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is it posible to update ssd firmware while it run in raid )
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USB 2.0 Lacie Key freezing up during large file transfer
does this exist?
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256GB SSD Boot with 32 GB SSD cache for HDD Storage? HELP
Brands. What do you guys think?
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EMC World
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impulse buy (ssd) in 12 hours which of these 2 should i get
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so my friend told me about the "archive team"
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Best 5.25" Hot Swap HDD tray ? (for a custom case)
samsung 840 pro 256gb issue
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Backup question
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external usb 2.0 enclosure?
class 4 microsd card, fast enough for 1080p recording?
OEM vs. Aftermarket
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RAID or Separate? Samsung 830 and 840 Pro
Crucial M4 Reliability
HD Cloning
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in raid but not in raid HDD
help finding my hard drive on computer.(yes i know it physical location) :p
HD loses format when swtiching HD Enclosures
hang on boot
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Sata Power Cable Order
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Transcend 32GB 1000x CF card (with reader)
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Flash memory chip built out of single-atom-thick components
wd raptor
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Keep Raid 1 Internal/ or External?
What RAID array do I want?
Bios Flash then no boot from SSD (restart loop)
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intel SSD don't like sata 6??
physical damage to my hdd - fixable?
Hard drive space
Just bought an ASUS S550CA, need help with partitions
Cloning a GPT HD to an SSD
partitioning SSD?
Just installed my OCZ 120GB SSD Wow!
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SSD Vs 15k Drive in a VMWARE ESX Server
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HD HD which HD do you choose.?
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moment of despair.
Why not always configure RAID
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HELP! Trying to set up sata and raid
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SATA I and SSD. Wouldja?
Hard Drive Not Being Detected, Clicking(ish) Sound (w/ Video & Sound)
Intel 520 120/180 GB any good??
From floppies to CDs/DVDs/Blurays - something backwards?
How to Delete OS off of Hard Drive?
looking for decent external
SSDs came but no brackets :(
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[Home Server Build] - My first server, ZFS, RAID 5 and other networking stuff
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Poor Performance From 2x Vertex 4 - VTX4-25SAT3-128G - raid 0
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HDD operation fundamentals
Partitioning my SSD and HDD
HDD disappeared
dd command line parameters
Hard drive in a lowered car
Physically Stacking Drives? SSD/HDD
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3tb only works external...
RAID 0 SSD - what chipsets support it?
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Corsairs 120 GT
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Seagate Momentus
Windows not detecting SSD
Question regarding OCZ Vertex II
RAID 0 different make SSD's?
Switching HHD
120~128gb ssd for around 100$
I am in Need of A SSD
Adding Drives to existing JBOD?
Windows 7 wont allow me to install OS onto SSD's
IDE cables 40pin vs 40 - pin 20
new ssd opinions welcome
SSD with HDD new build
Blue Screen: f4
3TB+ Drives on EP45-UD3R
Barracuda vs. Caviar Black
SATA drive as boot drive on Abit NF7-S v2
Problems with getting OCZ agility 3 to run properly
Hard Drive or the enclosure? Transfer speeds drop to zero
Samsung 840 250GB model, reliability
Laptop Drive
SSD performance questions
Move Steam folder to new SSD
I need a new hard drive for recording.
Verify SSD alignment - The easy way.
Is my HDD dying?
ssd drives
SSD Very slow as system drive but fast otherwise
What Are the Advantages of an SSD?
WD Blue Caviar HD 320 GB Poor Perfomance
SMART: Caution on 3 week old HDD?
Raid Controller
Is this SSD worth it? Shellshocker
Raid 0 help
Help Me Understand SSD
Vista / 7 Volume shrink problem / fix
Suggestions on reliable SSD's
Firmware Update With RAID 0?
Samsung 840 Pro Server Level Testing
Hard Drive Storage Advice
Reliable HDD for HTPC?
Laptop optical drives
Possible hdd failure
Velociraptor Raid0....round 2!
Are HDD silencers ubiquitous and do they work?
