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Should i ?
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Do i need gutmann?
Is this right?!
Can someone please help? Looking to buy a hard drive...
Transfer speed or RPM?
Data Recovery.
best USB hub for assortment of hard drives?
What is a good/fast HD for the OS that is not a raptor?
New CD/DVD Burner
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n00bish question, but question nonetheless
What RAID? Confused
will a WD5000AAKS work with an abit nf7-s v2 mobo (sata 150)?
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Best of following for OS install?
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ATA-6 work with ATA-5?
PIO HD because of the PSU
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Hardware or software RAID: which is it?
How much empty space to leave ?
Raid n00b (gaming): 150gig raptor or a Seagate Raid 0?
RAID advise?
TARGETED S.M.A.R.T. data polling?
Restoring an onboard RAID Array after mobo replacement?
SATA 5000 2.5"
XP not recognizing external HDD
Large (250GB) FAT32 Partition?
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Transferring Nvidia (NF4) RAID Array to Intel (P35/ICH9R)?
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Matrix Raid
bigger or smaller
External HD on different OS's
Everest Diagnostics & WD Diagnostics
2 drives, 1 sata 1 ide
Compact flash 300x raid
Seagate 400GB Hard Drive
External HD not detected in Windows
S.M.A.R.T. Drive Monitor Software Opensource/Freeware Vista
Infinate windows loading
PERC 5/i Compatible with EVGA motherboard w/ 680i?
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IDE UDMA6 problem
why a separate hardrive for an os?
Look @ HDTach (3.5MB/sec) of my WD320 when on SATA with my Raid1 on my server
Cage to put 3 SATA drives in 2 5.25" bays
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WD Raptors Whats new!!
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need SATA RAID PCI card
JMicron drivers? SH-S182D
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1 gig flash drive for page file?
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Networked storage speed
Music playing slower?
Question about storage HDD's
Need a big external HDD, questions
interface help??
a comparison of hd, drivers, and raid
16mb vs 8mb cache?
Backing up question
External Drive Power Adapters?
Looking for revision 3.AAC -Seagate Baracuda 320 SATA drive
2 identical hdd $10 difference?
vista keeps breaking my matrix
maxtor and wd.
Need help setting up Raptor with AHCI
Raid 0 with different cache??? 8mb 16mb
How much are hard drives now?
Corrupt Picture?
Western Digital Drive to Drive copy....
To get a raptor, or not/external enclosure
DVD types?
Sata setup problems.
Updated BIOS no more RAID!
backup compression?
new hd
Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Ver
aam only with hitachi?nnn
Removing unremovable faceplates on slim drives
Sata II cables on sata I drive.
Raptor vs. Raptor X ?
Clicking drive during idle
Seagate 120GB hdd and zip drive wont work together
Hard Drive n00b...Someone?
SATA drive need 4pin molex AND Sata power?
Onboard RAID
My Xbox had freid, so can I use its Hard Drive?
raid performance
burning softwares
getting a controller error
My 250gb shows up as a 230 gb...
Question regarding a partitioned HDD
$95.00 WD Raptor
Using a Thumb drive as a swap file
slow drive transfer rate with sata drives.
slow drive transfer rate with sata drives.
slow drive transfer rate with sata drives.
slow drive transfer rate with sata drives.
Reverse Sata-IDE converter
2 HDs vs 1 questions
hdd isnt working right anymore
Matrix Raid and Sata DVDRW/CDRW?
Shopping for a 4GB SD card, so many different types?
Hard drive corrupted?
Question about Seagate 7200.10 drives
Stuck between Seagate and Hitachi
FREE Acronis for Seagate drive owner !
LG DVD-RW & Strange Circles on the Disks
Replacing platters--anyone?
Seagate vs. WD, which HDD should I invest in?
Hitachi 1TB drives.
Seagate problems
Defragmenting problems...
Sata DVD burner Read as CD drive
Master/Slave for dual optical drives? Setup questions?
Dead hard drives
Good, cheap DVD burner with quality custom firmware?
relative file path in windows xp for removable storage
Full HD not being recognized
Little help raid 5
Hard drive as long term storage?
Users with Vista x64 and D975XBX2, please help
Need help with changing hard drive geometry...
Few Questions About Hard Drives
Raptors with windows!!!
Possible bad drive?
Just did complete upgrade...CD-RW recognized only as CDrom!!
