Panaflo?
Air cooling a TEC
does a PEP66 fit on anAbit kt7a?
whick water cooler?
Im thinking of water cooling
Socket A and Socket 370
Overclocks hideout says not to buy from them, go to Danger Den instead.
WTB video and chipset water blocks
AS-II Issuses/Questions
H2o + peltier= supercool? I hope!!!
condensation bad....
Taisol copper hsf
Alpha or copper coolers for video cards ? looking for a top heatsink for card
Looking For quiet 50mm Fans
Need some ideas about cooling my ultimate video card!!!
I broke a socket A tab !!! Now what ?? ?? ??
Is there a way i can do a water cooling review for overclockers.com
Factory Air Holes in Cases - Cover or leave Open ?
hsf for a Celeron 600?
Copper coils...
Prime 95 problem
Some trivia on Heavy Water.
How much air in and out?
Summer Arrives. Alarm goes off
Thermaltake DUO462-3 Super-orb
How much Antifreeze?
tempurature probe
Vapor Chambers, next generation of heat sinks?
Wheres the best place to buy pumps ?.....Beckett, Eheim, Rio...etc.....
85 watt pelt ?
Growling sound from my Rio 400 pump ????
My 1Ghz OC results
water cooling. You need a pelt!!!!
Using Nitrous Oxide as coolant?
To suck or blow?
Heater core users...
Best Socket A HSF
Slot type p3 cpu cooling question.
Peltier Powering
how can i lower tempature without new fans, heatsinks
advice on ocing s1
Noise Control Silverado
Case Vents
Lapping Questions
Cheap Cooln
Arctic Silver 2
Water Wetter?
How to cool w/ nitro, possible mutiplier prob.
Pent III 733 @ 825 oc'd questions
what thing hold me back??
water coolers
damn temps
Would it be OK to Make a Duct From my......
Water cooling with AquaStealth II kits
Alpha P3125 Questions
Anyone have the Koolance Case?
Acryllic waterblock hold down
hold on just had a thought
For Sale: Mini-heatsinks...
Cooling the Water or Antifreeze.
Slot 1 Stealth cooling.
MBM readings
Chip Set water blocks, What holds them on?
I love this
Opinions on Alpha PAL6035
Techs over 156w
Single or Dual PSU's to run Peltiers!
Copper Cold Plate?
Hold me CLOSE I'm a FAN???
Slot1 Cooler ?
HELP Hot 1GHZ thunderbird!
Kit has been ordered!
Here's an experiment I'm going to try...
So whats this kit missing?
Direction of air flow for case fan
No TEChs t Danger Den Were can I find them?
any article relate to vapor chiller or water chiller??
Question about heat
and I thought my temps were too good to be true
Complete Water Kit Wanted
And here's one for the Peltier experts....
Here's one for the cooler experts...
best cooler for ss7?
pentium II in the buff
what is a good heating core a/c cooler or tranny cooler
which PSU suit which peltier??
Where can i get a Global Win WBK38 with a YS Tech 26 cfm fan
How loud is the Delta 60mm 30CFM?
What is the best way to remove the sticker compound that comes with most HSF?
koolance water cooling
cooling a 1.2 T-bird
Hey Fiz, how's the wbk38 ???
How to remove a P/// hsf, with a case screw
first things first!
Some pretty on-die water cooling, suggestions?
Removing HSFs...
Witch fan is best around now ?
Ummm, UUhh Ohhh...
Idle cputemp very cold.
How hot is too hot?
standing up or lying down?
I have been conviced!
Need help getting my peltier to work better!
Alternative fan.......beside delta 38CMF fan!!!
Watercooling Experts Please Read!
Cube Coolers Vs Flat Coolers
How much temp drop from water cooling if any?
How much temp drop from water cooling if any?
I need some opinions about coolers.
To Insulate Or Not to Insulate?
water coolin' video
Does This thermalengine w/ this fan look good?
Can I stop Lapping now?
ALPHA 6035 Installation HELP!!!!