Samsung Magician 4.0
SSD, Which one?
Help with my HDD
Which sandisk SSD?
Recommend a good external min 2 drive enclosure?
Samsung 840 Pro Ordered - Any updates on failure rates?
RAID 1+0 or No Raid?
Saving programs/files on SSD and HDD
Merging partitions w/o losing the data on them?
Help! External HDD partiton recovery
Are Intel SSD's bad for the money?
Am I able to extend the size of my array? (8888ELP controller)
Which SSD
dell perc 5i and 5 74gb raptors.
2 OS's 2 HDDs
Hot Swap not reading Second Drive
Any problems with runng SSD at capacity for games
WD Caviar series or WD Red?
CORSAIR Force GS 240GB Single Drive and Raid0 SSD Performance Guide
HDD disappeared.
SanDisk 120GB Extreme SSD question
HDD woes
Kingston firmware
New SSD, Clean Install or Clone?
MBR to GPT drives
RAID card migration
480GB SSD Only picking up as 32GB..?!
New to SSD's, help me get started
Velociraptor raid 0 results
What would you do.... 2 SSD's
Adata SX900 Results
Newbie RAID question
NAS box build - reconfig of old gaming rig
Partition Broken! help!
Weird data showing on CrystalDiskInfo (both HDD & SSD), please HELP !!
Which HDD docking station is the best??
HDD clicking/chirping, read error, no boot.
What do you do to configure your OS for an SSD?
Selling tablet with SSD, OK to just reformat?
data migration - what size should these partitions be?
ssd alignment question
Dead HDD? Data Recovery
SSD prices going up?
Please help? Hooked SSD to SATA and power cables, doesn't show up in my computer
Ghost Windows on Formatted HDD?
WD VelociRaptor.
Win7 constantly waiting for secondary HDD to spin up
System Hibernate file... why 6gb?
WD red with QNAP TS-219P?
SSD multi-tasking is a joke :(
Why Me!!!!
How to safely sell a HDD
Motherboard or Software RAID questions.
Most reliable HDD's currently?
IRST refuses on 2TB Seagate HD but OK on 1T HD
Asrock UEFI Not Detecting HDD!
HD Tune found 3.9% damaged blocks, what should I do?
Intel 330 sometimes recognized
Which SSD do you recommend
good USB3 3.5 External-Enclosures
OCZ Agility for OS and Samsung 840 for games?
Help please - is my SSD dead? Windows 8
little question about ssd
Intel Smart Response, on complicated setup?
Magnets and SSDs
burning to bluray
hdd and op not being detected
OS on New SSD?
Easiest to use NAS solution?
WD Black won't boot by itself
No W.D SSD ?
erratic hdd speed
SSD Problems possibly broke?
Considering buying a WD Red drive, need input
New build, hard drive and dvd drive wont turn on
Need tips for recording video using an ssd
Should I be worried about my new drive?
Are they Speedy> 5400rpm with USB3.0 ?
SSD working fine, HDD not being detected.
NAS Storage?
RAID State Critical!! Help
How to test HDD?
OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review
Any way to retrieve pix, music, etc from PS3 drive?
OCZ Vertex 4 problems
SSD Secure Erase?
NEED HELP!!!!!!! Making my first RAID0 Array
Having some problems with my HDD
Blu-ray burner thoughts...
p67 Intel raid 0 on Asus MIVE Problems
Ultrabook only supports 32gb SSD max?
Purely backup storage Ext HDD?
DVD drive not reading any discs
Hot Swapping & BIOS?
SSD basics
Samsung 830 and raid driver
Anyone had experience with non intel Hyrbid SSD like HighPoint RocketHyrbid
VHD vs physical HDD
HDD error
Help me decide: Samsung 840 (non-pro) 128GB vs OCZ Vertex 4 128GB
First Time Builder - SSD and HHD mix-up. (NEED HELP)
Mushkin Chronos Deluxe vs.
ssd and heat
what is wrong with my SSD?
SSD Suggestion
300GB of writes in 2 weeks!
