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FS: LiteOn CD-RW 52x
LGA 2.66 ghz Prescott, Easy 4 ghz Chip...
NIB: OCZ Power Stream 600w.
DFI Ultra D NF4 + 3500 Venice FS:
FS: 15gb 3rd Gen Ipod
FS: 512*2 PQI Turbo PC3200 (TCCD)
P4 3.0 775 530J new sealed retail
6800 GT and FX5500
WTB/TF: 5-7.1 and/or DTS Reciever
FS: DDR2-PC3200 (256mb module)
FS: Cheap generic 512x2(Dual channel) pc3200 Ram:)
18Gb Fujitsu u160 SCSI drive
BH5 and 6 and TCCD for sale
FS: Slot 1 Motherboard with sound and VGA onboard
Zalman VF700-CU
WTB, stock Intel cooler...PGA.
FS: No joke..10 meters of IDE cable.
dell inspiron 2500
FS: MSI Ti4600 128MB
Hitachi 250Gb Hard drive in Exteranl Enclosure
2600+ M Barton
Intel LGA 775 P4 640 w/ EMT64 2MB
FS/FT: Intel Mobile P4 -M 2.2ghz
Logitech Orbit Webcam
512mb (2x256mb) PC3200 Sodimm CL2.5
FS: PQI Turbo 512mb (2x256) PC3200 w/Platinum Spreaders
FS: Laptop Sodimms...cheap
Registered ECC RAM
Mobile XP 1800
FS: A64 3500+ Venice CPU
Want to buy a 120mm fan.
Smokin Deals - 3700 & XP2500
Saphire 9800 Pro Unused
$200 intel 550
wtb cheap amd XP or Sempron cpu
Dell Latitude LS LCD Screen for sale/trade
Chieftec Black Mid Tower
Coolermaster WaveMAster Case
Fs: Mx1000
A64 3200+ winchester and msi k8n neo2 platinum
FS:Cheap 9200se:)-Agp8x
ATI 9600XT and Arctic Silencer II
1GB (2x512 DC) Geil Golden Dragon PC3500
Radeon 9700NP
FS P4 2.4C (does 3.0 @ default)
Aspire 500W PSU custom sleeved
Clear Acrylic Case with fans & uv lights
Older CDRW
Antec 350w PowerSupply
512Mb PC-3200 Kingston ValueRam
Albatron PX865PEPRO v2.0, P42.66 Prescott
MSI 6800 Agp
Selling my main rig (3.2/512MB/6800GT/160GB/WaveMaster)
[Canada] Hyundai L90D+ 19" LCD - $425cdn
s370 cpu and mobo.
GeForce MX420
Yet Another DFI 875-T
The I have more TCCD RAM Sale.
3 Laing D4 Pumps for Sale
N female chassis mount
Dfi Nf2 U400s-al
FS: 1gb (2x512) mushkin Value 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200)
FS: 1GB (2 x 512MB) of Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR "Pro" low latency memory. (pic)
2 Abit NF7-S r2 and a AMD XP-M 2500+
Mushkin PC3500 BH5 Black Level 2 (2*512)
Toshiba satellite 2100CDT
WTB: Athlon XP 2000+ or 2100+
Desktop parted out for parts (really really bad pun).
MSI Neo Plat Socket 754 FS: super cheap
Moblie A64 3200 DTR FS:
Winchester 3200OEM FS:
FS: 5" Sharp LCD 320x240
WTS p4 2.53 ghz and a HSF
Sapphire Tech 9800pro
Thermalright XP-90
FS/FT: OCZ PC4200EL Platinum TCCD
FS: Danner Mag 3
FS: OCZ Powerstream 520W
Toshiba e310 +accessories
FS or FT: ThermalRight XP-90
Athlon XP 1700+ JIUHB
complete system P4 2.4A@3.0 XP-90, 512MB 9200SE
FS: Iwaki MD70-RLZ Plus [SOLD]
ATI TV tuner VE $20 Shipped
(15) sanyo denki's $10 shipped each
MCP650, Swifty Rad w/shroud, 3 Blade Deltas, Res
Lite on DVD RW 8x
2*120 gig Special Edition Western Digitals
WTB/WTTF:2x512/256 BH-5
2.8e and Abit IC7-G MAX2
WTB AMD s939 combo with MAYBY memory-Might trade stuff
Corsair Value Select 2x PC3200 512MB sticks
NIB OCZ Powerstream 600!
