Overclockers Forums
AMD 3000+ skt.939 & 2800+ skt. 754
WD Raptors 74G/16mb/10,000
Mushkin 2Gb (2x1Gb) DDR2800 set
FS/T Rads, Blocks & Fans
FS: 2x1GB Buffalo Firestix PC2-6400 800MHz kit
FS: G-Skill F2-6400 2x1GB Ram
FS: 2x1GB G.Skill HZ PC4000 DDR
Alot of watercooling goodies
FS:4 gig DDR2 Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-6400 NIB
1900xt w/ AC Accelero X2
D5, 120.3 BIP, maze4's, tdx, fan controler, fans, random tubing, clams, etc
X1800XT 512MB PCIE
FS: Apple PowerBook G4 1.5ghz 1GB
Selling my baby! Look at her goods!
Need a backplate the 939 heatsink mount! A8nSLI DLX
FS: Pentium 4's - cheap
FS: Hyundia 19" Q90U
FS: Ultra-120, Zalman CNPS 9500, Delta She Fan
FS: New Hauppauge 1033 WinTV-GO-Plus TV Tuner
FS: Mobo,cpu,ram combo
Toshiba 6100 - will not post
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard w/ WiFi - Almost all accessories - Used
300W enermax psu
A reset switch for my Abit P35
Asus A8V-E deluxe socket939 NEW.
F/S D-Link DGL-4100 Router
F/S Samsung 204B Black Monitor
FS: Grado SR60 w/ hd414 pads
Ancalime's need $ for xmas sale; Balli Tracers, TI-83, DS Lite, 1gb flashdrive
eVGA 680i; perfect condition; 3 months old; all original hardware
FSFT: 750GB Seagate 7200.10, Logitech G9, Asus 8600GT
Samsung 225BW 22" LCD
Corsair VX-450 PSU
MCR320 w fans and Scythe Ninja
WTB: Nintendo Wii
Cheap dry ice tube
4x512MB DDR2-667
Xbox 360 Premium w/ HD-DVD drive + extras
XFX 7950GT 512MB DDR3 HDCP ExTreme
Thermaltake Toughpower Series 750w MODULAR CWT *details included* low price
laptop memory
2.5 laptop hd's
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610watt EPS12V
Linksys BEFSR41 & D-link DI-524 routers
WTB: MP3 player
Abit IP-35 Pro and an E4300
Several SATA Hard Drives
FS: EVGA 8800GT SC version
WRT54G v3, WGT624 v2, DIR-615 rev A1
Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H and AM2 X2 4000+
FS: Two 400gb Seagate & 320gb WD
[NEW] Sony PSP Slim Piano Black w/ CFW 3.71 m33, Used PSP Fat, 4gb Nano Video, 360
80 gig raptor
Cleaning out room sale...
FS: Hard drives - New 400 GB and few others
Multiple PATA Drives
Audigy2 ZS
FS: Duniek Dry ice tube
FS: Logitech G5
FS: Sapphire HD 2900 XT with New Black Box Games $199 shipped
Thermalright V1-Ultra Graphics card cooler | Installed once! All original parts!
Brisbane 3600+ $40.
D-LINK DGL-4300 wireless router
FS: Pin Modded Intel CPU's: Core 2 Duo E6320 & E4400
WTB: CPU+Mobo+Gfx+Ram Combo
NES Consoles, Controllers and Game Bundles
1GB (2x512MB) Corsair XMS2 CM2512A-6400 5-5-5-12
3.2GHz P4 & Intel D875PBZ Mobo - $100ea. Shipped
AGP Sapphire X800Pro - $85 Shipped
2x1GB Supertalent DDR2-667 does 800
HIS x1900xt 512mb w/ vf900
FS: Red Logitech MOMO Force wheel and pedals
FS: Two Seventeam 1200W PSUs
F/S P4 2.4/512/533 and a 3.06 Celeron PART SOLD
FS: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
My big sale
G-skill 2x1gb, pc2700, ddr2
512mb PC4200 Laptop Memory
ECS 671T-M Motherboard - Supports Core 2 Duo BRAND NEW! - $35 Shipped!
