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Random Stuff Thread (All Items 1$-3$)
FS: Pentium 4 640 3.2 LGA
FS: ATI HDTV Wonder TV Tuner Card
ti-83+ silver + original
Decent s478 board
Needed cheap pIII 800-933
ATI 9800 Pro with VGA Silencer
Logitech MX 518 Brand New
FS/FT: 6800GT AGP Dual-DVI - $245
Socket A's for Sale
FS: 2x512 original BH-5
Abit NF7-S v2.0 NF2 motherboard retail
Western Digital Caviar SE 160 gig
120mm Panaflo fan wanted
FS: New (RMA) MSI Neo2 Platinum s939
FS: Brand New Iaudio X5 30GB MP3 Player
FS: Like new Shure E2c's (Including Ultrasoft Sleeves) Earcanal Phones
DDR2-PC4200 Sodimm for Dell i6000, 9300, XPS Gen 2
FS US Asus 6800Ultra PCIE
400w+ 24/8pin PSU
Built by ATI 9800 Pro 128mb
512mb single stick of PC133
Xbox w/games for sale $175
Bigstan's OCZ 2x512 3200 Plat Rev2
P4 3.0c SL6WK malay 30 capper....$135 shipped.
Shuttle SB75G2 SFF (i875 chipset)....$200 shipped!
fortron 530w- 50$!!!
FS: OCZ DDR Booster
FX-55 OEM $550 shipped...dropped to $450!
Sapphire X800XT AGP
FS: 3x512mb PC3200 DDR Geil / Blue, 1gb CF Card, DVD Drive
FS: PNY FX5200 128mb DDR PCI
FS:ATI x800 XL (Retail PCI-E)
6"x5"x9" smoothwall router NEAT
Dual System - K7D and Xp (mod to MP) chips
1GB (2 x 512mb)Sodimm w/samsang chip
FS: Pre-Modded Saphire ATI Radeon X800 XT PE
FS: MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum S939 NF3 Ultra Mobo
FS: AMD Athlon FX53 S939 Stepping A REV. SH7-CG
FS:Sucka's G.Skill PC-4400 LE's (2x512)
FS: OCZ PC4800 Ram..
Xfx 6600 Gt Pci-e !!!
FS: Intel Pentium 4 520 2.8GHZ----SL7PR.
FS: Ipod earbuds or trade earbuds + soul for 7800GTX
Asus P4P800SE
1.6 Ghz Mobile P4
Chaintech 6600 GT PCI-E 128mb
FS: Dual Barton 2.26 GHz + Tyan S2462 MP dually Mobo + 2 Gig RAM + SCSI + PSU
4 NEW pairs of 2.4ghz Xeons M0 stepping that do 3.5-3.7ghz
Dell Inspiron 5100 Parts.
Inspiron 1150 -------------- $ 550
For Sale: Built By ATI 9700pro 128mb 256bit for cheap
HITACHI Deskstar 7K80 80GB 3.5" Serial ATA II Hard Drive
A8N SLI Deluxe For Sale
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe and Barton 2500.
3.5" Fan Controller
9500 Pro 128mb w/new hsf & ramsinks - Cheap
Two (2) Mint Antec Cases -- Very Cheap!
cube case for sale
FS: Older AGP Video cards, make a bid
2x 6800Ultras (BFG PCI-E) for sale
Corsair 512mb PC3200 Dual Channel Package.
watercooling stuff
3700 San Diego and Zalman 7000cu combo 290$ shipped
FS: Dell P4 laptop - dirt cheap - (plenty-o-pics)
(120mm wfb1212he 107cfm)(90mm AFB0912HH 57cfm)
FS: Neo2 Plat
FS: Antec Neopower 480
Abit IC7 max3 with a thermalright NB1 and southbridge HS
F/S Genuine CH-5! Does 250 2-2-2-6 3.3v!
never opened x600 xt
Ti-83 plus caculator
WTB Chaintech VNF4 Ultra
WTB/TF: 2-5GB MP3 player
Palm IIIx PDA. Perfect Condition
MSI System For Sale
Hynix D43 256x 2 Mb (cheap!)
