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Warranty on Seagate 500GB 7200.11 drive purchased via Newegg?
Reputable external enclosure brands?
Opinions needed on data management/security
Image Managing Software
Super CHEAP 8Gb thumb drive!!
Best Way to Backup for Reformat?
WD Data LifeGuard not working on Vista 64bit
Hey guys, a little help please
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How to run Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) harddisk on my PC?
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New Solid State Drive Reviewed: Mtron Mobi 32GB
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Game Partition - Outer Edge?
Replacement drives designed to fail right around end of warranty?
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Any performance differences between raid setup in bios and in windows(intel software)
RAID 0 Array Failed, but both drives are working
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HDDs at 100% at idle - Windows Vista
Got LightScribe? What software do you use?
Can this be done? Notebook SSD to DESKTOP PC?
DVD drive error 10 - device cannot start
winXP not seeing all of my drive
LSI Logic SAS3442E-R
10k-RPM WD 8mb Raptor vs. AK-47
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Recovering Data
Need Help with this old IDE HDD
Glitch when installing Vista to Raid!?!?
Raid Question about WD SE16 Drives
Floppy Drive Issue
Adding a raid ctrlr after os instalation
Bench Tool for only Partitions?
First time Raid 5 setup questions
Another optical drive seemingly dead
Hard drive failing
new drive squeaking
Seagate 7200 ES2 SATAII-300 32mb or WD Raptor 10,000RPM 16mb
RAID 0 Drive is failing
HD Crash?
HELP: Moving a RAID 0 to new motherboard
New Build HDD Problems
New Raptors?????
The HP dvd1040i with lightscribe
weird cd-rw problem.
Restore a failing SmartMedia card?
fastest performance hands down
I have a choice here
Disk failure or vista
7200.11 (ST3500320AS) Not Recognized
Recommend a RAID card.
Retreving Files..
Is there any hope???
7200 vs 10000rpm Harddrives - pro/cons ?
Formatting a drive as FAT32 - but windows wont let me?
Something is seriously wrong with one of my drives, I need help!
RAID 5 Questions
Hitachi Drives
Any higly recommended dvd burners?
Computer won't recognize RAID
4x 750GB 7200.11 in RAID-5: Some Benches
Fastest non-Raptor SATA hd?
selecting new laptop hd
Weird Seagate 7200.11 benchmark
Clicking sound on hard drive
Lots of HD's need help with setup
Code 10 on my DVD burner
Harddrive Configuration...Opinions Wanted
Low Power IDE??
Repartition RAID1 array
Sata and IDE in same rig, help please..
Need defrag program for 1TB volume
Installed ubuntu on a USB 4gig drive.
WinXP on SDHC slow?
Raid 5 with HighPoint RocketRAID 2340
Battleship Mtron - Solid State Raid Performance Explored using the Mtron 16GB Pro
DVD drive zone question
Help accessing discs in RAID
Installing XP on a 4 gig USB drive, part 2
click click?
SCSI Setup, Worth anything?
newb question(help me out)
7200RPM for notebook what one?
Raid0 Performance?
Help setting up raid
Making a bootable flash drive
External USB Dvd Burner
Best SSD??? Fusion-IO
I need Laptop PCMCIA Card to Desktop P or S ATA HD
RAID 5 Results
Update on my ICH9R RAID Speeds!
What's up with my ICH9R RAID0 speeds?
To raid or not to raid
Raid Failure
Help to resussicitate this Seagate SATA HDD please !
2 36gb raptors in raid 0 vs 1 150gb raptor
how the ?#$!@%^&*#$@! do i setup nvraid?
Plextor - SLOW!
should i partition or not?
Cheap IDE to SATA adapters?
sata vs pata dvd drive?
8 MB Unallocated Space on Lexar 2GB USB Drive
Possible to install photoshop onto a Flashdrive?
Vista Ultimate Won't Install to a Raid0
SATA or molex power connector?
USB Pen Drive...
halp, all my burns are failing
Need a good defrag program
Is My Raid Running Fine?
New SATA HD not loading drivers?
ATA & SATA in raid?
Buffer size, does it matter?
Fastest harddrives for raid 0?
New Benchmark out for HD's
need help with my drive arrangement
Do newer hard drives turn themselves off?
72G 15K SAS 2.5" single port
SCSI 30MB/S cap
RAID controller card VS RAID buildin controller
is it dead?
Hard Drive Clicking?
