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$100,000 Blu-Ray burner
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new x25-m g2 80gb, test results. feedback?
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looking for a 2.5" 7200rpm 320 or 500 gig hd for ps3.
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Windows 7 Raid array 'laggy'
Samsung 1.5 potentially dead
Moving Raid-0 Arrays
Any one ever try one of these??
RAID 0+1
Intel SSD & TRIM Firmware - Some Practical Considerations
5.25 to 4x2.5 bay converter?
A hard drive array, sort of
Drive max speed Sata I/II?
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please help me find an ssd this is all new to me
2.5" 750gig and 1TB drives (blue)
Gaming grade
Two SSDs on Short List but Which One?
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Possible bad hdd?
laptop HDD's ata, sata, conversion? 7200rpm
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What 500GB HDD?
What 500MB HDD?
Wish I could enter the matrix.
Repair a WD 250GB drive?
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Dell Laptop drive driving me crazy! Hiw to clone?
Acronis True Image WD Edition
Sumsung 1.5TB Hard Drive Issues
New HD, should I RAID or get an SSD?
Cannot get Dell Perc 5/i to work
W7 W/ SSD & HDD - How Manage Installation of Key Folder Loactions?
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Front Page - Storage and you!
Low cost SATA card.
what new HDD to get for windows 7
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First time RAID
Iv'e seen the numbers but will I feel the difference?
HDD read/wries?
Hard drive for Pioneer DVR-560H
Best place 2buy slimline optical converter wire?
Dman's New SSD's :) 2x Intel Gen2 80Gigs
Burn an ISO to a virtual CD
Mini PCIE to USB adapter?
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My SSD love
Can a raptor x raid w/ regular raptor 150gb?
RAID on MSI GD70 790FX
Can someon please help me understand how to do this
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SSD upgrade Q? please....
free 500 gb
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Super Talent SSD's
bigger ssd and scrap the hdd?
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Did I kill this Velociraptor drive?
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faster access times
USB to SATA/IDE Adapter problem
Super Talent... Untalented?
Seagate vs Samsung
128GB SSD vs 300GB velociraptor??
Need a RAID 5 Array
Lacie Porsche , anyone had one before ?
Disappearing Hard drive
Intel G2 SSD's & Price
I get the whole "slice out the fastest part" concept...but quick question...
RAID 0 SSD worth it?
2 hard drive questions
SYSTEM has 7 drives now! Cool?
HDD partitioning
Can you manually update Intel Matrix firmware? (ICH9R)
P55 w/ Raid 0,5,10
LG Blu-ray burner opens disc try every 30 minutes
raid ?
Using the PCI x1 slot
Fastest Raid setup possible for AMD?
RAID 5 Boot fail Vista Hm P 64bit
Have you had a SSD Fail?
Raid 5 question
Whoops, deleted wrong partition on wrong drive...
Any Droboists out there?
Help needed on triple HDD build
Advice on new Matrix RAID setup -- 4 x 640GB WD Caviar Blacks -- Good choice?
can WD5000BEVT fit my acer 4530
Areca 1210 driver for Win7 64-bit?
Formatted Flash Drive by Accident: Please Help
OCForums needs content editors!
Seagate Ships World's Fastest Desktop Drive
OCZ Vertex Wiper program question
Move Page file from SSD to mechanical...?
Sata drive wont stop working
Never knew there was a 160gig raptor drive.
Weird problem with X-25m G2
Intel X25-M G2 retail box dimensions
The first partition I create, is that towards
Please explain the benefits for having ssd's in raid 0
Is it ok to install a hard drive upside down?
My two WD3000GLFS's in Raid 0 hows this look?
dvd drive stopped working - have i pooched it?
wiinxp does not recognize my cd-rom drive. help please
Wd green 1tb not powering on
What tool do i need to open up a hard drive?
Raid 0 Help
Intel X25-M G2 Drive Thickness
RAID0 "Error Occurred (0)" HELP ASAP!!
How do you run things off a flash drive?
Does this setup make sense for Matrix RAID?
Advice: Which harddrive?
Hardware Raid (linux)
Help with RocketRAID 2680 ..
What is the fastest SATA drives now?
How fast does gigabit go?
Raiding Faster SSD's, Is It Worth It?
"Lightning" SSD's - 500/320 MB/s Read/Write
looking for an SSD to replace 10krpm raptor
OCZ Vertex 120gb vs Intel X25-M 80gb G2 on Windows 7
Intel X-25M 34nm - do I enable/disable write cache?
CD Burner No Recognized?
5.25" HDD Enclosure that has a way for me to turn it off?
Help me recover from an apparent boot sector failure
How to completely erase/reformat an SSD?
