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PLEASE HELP!: Reset BIOS to defaults, forgot to set RAID, booted, now array is
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Ok Need Serious Help
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Extrenal Hard drives... What is the best bang for the buck?
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This might be a silly question...
Have 2 Drives, 2 Arrays, switching from ICH8R to ICH10R - Any issue?
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Seagate plague....
Long SATA cables
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So according the Matrix Raid console one of my drives are failing.
Open SSD High Performance Territory Intel X25-M 80GB PC&NB Platform Test
HD 120gb only shows 111gb
HDD Crash problem...arghh!!!
Hard drive died. Any software?
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Witch set-up for maximum performance??
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Drive-bay adapter?
2 Questions RE: Matrix Raid
Help with laptop with scsi H/D
How to RAID 0
WD Caviar Black 640GB in 3x RAID0/5 - Bechmarking
Hitachi 1TB hard drive, wont format
Difference between ST3500410AS & ST3500418AS
OCE Rebuild Time
need new dvd burner
has anyone tried stickout out a SATA data and power cable out of their case and...
new WD caviar green clunking/clicking noise at idle
Better to have Raid 1 (OS) on ICH9R or Perc 5i ?
new gskill 64gb ssd
External hard drive will not work internally?
24 Samsung SSD's - Awesome
what is wrong with me WD1001FALS (WD1T)
Drive Letters
Raid Questions
Hows my hd tach look?
OCZ Core v2 Post-Alignment Results
RAID 0/1 Setup with Dual WD6401AALS?
Poll (sorta): HDD Prices
Problem with cloned hard drive partition ... HELP!
Safe way to expand partition?
300gb VelociRaptor or 640gb WD Caviar Blue
Short stroked VelociR VS 1TB Raid 0
EMC Fibre SAN Discs
Older raptor drives raid Or one new raptor?
Raid Vs SSD
OCZ Debuts "Z" Drive: 1TB PCIe SSD
Network Access Server Recommendations
Help! Lost files.
Sata questions
my hard drive is so loud
SSD, VelociRaptor, RAID.... ???
new hard drive
Question for the Pro's ;)
Moving a hard drive
IBM Deskstar in External/Mounts Can't Open?
how do i save to unpartitioned space?
Dual Boot HDs
odd clicking in a Western Digital 1TB Green Power
Must reformat if you change motherboards?
Which is faster?
can i attach a 3.5 inch drive to a laptop?
2nd Hard Drive Not Showing Up In Bios / Vista
new hd or not?
1.5TB Maxtor desktop basically stuffed edition LOL
X-25 M. a real review from a real person
hd issue
Possible solution to Freezing issues with smaller ssd's (netbooks)
Disk Boot Error
Blu-Ray Player not reading DVD Data
External Storage - two options, advice please.
Choosing between hard drives
Networked enclosures: Can you connect USB and have it networked simultaneously?
Laptop Slowness
hd setup recommendations
Can I make internal External WITHOUT ENCLOSURE? (still have it sit in my pc)
USB flash drive - slow transfer problem all of a sudden?
Early RAID10 Drive Failure
Hard drive clicking
Hard Disk recognition?
Something is very.... very wrong.... I have "phantom data"
1 TB External Hard Drive Backup
Laser-Hard Drives in the Making
CD Scratch Repair
RAID 0 and 5 - same speeds?!
HDClone Standard freeware equivalent?
150GB Raptor Or 64GB SSD
nForce 4 NVRAID Guide
LG dvd-rw does not burn.
Windows 7 x64 compatible Ram Disk?
Which Block Size When Formatting?
Markers & CD's
Got a new HD , need a utility to check for good operation.
not detecting hdd
VR300GB Raid 0 and nForce 4
Patriot Warp + Adaptec 3085 RAID Results
Home NAS reccomendation?
Need advice on HDD...
external usb drive is taking 19 hours to format!
Good HD reccomendation
My two hdd's doesnt work fine togheter
1 Tera HDD not being recognized as a slave.
Need to get some important date off an 80gb Western Digitial.
can I "sync" a flash drive and a HDD?
scsi guru help needed
formula maximus raid
Raid 0 quetion
OCZ Summit Series SSD(Samsung controller)
Interesting article on long term SSD performance
Creating RAID partitions
Seagate Cheetah 15k rpm drives.
Is a more powerful RAID card better for performance?
which HD better
Patriot 32GB SSD Installed
Best/Fastest 16GB USB Thumb Drive?
Ghosting SATA AHCI to Raid 0
raid 0 2 drives or 4?
Hard Drive Infected with Virus, Best way to disinfected w/out infecting my system??
Back Up Software Input: Norton Ghost vs Nort. Save/Restore and MS SyncToy 2.0 ??
which is going to be the faster drive?
RAID 1 question.
hd not running at full speed
Hard drive clicks two 2 times at Windows XP logo but not after that
Solution: OS cant find ur Sata HDD???