WTB Your old K7
FS: Albatron KX18D, Barton 2500+ combo
Cheap Laptop
FS: Athlon 64 3200+ Skt 939
FS: XFX 6600GT AGP $120 shipped.
AMD K6-II 350 and 2x PC100...working
Abit AV8 (s939, Via K8T800 Pro, AGP)
Fortron 530w
Pentium 3 Coppermine 750 Mhz Slot 1 (own a piece of OCforums history!)
2 x 512 PC3500 Kingston Hyper-X
Sapphire X800 XT AGP /w ATi Silencer 4
FS: 1GB iPod Shuffle personal MP3 player. brand new, factory sealed box. (pic)
FS: XP90 and Delta Triple Blade
Dell c600 p3 700mhz laptop 325 shipped
Gladiator Heatsink
FS 3000 Winchester
Super Combo deal!(S939 CPU+ extras)
FS: 2x512 Buffalo PC3700 BH5 [SOLD]
FS: 1 Day old OCZ DDR Booster SOLD
Straight from RMA from MSI, MSI K7D Master-L
Partial SFF P4 Rig
FS: 512 x 1 Hynix D43 DDR400
FS: Epox 8KDA3J Rev 2.2 Mobo
SB Live 5.1
dizzy redhead sale , xeon goodness and so much more
AMD 3200 A64 Winchester 939 Socket
Silverstone Temjin Tj06
(4) Panaflo 92MM FBA09A12U 68CFM 43DBa
NEC ND2500A 40 shipped DVDRW 8X
Patriot Memory 25 shipped 256B PC3200
Intel P3 1ghz socket 370 $35 shipped
AMD XP2500+ Unlocked $65 shipped
FS/FT: Digital camera's and more
FS: Saitek PC Gaming keyboard
FS Dell c600 laptop 350 shipped
FS: Alessandro MS1's Headphones (Like New)
BBA Radeon x700
BRAND NEW - 160GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 Hard Drive
FS: Corsiar XMS PC2700 256MB DDR
Linksys BEFSR41 10/100 4-port router
A variety of AMD XP CPUs
FS: D-Link PCI wireless card
FS: HP/Broadcom 802.11 b/g mini-pci card
FS: SB Audigy Platinum
*NEW* Gskill pc4400-LE 2x512 tested to 310HTT.
SB Live 5.1
SB Live 5.1 Digital New
DFI 875pro rev.b 75$ shipped (s478 board NOT the 875-t hybrid)
WTB, pci vid card for bios flashing.
FS: WD 120 GB hard drive AND Removable Rack Enclosure
SB Audigy Gamer
DFI LP UT nF3 250
sony n760c $30
MSI K8n neo2 FS
WTB Socket 939 Winchester
Gateway essential 866MHZ working PC
7 sticks of SDRAM
FS: DEAD DFI mobo(retail box w/ extra's) basically free
Abit AI7
FS: 80mm fans, Fan controller(cheap), fan grill
FS:Cheap Case and Cheap PSU(Maybe free!)
FS: Mobile Athlon XP 2600+
FS:BFG 6800GT OC with NV5 !!
FS: Sapphire 9800pro>XT 256MB Retail
IC7 & 2.6c
Delta EFB0912HHE
MSI 6800 with bundle
FS/FT: 2x256 DDR400 AzenRam
WTB: SD Ram pc 100 / 133
Generic Meter - Volts/amps/resistance/temp/diode
wtb 754 2.2-2.4ghz clawhammer
FS: OCZ Platinum PC3200 Rev.2 TCCD 1GB DC Kit
FS: BFG 6800OC AGP /w NV5 Silencer
FS: 3000+ 0441 Win. | MSI K8N Neo2 Plat.
