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Hokay so . . . heres de earth. . . I mean HD's
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massive storage?
Good news guys... (Well for some)
Want a network HD. network storage adapter or get a NAS HD?
10k vs 7k
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Inexpensive RAID (PCI or PCIEx1/x4)
Raptor for 60 bucks?
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Building a new Gaming Rig... Noob questions- help!!
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Fastest Blu-Ray Burner
Questions About My 1st RAID Set-up
3 HDD Raid 0...utter dissapointment
What cluster size do you choose when formatting your HDD (or partition)?
what would you do, as far as raid ?
Cloning Raid-0 to Single HD
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Burning music
Waahoo!!! Spinpoint F series is here!
Burning software
HDD testing program thingy
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A4Tech mp3 T5-FM problem with flash memory
help me with raid please?
Okay to use laser lens cleaning CD in a Bose Lifestyle system?
Guess its bigs news.. 4TB in Desktops and 1T In Laptops by 2011?
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FAT32 + 320GB does not work needed for mac
Cheap Fujitsu SCSI on Ebay? MAU3073NC?
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First Time Raid Choices!
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Opinions needed on RAID 0 hard drive selection (Raptor vs. 7500AAKS)
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slow wd re 320
page file
Slow RAID?
DS3R Raid-0
Degrafmentation software
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Region Free DVD Drives?
Backup advice needed
Should I be worried about heat?
Couple questions about raid 1 and raid 0
How do you identify Taiyo Yuden DVD's?
SSD - Solid State Drive Technology Discussion Thread
Seagate 7200.10 500GB SATA II shipped with jumper?
New SSD's at newegg, 64gig and 128gig!!
A question with a twist..... Can this be done?
hmm seagate has a 1tb drive
Advice Please....
Perc 5I SAS RAID setup
n00b RAID Q......
Harddrive not showing in my comp but is in hardware man?
Thinking about raiding some of these but..
RAID/HD/Vista Question
Funny thing (cheapo stabilising)
New to RAID, before I build....
Hard disk problems
New rig, need hd setup advice
SATA optical drives and boot discs
newb (to storing discs properly)
RIAD 0 ?
Gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 matrix raid setup problem
Looking for a SATA DVD Burner? Look no further..
RAID and RAPTOR Questions
2x150GB Raptors in RAID 1, Move to RAID 5?
Any issue running two identical DVD-R drives
are you missing space on your hard drive on Vista?
SATA2 Cables
Vista won't see my flash drive
6 x 80 gig Western Digital drives on an ICH9R in RAID-0
Four Raptor Xs on a 680i
enterprise vs desktop HDs in RAID5/6
What's using up my HD space?
Accessing a HD
best backpane for 4 drives?
RAID questions
SATA woes.
4 x 80 Gig WD800JD RAID 5 - results (ICH7R)
4 x 80 Gig WD800JD RAID 0 - results (ICH7R)
I have kind of an odd problem
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500GB SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM (ST3500630AS)
Everything Hard drives! For those that missed some of these cool things
Clear MBR on a USB Hard Drive?
Solid state Hdd's
RAID, RAID, Don't go away!
Seagates strange noise
Single SATA drive not working, need help please
Disk Image?
10,000 RPM vs Raid0 7200.10
Another Partition Question....
RAID 0 problems.. help!
Want Raid 0 with Vista on it but no flopy
IDE Drive Problems on ECS Motherboard
ST3250410AS quiet or not?
4 x 250Gig Seagates in RAID 0 on the 680i Chipset
Need a DVD Burner - Recommendations?
questions about Matrix RAID
DVD drive being weird.
tips for stuff to save
RAID5 questions
how do i know what type of things comprise my used harddrive space?
Matrix RAID
My SATA drive is recognized as SCSI
How do I set up 2 raptors in raid 0
A little slower than usual
whats better For OS
what do u use to store cds?
the science of scratching a cdr?
what size is the average word or document scanning file .tif?
The Future of Storage, WOW!
Seagate Barracuda 250GB ES vs. non-ES
External USB Raid 0 possible?
PCI Raid controller recommendations?
quick silly question - RAID card
Program to read smart data?
Which Hard Drive Brand Offers The Least Amount Of Heat?
2 x 150 gig Raptors in RAID 0 Results
Raid or Raptor
4 x 250Gig Segate drives in RAID 0 (948Gig)
Which RAID?
New seagate 7200.11's at newegg
Data Recovery?
Recertified Drives work!
Looking for a DVD Burner..
SATA controller?
Looking for a good external drive.
Boot disk failure etc... etc...
Slow read rate on hard drive
splitting 710MB files into half to fit onto discs?
Google's Scientific Paper On Hard Drive Failures
Are my temps ok?
Acronis and back-up scenerio questions
Which laptop hard drive?
New to RAID, totally confused!
RAID Questions
dvd vs cd
What should I use to create a backup?
7200 rpm laptop harddrives
2x WD Drives...
Read Errors - What to do about this?
Question about HDs...
Changing the size of C drive
What size HD for an iMac G5?
p5W DH - nooob Question about RAID
Strange Hard Drive Problem
Running SATA and IDE?