Novice Question: Adding a 2nd HDD & Moving HDD1 Contents to HDD2?
How much faster is 32mb cache compared to 8mb?
current Raid 0+1 setup with Gigabyte EP45-DS3R. How can I get data if MB fails?
Windows doesn't boot after adding another hard drive
My Hard Drive to Hard Drive transfers seem slow...
Any affect on raiding these?
Mirrored Archive Drive - RAID 1 Solution?
Raid and non raid drives in same computer
Disc troubles on SB750
went to sell my 500gb found out its 1tb... wtf?
Need floppy?
RAID not booting anymore
Bought the SSD. Best way to set it up to install 7 X64 onto it?
Rescue RAID 0
Great deal on SSD
Problem Transfering from Mac to an External IDE HDD
raid two different drives?
Windows XP problem with RAID
Which is the better HDD to get? 640Gig going into Raid
Adding drives to raid 0 worth it?
Dell perc6i: can it be flashed to an LSI?
eeePC SSD Upgrade
Need suggestions for a new notebook drive
External Drive Not Being Recognized?
Quick Raid0 questions.
Just want your opinion on my HDTune results.
SSD or Velociraptor?
Computer wont detect my second harddrive.
Any advantages using SSD over RaptorX hard drives?
New Raid Newbie
Do my hard drives suck?
Can I and How could I update HDD firmware?
LG DVD-RW on the fritz
WDC 1TB or Seagate 1TB/1.5TB
Fujitsu 15K SAS Drives
Expandable RAID 5?
SSD drive and multitaking
Dell perc5i: what 1TB drive would you recommend?
changing aam help
Seagete 7200.11: the ones with firmware CC are the ones to get?
raid help
How do I turn off NCQ?
New drives...
Hard Drive problem
Dell Perc 5/i + Raid 5+ 3 WD 640GB HDs, need Help
Cannot boot from SATA controller?
Corsair's 128gb MLC SSD - CMFSSD-128GBG1D
Will a cheap raid card work better then Nvidia on board raid?
HELP, advise on HD stress test again...
Matrix RAID performance problem
Slice Resizing in Intel Matrix Raid
how do i get SCSI working?
Do's and Don'ts of RAID 0?
What would be better?
Dissapointing first RAID 0 results?
space and speed possible?
10K Raptor & New HDD Options
Raid 0 (4)640 WD Black HD tune results.
Raptor Raid vs SSD
Transfering raids 0
Seagate freeagent and usb 2.0
Transfer Recovery Partition???
G.SKILL 64GB SSD - HD Tach Results
Raid Question.. When I create a new raid, I can't enter the volume..
SSD access time
Another Look at the ACARD ANS-9010
ssd raid? anybody doing it?
Which slot for Dell Perc 5i ??
Sata HD question
Someone expalin RAID arrays to me, never saw a need for em.
Recovering My Raptor
Trouble Deciding.
OCing a HDD?
Seperate Drives
thinking of buying Seagate 1.5TB
[Review] ACARD ANS-9010 RAM Drive
simple questions regarding raid0 w/ asus rampage forumla
GPT and RAID 0
Quicker startup questions.
Dual OS Installation to Raid 1 Array Questions
Hard Drive Suggestions - Help
15k RPM 2.5" hard drive
Cheapest raid driver with on board cache?
1T hard drives.
Seagate's trouble - harddrive failure issue. <-- link
WD Green Power 2TB available now
Caviar Black the same as WDC RE3/RE2 except for TLER setting?
Testing a controller card on Linux.
Matrix, Raid 1, or Single drive + Backup?
Raid Controller That is Guarenteed to Work with Vista and OCZ Solid SSDs
Removing MBR
another 640?
Mac Back-up...
Measure HDD speed.
my first RAID results
SSD Question
OS on SSD drive? Good or bad?
A funny story
How to set up RAID 0 array on a Gigabyte Extreme X58
Intel SSD the best there is?
how to determine firmware on hd
Freeze ups with raid0
alienware oem install cd wrote over my data drive! HELP!
Intel SSD
G.Skill Titan MLC SSD
WD 640 Blacks Raid 0 for boot drive?
Native IDE Vs. AHCI
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 1TB HD103UJ Feedback please
WoW Slow loading and massive HD access
Cant repartition/format a microsd card
Setting up raid 0?
Failing hard disk problem
New HDDs: raid 0 and/or matrix
3 36gb & 1 73gb Raptor.... What would you do?
anyone had problem with Samsung F1 drives dropping from the array?
PCI sata card bootable on non-sata mobo?
Drive lockup
max HDD raid capacity windows can see?
Best image compression format?
SSD X25-M Raid 0 HD Tune Scores !!!
Need help, special sata cable needs!
Western Digital Passport sata to esata?