ATI AIW 9700 Pro all in wonder
Axim X50 with Extras! Also, a 4gb microdrive
Great, 9700pro @ >9800pro speeds w/VGA Silencer Artic Cooler
FS/FT: 6600GT AGP for a pci-e 6600gt
FS: Leadtek 6800 NU A400 AGP
WTB: Mushkin pc3500 Lev2 BH5 2x512mb
ati 8500 LE 64mb cheap!
FS: WD 200GB EIDE WD2000JB harddrive
NF7-S v 2.0 $55
Gainward Ti4200 128MB Golden Sample w/Zalman Heatpipe
2600+ Mobile, NF7-S, 1800+, Duron, mATX 462 boards (2)--CHEAP!!
AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Mobile DTR Clawhammer s754
Evga 6800 256mb AGP Limited Edition / PNY 6800 Ultra and a 9800p -AGP-
FS/FT: 512MB TwinMOS BH-5 - $70
For Sale: WD 160GB SE WDJB
FS: 256MB + 128MB (384MB total) SDRAM PC133
Xfx 5700ultra 128mb GDDR3 $75 shipped USA
Intel 640 CPU Retail
FS: BFG 6800 ultra OC AGP
Western Digital 160gig external USB 2.0 HD
2.4Ghz Athlon XP, complete system for sale
FS/FT: Radeon 9800 Pro > XT 128 meg + Zalman ZM80C-HP Heatpipe VGA Cooler
For Sale - 3200 Venice
FS:Sucka's 3500+ Venice
FS: 512mb of PQI TCCD 2-2-2-5 Ram PC3200
WTB-via mini-atx motherboard
3500+ Brand New Venice.
Power converters for UV case lights
FS/FT: Intel RBX, heatercore, vf700-cu, mcw50
*NIB* OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 Gold (2x512)
Toshiba Satellite
Dell 700m Pretty Well Speced.
1Gig OCZ EL 4800 Platinum DC kit
FS:Diamond Max Plus 9 250 GB
WTT: PNY Geforce 6600 GT AGP for PCI-E Version
BFG 6800 Ultra OC AGP 8x with OCZ copper Ramsinks: $320 shipped
ATI brand 9800 PRO 128MB for sale or trade!
FS: Built-by-ATI Radeon 9700pro excellent with all accessories -priced to sell
WTB Cheap Floppy Drive
eVga Ti4200 / 128 mb Video Card
OCZ value VX UTT bh-5 2x512
FS: 512MB Corsair XMS 3200C2PT
500w X-Connect UV Green
Asus A7V8x / AMD 2600+
FS: Laing D4 (MCP650) Pump: $50 Shipped
FS: BFG 6800 GT OC 256MB with NV Silencer 5 $260
OCZ EL DDR PC4000 Gold Edition VX $160
Desperation sale now. Look!
Complete A64 Venice 3000+ rig for sale. Will part out.
OCZ PC4000 VX UTT (2x512mb)
X800 XT with SP94 and Vgpu mod
3700+ clawhammer and DFI 754 LP UT
600w powerstream 115$ shipped in U.S
Dell 19Inch monitor, almost NEW! CHEAP!
ocz booster
p-2 mobo and chip 1.00$
Maze 3 waterblock and coldplate
56 chevy belair body
Complete AMD system, OCZ, Segate, ATI, Thermalright
Slightly used Abit AN8-SLI retail
Need Audio cable for TV card
FS, great NCCH-DL mobo, dual Prestonia or Nocona Xeon
FS: MSI 6800 GT PCI-Express
DFI Ultra LanParty II (Socket A) and 1700+ Tbred B
BFG 5600 Ultra 256mb version CHEAP
Gamecube-sized 700mhz PC = $250
New Sandisk Wifi+128MB CF card w/pcmcia adapter
RC car, cheap
Asus A7N8X-LA OEM Socket A Nforce 2
san diego 4000+
2x 6800GT plus nv5 or block
1800+ & L7S7A2
FS: Leadtek 6600GT like new!
FS: Hitachi Deskstar 80GB SATA Hard Drive
FS: DigitalDoc 5
Danger Den TDX Water Block
2 hours old Dell Inspiron 6000D
Socket 478 Pentium 4 P4 3.4GHZ PRESCOTT
p4 660 thats hit over 5ghz (vapo ls) stable and AA8XE Fatal1ty mobo combo
Wanted: Laptop EDO RAM
WTS/WTT: Radeon 8500 64mb DDR AGP
P4 Mobile 1.8 512k 400fsb 478
Hyper X PC3500
P4 570 3.8GHz, OCZ Powerstream 520, WD Raptors and more....