Peltier Sandwiched between a golden orb safe?
Why so much cooling?
Normal operating temps???? Please advise...
AMD 900 and an open case
Upset, plz help...
Is the Swiftech MC-371 worth it?
Dumb Question but......
Oxidation on block
Now thats COOL (brrrr)
So what do you guys think?
Another reason not to buy a Chrome Orb
So many Socket A coolers. Which one ?
I storm
Alternate location of radiator...
Has anyone heard of, seen or tried a finned water block?
Size of Water pump needed
123W Peltier help needed
Alpha P7125
My system is freakin loud!!! (for me at least)
Aluminun water block or copper water block?
Water Pressures and Tubing?
Help I need a translator
PEP, FOP, PAL, Thermoengine??????????
globalwin wbk-38 ??
First Time Peltier
Condensation proofing
is there cheap watercooling out there?
can some 1 pls help me find a place for peltiers...
where can i find
OK can some water cooling ppl help me
AMD Motherboard Spec Question.....
water cooling...seems a bit high still?
Has anyone heard of these?
Fan speed regulation....options?
First Watercooling Attempt
Non specific cooling question...
Artic silver corroding?
Where can I find a peltier?
Volcano II or Alpha PAL6035?
Does voltage matter?
Watercooling Help!
P3 temps with a PEP 66t
air cooling with peltier...
bubbles and pressure in water cooled system
Your take on ThermoEngine by Thermosonic...
Canadian Retailers ????
does the alphapep66 w/ delta 38cfm fan fit the asus av7133. . .?
air cooling with peltier...
a quick survey
Fan Placement/Direction
The best cooling for a 1.2 or 1.3 athlon with 266 fsb in a DDR mobo???
Watercooling Idea!
First half of the watercooling setup
cpu shims. . .necessary? worth having? or what?
was going to go w/ swiftech 462-2(i think thats it), but is expensive as balls and a bitch to instal
HSF mod
Need to know a good Northbridge cooler.
My new water cooling system
My new water cooled setup
Home made chiller....
Electronics parts stores?
VOS32 on Socket A?
Too big a pump
where in australia????
Overclocking Questions
Alpha 6035 + PEP what the difference?
Quick question: ALPHA PEP66t...suck or blow?
GF2 Ultra Problem
Mountain Dew supercooling?
What do you think?
Backside cooling of Slot A Athlon
Hi or Low?
Does the Blue Orb fit onto the chipset of the Iwill kk266r or the Asus A7V133?
hey are my temps to high??
how loud?!?
what fan?
Chiller for watercooling/pelt size
Good Case
Here are some pics of my H2O cooler if anyone interested.
Voodoo5 . . . I think this is going to hurt
dust filters
C2 Temps with Alpha PEP66U Sanyo-Denki
I wanna modify my FOP 38...any suggestions?
Well, I just ordered my DangerDen Maze2 Block...
Thermal GreasEness
leufkens copper shim
APB for Panaflo fans
1.2 266 tbird temps
PEP 66 with 2 60mm fans
Any rave reviews on the I storm 2 HDD cooler???
Quiet 120mm fan
Cooling interfaces
fop38 tightness
Water Cooling?
Anyone heard of a Hedgehog238M?
Where can I buy Liquid Nitrogen?
Question about a mixed product (this is plain messed)
dangerden waterblocks
globalwin fop 38
waterblock: swiftech or becooling
Heater Cores or Transmissions coolers?
bleed/tubing issue
shaft drive vs mag
Can you HANDLE the peltier??
Thermosonic Thermoengine
(Prompted by VIA C3 Article) Would *you* run a CPU without a heatsink?
Enermax 365, Not cooling well. [Comments requested]
Load temp increase from 41 to 44 and FOP32-1 gained 300rpm? What gives?
odd GORB clip
fan change from 60mm to 80mm
Home Made Exhaust System
CPU Temp program?
powering a 172 watt peltier
Here's a thought about fans....
What is this stuff in my water?