FS- G.Skill PC6400 HZ's 2x1GB
FS: Seagate 7200.10 500GB IDE Hard Drive
WTB: 512mb laptop pc133
WinTV (Hauppauge) NTSC Tuner; PCI; 61111 REV B526
Belkin Nostromo n52 Gaming Pad
GF4 and GF3 ti 200
Old School AGP Stuff PART SOLD
**Wanted** CPU/MB on the cheap
Video Camcorder with lots of extras
Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi/AP + P4 3.4Ghz Cpu PART SOLD
E6600 Core 2 Duo 3.0-3.6ghz
6800 ultra agp for sale
E6550 & ECS 671T-M (V 1.0)
FS: Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Ver 1.0
Socket 939 cpus.
Lian Li PC-60
Scythe Ninja
Intel q6600 G0
Corsair Dominator 2x1gb 800mhz set
DDR2 FOR SALE Ballistx/ Ballistix Tracers
Q6600 (G0) For Sale!!!
2x256Mb Corsair Twinx CMX256A-3200LLPT
wanted: Zalman CNPS8700 and ZM-NBF 47
FS: Full System
Brand New Linksys WRT 330N Wireless N Router
Intel 3945ABG Wireless Mini PCI-E card FRU: 42T0853
PCIE - eVGA 6800GT 256MB /w AC Silencer
ASUS Z71V w/ Dothan 780
2900 PRO flashed to XT 1 GB GDDR 4
Sony Reader
47" 1080P westinghouse lcd $1k
IBM Xseries 232 Servers (1xP3 1.26ghz) Dual Proc Capable
FS: Modded xbox
s478 CPU/mobo + DDR + AGP + cooling
Core 2 Duo E6300
PCPower&Cooling (original) 1KW used only 4-mos
2gb ballistix pc6400 2 sets available
FS: Toshiba HD-A3 w/ 5 Free Movies
FS -2gb Crucial Ballistix ddr500 z503
FS - Opteron 180 boxed + 2gb Crucial Ballistix ddr500
WTB wired 360 controller, wireless 360 headset, and 360 VGA cable FAST!
Buttkicker Gamer | As close to new as you can get
OCZ Powerstream 600w SLI
2x E6600 & motherboard
FS: Foxconn P-8EKRS2 Intel board
P4 3.0 Prescott
u120 w/ Panflo 110+ CFM fan
2x512Mb DDR2 for laptop
Viewsonic VX922 LCD Monitor
1000w Coolermaster Real Power Pro
LSI SAS card, 2x36Gb 15k SAS & 2x73Gb 15k SAS
EVGA 8800Ultra, MSI 8800GT, Xfi XtremeGamer
EVGA 680i A1 & Asrock 4Core DualVSTA
WTB: PCI-E card for $50 shipped
Intel E6400 2mb cache
2 Apple G4 Confusers.
FS: GameCube System (ModChipped)
Cheap beginners tablet?
FS: Gigabyte GA-P965-DS3
MCR-120 QP 120mm Radiator + Reservoir
Seasonic S12 600W!!
FS: WD 74Gb Raptor (16Mb Cache)
FS: WD 74Gb Raptor (16Mb Cache)
gameboy advanced w/games, Game controller, Racing wheel, wireless exten
Seagate ST39103LC Cheetah 9.1GB SCSI 10000RPM
Panasonic Toughbook CF-48 (FOR PARTS)
Opty 175 FS
Scythe Ninja CPU cooler
FS: E6850 w/ Retail Box G0 Stepping
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 939 TOLEDO Dual-Core
Biostar 200N SFF
FS: Sanyo -OSCON Conductive Polymer capacitors
FS- Opteron 170 64bit
MSI 8800 Ultra OC + HR03 Plus Cooler + Vantec Slot Cooler
FS: Sapphire HD 2900 Pro Flashed into 2900XT
Antech performance 400w
P4 2.53 533fsb SL6D8
Complete watercooling setup (custom case)
F/S 500watt Fortron Blue Storm II
Yamaha DTXP3U Drum Trigger Module
Carpet Covered Computer for Sale
2x512 coursair XMS, 80gb hatachi SATA
9600xt and turtle beach soundcard PART SOLD
2.8 Northwood PART SOLD
FS: Antec Earthwatts 500W 80% +
3700+ A64
X1950 Pro Avivo AGP 512MB
FS - Coolermaster HTPC and Gigabyte mid-tower cases
2 x eVGA 7900 GTO's
D-Link PCI Wireless adapters
7900GTX 512MB With zalman
FS: Retail AMD Opteron 165 (64bit) Dual Core, NEW, SEALED
FS:Unlocked QTEK 8500 Smartphone
X1900XT 512M PCI-E
FS: Antec 900 Desktop Case
FS: HP iPaq HX4700, Microsoft Zune, Nintendo DS, Notebook RAM & HDDs
Thermaltake TR2 430w psu SEALED!
