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some quality tests I'd like you to look at
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help me please!
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Which would you choose?
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IDE laptop drive.
Are these Drive anygood?
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HD Question
Bad Sectors
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Maxtor MaXLine Pro 500 any good ?
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Need help in reformatting my old Seagate Baracuda 7200.7 160GB
Vista not recognizing e-sata
About to reformat comp - Just wondering..
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got a strange problem (all of a sudden) with wife's comp
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1 week old SATA DVD stopped reading some disks (Boot + XP level)
Moving (back) to SCSI
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fast 2GB thumbdrive?
Running System from CF Card
Bizarro DVD/CDRW drive situation
HOW TO mirror data ? /raid 1
3Ware 9550SXU PCI-X 8Port SATAII Raid Controller
can anyone recoment a better hard drive?
HDD formatting for a digital TV recorder
lightning woes.. intel raid help
IcyDoc external enclosure: opinions?
I need a massive hard drive but not to expensive..
no ide hd master H.D.D detected
Recommend A Hot Swap Bay?
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What hard drive?? smasung or maxor? ( LINKS INSIDE)
Setting up a RAID: Which HD?
Up In Smoke...need help!
Raid controller card
NAS for backup.
Enter the Matrix ???
Raid 0 LOOOONG delay's
Intel link for ICH9R raid driver.
a diff. kinda hdd question
help me with hdd selection?
need a backup & archive strategy
Inexpensive card for RAID5
New WD Raptor: VelociRaptor 300GB!
Finicky 2GB Thumb Drive
How much breathing room does a hard drive need?
Raptor Reliabiltiy?
DAMN! My dvd burner is stuck in my case!
ide vs. raid0
MBR messed up, can't format drives.
Holographic storage ships next month!
7200.11's not doing so hot?
450GB 15k RPM Drives from Hitachi!
Help me with my Raid 5!!!
Raid Help
New Rig, New Drives, RAID 0
ide master or slave for dvd drive
wierd hard drive problem
Western Digital Diags: Safe to use "Repair"?
Is it ok to disconnect and reconnect an IDE cable while computer is running?
Heterogeneous RAID 0 array?
helping a friend fix his power mac g4
80gb SATA2 Raptor on newegg
Raid 0 Question
Has anyone had success restoring a RAID 1 volume on Matrix RAID?
To RAID or not to RAID!?
Which 1TB Drive?
Windows - Delayed Write Failed and more
Vista compatible 3rd party defrag
RAID 0 - Stripe Size For Best All Around Performance?
Can You Buy DVD-RW Dual Layer Discs
SATA Power question
Seagate 1TB Question
Program or command that copies files without stopping on CRC errors?
I just did an NTFS (2KPro) format, now to install XP Pro OS fresh need do NTFS again?
Memorex Black CD-Rs question
Monitoring Hard Drive Temperature
1 out of 3 HDs enjoy high temps
RAID1 Changing the SATA controller
Why do RW+ disks made in XP want fixing in Vista?
Recover Before You Have To Format Your Flash or Pen Drive ( or any other storage)
My WD750GB Green 5400 to 7200 RPM Chart
New HD....
Switching from Vista to XP: Storage drives
Matrix RAID - Complete Failure
HDD click on boot only
Samsung 750GB F1 Drives
comps hangin
Want To Add A RAID1 To A Non-RAID System
Need ideas on how to reduce HDD temperatures fast!
Harddrive Dissapeared
Cyclic Redundancy Check
ARGH SMASH CRUSH (HDD issue at boot)
Hard drive thinks it's PCI...
3 Hard disk on RAID0 possible?
7200 HDD converted to mhz
Internal Card Reader
Gaming Rig...Which Hard Drive(S)?
fusion IO drive
Class 6 microSD card?
Setting a external USB HD to spin down?
Anyway to save my files? (HDD crash)
The Requirements For Blu-Ray On PC
How To Add 3rd Non-Raid Sata Drive To System
cdrom/dvd burner problem
SSD / Flash data recovery
SSD Users. Some help please.
scratched platter?
Is something wrong? Raptor 150GB 10k RPM performance vs SeaGate 500GB 7200 RPM
"quick" format in xp install
Is the Lite-On bundled Nero 7 locked to the DVD burner it came with?
DvD Burner will not eject
Reset RAID volume or Delete RAID volume
Need help on a raid 1 problem
why would...
External Enclosure or HDD - Delay Write Error
File Names w/ Blue Text
Noob SATA Configuration
Ultimate DIY NAS Box
partition table error
new os install: format failing, files cannot copy...what to do?
Jumper settings??
the dreaded, click click click
Can someone please explain...
Dedicated PCIex1 RAID controller vs. onboard RAID controller?
SATA help
Usb thumb drive not recognizing in vista HELP!
Best software to optimize Raid 0?
