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Its so small! I hope it knows how to swing it...
Suggestions? optimized file location
Any alternatives to hard drive.
Slot load DVD drive
NaS or external drives?
PCIe-8x Raid Card, which one to buy?
What RAID for best fileserver (PATA drives)
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RAID 5 Recovery Options (Abit IP35 Pro) UPDATED
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2 HD's, 2 windows installs, questions
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raptor noise
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Positive review for Seagate 1.5 TB ST31500341AS
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HDD mod ?
Utility to check disk for errors?
EIDE External Dock?
I need suggestions on whats best HD to raid 0(i need fast suckers)
Suggest a FAST SATA HD please :)
external hd suggestions?
Hundreds of orphaned files on Raidset
Matrix Raid0 help on P5Q MOBO!
hard drive clicking??
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RAID or no RAID?
Can I reinstall windows without reinstalling games
Pioneer DVR-212 picks up DVD's? but not CD's??WTF
SATA controller bad? maybe the MB?
delayed write failed
U3 Devices and removing U3 Software
IDE Controller Card Question
new hard drive problems
Can an external drive be used on a Mac and PC?
Going abroad
Raid0 on 640AAKS - benchmarks are faster, but real world performance is lacking?
1100MB/s with 6 X25-M in Raid 0
External Drive reccomendations
Need help choosing
choice ? ...
Copying current HDD to new one?
Server style storage for HTPC
Fastest single non-SSD/raptor drive?
velociraptor or raid?
What is the fastest + Safest Raid Setup? Raid 1+0? or 0+1? xfx nForceŽ 780i SLI
How to setup a mobo Matrix Raid after Windows is already installed.
Replacing Hard Drive in a Dell XPS400
RAID 1 Problems?
OCZ Core SSD + PCI-E Raid controller = 300MB/s writes!
bio can't detect ide harddrive
USB to Ethernet
Raid and resetting bios
Are SSD's viable yet?
DVD drive not reading DVDs
WD6400AAKS on a SATA 150 board
Raid 0 w/ USB Flash drives in Vista?
my hdd benchies....is it any good?
RAID 5 question
Sata to sdhc card?
chirping noise normal on seagate 500gb? audio files included
Best 2.5" 7200 RPM drive?
Is this possible
Setting up non-system raid 1 after XP already installed?
Some Laptop Raid 0 Fun
S.M.A.R.T Failure: Airflow Temperature
Intel SSD
Quick Matrix Q
HDD cloning
Benifits of Matrix Raid array?
hard disk failing?
Did I make the right decision?
Recommend a 3.5 HDD Enclosure
BACKUP issues
Test your CD-ROM drive for errors!
RAID 5 on 780i
The summer of dying hard drives
Flash Drive problem.
Raid0 Question
74G ADFS vs. 300G GLFS
Difference between 1.5gbs and 3.0gbs?
Questions Hard drive
Recovery partition
Partition creator/resizer for vista x64?
Unlock a Locked harddrive
i had a laptop die on me but i need stuff off the hd
2 x 250 Seagate Perps Performance
Master Boot Record Error
Cloning the OS partition?
Raptors Doing Bad in Benchmark
Partitioning in Vista
A volume initialization took forever . MATRIX RAID PROBLEM
Best price/performance drive(s) under $100?
OCZ SSD on Areca 1210 controller, can it work?
Formatting Question
Sata II HD working at udma5 ultra ata 100.
click of death on new seagate 500gb?
safely remove external drive... or not?
Is my drive broken?
Any thing special to be looked in a DVD-RW
Need HELP.
700GB copy
Raid or Raptor? Or raided Raptors? Or Velociraptor?
SuperTalent OX and PX line up, new SSD!
Quick questions about Solid State Drives.
Samsung 750gb SATA II HD Tune results: bad!
Whats the difference between these 2 HDD's?!?
HDD Bench Test
Some elementary Matrix Raid questions
Which SSD drive? SanDisk or OCZ?
Hard Drive about Fail? Help.
any news from i-ram?
Lite-On Optical Drives
Velociraptor Raid0 Performance Opinions Please
which hdd for raid 0
Intel's Solid State Drive (SDD) video preview @ (H)ard ocp
raid 0 compromised by addition of hard drives?
DVD/CDRW driver not working
DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive nd3520aw
Hard drive keeps disconnecting
Internal vs External
Anyone got one of the Seagate 1.5TB? Noise levels...
OCZ core series - reducing the write bottleneck
Raptor RAID 0 card choice, HELP!!!
Optimal hard drive function questions
general query on SSD mounting
Vertical IDE flash drive?