24/7 Operation
My first solid state drive. SanDisk 32GB 1.8"
hdd running extremely slow on NF7-S Ver 2
hard drive issues, any help?
2, 4 or 6?
Latest Seagate 7200.10 family with 50% more STR is coming !
Cant mannually clone hard drive?
? On Seagate HD
Samsung CD/DVD Drive - Free Upgrade To Nero 7
Recommend a SATA DVD Burner
Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver Version Released
What's the "it" large sized hard drive to get?
P4c800dlx RAID BSOD
SATA DVD rom vs IDE DVD rom...
32GB USB Flash drives too good to be true?
Adding a Second Hard Drive - Partition Scheme?
nvidia raid 0 scare
P5B-E Plus and UDMA7
get three raptors and run them in raid 5 or ssd?
eSATA Controller Card vs. SATA to eSATA Converter
WD HDD Model Number meanings
External Hardrive Not working
Partition Issues
Seagate charges $19.99 for advance replacement
Blue Ray for PC
noob raid question
What are thes SCSI drives worth?
Harddrive Nor Formatted???
Problen with HDD backup on a laptop.
Added Sata Storage with Pata, No Workie
Raid worth it for me?
Another SATA HDD Question
New to SATA, Power connections
Which PCI-E RAID Card?
build your own SAN (Storage Area Network)
Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
External HD Enclosure
Raid Question
PNY U3 update copied from Sandisk?
Comp isn't recognizing 2 other SATA's
i cant get my ide adptor card my other hard drive
Multi External Hard Drive Case exist?
Xternal DVD RW LiteON from Newegg, thoughts?
Another "which setup is faster" thread
Matrix Raid failed and all disks became offline member
transfer matrix ich7r to ich8
Help! DVD drive stopped working
upgrade laptop hdd worth it?
Help please, can't get my 320gb to show more than 139gb
Shrink RAID 5 Array?
Raptor boot times?
Help with RAID 0 on Sil3112
My hard drive's a roller coaster, I just gotta ride it
EXT3 to fat32 / ntfs...HDD dies..
RAID: Pci Slot controller
removable drive won't show
building external drives
Vista not recognizing my storage drives
Large File Transfers on Matrix raid make computer CRAWL!!
CD / DVD fail file verification
Grounding a Raptor
Any thoughts on the Samsung HD501LJ 500GB?
wierd isseus with WD 250gb perp
Hard Drive Upgrade Options
biggest self powered USB external HD
Upgradeing HD problems..
need a new harddrive, any ideas?
getting data back dohhh
Cooked (but working) WD--put it in the freezer?
Setting up two RAID 0s on one MB?
Setting up two harddrives
Flash drive.
What would be better.
windows on a flash drive?
Hard drive done for good??
RAID 0 questions....
1st sub-$500 Blu-ray drive burner
1st sub-$500 Blu-ray drive burner
probally a dumb question...
Please help! P5WD2 Premium and RAID not working
Slightly stupid question . . .
Need Raid Help!!!ASAP!!!
DVD SATA with WinXP will install??? Will need to use floppy for driver??
Matrix Raid w/ 3 Raptors
Samsung RMA service question
Quality of DVD-R's
Laptop DVD Burner
Series of power failure killed 1 HD...
change drives and matrix raid ... how to?
Which setup would be faster?
XP x64 Pro too fat!
Optical Drives?
What to do with dying drives?
Problem with my Samsung disk
Backup Pros, need some advice
Change Hard Drive in factory USB external drive?
defective dvd media?
Need to upgrade Dell 700m HD
Undelete programs?
Todays Storage: Western Digital
possible possibilitie for this problem
HD Tune result - should I be getting better performance?
Abit Ab9 raid setup... Need Help
Harddrive "clicks"
HD appears in blue
Ok, I'm at my wits end...please help with this annoying problem
Storage server questionays
O/S Internal master HDD to External slave and then back again?
What HDD will fit a Core2 machine; Raptors?
S.M.A.R.T and 32 bit data transfer
Pioneer Unveils $299 Combo Drive
is it possible...
Can someone explain this fenomina to me :)
Will my HDD work if ......? (newbie question)
SATA question... (newbie here)
symphonic (funai) pvr drive
Re-newbie question, SATA II backwards compatable?
Zune Software
Seagate 7200.10 how do I change between quiet/performance mode?