Existing raid on new motherboard
SSD on SB700 chipset
Spin up's and HDD LIFE
WD black 1TB x2 or WD RE3 x2 for raid??
WD3000GLFS in Raid
SSD + OS??
p1 heatsink on harddrive
Why are some intel gen 2 ssds black/grey, and others white?
New SSD for 7
Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB any good?
Worst fragment drive EVER
Need help reclaiming space
Getting CF to boot XP
GB EP45-UD3P Windows 7 Raid 0 BSOD 0x0000007B Problem
Exhausive information on mehanical HDDs- Includes SMART and Raid
Failing Drive or Bottleneck??
network storage and alike question
I have a few questions about SSD's.
OCZ Garbage Collector Running for 20 Hours!?
Intel ssd cold boot issue
Notebook HDD External Enclosure
seagate 1tb is now possibly a paperweight - any recovery programs?
What's killing my hard drives?
Thanks Seagate RMA'd HDD Dead In 3 Months
Flash memory good for backup?
optical drive problems
Storage disk
Intel IRRT and vPro
wait a minute now..
Need some advice about SAS Expander Cards
SAS Drives
Raid Problems.
SSD's Or keep the ones I have?
Hey guys, I have a few quick questions. I am going to be building a new system
Nice case/storage idea
2TB Western Digital Black coming soon
Can't see USB connected Hard Drive
preferred 1.5-2tb drives?
320GB hard drive only show 127GB
Questions about a new 20x1.5tb array (and old data)
4.5TB (or more) external storage options
System build with optimized SSD
AMD Raid?
Super Talent SSD
Worth it?
Set up to 640 GB drives in RAID0 but windoes shows 1.2 terrabytes of free space?
Formatted one of my drives, now i can't boot....
ARCEA ARD 1110 Raid Card Help.
RAM Disks?
File ServerBuild Help
A few questions..
HDD wont spin up, died while friend had it
WD TB's not visible
wd 1tb green drive
external hdd usb 2.0 very poor transfer rates...
Which SSD is Preferred?
Western Digital Black Drives
Seagate 1TB 7200.12 noise?
Transferring data from HFS+ format to NTSF w/o a mac
Agility EX - Cheap SLC from OCZ"
SSD installation help
drives that burn -R DL burning -RW DL?
SSD or raid0
Best use of 2 Intel X-25M 80GB SSD Drives
RAID card for VelociRaptors RAID 0
install games on RAID O drive or external?
External Hard Drive Nightmare
Windows 7 not auto detect my external esata hdd
Solid State Drive big enough?
Poor fraps performance, Soft Raid slowing me down?
SSD or Caviar Black raid option?
RAID0 keeps going offline...
IDE PCB burnt resistor/capacitor
WD raptor upgrade and new OS help
Samsung F3 500GB's in RAID0 200GB Array, quick benchies
$160 shipped for two used 80gb V raptors
Intel RAID 5 questions
Current Label making products?
SSD's and access times
Seek for MLC SSD Extreme Performance-CORSAIR CMFSSD-64GBG2D PC/NB platform test
Which RAID card do I buy?
SAS connector
Moving Data from old PC to new
Need BluRay drive for HTPC
HD Cooler
Changing mobos, what to do with my RAID array?
ICH9 and hot plug?
Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.B 1TB opinions?
Help with a decision.
Raid Question
Homeserver HardDrive
external hardrive to internal help please
Help! PC random freeze after ghost
Western Digital Diagnostics
Allocation Unit Size (I have never known whats best)
Ripped out a hdd from its enclosure now what?
New Backup System needed for new Office
Prices of Hard Drives 3 Years ago
Ocz vertex EX vs gskill falcon ssd? Any comparisons anyone?
Raid 0 setup help
Windows 7 on which harddrive?
raid card question
esata drive recognition
Lotso Benches
one optical DVD or two???
IDE Hard Drive not showing up in windows?
Cable search
Southbridge RAID compared at Tom's
Seagate hard drive failure fix?
PER5 DUMB question
OEM HDD. What screws and wires, am I missing?
Win 7 Primary Hard Disk Assessment
Asus bluray drive only plays cds
slow raid0 performance..
Laptop with a full hard drive
PERC 5/i vs SAS 5/iR
how to reformat boot drive
Need External Enclosure/Hard Drive Advice
Who uses a ramdrive?
Windows 7 rating no difference!
e-sata enclosure's power adapter.
New SATA standard Q
My Seagate Brick
What happens if you have a slave drive with no master?
How long til hdds become defunct to ssds???
help the n00b with hd set up
WD 1TB Book World (NAS) won't turn on
Interesting Raid Performances
1 ssd or 2 mechanical in raid 0
OCZ core V2 benchmark after 2 months
WD VR that much faster than WD caviar black?
eSata (FTW???)