WD6400AAKS HDTune result
Two new WD 640's - 17ms seek times..?
ssd and hdd conectors?
The hunt for a Dumb PCIe SATA (and SAS) Controller
Combine partitions?
Comp Won't boot with second Drive
External drive not working, please help
VelociRaptor - Not enclosed???
thoughts on OCZ core SSD's?
ICH8R Question
RAID Advice - nvidia vs vista x64
Taking Jumper out and getting Disk read error
Best Bang for buc for external esata ???
Setting up Raid-0
6X Bu-ray media! Woot!
Is my DVD-RW drive toast?
More new SSD's from SuperTalent
I need a external back-up setup. Need opinion(s)
Seagate 7200.10 / 7200.11 vs ES / ES.2
Unusually high space used...
Whole drive use vs 2 partitions for performance?
MS pro duo compatable?
Is My Samsung DVD-RW Dying?
Small HD Raid 0 vs 1Tb drive for performance?
Need to make imaging drive
Is It Possible
to Raid0 or not to Raid0
BartPE question driveimage xml
3x 5000aaks read element failure
How do you install 2.5" SSD in your desktop
DVD Burner not burning after overclock
Best 320GB Laptop Hard drive for me
which is faster
To partition or not to partition my Raptor...
questions on a dead drive
Raptor or RAID?
Need some professinal advice.
Ahci driver...
Need help with my new HD.. extremely low performances!
2.5" Hdd Capacities
How to? create a bootable copy of your drive on a new drive?
TrekStor External HDD
when will you get an SSD
Seagate Sata ST3320820AS Active
Computer not starting up when I plug in 1TB Sata drive.
WD6400AAKS poopin out
sata drive speed?
Best way to securely format a HDD
Research Into PS3 and SATA-II HDD's Error
Raid5 - Do the drives have to be identical?
RAID 0 does More HDD=More Speed
HP Genuine 36GB FC-AL 40-pin 2GB 15000Rpm Hot-Plug Fibre Channel Hard Drive
WD HDD: "Read Element Failure" causes other drive not to boot
clone/copy hdd software?
6 x OCZ SSD on ICH10R RAID 0 & 5
WD External Problem
asus m3a32-mvp sata problems
SSD RAID-0 Marginal Performance (Mtron)
Defrag software that lets me Specifically Choose location of Page file/Games/Apps?
Which side of hard disk drive should face up for best cooling of drive?
Flash Question
seagate vs wd 640gb
cannot get my newly built comp to install OS
Simple statement on Hitachi RMA
Best drives for a Matrix RAID
saving a raid 0 setup from one failing drive?
5 Free Apps to Clone your Hard Drive
Windows on dynamic volume?
looking for a raid6 controller
Solid State Drives (SDDs) explained
are you happy with your velociraptor?
Seagates New 1.5TB HDD Specs and Pricing
P5Q Deluxe Been using IDE but change to ACHI.
Installed Windows on IDE mode..
very first time on raid
Server build combination SCSI and SATA II need some advice.
Cheapest RAID-5 card that's not complete crap
Hard Drive can't find it
Best bang for $64.99
Tuning partition alignment for maximum performance
Have I lost all my data?
Transferring an OS?
Western Digital - How Choose Series?
Differences between 16MB buffer and 32MB buffer ?
Who is your favorite vendor and why?
VisualStudio-SQL-Crysis system performance
Love the egg comments !!!!
Good Optical drive
Hard drive help please
matrix raid screwed..need help!
Lost one part of my Matrix
First OCZ SSD Core Review - important info!
unusual raid problem
cd/dvd disc cleaners?
Hope someone can help me with bad drive
Best free disk defragmenter?
Install WinXP on IDE or SATA drive?
Question about Raxco PerfectDisk
borked compact flash question
witch drive master, witch drive slave?
How are those CompactFlash -> IDE adapters?
Whats wrong with my pc hard drive.?
Newbie Harddrive Question
Best Gig / $ as of 08.29.2008
Areca 1210 questions
vista on a sata drive?
RAID 5 Performance - HD Tune/ATTO
raid performance?
speeding hdd vs RAID 0
Manual HDD platter swapping?
Mixing drives in a RAID 5 array?
RAID 5 - Best Striping Block Size / Partition Options
new to raid.
onboard or external raid controller?
Which way would be better for new build?
missing operating system: Raid gone.
AsShare.exe, what is this?
Drive and CPU usage up to 100% ??? Help please.