IDE Hard Drives - 80GB WD, 120GB Seagate
FS:: 2 X 512MB CORSAIR XMS PC 4400 *new*
Santa Cruz 5.1 Sound Card (EAX 2.0!)
Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB
Silverstone TJ-03 "Nimitz" case and extras
Very good WD SE/Raptor hard drivers and even better OCZ ram :)
OCZ Powerstream price to go even faster :)
Xfx 6600 Gt
FS: XP 2400+ Tbred
WTB - Micro ATX Case
FS: ECS KT600A & K7S5A2Pro v5
FS: Antec NeoPower 480w PSU
ABIT NF7-S and TBread B 2600+
Dell ATI 9700 TX
WTB: 2x512 RAM < $100
I need 2GB's of DDR RAM, anything
6800nu Agp 128
P4 Mobile CPU 1.6ghz
Abit-VP6R/PIII 1000/512mb PC133 Mushkin.
Its the I bought a motorcycle and now I need to pay it off computer sale !!!
Logitech z-5300 deal of the century
Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
Nostronomo SpeedPad N52
wtt: my system for a good laptop
ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128mb
Sanyo-Denki Fans 120mm (San Ace)
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
BRAND NEW Eheim 1048 Pump w\ box, manuals
Abit NF7-S v2 Motherboard w\ box and accessories!!
AMD Mobile XP2600+ IQYHA 0401 UPMW
FS: 2X 80GB Seagate SATA W/NCQ Hard drives (ST380817AS)
FS: Maxtor 120gig hard drive
Socket 939 DFI SLI-DR Motherboard
FS: Corsair PC3200 512mb
FS: NF7-S V2 & Barton 2500+
FS: Coolermaster Stacker
Venice 3200+
120mm Super high speed Delta fans
560 Extra Special Intel P4 CPU.
Pentium 4 'Northwood' - 2.8Ghz SL6WT
Vantec Tornado barely used mint condition...pics inside
BBA 9700pro w/ ramsinks & cooler
Dothan Pentium M 730 2MB 533 1.6Ghz
FS: Ispiron 1100
OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 1GB (2 x 512MB)
Intel Pentium 4 Mobile - 2.2Ghz
FS: 2x512Mb (matched pair) Mushkin Black Level II BH-5 PC3200 Memory
Selling Athlon XP 2000+ on MSI K7N2 $75 shipped
Abit AI7
Sony Clie NX60 480x320 screen!
BBA 9700PRO/ Vga Silencer/ OCZ Ram Chips
Dangerden GPU WaterBlock
FS: Tygon R-3603 1/2" ID 1/8" wall [$2.75/ft. free ship]
wtt/wts PQI pc3200 1x512 TCCD 2-2-2-5
FS: Lian Li PC-60 All Aluminum Silver Mid-Tower case Excellent Condition
FS: Hydor Pump
OLD laptop for sale :)
P3 Cpu
FS: PNY 6800nu
530J and AS8-V board w/XP90
1gb TwinMOS
Celeron 600
FS: Swiftech MCP350 W/Res, 2X MCW6002 and Eheim 1048 w/ RES. PICS Inside
FS: Lian Li PC70 modded watercooling case extras and spare parts. Pics Inside
Athlon XP 1700 or 1800
FS: Logitech z680
NF7-S And Barton 2500+ !!
Might as well be NIB OCZ 600w Powerstream
Complete A64 w/water cooling.
Linksys 54G Wireless PCI adapter
2 Brand New NEO's and OCZ Booster
FS: BFG 6800 Ultra Overclock Edition Retail box
HP pavilion ZV5000 Laptop athlon XP 3000+
Maze4 6800GT Mounting Bracket
NIB Antec case and NIB Antec PSU
FS: Dell Inspiron 8200, Dell Lattitude c600
FS: G.Skill LE 2x 256 TCCD dual channel kit
WTB OCZ booster
FS: unopened antec 550watt
rosewill 450wt psu $30 shipped!
chaintech vnf3 s754 $45 shipped!