Can I overclock my comp?
Where in Oz can I buy a descent Heatsink?
Alpha PAL6035 fan pushing air down or pulling it out?
Loud Fans ! Instant noise reduction.
Loud Fans ! Instant noise reduction.
Ducting idea
alternative to water!
Best way to cool a Duron/Tbird 850+ Oced
What radiator?
Variable speed fans
Watercooling gear for sale!
Copper Grease???
Swiftech 462A and my high temps
Help w/ Case Cooling
chiller help needed
WBK38 how do u get rpm to monitor with the 3 to 4 pin adapter
This fan is driving me insane...please help before I kill a helpless rodent!!
Cant seem to get answer i'm looking for !!!!!
Amd 1200C idle/full load temps to high!
volcano 2
Please anyone!!! InwinA500+KT7A+Enermax=MUCHPAIN
copper vs aluminum water block
Temp Problems w/ Watercooling an AXIA
Best setup to get 0-10c under full load?
3 fans
What water pump should I use?
Whats the best HSF now??? For a duron with extremely high o/c!
Blue orb - any good?
overclocking implications
My trials and tribulations w/ the MC462...
Windows Stability + Overclock, heat related?
Pls i need help w/water cooling
156 watt peltier???
Does this seem right??
What good is this WBK 38???
For Lian-Li PC60 owners...
Lapping question...
Thermal grease drying up?
Need advice on pelt
Fan to go to the molex connector on the MoBo or not?
post ya asus mb temps here
post ya asus motherboard temps here
asus owners post ya temps<<<<<<
Quiet? cooling
Let's make some noise!!! FOP-32 v. FOP-38 or WBK-38
Gorb broke S7 tab
Problems in OC my 1.33 T-bird....
FOP38 HELP!!!~!!!
goes in one ear and out the other... but more in or more out?
does this sound right?
My FINAL setup almost ready to order i just need a few okays
Hate to sound stupid but, what are peltiers and what do they do.
240v 0r 12v which do you prefer?
My homemade watercooling setup is complete!
Koolance Case
Thermal compund question.
whats the purpose of all this extreme cooling crap?
Warm fans
MBM Where to Download?
Best Peltier?
need help!!!
Just wondering...
How do I check my cpu temp!??!!?!
8000rpm 60mm delta fan
Does heatsink temp mean CPU is cooling?
better cooling method
Can anyone recommend a good cooled case?
Were do i find the fan?
Temperature probe - how to?
How much air temp difference???
bleed kits
Has any one tryed making their own heat sink
This is probably my finalized water cooling plan
too much cooling??
I got a good idea!
Slot A water blocks
Question on Celery2 cooling
PIII Xeon 550Mhz, can it be colled any differently? (Newbie nedz help)
used Artic II, but only see 1C improvement over regular toothpaste =P
Im just about to finish configuring my water cooling sys and was wondering
Thermal Grease or....?
Please help this rookie
Still got high temps even with the alpha and artic silver (WARNING!!!LONG) :)
Warm weather problems
How big does a resivor have to be??
cpu temp
All you water cooler experts and non experts read pls...
what change in temps did you get switching over to Arctic Silver II?
one more crazy idea
Sleeve Bearing
Copper Block, Aluminum Radiator, How much trouble am I in.
Copper Block, Aluminum Radiator, How much trouble am I in.
1.33Ghz Tbird... too hot to handle?
Correct temp readings on an IWILL KK266 and MBM 5??
? about MC 462 installation..
Coolers That Use the 4 Clips On the Corner Of Zif Socket
Duron 750 temp
Water cooling- where to get best waterjacket & radiator for the money
Delta Fans For Sale
Here is my clockgen mod
Which one is better, The Core, or the Globalwin WBK?
Picked up this chipset cooler..
Please help...Very Hot!
air pressure
What setup is best for me???
One chuffed little monkey
Has anyone tried making a cooling rig from a refrigerator?
Question about Rheostat resistance rating.
