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Creating RAID partitions
Seagate Cheetah 15k rpm drives.
Is a more powerful RAID card better for performance?
which HD better
Patriot 32GB SSD Installed
Best/Fastest 16GB USB Thumb Drive?
Ghosting SATA AHCI to Raid 0
raid 0 2 drives or 4?
Hard Drive Infected with Virus, Best way to disinfected w/out infecting my system??
Back Up Software Input: Norton Ghost vs Nort. Save/Restore and MS SyncToy 2.0 ??
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RAID 1 question.
hd not running at full speed
Hard drive clicks two 2 times at Windows XP logo but not after that
Solution: OS cant find ur Sata HDD???
Novice Question: Adding a 2nd HDD & Moving HDD1 Contents to HDD2?
How much faster is 32mb cache compared to 8mb?
current Raid 0+1 setup with Gigabyte EP45-DS3R. How can I get data if MB fails?
Windows doesn't boot after adding another hard drive
My Hard Drive to Hard Drive transfers seem slow...
Any affect on raiding these?
Mirrored Archive Drive - RAID 1 Solution?
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Disc troubles on SB750
went to sell my 500gb found out its 1tb... wtf?
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Rescue RAID 0
Great deal on SSD
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Windows XP problem with RAID
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Dell perc6i: can it be flashed to an LSI?
eeePC SSD Upgrade
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External Drive Not Being Recognized?
Quick Raid0 questions.
Just want your opinion on my HDTune results.
SSD or Velociraptor?
Computer wont detect my second harddrive.
Any advantages using SSD over RaptorX hard drives?
New Raid Newbie
Do my hard drives suck?
Can I and How could I update HDD firmware?
LG DVD-RW on the fritz
WDC 1TB or Seagate 1TB/1.5TB
Fujitsu 15K SAS Drives
Expandable RAID 5?
SSD drive and multitaking
Dell perc5i: what 1TB drive would you recommend?
changing aam help
Seagete 7200.11: the ones with firmware CC are the ones to get?
raid help
How do I turn off NCQ?
New drives...
Hard Drive problem
Dell Perc 5/i + Raid 5+ 3 WD 640GB HDs, need Help
Cannot boot from SATA controller?
Corsair's 128gb MLC SSD - CMFSSD-128GBG1D
Will a cheap raid card work better then Nvidia on board raid?
HELP, advise on HD stress test again...
Matrix RAID performance problem
Slice Resizing in Intel Matrix Raid
how do i get SCSI working?
Do's and Don'ts of RAID 0?
What would be better?
Dissapointing first RAID 0 results?
space and speed possible?
10K Raptor & New HDD Options
Raid 0 (4)640 WD Black HD tune results.
Raptor Raid vs SSD
Transfering raids 0
Seagate freeagent and usb 2.0
Transfer Recovery Partition???
G.SKILL 64GB SSD - HD Tach Results
Raid Question.. When I create a new raid, I can't enter the volume..
SSD access time
Another Look at the ACARD ANS-9010
ssd raid? anybody doing it?
Which slot for Dell Perc 5i ??
Sata HD question
Someone expalin RAID arrays to me, never saw a need for em.
Recovering My Raptor
Trouble Deciding.
OCing a HDD?
Seperate Drives
thinking of buying Seagate 1.5TB
[Review] ACARD ANS-9010 RAM Drive
simple questions regarding raid0 w/ asus rampage forumla
GPT and RAID 0
Quicker startup questions.
Dual OS Installation to Raid 1 Array Questions
Hard Drive Suggestions - Help
15k RPM 2.5" hard drive
Cheapest raid driver with on board cache?
1T hard drives.
Seagate's trouble - harddrive failure issue. <-- link
WD Green Power 2TB available now
Caviar Black the same as WDC RE3/RE2 except for TLER setting?
Testing a controller card on Linux.
Matrix, Raid 1, or Single drive + Backup?
Raid Controller That is Guarenteed to Work with Vista and OCZ Solid SSDs
Removing MBR
another 640?
Mac Back-up...
Measure HDD speed.
my first RAID results
SSD Question
OS on SSD drive? Good or bad?
A funny story
How to set up RAID 0 array on a Gigabyte Extreme X58
Intel SSD the best there is?
how to determine firmware on hd
Freeze ups with raid0
alienware oem install cd wrote over my data drive! HELP!
Intel SSD
G.Skill Titan MLC SSD
WD 640 Blacks Raid 0 for boot drive?
Native IDE Vs. AHCI
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 1TB HD103UJ Feedback please
WoW Slow loading and massive HD access
Cant repartition/format a microsd card
Setting up raid 0?