XP2700 T-bred $40
Abit AI7, 2.4C, 2.26 Cely D, Crucial Mem
LGA-775 Intel P4 540J 3.2GHz Retail Box
Dual Fan HD Cooler.
Ocz Value winbond 2x512 DC
Hauppauge PVR-250 - $85 shipped
I am Selling a Prometeia Mach I
Another IBM T20 ThinkPad.
478 Socket Processors
lian li full tower
Broken Pinned Celeron CPU (1.7Ghz S478)
Western Digital 80GB Hard Drive!
Retail Clawhammer FX-55 for sale
FS: PIII Laptop for sale cheap!- Couple Issues but very functional
FS/FT: 2x36gb raptors
FS: Silver Shuttle SB61G2 V.3 with all accesories.
For Sale: AsusTek P4 Motherboard (Pics!)
FS: OC forum specially priced Vapochill PE!
Socket 478 Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor -
PC Power and Cooling 510 Deluxe with a 24-Pin adaptor
2x 512mb TCCD Patriot PDP pc3200 DDR RAM cas 2,2,2,5
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2
ViperJohn Fully-Modded X800 XT Platinum Edition $350!!! AGP
Two 74GB Raptors, 1GB of Mushkin PC3500LVLII, and a DL-DVD Burner
FS/trade: XPM 2500+ 2.5ghz+ easily
WTB: AMD Athlon XP Mobile or Barton
Way too much ram!
3x 3400+ mobiles
FS: 2 X 512MB OCZ PC 4000 GOLD VX *new*
8 pipeline moddable, Nvidia 6200, with Volt mods, and Bios Mods.
FS: 2x256 Megs Mushkin BH-5 @ 270 MHz, OCZ DDR Booster
WTB: Asus P4P800SE cheap price
WTB: Laptop Hard Drive
WTT: My Raptor for wc'ing
Sager 5670 Laptop P4 3.06HT ATI 9000
Loaded i9300 with 6800go for sale
Cheap Athlon Motherboard
DFI Lanparty NF3
logitech wireless mouse
DFI Lanparty UT 250GB - Possibly Damaged
Dell Dual Xeon Machine - Complete
2 x P4 560 procs (special, PM me for details)
*sigh* selling the laptop (700m)
Compaq 5184 Case
Delta 60CM Fan
56K PCI Internet Card
64MB PC100 SDRAM Module
Quantum Bigfoot TS 6.4Gb ATA HD
110W Mitac PSU
Socket 7 Compaq Motherboard
AMD K6-2 380Mhz
Asus P4c800-e deluxe
1x512mb g.skill pc4400le 2x512mb ocz pc2 4200 el
FX-55, 660, 2.4c
New Laing/Danger Den D4
Folder/Cruncher for sale/No case
TRADING my Socket A w/Watercooling for 754/939
20GB WD ATA100 & Liteon DVD writer
FS: OCZ Powerstream 520W Power Supply
FS: Mint condition recabled Sennheiser HD497 Headphones (Used only 20 hours)
Dell C600 P3 1ghz 512mb
9800 pro/ x800xtpe agp
Anyone want to sell me a gpu waterblock?
Danger Den Video Card Waterblock for ATI and Nividia cards
FS: P4 3.2E/ EO stepping/OEM
FS: Corsair RAM TWINX1024-3200XL
FS:extra dell 700m, 1.6ghz/512/60gb/dvdrw
Fs: X850xt Pe PCI-E
digital temp probe.
Linksys BEFSR41 Router Ships Complete
F/S intel 550(3.4 ghz) and intel mobo 270 shipped
FS: 3 - 478 Intel Pentium CPUs
NF7, Barton2500(unlock), 1G PC3500C2
6800 Nu Agp
FS: Mobile 2600 - IQYHA 0352RPMW
A64 DTR Mobile 3000+ + DFI Lanparty 250GB
BB-ATI Stock, copper 800XT-PE GPU cooler...$15 shipped!
my 12 hour spending spree! need:a64 or high end cooler.
Help to upgrade to A64 sale...everyone is welcome
Fortron/Sparkle 530W power supply
Two Ocz Powerstream 600w Priced To Move!