NAND Flash install
My WD400 drive reports the wrong size - FIX
RAID Controller & Drive Recommendations?
SCSI HDD Transfer Rates Much Less Than IDE (?!?!)
Shall i go RAID?
Noob question inc.. About RAID..
d: not accessible incorrect function error
Sick of Jmicron
Anyone know a date when the Samsung F1 drives will be available for purchase?
RAID 0 causing corruption?
Bootvis says write-cache is disabled (A8N-SLI Deluxe)
External Drive Suggestions?
Failing Harddrive?
SCSI: Why...why not?
AAK firmware (Seagate)
1 RAID or 2?
Help optimize my file system
sata drive
2.5in PATA to SATA converter
Mtron 16GB Solid State Drive vs. WD Raptor 150. MY REVIEW
buffer size 2x16 or 1x32
External Hard Drive...
Moving Vista install to another Hard drive?
Can someone recommend a hardware RAID Controller?
Delayed Write Failed
eSATA Enclosure (Raid-1)
how long will a raptor last?
Setup raid 0 today
HD Dying?
Average Latency
Laptop Hard Drives
My 500gig Sata II Seagate wont shut the hell up!
Rear eSATA port on ASUS P5W-DH
Recommend a good USB flash drive
HighPoint RocketRAID 2300
Cache Vs RPM's
Install XP from flash
Looking for an external 2.5"enclosure
copying vista from old to new HD(vista)
Dual or Multi IDE Drive External Enclosures
What's the latest with dvd writers?
Having trouble getting DVD drive to read a disk.
2 Brand new Raptors, already dying?
Dedicated Raid Card?
Boot manager to load XP on raid 1+0
Thoughts on this Seagate?
SCSI/SAS vs Raided Raptor setup
disable mybook sleep mode?
Partitioning affect performance?
Acidentally deleted partion while loading XP- How do I recover it?
Harddrive Model Help (7200.11 version)
No file bigger than 2GB allowed to be burned?
RAID, is it the right choice for me?
IDE Mobile Drive Tray's
RAID 0, how do I set it up?
Need help installing External HD
Just Tach'd my new 2x 150gig raptor RAID 0...
Access Time vs. Read Speed
HD Tach and Vista?
hard drive serial number...
HELP: Windows not recognizing my RAID 0 ARRAY!!!
WD1600YS Performance Question
Hard Drive Recommendations
Western Digital Mybook enclosure?
Need a bunch of drives... and some advice...
I've had a meltdown
DVD ROM = Slow Help!
DVD ROM and DVD RW not listed in device manager
Cant decide what drives to use
Need advice: what drive setup to use
500gb recommendations.
Now this is just weird
Single Drive Seagate 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB Results
Weird spot in DVD's I am making.
Matrix raid wont let me select drives
Synthetic Benchmark?
Samsung 1TB - ~330GB platters!
ICH8 to ICH9
Just a quick raptor question..
How do you hookup Serial Attached SCSI drives? (SAS)
My Book Power Supply
I'm in some big trouble....please advise =(
External Enclosure/Backup Questions
When will the next Raptor come out?
Bad Drive=No Network?
RAID 5 vs RAID 0 (and a RAID 1 question)
9th Nov 2007 release: Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Ver
Vista(32&64 bit), Matrix Raid, P5KE WiFi AP
Recomment an external HD
Help with Seagate 7200.10 RAID 0...
Disc error's is Vista
My hard disk is not being detected anywhere. HELP !
Dead Drive Help
Data Recovery
New computer w/ old drives
Adding eSata ports
Just ordered a new Seagate 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB HD
is my raptor dying?
Raptor write speed?
Suggestions on my partitions
Which site is selling the cheapest Raptors atm?
2 raptors...
Simple question about RAID
Hard Disk Motor
HDD Help! NTFS Switches to FAT!
How much would it be to ship 2 raptors to Canada? And will anyone help me.. :D
DriveImage XML and Vista(Ultimate) 64-bit
Raptor(s)? New Seagate Drives?
Sata VS Pata
Install OS on raid 0 or another hdd
Best Recovery Software?
broken hdd..
This normal?
Partition sizes/dual boot
Which harddrives to use??
What do ya recon?....any good?
Weird noises
Removing jumpers increases speed?
Testing HDD write speed
Raid 0 with Backup?
Duel Booting.
Acronis Disk Director Suite
NoteBook Drive
Cheap network storage solution?
hd noise
RAID and RAM speeds
password protecting a dvd?