HDD Installation Help
Guidance request for storage array
SSD Time before failure
Changing Default Directory Causing Unforseen Issue
Adding HDD to SSD?
Which 3TB disk would be a better choice out of these 2 options?
(SOLVED)(Windows 7 won't start with 2nd SSD hooked up
Looking to build a media server. Suggestions?
Backup Issues
Revive old IDE desktops with a IDE to CF adapter (must see)
How many HDD you have?
Mount SAN Multiple Machines
Rookie SSD
SSD on Intel Z77. Put HDD array on Marvell?
Adding more SATA ports
Software raid within Windows
DVD drive wont open
RAID block sizing - best practice
How to make your bootable CF FLASH drive show up as non-removable
Need some RAID/Storage/HTPC/NAS advice
why do file transfers always start high and go down over time?
which of my SSD's should be with os?
SSD Time for me, Whats the way to go ?
SSD with windows intstalled running out of space?
ISO Overwrite
Can't format drive taken out of raid
Best way to backup OS SSD
HDD not showing up as SATA II?
VelociRaptor WD3000HLHX 300GB SATA 6.0Gb/s
Kingston 3K or Samsung 840 PRO
SSD benchmarking at 1MB/s
really low write on samsung ssd
Revive those old PATA laptops with this! (MUST SEE)
Best RAID card for HD Video Editing
No sleep on SSD but sleep HDD ?
SABnzbd & FreeNAS
New firmware for Crucial M4 - 040H
Mounting Screws for Samsung 830
Bad recording performance
Gonna buy 1st SSD - ADVICE! (range of choice localy restricted)
SSD Purchase! Can't wait!
Seagate, warranty period, unknown.
Where to buy SAS drives?
I'm lost and confused..
First SSD is it where it should be ?
What To Do With 2 SSDs
Raid 0 Agility 4 256gb x2 + Stripe size testing.
external hd question
SSD only reports half its speed
SSD Boot Drive Help
smart data
Anyone able to use Win7 for backups?
Any external 3tb drives that are safe for constant heavy use?
New SSD, Write Speed Low, Won't Shut Down
NAND flash gets baked, lives longer
Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe USB 3.0 File Copy Issue - Windows 8 Pro
X79 FTW + Raid 0 Agility 4 256gb. *bugged in sata2 speed* [solved]
Single SSD on RAID
Help installing SSD!
Best SSD among these...
how to delete os from old hard drive
How Much Space Is needed for a gaming rig?
SSD lost efi partition
Asus P5K Vanilla with OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
which is best?
Not able to run RAID and Windows
Samsung SSD 840/840 Pro Failures -update
AHCI mode for SSD
First SSD purchase - all input welcomed
Changing Drive Letters
need advice
What to do with two identical SSD's ON TOP of a SSD boot drive?
SSD Upgrade Question
Clone large hard disk to smaller SSD
Stumped on RAID issues
Recover Files?
ssd agility 3 60gb bad rating
drivelock password
WD Reds Any one used them yet ?
Raid expansion question.
RAID 0 n00b need advice
SSD Recommendations
ssd problem
Fresh Install of W7, won't recognize my preconfigured RAID5
Different Sized Velociraptors in RAID
Should I use an HDD or a SSD for MySQL and PHP?
external as internal?
SSD boot drive for office setting ?
HELP!!! SSD getting BOOTMGR is Missing
what raid card do you recommend?
How do i install
How do I clear a drive?
To RAID or not to RAID?
SSD not recognized
Is the drive dead or what?
Moved from Windows 7 to Windows 8
help me pick an SSD: M4, 330, Agility4
Getting an SSD This Black Friday - Any Advice
Advice for new boot drive
Seagate or WD HDD?
HDD to SSD Laptop
The ever lasting question of which is best? V4 vs M4 vs 840?
Free data recovery software?
Quick question on raid.
Kingston Hyperx 120, Performance opinion.
Hard Drive backup
Move from SSD to HDD
Crucial M4 troubleshooting help
WD Red 3TB