FS: teamgroup ddr3 pc1800
fs: asus p5k3 deluxe
Fans, HD cages, window pannels & misc.
F/S: Mobo/CPU Combos
WTT: My gaming laptop for a gaming desktop
OCZ DDR2 2x 2gig sets pc7200 and pc8500
C2D X6800 , E6850, and AMD 1.4TBird PART SOLD
Hitachi Deskstar 80GB IDE
Zogis 6800xt 256mb AGP8x
Athlon 2500+ & Via AGP Motherboard
FS: e6750 3.64GHZ system
DTek White-Water, 1/2" Barbs, Universal Mounting
FS: p4 631 and celeron d 325j
Seagate 500gb SATA drive $99 shipped
Mushkin Redline DDR400/500 Winbond IC
FS: Dell Inspiron E1705 (setup for gaming)
Orion HCCA 1200w 10" sub
WD 74GB Raptor
Asus P5K Premium
lian li v1000b
FS: Brand new sealed never opened 2 x 1 GB G Skill ZX DDR400
FREE Black Ice series 1/2" OD push in fittings!
FS: 2 x 1GB GSkill PC4000 HZ
Naked Opteron165 CCBBE 0610 + DFi Lanparty SLi-DR
Logictech Trackman Wheel Optical, hardly used
Older processors: slocket 370-slot1, 950mhz celeron, 1ghz p3, PART SOLD
Linksys Wireless-B 802.11b USB adapter
FS: Zalman Reserator XT
no watercooling for my kids...
Almost New Watercooling Parts
2x bricked WRT54G
laptop hard drives
8-pin EPS12v Extension cable
Dell E1505 Laptop
FS B/O: LGA775 eMachines mobo, P4 631, etc
Free to a good home..
X1900XT for sale
WTB: Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 MCE
FS: WD 74Gb Raptor (16Mb Cache)
FS: Loaded gaming Dell i9400/E1705 laptop w/XPS backpack
FS: eVGA 8600GTS 512MB
notebook to desktop ide adapter
Pioneer AVIC-D3 double DIN head unit w/NAV
FS: Corsair HX-520 Watt Modular PSU *BRAND NEW*
FS: DFI LanParty UT nf4 Ultra-D
Nintendo DS Lite
FS: Used Unlocked Nokia N95 Cell Phone (1GB MicroSD, Car Charger, Blutooh Headset)
SCSI cable and 2 SCSI adapters
anyone have a cheap 2.5" notebook hd?
FS: X2 3800+
FS: P5b Deluxe
2GB (2x1GB) XMS DDR2 pc8500
FS: Corsair Hx-520 watt Modular PSU
EVGA GeForce 8600GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI
FS: Swiftech Watercooling Equipment
FS: Asus P5W-DH Retail Box
FS: Sapphire HD 2900XT 512Meg Retail Box w/ Black Box
Swiftech MRC120 single 120mm fan radiators
AMD Athlon 64 Venice 3000+ Socket 939
DDR Corsair XMS PC3200 400MHz 1GB (2x 512mb) Dual Channel
WTB DDR1 2GB (2x 1GB)
FS: 2 512MB Corsair SO-DIMM 400MHz
FS: Notebook/Mini-PCI 802.11G Intel Pro Wireless Card
FS: Radeon X800XT PE AGP
FS: NIB KINGWIN JT-35E-BK 3.5" eSATA enclosure
Core2 E6600 w/ stock heatsink
Arctic Cooling fans
WTS eVGA 7800gt
X1900XT for sale
FS: Core 2 Duo E6600
The I just upgraded sale
FS: (2) PCI-E 256MB 6800 Cards
HR-05-SLI and XP-120!