Failing hard disk problem
New HDDs: raid 0 and/or matrix
3 36gb & 1 73gb Raptor.... What would you do?
anyone had problem with Samsung F1 drives dropping from the array?
PCI sata card bootable on non-sata mobo?
Drive lockup
max HDD raid capacity windows can see?
Best image compression format?
SSD X25-M Raid 0 HD Tune Scores !!!
Need help, special sata cable needs!
Western Digital Passport sata to esata?
SSD for server?
RAID 0, Help
New Hdd.
2.5" power question
Seagate Firmware Update
reinstall XP to add another HD?
HDD Free Space and Performance
World's First 1 TB 2.5" SSD from PureSilicon Is the Dream Drive
Click sound on spin-up...none thereafter?
Western Digital External HD Problem
Need help setting up a RAID file server
How hot should a HD get?
Bending Sata cables any problems?
WD Velociraptor Slow?
Recommend Hd's and setup for server
-> Seagate 7200.11 current/prior owners - please post here!!
SSD Install questions
SCSI riser card in servers- any one done this?
Western Digital's new 2TB hard drive
Partition Matrix Raid 0?
Anyone read HD reviews on the Egg lately?
First MATRIX RAID 0 Setup 2xWD640AALS question
WD 1TB vs 640GB Caviar Black drives
Two ST3750330AS vs Two wd6401aals
Strange Beeping sound
looking for new OS drive
Help with Raid 0 Configeration P5Q Deluxe
New 3ware 9690SA-8i - um how do i connect the harddrives?
Seagate 7200.11's failure rates @ +30% ??
Seagate RMA
RAID 0 + RAID 1 HD Tune Results!
Mixing 1TB Brands on RAID5 Array
Maxtor D-Max 10 I Swear Is Dying?
PCI-Express Raid Controller
3-5 TB storage options
Concerned about drive clicking noise
Are SSD drives ready for 24/7 servers?
Thinking about buying an SSD??? Well think again
Can't see partitions anymore?
1 vraptor versus raid0 vraptors
Decet RAID5 Controller?
Is it possible to screw up a raid array while OCing?
Raid Partition Question
Drive options?
Ultimate Defrag vs Vista native defragger : ?
Are Cheap DVD Burners Okay?
HDD and game performance
Resize a partition
SAS drives...
Ditching my old raptors, what should I go for?
Partition problems
OS Reinstall Problems
Disk drives no longer showing up
New SD card standard boasts 2 TB capacity
Having some hard drive issues
very slow map load up of COD waw on Raid 0
WD1001FALS Question
How much space is enough?
WD640AALS Matrix RAid 0 HDTune Results
Blah. I guess it's toast?
Should I install all games on my primary 300 gig velociraptor OS HD?
IOP332 vs IOP333 and RAID6
mb and cpu upgrade on vista w raid 5
500gb hardrive showing up as 127gb?
reliable external hd?
RAID 5 Controllers: Adaptec 2251800-R or 3ware 9650SE-4LPML
f6 doesnt work
Raid 0 Newbie Setup Questions
Remove CDFS partition
1.8" PATA to UBS solution?
Hard Drives: State of the Union
Going to raid tomorrow for the first time, quick question.
Saturating sata150?
Copying data from 80gig drive to a new drive.
SAS controller can use normal SATA right?
I'm thinking of getting a SSD for my iBook G4, I have questions please.
Shortcut to eSata
More than 7 HDs in system?
Corsair Flash drives.
OCZ launches fast, mid-range Vertex SSDs
Intel ships mainstream 160GB, 2.5-inch SSD
G-Tech intros external SSDs, fast SAS-based NAS
Seagate 1TB 7200.12
WD and boot up
External Enclosure - bad drive or bad enclosure?
Fried hard drives - now what?
How to securely sell hard drives
sata cables slip out enough
Sun reveals that yelling at disk drives causes high latency
Areca 1220 Windows Install Pro blem (XP/Vista)
Need advice on hardware raid solution
Are WD Black 1TB's quiet
Seagates In RAID 0 Making Noise
Do you have to partition the drive that your installing a new OS on
AMD RAID Utility?
OCZ 30gig Solid SSD
SAmsung HDD's
Seagate External Hard Drive> Recognized but NO Mounting. Help Plz
Changing partitions without reformatting?
2TB Drives?
Boot Hangs: "auto-detecting sata1 drive"
remove pre installed software on USB drive
Starting a server Qs
HUGE PROBLEM - New Build - not detect HDD
data recovery
New Raid box wont format properly
Overclocking refresher please
raid ?
Are the Seagate 1.5TB HDDs 'fixed', yet?