OCZ Platinum EL 1GB PC4200(2 x 512MB)
Damaged Ti 4600- $10, still works... read inside...
FS: Logitech Z-640 Speakers
WTT: My 36 GB SATA Raptor for 7200 RPM drive
A64 Mobile DTR 3200+
OCZ DDR Booster- $25 Shipped.
FS: Thermalright XP-120 cooler with a 120mm fan (pic).
WTB: MSI or Chaintech NF3-250 Mobo
FS: AMD64 3000+ /w HSF
1700+, Epox mobo and pc2100 128mb
month old ocz ps 520 with the universal connections
External x52 speed burner
WTB/WTTF: XP-90 or 120 and NV Silencer 5
Mobile Athlon XP 2600+ & DFI NF2 Ultra Infinity
Wanted: Someone in buffalo area to purchase for me
BFG 6800 GT Retail card
NF7-S broken? $30USD
FS: 20 GB 4G iPod w/ case and 2 year warranty
Samsung 160 gig 7200 rpm 8 meg cache
$40 TT 480w
BBA 9800 Pro -> XT
2 Mon. old PCPower&Cooling 510w 24 pin SLI PSU!
Asus A7V333 & Duron 800mhz combo- $35 shipped or bo
4 x 80gig IDE 7200 rpm HDD's
WTB Digital Camera
FS: 40GB 5400 rpm 2.5" laptop hard drives
FS: TBred B 1700 DLT3C JIUHB0319WPMW
1GB (2x512) Mushkin Level 1 PC3500
WTB: NF7-S v2
FS: Aiwa Headphones ($15 shipped)
DFI nforce3 and Newcastle 3000+ 754
Complete Water Cooled Case, Socket A, Ready to GO!
DFI NF4 Ultra-D...you guys know this board :)
3.2E SL7B8 125 shipped
Wanted: Someone in the Toronto area who can give me some time on a Drill Press
WTB: 512mb stick of pc2700 or pc3200
8K5A2+ & XP1700
FS: 2x256mb Corsair CMX256A-3200C2 V1.1 Matched Sticks.
FS 2x256mb PC3500 BH-5
Athlon 64 3200+ Socket 754
SLI Bridge
Duron AXDA 1700 JIUHB
Brand New Maxtor 120GB Hard Drive SATA 8MB Buffer 7200 RPM
200Gb SATA and 80Gb IDE
OCZ DDR Booster- $25 Shipped.
VGA Waterblock MCW50, and Zalman 7000 CU, Free Shipping.
ATI 9500 Pro
ZALMAN Copper CPU Cooler for Socket 775/478/754/939/940, Model "CNPS7700-CU"
FS: Audigy 2ZS
Olympus D-500L SLR camera 3X zoom 1.8" LCD 850K
Water Stuff
NF2 boards
2 AMD64 Mobos 3200+ (754 pin) 3000+ (939 pin)
2 AMD64 CPU's 3200+ (754 pin) 3000+ (939 pin)
XEON Combo PC-DL 1.6 LVs
trade an x800 pro?
FS: Great Socket 754 Bundle W/ EVGA 6800Ultra
FAH/SETI Farm Rigs
120mm Panaflos and shroud
Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 - Hardware Encoder
Nvidia MX4000 AGP 128meg
FS: Athlon XP 2200+
Fortron Aurora 400W PWS .w 120mm Blue LED fan
Lian Li Pc-75 Case with Window
Thermochill 120.3 Radiator
M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Soundcard
Radeion 9800Pro with ramsinks 128MB
Clawhammer 3400+
buy my rig TONIGHT CHEAP!
The "I Got Robbed!" Clearance Sale -- Free Stuff Too!
Ati Aiw 9700p
Hitachi 30gig 4200rpm HDD
DFI 875-T Cheap.