NIB - Bunch of Logitech stuff I won at the D&H Fall Tech Show....
FS: Swiftech h20-120 Water Cooling Kit
NIB Wii's $320 shipped
2Gig Gskill PC 4000 ddr1
Rosewill 400W PSU
7800GT; PCI-E; TR V1-Ultra | Fresh from RMA
Swiftech (Vanilla)Apogee Water Block w/ 3/8" barbs
AMD Opteron 165 CCBBE & DFI NF4 SLI Expert!
FS: 2x Opteron 2214, Asus L1N64-SLi WS
FS: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0GHz & E6750 2.66GHz
Fortron Bluestorm AX500-A and Antec Smartpower SL400
WTB Cheap Sythe Ninja AM2 Retention
Iphone Skin!
Laptop Memory: 2 x 256mb PC2700 ram
Lots of Ipod Accesories!
DFI Infinity P965S
NIB red blackberry pearl t-mobile
FS: Lapped Intel Quad Qx6700 OEM
OCZ GameXstream 600W PSU
FS: Modded PS2
FS: Intel PERL 865 - skt 478 2.8Ghz - 512M DDR
FS:Adaptec 29160LP/HDD/Misc. memory
Piranha E-Force SRT Paintball Gun
Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Case.... Cheap!
FS: Complete Skt 939 Rig + 20" LCD Screen!
e6600 L629F Lapped
Selling it all.
FS: Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS Notebook Ed.
Parting out my System Sale
NIB HP DV6000T + Fujitsu ST5032D Tablet
Flash drive + 60gb external
2gb (2x1gb) Gskill pc4000 ddr1
Memory chips for sale, SD-Ram, DDR, DDR2
AMD Socket A CPUs - Duron 750Mhz, 850Mhz, 950Mhz, 1100Mhz, Athlon XP 2200+ PART SOLD
5.25 + 3.5 + SD/MMC etc.
FS: EVGA 8800GTX w/ Thermalright HR-03 Plus and Scythe SFLEX E
FS: Cherry EVGA 8800GTX
Seagate 160GB 7200.7 SATA150 + Polaroid BurnMAX40 CDRW
XBox 360 HD-DVD Drive, Remote, King Kong HD-DVD
FS: Microsoft Wireless desktop
Stock S775 heatsink
Zalman 7000b AlCu
Asus GeForce4 Ti 4200 128MB AGP8x
EVGA 8800GTS 640MB 225$!
FS: IBM A31 for parts
Fortron 530w FSP530-60GNA
FS: 2x512mb DDR333 cl2.5
Crimson DS Lite / Brain Age 2 / DS Case Bundle
FS: Free Tygon 3603 tubing
FS: OCZ GameXStream 850W
FS: Nice IBM computer case
Netgear MR814v2 Wireless Router
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Socket 754
OCZ PC4800 DDR600 1 Gig (512 x 2) Dual Channel Elite Platinum
WANTED: Buttkicker Gamer
Agp Old School...
DDR, Hard Drives, and a Few Rom's...
Dell Inspiron 1100 - good price
eVGA 8800GTS 640MB with choice of bonus item!