Should I worry about this drive
Raid on 780i advice please
Vista help: Formating raid 10 drive. Which options to choose?
raid 0+1
Which 640GB HDD
Are there any bench mark programs for vista 64?
laptop hard drive not detected in bios
Best strip size for raid0 gaming drive?
Raid 0 and Bios flashing
Jumpers on HD when setting up Matrix raid?
Raid 0 crash - can I recover?
Strange problem
Barracuda7200.10 ST3320820AS
is my hard drive dying?
80 GB Velociraptor is the fastest.
please point me in a direction
Please Help me trouble shoot this HD
640GB Seagates
Areca 1210 STR unsteady
Sony TSL-A400C - anyone own or know about them
Does Partitioning slow things up ? Raid0 and Single
Decent HDD?
Dying drive?
RAID questions
Hard disk failure and recovery
moving HD into a new computer (noob Q)
Cant access HDD after crash, but detected in bios, what?
RAID0 2x640Gigs or 4x250Gigs
Hard disk problems
150GB Velociraptors out
Using Zune hard drive in PC?
Need Advice - RAID worth it?
whats that 1.5TB drive
SATA 3.0 To Be Ready End Of Year
7000rpm or 10000rpm?
How to merge a volume to another?
Smart event
Intel SSD's.. Oh My!!!!
For readyboost should the flash drive be fat32,fat, or NTFs?
FOR SALE Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia 16gb @ 300usd/Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 @300usd
Best defragging program?
has anyone used cf to sata converter??
Need to build the ultimate mobile storage like this
Do Seagate HDDs have G-force meters inside them?
Western Digital Working On a 20,000 RPM Drive
? on raid 0
what's so great about the wd se16 640gb?
transferring raid1 array to another motherboard
Question for SSD users
[News] OCZ unveils Core Series V2 SSD's, even faster
74 gb raptor and vista
Where can i find...
1 Tera Or 2x 500Gigs in Raid (Gaming machine)
Nvidia RAID 0
Disable RAID on an x3650?
Linksys NAS200 ?
Standalone harddrive formating device
need help picking a NAS
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10, unless it's *at least* the 320 GB version is disappointing
External HD case for Compaq Presario 2100 HD
Favorite Data Recovery Program?
WD1200U017-001 USB drive not recognized
2 Raptors Raid0 and wanna add....?
WD Passport (Sync Software)
Help with WD6400AAKS install
Wow, prices have come down!
What drives to use for intel matrix raid 0?
HELP! dropped a hard drive!
Is my drive degrading?
how is this for raid 0?
RAID 5 Fail but disks fine??
PCI card for hard drive
WD6400AAKS or WD3200AAKS
Is the HDD the bottleneck?
raid 0 or raid 1 questions?
NVRAM test failure on ARC-1220?
hard drive transfer speed question
Help Broke Power Pin
Seagate 500 gig 32 cache HD
Multiple Hard Drive problems
Worth setting up Raid 0?
I want a new HD
Raid driver problems
7200rpm better 10000rpm raptor??
XPS M1530 Hard Drive
New Raid 5 system.
My HDTach Score w/ 4x 36gb Raptors
Strange HD Sounds
Which HDD (with a higher capacity) can compete with my 150GB Raptor ..
Enternal multibay hard drive enclosure with individual eSATA?
DVD-rw/DVD-rom suggestion
Hard Drive Data transfering (& do you think my laptop's dead?)
Highpoint RocketRAID 1740 kills drives?
Raid 0 on WD 640GB okay?
Thinking about an external HDD; USB or SATA?
Software solution for RAID 1 (vista)?
Setting up 36gb Raptor
Kingston DataTraveler vs. SanDisk Cruzer Micro Flash USB Drive shootout comparison
USB HDD detected, not showing in my computer on vista 64, it is formatted as HSF+ atm
2.5" sata confusion
any feedback on Rosewill RC-218 SATA RAID controller?
Hard Drive Repair Utility?
Riad or no riad
Bios wont recognize hdds
Hard Mysteriously Disappearing
what has a bigger affect on RAID 0 speeds
10k Raptor 20gig vrs 120gig Sata 3.0gb for C:/
Suggestions Needed: New Backup HDD & Exteneral Drive SATA Case
arg what now.. raid not working
How to partition a usb 2.0 drive.
Raid 0 troubles...
Does this look right?
PCIe 1x Raid cards?
moving a raid array created in nforce4 chipset (A8N-SLI Premium)
Anyone has a raid5 array connected to SATA ports provided by the southbridge?
How to read a 5.25" floppy ...?
Silicon Image Sil 0680 ATA/133 controller help
Do Ethernet CD-RW's DVD-RW's Exist?
RAID-0 with 1 IDE and 1 SATA Drive.