WTB: Sata HDD's
AMD chip and board
Celeron 800 100FSB PGA370
512MB Generic ram. PC2700
Geforce 2 GTS 64MB with ramsinks
The Official Freebie Thread
FS: Motorola V300 and Nokia 3595 Cell Phones
FS: 1GB of G.Skill PC4400 "LE" TCCD Samsung equiped memory (pic)
FS: P4 3.0E that does 3.9Ghz - 1GB G.Skill PC4300 TCCD RAM - Abit IC7-G (pics)
Computer for sale
Fs/Ft: Raidmax 420W Powersupply
Fortron 530w PSU f/s or trade!
Spring has come: Nforce parts for sell
VGA/PCI VCs, SB 5.1, WinTV GO!, Promise IDE. Cheap.
Two good Antec cases, yours for shipping.
FX-55 week 0509
FS: Geforce 2 MX400 PCI and Radeon 7000 AGP
Counter-Strike 1.6, CS:S, HL2DM Servers
450 mhz P3, 64 megs of ram, Motherboard and 10 Gig Hard Drive.
Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM
Corsair Valueselect 1GB
VGA Silencer Rev 1? $10
PNY GeForce 6600GT AGP, $175
FS: MSI K8n Neo Pla. 2
For Sale: 9800 np 256bit 128 mb
Fs-ati Aiw 9600xt
f/s killer 6800!! w/NV5 silencer
A64 2800 + DFI 250gb FS
WTB: 120mm AOC Evercool Aluminum Fan
Xp-90 $25
LAPTOP IBM 40gb Travelstar HDD $35 shipped
Zalman 7000 CU, $30 + Free Shipping in USA.
AMD 64 Sempron 2800
Athlon 64 2800+ $90
2 NIB PIII Xeons - Slot 2 667mhz, and 256kB Cache
**FS: Retail X800 Pro**
Large List of comp parts!!
Complete AMD/P4, ATI/nVidia, and Northbridge watercooling kit - just add tubing!
WTB: CHEAP Slot 1 Mobo
ATI 7500 AGP 32mb
AMD CPUs , MOBOs, DVD RWs and SoundCards
Wanted: Mobile 2600+
AMD 1800+ Computer
NIB BBA Radeon 7500 PCI 64MB
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
Amd 1800+
120mm Antec fans 2 each
socket 370 mobo
Nventiv Prometeia Mach 1 / Vapochill LS Hybrid
AMD Athlon XP Mobile 2200+ 35W CPU
Several ~10GB HDD's and SDRAM Socket A mobo's
WC Inheritance Sale: WB's, Pumps & Stuff
FS: Couple of Rads.
Intel Celeron D 2.53 GHz
FS:DFI 250GB,3000+NC,OCZ TCCD,BFG 6800GT,TTGI 520w..
HP zv5000 series Laptop
dangerden waterblock
AMD T-bird Socket A 750
Soundblaster 128 + SB16 CHEAP
F/S: Waterblock, Heatercore, Pump
A64 3000+ Winchester = $115 shipped
workstation-433MHZ 64mb ram onboard video
PC-2100 2x256mb
P3 500mhz Gateway
New ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Cheap! w/ combo option
3000+ 939 Winchester Retail
2.8C E-xtra S-pecial & Albatron Px865PE.
Xeon Sweetness
FS: AV Game control
geforce 6800nu
1x PC2100 128MB SODIMM
Asus P4T-E and Intel 1.9 Combo and much more!!
XEON Combo. PC-DL 1.6 LVs.
2 6002-NX Swifty XEON Blocks.
1x512MB Mushkin PC3500 Black Hi Perf Lvl 2 BH5
FS:PCP&C 510 Deluxe
Brand New from RMA, Classic Ti4680p TURBO Albatron 8x AGP
FS: 2x Serillel2+Cables
WTB: Creatve Zen Micro
1GB corsair XMS PC3700 - matched set of 2x 512mb sticks
2.6c & MSI NEO2-FIS2R
maze 4, dd dual core w/delta fans, csp 750 mk2, and swiftech 5000
DDR333 Sodimm with Hynix
NIB OCZ Powerstream 600 Insane Price!
fs: 2x512 corsair pc3500c2
FT: Full Athlon XP system minus case/drives
Thermaltake Highest Xaser III Super Tower Case, Model "V2000A"
FS: Via Epia M1000 Nehemiah
FS: PIV Northwood 3.0C SL6WU
For Sale: 1 Everglide Mouse Pad
ViperJohn Modded X800XT PE! Gotta sell quick!