Trade: my new Logitech Harmony 520 for a 939 X2 cpu
Need 939 heatsink mounting parts
FS: Asus 7900GS (nine months old)
WTB/WTTF: Raid5 Setup - Probably Intel Matrix Raid, maybe a cheap Raid5 card
(2) Seagate 500Gb SATA HDs
360 HD DVD Add-on W/ (2) Free Movies!
FS: Gamecube bundle
FS: 2x256MB of PC100 ECC SDRAM
Linksys WMP55AG (a/b/g), Uniden PCW100 (b)
HIS X1950Pro 512MB AGP8x + non-working Sapphire 9800Pro 128MB AGP8x
2x1GB OCZ Platinum, 2x512MB Corsair XMS2, 2x1GB PQI Power, more
MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR + Athlon XP 2700+
eVGA 8800GTX, black PCB, not registered
Xbox 360 Elite
Watercooling, CPU, More to come
eVGA 6800 128MB AGP8x
ASRock 775i65G Socket 775 AGP DDR1 mobo
WTB: Athlon T-bird Slot A 900mhz or 1000 mhz
Western Digital RAPTOR 150GB
Nintendo DS Lite Black & R4
FS: EVGA 7900GS KO 256MB - Cheap!
Asus P5B Mobo & Intel e6300 - cheap!
OEM 170 opteron 0551
FS: 4x 1GB DDR2-667MHz PQI Turbo memory
8800GTS 640MB, hardly used | 660/975 rock solid stable!!!
WTT/WTS: Black Bonneville Heatercore, shroud, and two Sanyo Denki 109R1212H101s
Pack of 100 DVD+R Taiyo Yuden 16x media (unopened)
FS: Evga 8800GTS 640MB
Complete Smoothwall Server!!
Turbolink ATX-CW500P4 500watt PSU
Complete System - quad/4Gb/15k/1000w/TJ09/8800ultra
Danger Den Koosah Water Block
Antec Nine Hundred Case + Tuniq Tower 120 + 600W Power Supply - All for $150 Shipped
FS: EVGA 680i A1 motherboard
P4 Matx combo 3.0ghz, 2Gb RAM, SI-120
FS: Tuniq Tower 120 & Zalman CNPS-9500 LED - Both Brand New / Unused
P5K-Deluxe and Xeon 3060
FS 4 Port KVM switch
FX-55, mobos, etc... PART SOLD
Sata Hdds and DDR Ram
Highpoint RocketRAID 2340
(Aestetically) Modded Gamecube! Small hardware bundle, cheap!
FS: Cathar Storm G4, Laing DDC, 4x120mm radiator
FS: AMD64 3200+ Venice 939 & AMD64 3000+ 754
e4400 NIB $105+real shipping
FS: Athlon XP 2500+ Barton, Abit KD7A, 512MB PC3200, heatsink included
Fresh RMA's SATA 500GB Seagate ST3500641AS
FS: 8800GTS in Original Box w/ all accessories
Jinu117 Custom-Made Single Stage NF11FX Phase Change Cooler
Some Random Stuff
2x128MB PC2100, 1x32MB PC-100
Invisible INK and combo UV light pen $3.00 shipped
(2) 2Gb sets (2x1Gb) of DDR PC3200
Asrock DualVSTA & 4coreDualVSTA OEM boards
2GB High Speed CF card $20 shipped ~Bender's Moving Sale~
Retail Boxed Opteron 165 $45 shipped ~Benders Moving Sale~
Whitewater LE $5 ~Bender's Moving Sale~
Genuine ATI x850xt AGP
Mobo F/S
Need a few things for a budget build
WTB:// ULtra-D or SLI-DR or etc
FS: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum
2 Plextor 760A DVD-RW, NEC ND-3520A and NEC ND-3540A and some untested HD's
NIB G.Skill F2-6400PHU2-2GHZ/2gig kit
(2) 74Gb/16Mb Raptor drives - perfect for RAID
NIB wii for sale w/ sports
OLD: CPUs, And Hard Drives!
Gigayte P965 excellent cond.
chargebase PS3
S754 3000+ AMD 64
FS: 2x Kingston HyperX 512mb PC3200
COOLER MASTER RR-CCH-L9U1-GP 92mm Hyper TX2 CPU Cooler - Retail
FS: Cheap 80gig laptop 2.5inch drives
Opty 175 dual core luvins IHS removed, A64 3000 PART SOLD
Maze 4 GPU Block, Aluminum Top, 1/2" OD Barbs
eVGA 8800GTS 320MB SuperClocked
EVGA 8800gts 640mb
8800 GTS 640 MB Superclocked
NEED a mid-high end PSU!