Iram raid 0 power
640gb drive: Samsung vs WD
9x SSD raid = 1174 MB/s burst speed
Possible Recover?
how to partition a new drive? WD 6400AAKS
Raid 0 volume failed, need help recovering
Any way to recover a dying DVD?
Copying Laptop SATA Hard Drive
Recommended drives to use in Raid 0?
Western Digital Mybook Speeds.
Wise Choice in External HDD/NAS?
Large Storage (RAID) Setups & Backups
Slow as Molasses
Hardware RAID noob questions
Setting up a bootloader on an ext USB HD?
16MB vs 32MB Cache. Worth the extra money?
Please Help! 2 Raptors in Raid 0 vs 1 Velosraptor
Need help porting Laptop hard drives (i.e. switching them only)
OEM Velociraptor 300GB - Sata Wires
A few raid 0 questions
Dead laptop HDD, any solutions to recover data?
Need a new DVD/CD combo burner any suggestions?
Fast Thumb Drives
2.5" Velociraptor 10,000RPM Drive- Announced
HDDs are 'loud' in my silent PC
Did it die or is it salvagable?
raid0 x velociraptor
HDD Monitor
Hard drive restricting overclock HELP!
Asus DRW-2014L1T DVD Read Problems
Why does my 74gb raptor says its 138gb
How important is Seek time and access
Memory settings lost.
Viewing everything that's hidden/where's my missing GB?
Hard drive comparison
Multiple Harddrives
Simple Vista Storgae question
My new hdd hates my computer need help
Anything good amongst the low-cost NAS boxes?
Help !!!!!! Accessing Comstar Platinum External Hard Drive
HElp with 4 Port sata controller
Raid 5 question.....
Disappearing Hard Drive
booting from eSATA DVD drive
Is my raid 0 no more?
Having issues with Raid0 - new some advice
seagate hdds raid question
Hard Drive Failing?
Raid 0 problem
Questions about RAID 5 ..
RAID 5 Performance as Main Drive
eSATA HD Question
eSATA HD Question
Notebook SATA = Desktop SATA?
System stutters when in Raid mode.
Raid 10 performing slowly..
Best External HDD Enclosure <$50
Saved my delayed write fail - working fine since! HOW?
Best DVD Burning?
Really slow boot-time media check with Asus DVD-Rom (SATA) and Samsung DVD-R (SATA)
Stuck between external drive choices
error 0x80042453
Transferring RAID
USB flash fried
Best External Hard Drive With Password/Encryption
How do I choose a harddrive?
Matrix RAID 2x320Gb: How should I balance RAID1:RAID0?
Looking for a good SATA
Hard drive upgrade and Vista
SBS2k3 reinstall & 3ware Raid5 doesn't show up???
Nvidia user wants to enter the Matrix
I'm in need for a good hard drive
HD monitoring tool needed
8mb Cache Raptor's vs. 16mb Seagates
7200.11's any good over 7200.10's
comments/recommendations on RAID5
want to make internal SATA DVD drive into external eSATA
External Drive Firewire or eSATA?
Seagate Announces 1.5TB Drive + 500GB Notebook Drives
Long/Short DST-FAIL
SATA right angle connectors
strange sata issue
RAID with Raptor X & Velociraptor?
Laptop HDD Issue
HDD mounting questions
Portable HDD
OEM Hard drive
Hard drive cache, pratical difference between 16/32
Large hard drives...
WD Raptor RMA
Hitachi aiming for a 5TB 3.5" hard drive by 2010
How to recover raid 5 array from a failed controller?
Made-for-DVR hard drives
raid question
How should I partition/ RAID my 2x320gb 7200.10s?
$190 - 1.28 TB, Faster then 2 Raptors. WD 640 x 2 in Raid Zero.
7200.9, to old?
HD Board replacement
HardDrive Horrible ECC Rate reported by S.M.A.R.T Plus Clicking noises help please
ntfs to fat32
Flying with HDs
Any suggestions before I destroy this PC?
Microcontrollers on Hard drives.
sata woes
hot-swapping satas
having a issue with my HD
6400aaks vs 7200.11 500gb 32mb
2GB Ballistix F/S 74GB Raptor 16MB
SSD throughput question
data recovery from failed laptop?
Drive Has Been OverTemp--253 ???
Choices for HD improvements
Cloning hdd with bad sectors, how?
Drive prob.
Buying Raid card with Processor, for raid 1+0, advise needed.
[News] OCZ bringing out new / affordable SSDs, yet again.
Western Digital is obsessed with dinosaurs?
Flash help