How does this fan setup sound?
copper shim
ArticSilver2 Versus Alpha and Oil
Which Fan?
using epoxy?
MBM 5: Zero degress??
Fan position on a PAL6035
I got 3oC
Whats best fan to get for a 1.1 Ghz Thunderbird I want to overclock
Anyone know where to find noisecontrol Silverado?
GW 32 blowing or sucking?
First time watercooling: Playing with Leufkens Watercooling rigg
where can i buy a fop 38 clip
what would you guys say about DP5-6H11 coolermaster?
Don't let those motherboard thermister temps fool you!
Geforce 2 sandwich cooler
Modding Intel (Celly) Retail HSF to fit 486...
Does this seem high for water cooling?
Cooling a Duron 750
Whats the best socket a cooler?
86w TEC
Hacked WBK38 performing worse than Hacked FOP38?
3 to 4 pin connector?
Duron and cooler
Cooling an AMD 1.2 GHZ cpu
fan rpm question
need Danger Den's number
major heat problems w/ 1.2 athlon
RPM on fan
hmm.....3 grams of Artic Silver II doing 20-30 CPU's? since when?
So where and what kind.....
How many of you are running Copper Shims between HSF and CPU
Damn this WBK38
Lapping my Volcano II
Has anyone tested the ThermoEngine w/7000rpm fan?
Celeron 766 @ 100 MHz FSB
My Cooling sucks with my WBK38
Which Cooler Is better?
Are these temps OKAY????
my first watercooled rig....
Update on my watercooling...
Super Orb. Praises/Horror Stories?
looking for a little guidance.....
What do you think about Aquacool sys ?
does anyone know where i can get a Taisol hsf here in oz?
looking for top of line water block price does not matter its for a tbird
Getting CPU Tomorrow AND....!! I need alittle Help
Good heatsink & fan for a fast Tbird
Please recommend further material on temp sensory solutions,...
power issues with t-bird w/c setup
my understanding the FOP32 is a great cooler right?
is this true about amd and pelts?
Program to shut down computer if cpu temp too high
Has anyone tried submerging the system in LN2???
Program to shut down computer if cpu temp too high
What Do you guys think of this HSF TAISOL CGK742092 Forged Heatsink?
chipset fan
cooling north bridge chip
i just bought an AMD 900 Asus A7vV 133 and my temp is going nuts!!!
Cooling tip for Iwill KK266 from quadcity at Amdmb.com
o/s temps
Whats the best hsf for the buck
Hey , hey - thermoengine - Ima believer!
Heatsink to waterblock?
too heavy?
Is there such a thing as TOO COLD?!?
Ckeck out my new case pics!!! hehehe
CPU Temp (new to overclocking)
Where to get TURBO-PLL??? :)))
Will I need a shovel?? I have 2 172watts pelters and new kit coming....
SuperOrb removal
I Blew The Lapp?
3- Sunon 120mm - 108cfm fans cheap
Sealing up my s370 adapter for peltier cooling...
just me?
Water Wetter works
Do any of y'all use the MC 462? I ordered one yesterday...
New Thermoengine?
Abit fan connections
urgent peltier question, especially for those with Alpha PAL6035
urgent peltier question, especially for those with Alpha PAL6035
a question on cooling read please
Pics of my system
watercooling...my first time! be easy on me!
CPU cooling programs ?
FOP38 Question
Blue orb??
Temps through the roof!
Sealing peltiers
here is a trick to remove the super orb!
'THE' Best FCPGA Cooler...
digitaldoc 5
Help me please
-10 C and it sounds like a train...
Easy way to cut holes for fans
Looking for water cooling kit for Slot 1
Overpressure question
Does anyone have a blowhole at the top?
relay question
What is needed for a high/low temperature tolerant PC
Where can I get a dimmer for my case fans?
HELP - need radiator loan for "rating" article
What is a good cooler for this system?
Best solution to cool a case?
Rheostat: how many Ohms for mulitple fans?
1.33Ghz running HOT!!!
Quiet 120mm fan