HDD for up to $150?
5.25 HotSwap HDD tray?
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1TB SATA-II 32MB Cache
need flash drive
SII 3114 Raid Card Performance Issues
BMR on SSD's and the testing thereof.
hard drive in 5.25 bay
(2) Unopened Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB 32MB Cache For Sale ($110 shipped)
urgent help required: please help recover my drive/files
problem with dvd and cd rom drives
USB Flash Drive Problem - Can't copy large files
Intel Matrix Raid - Fresh Build OS Install
Toshiba's new speedy 512GB SSD - real fast!
Separate disks for OS and Data vs a single one
help please ... need help fast
How to turn seagate 7200.11 sleep mode off in linux?
Best 750gb backup system with a 1tb drive?
Bricking USB Flash Drives By The Handful
External 2.5" SATA not working
Can I use my old HD with OS on new rig? newb alert
need help with raid array
SSD's and 2009
300gb raptors in raid 0
need help to format my external hd
RAID-0 - 80GB & 500GB HDD
WEIRD! All 4 hard drives died on the same day!
Please Help
HDD Upgrade: Looking At WD 640GB Black
PCI card and eSATA connection
Wont recognise my new harddrive
1Tb HDD's - Which one to get
how do I rebuild a raid1 array (using intel ich9r)?
HELP! Win2k is reporting my partitioned hdd as unformatted
Terabyte drive
ST3500641as-RK, How does it compare?
Did I kill my HDD?
RAID 0 & Vista
HD Tune Results
WD Caviar Black issues
Double your HDD space, by recovering the "hidden partition" what?
Can you kill a HDD this way?
Fibre Channel how do I run them need SCSI card?
New 36gb Raptor Not Working
How safe is RAID5?
Wont boot after drive image
2x 75 gig Raptor or 1x 300 gig VelociRaptor
Vista Ultimate Partition Suggestions
I have a new Seagate 1.5TB, how do I make sure it works?
Installing new Hardrive problems
raid-5 question
Vista x64 did a System restore, now my physical & virtual DVD drives do not work!
Fresh Install with Raid 0 / Not working...
Velociraptor or OCZ Vertex?
Best gaming hard drive
Storage box
Clean up vista?
Adding partition to an old drive
RE: How to unlock Sata Drive with KNOWN password
What is best performing 500 Gig drive
CHKDSK question
Help me please
Stipe size?
WD passport not showing up
Ext. Hdd Precautions
Idea to liquid modify external HD enclosure...
Help me pull my head outta my raid setup.
HD501LJ VS P7K500
adding a second HDD
trying to pull data off 2 striped drives without the raid controller
2.5 Mobile Hard Drive - Adapter Rack?
External Array
RAID 1 on non-OS drive without deleting.
Out of the loop
Need help
3ware 9690SA-8i + RAID50 x 6 640GB Seagates = 656MB/s
Hitachi 7K1000.B noise level ? vs. Spinpoint
typical velociraptor transfer rate?
Expand Hard Drive Capacity
4.5TB RAID5 Array (Promise TX4310 and 4x 1.5TB Seagates)
Which operating system is best for solid-state drives?
Exclusive Look at Fusion-io ioDrive - PCIe Solid State
WD Greenpower or Seagate Barracuda 7200.11?
WD6400AAKS partation?
ssd and no Jmicron contoller on MCL on the market?
Do I need to formate?
OCZ Launches ANOTHER line of Consumer SSD's
Looking At RAID Set-Up (1st Ever)
USB Stick. dead?
Matrix Raid setup
VR won't detect in xp
Looking for some storage advice
Project: My first FreeNAS server! 2.25tb of storage...drool.
Help! need much more disk space for laptop
My old Raptor 74 gig, vs new WD 640
for you scsi raid experts ...
Laptop HDD: What Should I do?
RAID Controller Question
chdsk gets stuck
Bootable usb drive
Please help recover lost files
iastor BSOD's
External HD. SATA or IDE with USB 2.0
RAID Failed :*(
Broken external drive...
Broken DVD drive or driver issue? XP64 strikes maybe?
anyone here ever use a Iram ?
Price vs Performance/Reliability: External or Internal w/ Enclosure
third plug on WD640 AALS harddrive?
good choice?
2.5" HDD with 7200rpms where?
Samsung 750GB or WD 640GB?
Debate over sleeping HDD's or continuous run
Raiding partitions
Matrix Raid issues
Wich SSD or VelociRaptor?
Laptop DVD drive cables
Best Boot Drive Imaging Software
Odd DVD rw problem
What to use in a 2 HDD Raid 0 now?