Western Digital 500GB only 131GB!!!
ICH9R drivers
HDTune Version 2.54 Released (3 September 2007)
Perpendicular Recording
New Gaming Rig
[HELP] Data Recovery
Loud Hard Drive
Western Digital Passport = Dead?!
The 3rd (& more) HDD in a RAID should be...?
Hard drive - "disklabeltype unrecognized"
Xbox360 HD-DVD Drive ?
Write caching option is greyed out
Can Intel ICH9R do 6 drive RAID 0?
Most performance benefits for video editing
RAID 0 configuring
HD advise
"bootmgr is missing"
FAT16 partition corrupted
OFFICIAL: DVD Forum approves 51GB HD DVD
What is the best floppy?
Easy question..
HDD disappearing with 245 FSB
External Hard drive help
Question about card readers
need dynamic or active 1st? even BIOS doesn't see the 2 Raptors yet
Switching from FreeNAS to?
New mobo, SATA drive now going slow
HDD recognized but not assigned a letter: Vista Disk Mgmt
New SATA2 drive not being recognised
Raid 0 -> Raid 5
Results: Caviar RE2 500gb (WD5000YS) in Intel Raid (two RAID 0 volumes)
SATA questions; AHCI, RAID drivers and slipstreaming
to rar/7z my back ups?
SMART data off External HD?
Cannot load/read RAID drivers during XP Pro install?
Raptor - making it faster, louder and hotter - story time
WD Raptor 150gb problems
Which HDD is better?
HD not detected
complete Hard drive failure?
RAID 1 and HDD Partitioning; Doable? Smart?
Wow what a difference
raid question
poss to format HDD in winXP & then can't install VIsta?
2 SATA & 1 U-ATA-100 HDDs, Vista HP32, THE P4C800E-D mobo BIOS settings..?
Any RAID-0 horror stories?
hard disk problem.
Urgent!!! recovery of files
Unmountable volume
HDD acting strange
Moving unallocated space
How do I setup RAID0 for Vista Home Premium?
removable hot pluggable storage
Raptor running really slow
Hard drive temps. What's OK?
Plextor PX-716A Problem
Raid Question ??
flash hardrives
Best Price/GB HDD (sata >=250) as of Sept 2
LF Help with a Raid 0 array, I need to access a 3rd sata disk w data
External Hard Drives and some Network Questions.
74GB Raptors - Loud? Any way to improve
Would like advice about a FreeNAS server.
Cache vs extra hard drive
Cant detect 2nd hard drivve in vista
Willing to shell out for Fast boot and Game loading
Winrar says not enough space, but I see 200 gigs.
How does one tell if a drive has failed when a RAID 1 is set up?
Storage Server
only shows 127gb..
F6 RAID drivers disk frustration
Who makes these? Slide in DVD drive?
How do I assigning drive letters?
Raptor & Abit P35 Pro
Exploding CDs
Excessive Fragmentation of Seagate External 500gb
RAID Issues - Argh!
a bit stumped with my RAID 1 setup
Seagate Firmware Performance Differences ! New buyers beware !
Seagate Drive Fails and Now Beeps.
DriveImage XML?
Backing up, Reinstalling, New Drive Questions
Which is faster?
how to backup a harddrive
This may be a silly question.
RAID 0+1 vs RAID 1+0 (10?)
Looking for a new hd
Which to get
WD RAPTOR (WD1500ADFD) matrix raid or Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (ST3250620A) m. raid
Partitioning a drive question
Hitachi 1TB hard drive - 1.2 million hours MTBF
What effect does the on drive cache have for SATA raid arrays?
how long will it last?
Partitioning after XP installation
Is partitioning a large hdd to limit fragmentation a good idea?
Who would win in a 500GB Hard drive fight? (WD vs Seagate)
Why can't SATA be more like SCSI?
2 150 gig raptors in matrix?
mitsubishi mcc003/004
External SATA 3gb/s enclosure
10k SATA/150 vs 7.2k SATA/300?
HDD losing capacity?
Raid Advice
Question on making own eSATA enclosure
Can Intels new Turbo-Memory work with XP?
Wiping a hdd
Raid 1 Configuration Question
P4c800 E D Sata Opticals.
New HDD in - won't recognize old one
What type of burn for academic interactive cd
IDE chain
HP370 BIOS & Drivers
newbie ram question
help with drive image(powerquest)
Denied access to old data!
will a usb floppy drive?
weird problem with my fsp530
Pc Problem- disk is full
possible to burn a dual layer movie?
$153.00 Raptors
NTLDR problem?
A guide to re-partitioning, re-formatting, and re-installing
What is the Best software to use for burning DVDS
How do I stop this?
need drivers
good program to rip ISO's to hdd?
Converting parts of DVDs (that i MADE) to mpgs or similar?
Does Winchester support 4 double sided DIMMS?
optical drive...drivers..
G-Mail as a hard Drive, check it out....
Can't press f6 to load hdd drivers.
HDD clear top mod
This is what I predict the next HDD tech to consit of (indepth)
can i delete these files?
How to convert AVI to DVD
brand new 160GB hard drive $40 at Frys
video encoding & HDDs
Raid 0 Raptor X 150
Differences between WD 1600JS and 1600AAJS?