Why doesn't my HD show under windows explorer?
New 7200.11 320gb.... single platter!
What is faster?
Single Platter PATA drives?
If i have 2 harddrives
Normal hard drive operating temperature?
reovering data after format
need to get data off two raid-0'ed drives... how?
Backup advice for new machine
Server 2003 Software Raid5
Video rendering, editing RAID array advice.
How do you test new hard drives for failure?
Could the format wars resume?
raid0 benchmark and driver help please, NF4
Stay with RAID 0 or separate it?
What should I do with it?
Raid 1, with 1 500GB drive that already has data on it. Can I make the Array.
Lite On Problems??
Finally I got MTRON MOBI 32GB
Newer models not always better?
Cheap/good PATA Raid controller?
Western Digital 640gig drive
CPU vs. HD performance
16mb vs 32mb cache
Accessing data in RAID drive from one mobo to another
SATA controller card questions
ST3500320NS VS ST3500320AS
What did I do wrong? (RAID 5)
About HDD Formatting
SSD Question
I think theres something seriously wrong with this
Fast enough for you?
Would this work as a good SSD?
JBOD questions
Compaq v5305 Hard drive?
Flash Drives
Raid 1
Is this a good drive?
Ultra ATA/100 RAID-0
Lost a hard drive overnight?
Raid drivers: Off USB thumb drive? Other Raid Q's
NTFS formatting with freenas?
SATA2 or SAS ?
SCSI Drive won't burn CD/DVD
2x36G Raptor/Firmware/Performance question
Mounting Drives
Can't boot.
My laptop won't recognize blank cds?
HP3520 or Areca 1261 for 4xmobi MTRON in RAID0?
Can a external hard drive be used as the main drive ?
160GB Intel SSD
Raptor X mount on armor PICS
You can't be serious.....
CF Flash Card RAID 0?
Switch from JMicron RAID to Intel RAID - Transparent?
Recommend me a NAS Server?
How to rearrange and merge separate blocks of unallocated space
Two drives in RAID 0 and Two drives in RAID 1 on same system?
WD6400AAKS 320GB/platter drive
hdds no longer power after using rocketraid 3520
Help with Raid Setup.
What is the safest partition tool
To Partition or not to Partition??????????? HELP!
Need Help Choosing a Hard Drive
Dead laptop disk. How to recover data from a non-OS partition...
windows not seeing a hard drive
which hdds ?
Attach regular IDE to laptop IDE
Help needed to switch to RAID0
2 250mb 410's in RAID O setup suggestions.
RAID 0 Problem
RAID 0 - XP Install - Error - ASUS P5K-E
I pulled my jumper plugs for 3.0. Is that right?
write cache setting cant be modified
What does this do to the files on my HDD?
solid state hard drive question.
DVD's Not Registering in Combo Drive. I might cry.
Need feedback on a RAID setup
Unable to boot from previously bootable HDD
Sata drive now showing up anymore?
External Enclosure Assistance
Mobile Removeable Hard Drives - Power Consumption
Corrupted truecrypt drive
Slow USB 2.0 transfer rate.
Looking for a brushed aluminum optical drive
How to watch videos from a hard drive on a TV?
Disk Boot Failure and drive failure?
Raid 0 Stripe Size Question
help!!! windows wont recognize hd so i can install windows
Unmountable_Boot_Volume BSOD
can you use 1 SATA DVDRW and 1 IDE DVDRW?
Intel Matrix Storage question
Sluggish Boot-up and Multiple Hard Drives
2.5" to 3.5" converter has too many pins.
CF or express card ssd
WD6400AAKS faster than Raptor?
What Happened to My Drive Space?
ide connected to a jmicron chip used as a boot drive?
Undecided Raid 0 500GB or single 500GB
using one hdd on another comp
Image RAID partition w/ 16k Stripe to 128k
Couple storage questions
i need thinkpad drivers
RAID n00b (Have already read sticky)
A Poor Man's Battleship MTRON?
4 sata ports but can only get two running
Samsung HD Problem
Smart failure - how serious?
No POST from a HD?
raid: so close, yet so far
FreeNAS; What format should I use?
External Storage Reccomendation
Different Raptors or Different Prices?
Intel ICH8R RAID-0 Failed but both drives are Fine?
Looking for a good reliable raid card
rsm command help!
HD temps
2.5" external drive not recognized
Raptors vs SATA II
Which OS for no hassle Headless Hardware RAID-6 NAS?
Are 7200.10's good?
i have 2 drives 10k and 7k which will benifit me most?
D-Link DUB-9240
Having problems with RAID array
partitioning question
how do you install a secondary harddrive?
Cool hard drive revival DIY style
Why did bluray win?
Where is my HD space going?!
Need help! Seagate Barracuda 7200.10
I'm done with seagate