WTT: My 6800nu +cash for 6800Ultra
FS: Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB flashed to XT
** For Sale Fx-55 **
Dtek WW
Dtek WW
Seagate 80Gb 8mb cache SATA for cheap
Pioneer DVD-ROM 10X very good
F/S Abit AI7 free shipping
Chaintech AV710
PC Chips M811LU
FS: Zalman CPNS7000B-Aluminum & Copper heatsink
Arctic Cooling Vga Silencer rev 3
eVga Ti4200 / 128 mb Video Card
512MB PC2100 Sodimm
5 60mm Y.S. Tech. fans. *NEW*
winfast 2000xp deluxe tv tuner w/ fm reciever
Maxtor 250GB ATA/133 8MB Hard Drive, Sealed Retail Box
FS: Asus P4S533-Mx $30 Shipped
Complete A64 rig FS CHEAP!!
FS: A64 3500+ Winchester CBBFD retail box
Corsair Value Select - PC3200 512MB
700w Zippy Blue UV sleeved...$250 shipped! (the Blue Squid!) 56'ers beware!
IBM T20 ThinkPad
Maxtor 80GB HDD. SATA. Almost new! Cheap!
FS: BBA X800Pro VIVO Flashed unlocked 16 pipes W/ Zalman VF70 ALCU cooler FS: 275$
A64 3000+ combo (Brand New)
WTB XP2600 Mobile
Parting out entire rig... Great parts inside! (socket 939)
ABit AA8-Duramax, 925X Chipset. Free Shipping.
FS: SP-97 - All accessories
D-Tek WhiteWater w/ Poly Top & S478 bracket
Mushkin Redline PC4000 2 x 512MB
6800Ultra 310$ Shipped W/ AS5 FS:
Tygon 3/8in. ID 1/2in. OD Ultra Soft #R1000
ATI 9600XT 128MB AGP with crazy BGA RAMsinks
ABIT IT7-MAX2 and Intel P4 2.533ghz for sale
Sparkle 400w PSU for sale
moded Lian-Li PC-61 for sale
Logitech Z-680's for sale!!
antec true550
FT 2.4c/mobo for 9800pro
Laptops for sale
Mushkin LVL2 V2 Black TCCD 2x256mb
Air Hockey Fan 120MM
FS Sony Vaio Z505HS Laptop
Radeon 800X Pro 256MB
FS: Abit IC7 Max3 Mobo and Intel 3.2E CPU
FS: PC Power & Cooling 510 Deluxe
FS: ATI Radeon X800 Pro Retail Box
Audiovox Maestro PDA1032 = $100 shipped
Complete system 200.00+ship SFF
Geil PC3500 Ultra Dual Channel 512(2x256) kit
EC's Way of saying Thank You
an old Dish or Primestar
Chaintech AV710
Sapphire 9700 128mb w/ RAMSINKS and No Shim
2x 256mb SODIMM PC2700 DDR laptop RAM
Complete 3.25ghz+ P4 Computer! 1gb, 160gb $400 shipped!
3200 Winnie
Fs: Xp-120 Wtb: Wc'ing
Hyundai L90D+
NIB OCZ Powerstream 600w CHEAP!
AOpen Half Height 52X CD-Rom Drive
Asetek Vga WAter Block
128Mb memory X800Se
f/s vtt and vdimm modded IC7-g
PC Power & Cooling 510 PSU
EVGA 6800GT/256Mb/AGP for sale--$265 FREE shipping US
80x80x15mm fan.
FS/FT: X-Connect 500W Black
FREE S3 PCI Video Card
OEM Motorola USB Cellphone Data Cable
Saphire Radeon 9800pro unused - $85 Shipped
Samsung Spinpoint 40G/5400/8M *NEW*
NF7S V2.0, XP1700, BH5 Mem, FX5200 Asylum 256mb
FS: 2x Xeon 1.6LV, PC-DL, & HS/F
Danger Den Video Card Water Block Acetaltop
CM Aero 7 lite
Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Card and dual device Cable
Over 40 items for sale! All cheap! Can't beat my prices!
Antec SLK3700BQE
DFI 250GB and AMD64 3200+
The "I should buy OCZ Stock" Sale.
FS : 2x512 Corsair 3200C2
FS/FT: Athlon 64 NC 3000+, vnf3-250 mobo, and 6600GT AGP combo
9800Pro Flashed to XT Custom Cooling
(512mbx2) Corsair 3200 TCCD and (512mbx1) Mushkin BH-6
Dell Wireless 1350 or Intel Wireless 200
out of warranty antec True Control 550w psu
6600gt AGP IceStorm nv43 for sale.