Buying 2 new 320GB SATA drives, should I Matrix Raid?
Raid 1 failure after Bios update.... "Help!"
Raid 0 striped?
Dead hard drive.
Did Seagate Discontinue the 400GB Barracuda?
SATA 6.0 Gbit/s
stupid raid question
Hdd shows up in post, but not in windows. What to do?
Weird chkdsk problems with raid 0
Help me figure out my storage setup!
Raid 0 Dying... :\
RAID5 setup problem...
Drive Imaging Software ?
9TB Raid in Windows XP?
Newb Partition Question
Sata DVD Drive Port
newbie question
question about SATA to IDE adapter
Moving games to a new drive
Raid or Raptor for OS and APPS???
Seagate ST3750640AS vs ST3750640NS
FreeNas user setup questions
Creating a drive image through USB?
Differences between these HDD's
Raptor 10,000 rpm vs RAID 0
Please help! -- Need suggestions on data recovery programs
What File System?
Storing HD outside computer
Can Dule Layer DVD be read on PS2 etc?
Intel ICH8 Raid 5 Failure - Block Rotation and best RAID 5 Recovery software
erase complete hd
Burning DVD's
SATA or SCSI Raid adaptor that can take a lot of cache
SATA pci card worth it?
Confused with Raid Controller
WD 500gig....random clicking
External HD not detected by VISTA
Recommendation needed for 2.5" SATA HDD Enclosure (MAC)
Restore My Hard Drive!! Hal.Dll missing.
[GUIDE] Diagnosing your HDD.
Performance HDD Setup Help
sata-2 backwards compatible?
What can you put on your second hdd?
Segate 750gig, to get or not to get, that is the question
Well, I pulled the trigger..... :)
Would RAID5 be right for me?
Good Enclosure?
Backup Solution
Dedicated OS drive
BackUps: storage, software, techniques, et al
All this talk of RAID
NAS suggestions
Drive diagnostics program?
Enter Matrix Question
editing boot.ini question
minimum system requirements for xp raid 5
Best HD for OS
NEW ! Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Ver., 2nd Aug 2007 Release
Which Partition is faster?
Raid Failure or Not?
External USB HDD RAID ?
Just bought a raptor...
What's faster?
Building a external HDD
vista raid0
How to config the HDD
Portable or Non-Portable HD?
Various RAID Problems
4x 7200rpm or 2x raptor @ 10k rpm
oh noes! Save my stuff!
2 Harddrives with same OS
WD 80 gig problems
DVD burner
WD/seagate big or small?
Does 4 x 250GB Make Sense Here?
laptop dvd drive wont read data cds?
blueray/hddvd roms?
question about USB storage
question about Real gain with raid-0 over a sata2 hdd !!!!
Storing information in an email on hotmail
Transfer contents from one RAID-0 to another RAID-0 setup?
Used 8mb raptor.
SATA Harddrive problems.
Recommended DVD Burners
RAID restore help needed
Need eSATA help! Asus P5N-E SLI + Antec MX-1 = problems
Overclocking Pentium D above 4.5ghz HD error.
raid 0 / 955x problem
Help!...Asus P5K Deluxe Raid and Sata Running together
newb is hosed & needs help
Are SAS drives backwards compatible with SATA?
So I've got a problem with a lost usb drive
So I've got three 500gb Hdd's...
Bad hard drive?
Adding to an existing partition
Is there a big difference between 8mb cache and 16 mb?
Unknown Disk when trying to reformat
changing drive designation
Which option should i go for?
Wanted: External Raid 5 Enclosure / Backplane
RAID 0 Question
DVD and hard drive on same IDE channel.. mass bottle neck?
Hitachi RMA support
Freenas "Failure - device detached"
Compaq m700 hard drive
SATA Problem
Hard Drive Holding me back?
Philips SPD2413P aka SPD2413BD/17 Issues
Raptor 36GB...won't let me write zeros and got an error?..Bad?
Slow winxp boot & fluctuating hdd activity
What increase will i get with a RAID controller over my fake raid controller? RAID 5
need help recovering data from a nearly/already dead drive
Insane resurrection time!
Western Digital vs Seagate- which is better
Problem with setting up RAID
Need to Buy DVD Burners
Adding Drives to FreeNAS
What's good, what's bad
500GB drive WD vs SEAGATE
Need advice for data recovery from a 74gb raptor.
USB pen drive not working ....
Suspected Hard Drive Failure
Defrag programs.
A few questions re SATAII Drives (Buying one)
Hard Drive Died?!
Vista 64-Bit + WD + Nvidia =/ Compatable?
Does this sound like a failing hdd? will the platter swap work?
Error:- Blue screen of death. On reeboot, System disc error, Insert system disc
Hdd troubles
I need to back up 700 GB of data
External vs. Internal HD
Whats CPU usage like with software RAID5?
Restarting computer during backup?? Can someone please help?
RAID 1 question
16mb Cache vs 32mb Cache - Real World Benefit?
A few Questions
i hope this isnt a repeat tread
WD2500KS or ST3250620AS?