FS: 9700Pro, Audigy 1, Winfast TV tuner
Wanted, cheap, but good pci tv tuner card.
FS: Hercules 9800Pro w/ ZM80D-HP
Complete System Pentium3 192MB Ram MORE
WTB: TT Crystal Orb or Vantec Iceberg
OCZ PC3200EL Rev 2 PLT
Cd roms, CdRw, Removable hdd, Hdd
Memory PC 100
2 Sound cards
3 Vid cards F/S
MOBO CPU RAM Sale/trade
New MCW6002-64
modded NF7-S
FS:Moblie 3200 A64 DTR
WTB: VDIMM Modded PC-DL or NCCH-DL, 2x MCW-6002-px :)
Enermax 330w psu.
3.2ghz northwood socket 478
FS: Mobile 2500+ Abit NF7
775 Combo
Socket A stuff.
FS: Brand new ear buds (headphones) - $15 shipped OBO
FS: Hitachi (IBM) Ultrastar 15k RPM 36.7GB SCSI drive
WTB: Good clocking Socket A Mobo
WTS/WTT: 512x2 Mushkin Value Ram
WTT/WTS: 1 x 512 Mushkin PC133 for 2 x 256 PC100 or PC133
2x512 OCZ PC3700 EB good deal!
Sapphire 9500Pro and Audigy2 ZS, Good deals!
OCZ Powerstream520w Good deal!
A64 3200+ Claw (s754) and DFI NF3 250GB... good deals!
Broken Apollo ATI 9200SE Video Card
Broken Hard Drive *60 Gig Maxtor 5400RPM*
iPaq 3765 Pocket PC 2002 for sale *cheap!*
Ebay related...
1 x small HDD & 1 x SATA cable (help a folder out!)
IPOD- 1st gen with the works
FS: 90nm Sempron and Chaintech VNF3-250
Kingston KHX3000 BH-5 2x256mb
1GB Mushkin PC3200 BH-5
A64 3700+ Socket 754
Fs: Misc Stuff
Another semi-dead dually motherboard
FS: Fotron 530 PSU !!
D-Link DWL 122 usb wifi adaptor for $15
FOR SALE $50 bletooth usb , irda, usb hub , SanDisk 256mb..
FS: ATI 9500np, ATI AIW9700pro, Sapphire 9800pro
FS PNY 6800 Ultra AGP with DD NV68 Waterblock
Creative SoundBlaster LIVE! x-gamer
Canon Powershot S50 5MP Digital Camera
120mm fans
Dually FS
ATI 9700 Pro AIW with Artic Cooler
IBM Thinkpad R50p - god this laptop rocks and I hate to sell it!! :-(
FS: eVGA 6800 Limited Edition!
2*512 Samsung Original PC3200
FS: AMD XP 2600+ Mobile
WTB! ASUS PC-DL, 2x1.6Ghz LV Xeons with D1 stepping
For Sale: Canon Digital Rebel SLR!
WTT: XMS 3200 XLPT For OCZ Gold VX or similar
TB Santa Cruz and SB Live Sound Cards
FS: Cmoy Headphone Amplifier
BenQ FP767 17" LCD 16ms
ASUS GeForce Ti4800SE
Gameboy Advance SP BLACK
2400+ Mobile Amd Cpu
3.4 C cool running, good OCer
Gskill TCCD pc4400LE 2x512mb. Fastest DDR ever
FS or trade: ocz gold vx 3200
FS: 9500pro w/ silencer rev3
WTB Geforce4 Ti 4600
P4 640 retail package 3 weeks old
ATI 9800 pro w/ramsinks 128MB
WTB: dual DVI 6800 AGP card....6800nu or GT...consider a U possible
Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Card
Car 4 ch Amplifier
FS:2x512mb TwinmosSP(UTT)(44D),2x512mb Crucial PC2100
WTB: Cheap DX8 AGP card and Cheap DX7 card
SB Live!