For SALE:: Brand New Tuniq Tower
FS: Recabled Sennheiser HD-201 Headphones
FS: Dell Latitude L400
DFI SLI-DR and X2 3800+
Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-350
X800 pro and 9800xt
Radeon X800XL AGP 256MB
1GB (2x512) DDR500 2-2-2 Centon UTT
Voltmodded P4P800 Rev.2 and P4 2.4C Lapped
OCZ and Gskill DDR2
FS: Enermax Noisetaker 485 watt PSU
FS: Lots of ram, a couple hds..
FS: Swiftech Storm Heavy Duty CPU Water-Block
FS AMD 3800+X2 Socket AM2
The Holy Grail of DDR2, Crucial 2gb PC8500.
PNY Nvidia 8800GTS 320 For Sale
FT: NEW QUAD Xeon X3220 for Q6600
CPUs / Blue tooth / Laptop Batteries and Misc - More Coming
Eheim 1250, Rad +2 shrouds and 2 120mm fans
FS: Sapphire 2900XT
4X1gb Ballistix DDR2 pc6400
DFI NF4-ultraD
Samsung DVD-HD860 Upconverting (1080i) DVD Player
Meanwell S-320 PS with voltage control and temp readouts
PCI Pump Relay
MS Xbox 360 Racing Wheel - less than 10 hours use
FS: My main system
2x256mb Ballistix DDR500 | Used once
FS: Modified PCMCIA WG511T Wireless Card
Testing the waters: looking for 939 CPU, DFI/ASUS board, 7900 GTX/GTO, 2x1GB DDR
PC Power & Cooling 1kw 1000 watt SLI power supply
Need to borrow bios chip removal tool
Silverstone Zues SST-ST56ZF
Water cooling Swiftech/Danger den
GSKILL Extreme Series (HZ) PC4000
Asus A8R-MVP Crossfire
Retail e4300 for $95 shipped
AMD 3800X2-skt939 & Biostar SLI NF4 MOBO
1GB(2X512mb) KingMax DDR-500
Intel Pentium 4 530 System (mobo+cpu+ram+dvdrw)
Asus P5B Deluxe
1/2 Fittings w/ 90 degree angle
Another black box 2900xt
GSM: Treo 600 w/ Charger + USB + car charger!
WTB: Small HD and CD Drive
FS: (2x) XFX 7800gtx 256mb
GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3P and G0 Q6600 combo
FS:visiontek 2900xt 512mb
FS:Hitachi 20gb 1.8in Notebook drive
Fuji Finepix A210 Digital Camera
WTB or Borrow a DDR Booster...
FS: Sempron 3100+ 754
FS: A64 3400+ Venice 754, can do 2.7Ghz 100% stable
FS: Laptop RAM 256MB PC100 CL2
FS: CTG1000 1000Watt PSU
System part out.
WTB:Ultra 120, TT 120, Scythe Infinity
cleaning out my shelves
EVGA 7950GX2 & danger den GX2 block
FS: Corsair TX750W Power Supply
FS: iPod Video 30gig (black) *like new*
FS: PCP&C TurboCool 850
GeForce 6600 W/Zalman Fatality Cooler
FS: 2 x 1 GB GSkill HZ DDR2 800
Fs: DFI ICFX3200-T2R/G (RD600)
74gb raptor
FS: Modified Cable Modem
FS: Targus ACB10 Bluetooth 8$ Shipped
FS: 40GB Laptop HDD
Dothan 1.6 pentium m
FS: Gskill ddr2 800 HZ 2gb kit
3ghz Opty 144, DFI RS482 mATX & Aspire X-QPack FS!
2500xp-m & NF2 combo...
WTT : Gigabyte 965P-DS3 & E6400
sound blaster live 5.1 1$+shipping
Creative Zen Vision MP3 Player
FS:Hitachi/Apple 4gb Microdrive
ATI X1900XTX with HR-03
Motorola SB5100 Cable Modem
Swiftech Storm, Custom GPU block, and Heatercore
WTB - E6850
FS:fujifilm finepix A600 6.3 megapixel camera, optical zoom !