Just got myself a WD 750gb Caviar hard drive
Any hope to recover data?
need help on some matrix raid question??
q's on making a raid 0 array with OS disk
Question About SSD's
new WD 750GB problem - so slow =[
Proper RAID / partitioning for performance?
Slimline/ Laptop DVD/CD-ROM Enclosure
Does spindle speed really matter for external drives?
2 Floppy Disk Drives
What to do...
Which Drive and Why
win2k3 slooow HD
Question about SSD and RAID0
Possible dying HDD
Help with burning CD'S
Looking to buy 2 external enclosures…
OCZ Core Series V2 OCZSSD2-2C30G
Sometimes my optical drive EJECT button doesnt work
Looking to upgrade
New WD 640GB problem
LITEON blu-ray not playing blu-ray discs
FAT32 (Cruzer) and Transferring Files 4GB+
External hard drive, anything to avoid?
Floppy drives missing pins?
1tb or 2x500gb
WD Failed, Help Please.
750GB - WD or Samsung? who to go with?
Which drive for storage only?
HD – Correct & proper way to partition in XP & Vista ?
Fair price Raptor 150GB
keep a 5 year old raptor?
Requesting OCZ Core SSD users to test possible fix
External (USB) enclosure with RAID1 (mirror) capabilities
Running "applications" off external hard drive
Expert opinion: which setup is faster
One RAID0 array or Two?!?
PCI SATA Controller Card Selecting (Buying)
Raptor Drive Help!
hard drive dead or something more serious?
which external HD?
SpinRite "Time Remaining" very long...
RocketRaid 3510 + PCI-E Question
Best sofware RAID?
Seagate 7200.11 HDD's NCQ/Non NCQ ?
Sd card testing software?
BOOM! WD Fails! Help! WD5000KS
Best HD for the money?
Anyone with a WD 1TB Black tried using Hitachi feature tool to change AAM?
Does anyone had any issues with Samsung HDDs and Intel chipsets (in RAID)?
Bad SSD already? (Asus Eee PC)
do multiple raid volumes on same drives have speed influences
Want to make a DIY external enclosure, have some questions
New HD with new OS help
how to recover raid 1 data
OEM drives on newegg, no cables?
Ok I am excited!
best semi-fault tolerant solution for my money?
raid and hd question
Raid/ windows install/ bsod
8mb to 32mb
Samsung VS LG Dvd burner, differences?
My Seagate 1tb drive is no longer detected by the bios....
help with Hard drive set up for new system
Questions on SSD MLC
What Hard Drive is Better???!!!
Good Hard Drives for XFX 780i MOBO
SATA vs IDE cd/dvd drive/burner?
Problem with USB SATAII hard drive
EVGA 780i & SATA Optical Drives
RAID0 Probs
Adding sata to a fairly old system
Mirroring my single HDD to My RAID array
Still have to defrag SSD's
Drive Image, video files (for editing) on different partition or different hard drive
ST3640323AS VS WD6401AALS
WD6400AAKS vs WD6401AALS
Two hdd's, 1 for gaming, 1 for OS
Cant Format My Hardrive. Any Ideas?
Multiple Raid Controllers?
i'm having trouble partitioning a Linux drive
USB flash drive as hard disk?
How to change the cluster size??
Can a cd/dvd burner also play cd's?
Why were these files unrecoverable?
ESATA External Stops Being Available
is it the hard drives?
Interface converter
Looking for a reliable HDD
question-connecting 2 HDD
Sata cables
WD terabyte with tri platter version needed
question about matrix raid.
useing ipod classic HDD in a plane abot 30,000?
How do i spin down one 1 hard drive? is it better to run 24/7?
Is it getting too old?
e-sata on ip35pro
Where is my HDD
Raid 0 question- if one drive fails, is the other one useless?
hard drives for my new computer?
160 gb hard drives in raid 0 great results
Test if drives are unstable?
Home Server RAID build and monitor
Is my Sata II 75GB Raptor still fast enough?
Is it safe to burn dvds with a burner resting on its side?
free unformat software?
Strange question about laptop dvd-ROM Drive
Areca 1220 Controller Driver Install
need an external backup device
How do you wipe a SSD?
raid 0 speeds
raid question
2 250g in raid 0 or 1 300gb velicoraptor
Need some VelociRaptor advise.
Intel SSD 80gig at newegg!!
Best hdd for $100?
Best Sector by Sector Imaging Software
quick raid question
Need suggestions on how to organize hard drive space
Any updates on Seagate 7200.4?
Where can I find specs for drive mounting holes?
Raid-5 question
testing hard drive question.
Which DVD burner?
New 150GB Velociraptors Raid 0?