FS: DFI Pentium M motherboard
Xp-m 2600+ Iqyha 0352
80mm 3/8" radiator - $25 shipped
SilverStone TJ05S-TW | TTGI 450w
Epox 8k5a3+ Motherboard - Untested sold As-Is
DFI Lanparty KT400a chipset motherboard - Untested sold As-Is.
160gb PATA Hitachi / IBM 8mb cache, quiet, fast, cheap!
Abit Nf7-S
FS: Audigy2 ZS
Asus K7V and 800 MHz Slot-A Athlon
512MB PC266 PC2100 DDR Memory
FS: Playstation 2/Games
ABIT NF7-S and Mobile 2500
Classifieds FAQs and Guidelines
Classifieds FAQs and Guidelines
Classifieds FAQs and Guidelines
Classifieds FAQs and Guidelines
Classifieds FAQs and Guidelines
Classifieds FAQs and Guidelines
Fortron 550-60PLN
Antec True Blue 480 CHEAP!
Lian Li PC-v1200B
Intel 550 + DFI Lanparty 875
MCX604-V™ heatsink for Intel® Xeon® (800MHz system bus) processors
Fs Ncch-dl
2X 2.8GHZ 800FSB Nocona Xeon
Modded 9800 Pro/XT - Custom cooler + Ramsinks
ASUS K8V SE Deluxe
WTB / WTT: PS2 Game GT4
Intel P4 Processor 550 - 3.4Ghz LGA775 / 800 FSB / 1MB L2 with HT
WTS/WTT 64bit 3300 (yeah 3300)
PNY Geforce4 Ti4600
NIB: ABIT "AN7" nForce2 Ultra 400 Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A
2 x 512MB Corsair XMS 3200LL
Vantec Aeroflow
Slk 947u
Two PSU's for sale.
FS: ATI 9800Pro (Brandnew)
Abit IS7 - $50 shipped
XP1700+ DUT3C JIUHB = $35 shipped
FS:AMD64 3200+ skt 939 90mn / MSI Neo2 platinum / thermalright xp90
Albatron 6800GT
FS: M-Audio Revolution 7.1 & Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy
FS: DFI Infinity,2600M IQYHA,SLK947U !!
FS: 8X DVD Burner
Kingston HyperX 512MB PC2700 & Kingston ValueRam 2x256MB PC3200
A64/2 mobos priced to move!
New ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB OEM & USED 9600XT
very small size whole system workstation
FS:1x 36g Raptor / 4x WD 200g IDE and 1x Hitachi 250g IDE
FS: BB ATI x800 pro vivo ->Perfectly modded to XTPE
Dell Axim X50v + Wifi Router+ Many Accessories!!!
Fs: 6600gt Pci-3, Fx5900 Agp
2 Mp3 Players for 1 LOW price!
FS: Black Ice Xtreme II
FS DFI NF3 A64 3700 and 6800U with NV68
WTS/WTT Blackice Extreme for BI Pro
OCZ Performance 1GB(512MBx2) DDR4200
Logitech MX1000 Mouse
Processors and boards
2 Hitachi Sata Drives
FS: P4 3.0C Northwood 512K 800FSB HT
NCCH-DL 1 Month Old.
WTB: Audigy 2 zs
Mint Rio Nitrus for sale!
few items for sale
40 GB drive for $18 Dollars
Adaptec 29160LP SCSI Card
WesternDigital 80gb hard drive
AGP radeon 7500 64meg
Floppies, Cdrom.. BUY BUY BUY
PMMX, P2, P3, Athlon 2100+, Mobo's
Chaintech Zenith ZNF3-250
Corsair XMS Platinum Series pc3200
Antec True 430W
Fs: Pny 6800gt Agp
Sapphire 9800 Pro 256bit/128meg
3200 Newcastle 2.2 ghz/MSI KT8 Neo
Another 9600XT Mint/Cheap
FS:ECS 848P-A Motherboard, Brand New, Cheap!
FS : Maxtor 160GB IDE Drive
WTB: Dead or Alive Abit IS7 mobo.