1 GB - 1980 Vs. 2009
It's a Boy!
ssd on the cheap.
What should I do with all of my hard drives?
best way to recover lost data on laptop drive
Dual optical notebook drives in desktop. Right wire for sata?
2 vs 1?
Question on expanding SATA ports (Suggestions too)
OCZ Colossus
WD 500GB External HD Missing Data. Please Advise.
Best blank DVD's?
Help me understand short-stroking, Plz
Creating A Standalone Vista Boot Partition?
OCZ Vertex VS OCZ Vertex Turbo? same price.
WD VelociRaptor 3000glfs RAID 0 prep
Speed up access time of drives in RAID
Best 1.5TB + HDD
Question about onboard RAID/AHCI controller
Gen 2 Intel SSD on Jmicron JMB363?
What SSD Should I buy?
Intel Matrix ICH10R - Two Raid0 volumes?
Disabling acoustic management for WD VelociRaptor 300GB
Recommend a 1.5TB
Guess ill be the Crucial 64gb guinea pig
Question on my HDD
AMD SB750 vs PERC 5/i
Raid0 stripe size problem
Does anyone know what hotswap bays these are?
What fits my interests more...
Solid State Drive Mounting Adapters?
SATA HD disappears after resume from standby
Western Digital Unveils World's First 1TB 2.5-inch HDD
Won't play CD. Will play DVD
Hardware Raid Controler
Stalling out
AS SSD Benchmark
Issue with new gen 2 x25 ssd. Please read!
Is RAID0 with 3 drivers faster than 2 drives?
GRaid controller maxing @ 35MB/sec
Troubleshooting a DVD drive.
OS/App's one drive want RAID/0 for scratch disk.
Striping requires 2 identical drives?
are a few cut backs worth it for an ssd?
RAID questions/server research
Vista doesn't see DVD drive
SSD Alignment
Need HELP! with my RAID5 Array! Promise EX8350
Samsung starts 40nm DDR3 mass production (4GB DDR3 Modules soon!)
Short Stroking and other HDD advice
slow access time on Jmicron
How To Check Brand New Hard Disk
Are there any reliable hard drives less than $60?
SSD adapters and heat
Help - Raid5 array deleted - drives still shown as Raid, but offline
File Server Setup: Have a few questions
Intel's 34nm NAND SSD's Launching
Western Digital VelociRaptor 300 GB HD
2 HD Raid - Which drives give the best bang for the buck?
Corsair launches Extreme SSD line
SSDs on a budget, 2 cheaper or 1 expensive?
which way would be faster
New Corsair Extreme Series SSDs Announced - Indilinx Barefoot Based
intel x-25m 80gb boot time
Albaholic's OCZ 60gb 2x and 4x raid 0 results
hard drive problem
PCI Sata Card?
need opinion on ssd
Is RAID0 or SSD really worth it?
Corsair P128 128gb (CMFSSD-128GBG2D)
NAS drive not working
raid 10
WD 640GB support 64bit OS
Recover Data From RAID HDD Help?
WD Black 640s VS 7200.10 Single Platter Segates?
SMART Western Digital Caviar Black WD7501AALS
disk management problem!
74gig raptor, 500gig caviar, and 750 gig seagate.
G.skill SSD
help with raid different models
Program to make sfv or md5 files for hash checking?
IDE SATA USB 2.0 6-in-1 Cable
Controller & flash for SSD
SSD/Raid for potential new rig
Storage Config/Backup Help
Fusion-IO and SMLC memory
Nas with Usb
RAID 0 w/ 4 32GB raptors
Intel 80GB X-25M vs G-Skill Falcon
Patriot's entire TorqX series gets 10 year warranty
Help - HDD Failure?
SSD on top of normal HDD?
Seagate 1TB problems.
External Hard Drive & Networking
Imation/MTRON SSD drives question
System Volume Information, Unable to Defrag?
Why can't I access the S.M.A.R.T rating on my hard drives?
Help me pick out a laptop hard drive
External Case Recc'n For 3.5" 500GB SATAII internal HDD> USB2/eSATA MP/PC/PVR
Windows 7 Load times with X-25 M
NOOOO 250gb 7200.10 just died!
How Do You Format Your Magnetic HDD?
HDD SMART Questions
2.5" ssd to 3.5" adapter recommendations
2x150 Velociraptors in RAID 0 vs 2x74GB Raptors in RAID 0
Raid Question
raid software
Any news on 500gb platter WD Caviar blacks?
RAID0 help!
Dying HDD?
Hard drive is fast to start with but slows fast. Why?
Setting up raid.
Blue screen of death from HD?