FS/FT: Abit NF7-s V2 and possibly Xp 2400+
3000+ Winnie
Like new XP-90
G. Skill PC4400
FS: New MCW6002-64, MCW50-T, Eheim 1250
wtb: cheap 256mb
New Ocz Pc 3200 EL Platinium Rev 2 1gb 2x512
Antec Neo 480 Watts
FS: 3400DTR W/lappedXP120(awsomeOCER!), DFI250GB, 2x512pc3200(-5Bg,ch5)
wtb: s478 watercooling
Amd Xp 2000+
FS: Maze4 GPU
FS: Complete A64 rig + 6800Ultra for 700$+shipping
Seagate Barracuda ATA III Drive 40GB
Intel D865PERL s478 Mobo F/S - $50 shipped
1gb (2x512) SpecTek DDR400 - $70 Shipped
FS: Intel P4 660 3.6GHZ Retail $495
FS: ATi AIW9800pro(NIB) / BGF AGP 6600GT OC(USED)
10.2GB Hard Drive, 256MB SDR PC100/133
4GB (2x2GB) PC2100 Registered ECC
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz 5.1
9800Pro -> XT + Zalman VGA Cooler + 3 Fans +AS5 @ 418/380
Thermaltake PurePower Pol012 410W PSU
FS: 14.1" XGA LCD Assembly for IBM Thinkpad T20 and T21
PolarFlo SF superfinished waterblock. P4 / Athlon XP
FS - OCZ PC5000 1 gig dual kit
XP 1600+, EPOX 8RDA+ rev2, Ti4200, 2x 40GB HDs, 512MB RAM! JUST ADD CASE/PSU!!
WTB: Storm G4 Waterblock
IMB z50 mini laptop/pda
C1 Xeons and PC-DL
BBA Radeon 9100 128mb AGP
Any interest? FS: Old IBM 370 laptop
17" viewable Flat Panel Monitor
Creative Sound Blaster Zs2
FS: NF7-s v2 - cheap!
FS: Sapphire X800PRO VIVO AGP
FS Sapphire x800xtpe AGP $325
Huge Lot of Computer parts: TCCD, A64, X800XT, NEC Dual Layer
Adaptec 1200A Raid card
BD7II & P4 2.53
Amd 1800+ and Thermaltake Volcano 6 Cu HSF
FS : P4 2.8e
80 pin to 68 pin SCSI converters
FS: Sony PSP New In Box w/ 3 Games $300
WTS: Single 120mm Rad
FS: Lots of ram
nf7-s v2 and 2500+ Mobile
saphire radeon 9700pro with ramsinks and vga silencer
Ocz Pc3200 Vx
FS: SLK947A w/ Sanyo Denki 92mm fan
P4, MotherBoard, Ram Combo!
OEM Nvidia 6800 256mb PCI-E
Danger Den HDPE Resivoir - $10 Shipped
WTB: RADEON 8500/geforce 4 ti4xxx
No Name Case w/ sliding Mobo Tray
Chieftech Tower Case
Intel D815EEA Dekstop Board
FSP/Powerman PSU 250W
Century 128mb Sdram PC133 Stick
Sony CDU5211 CD-Rom Drive
Acer 1032A-032 CD-RW 10X4X32
Intel Celeron 700mhz Socket 370
Mitsumi D359M3D Biege Floppy
FS: X800 XL 256mb GDDR3 PCI-E card
PowerColor 9600 XT Ultra w/overdrive
FS: Custom XP-m machine in Antec P160
cleaning my closet
P4's and P4 mobos!
FS: Intel P4 Prescott 3.4EGHz w/ Thermaltake Spark 7 h/f $270 shipped
FS: 1GB 2x512MB of Corsair VS DDR-3200 CL2.5 $80 shipped
FS: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro > XT w/box $170 shipped
Fs: X800xl Pci-e
2x WD Raptors 74gb -- NEW in Box
FS: 19" CRT SAMSUNG 955DF excellent condition..text is super crisp to the edge
Gigabyte 6600GT, AGP, 128MB 1.6ns stock clock 500/1120 with VF700-Cu
Kingston HyperX PC4000 512x2
$85 shipped 9500pro