Lite-On LH-20A1?
installing xp on a new raid0 setup
Recommend a raid setup for what I have
Need HELP...HDD not responding
Transferring boot drive info to raid setup?
Strange HD Tach result !!!!!
go raid 0 or get raptor ?
Have Maxtor Improved Over The Years?
External SATA RAID controler.
HDD holder sugestions
Help me, I need faster storage!
New DvD/CD burner
Adding to a RAID 5 array
New HDD's for RAID - need advice
unRaid or Raid5?
HD Recognized in Windows, not startup
HD hookup
LSI00051 question
RAID0 - I gave up !
Sudden Slow SATA Speeds :(
One drive falls out of raid? Help!
Choice of WD External Drives...
Just want to make sure - transferring SATA drive
need to save my sister's hdd
Immediate SATA drive help requested
Need new laptop HDD advice
Raptor or 2 320gb 7200.10's Raid O for primary on ICH8R
Help with HDD Performance. i'm getting 25mb/s. Want to shoot myself in the face
Looking for suggestions on a hard drive
Slow DVD Writing Speeds
pci sil3114 problem
1 TB HDD's
O/Ced..next day..BSOD...What happened?
Unjumpered drive...
does playing dvd's in a dvd writer degrade the lens?
Best way for backuping?
"Partition Overlaped on harddisk1" ?
will split partition slow down the hard drive?
Quick vs Standard Formatting..
RAID question for a new rig.
LG DRD-8160B
Hard-disk must have software
bad sectors
External USB DVD drives good for gaming?
setting up RAID 0 help..
Card reader won't read 4gb SD?
WD Raptor 1600ADFD questions
hard drive wont format or partition
Portable HDD wont recognize
Hard Drive dying?
Seagate 750GB external, does it use IDE or SATA?
Seagate's next target: the Raptor
Broken hard drive?
What is the Best Way to Maintain Your HD Apart from Microsoft's CheckDisk?
mirror a partition?
Error with a Raid0 setup?
Quick 'n' Easy SATA Question
Looking At LightScribe Is It Worth The Extra?
Need help quick...
RAID 5 (3 disks) or RAID 1
4x256MB PC2 4200
how to tell if drive is running sata 1 or 2 ?
Toshiba Hard drive repair software?
Bizarre noise from hard drive
Silent HD???
Two HDDs, no RAID
dvd drive problem
hard drive restarting
powering down?
Need easy backup/restore solution
Choice of HDD
Perpendicular Seagate vs Raptor
Raid newb
Hitachi harddrives?
Adata info
Considering RAID 0 - need more info
Samsung 32GB Solit State drive at the egg.
Looking for internal HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Drives
WD1500ADFD Raptor 10,000 rpm doesn't seem to perform to well
CDRW Help needed
I need a Backup solution.
Messed up the initial partioning process. Help?
Oh oh, backup disk looks bad too...
how do i make a file autorun on a usb flash drive
Raptors and Raid0, or just Raid 10?
Installing applications in extended partitions
Momentus® 5400 PSD
DVD writer drives brands?
Xbox dvd room on a pc? can it be done?
WHOOT 64 gig solid state
optical storage solution.... needed.
HD not being recognized on boot??
hard drive dying?
Which MOBO should I buy for best controler
Recommend an external HDD enclosure
dvd-rom ???
Mirror or Stripes and partitions with 2 Drives?
Need someone with experience with NVraid
HDD + Partition Debate
Best USB Flash Drive
hd help
Just installed Storage Drive
OS and File HDD transfer question, please respond ASAP, thanks!
Music Studio Build
Free remote disk space monitor
weird, better nero cd check results, same drive, diff bus
matrix raid snafu - need some help
matrix raid snafu - need some help
How much Hdd space do you have? poll!
Windows Locks Up With New HDD...
Decision time...
IDE NAND flash drive: Fun for page file use
optical drives on a RAID controller
LG, better dvd burner than samsung?
RAID question
How Do You Arrange Your Storage Drive(s)?
Dead hard drive, data salvagable?
RAID Setups
Need to recover files after format...
Partitioning a Raid0 Array for dualboot?
How long has your RAID 0 Lasted?
T.E.C. date
How long has your RAID 0 Lasted (Poll)
Raptor Performance HDTach
Battle of SATA Giants !
Abit KN8 & Seagate 300GB PROBLEMS!
2x 160gb 8mb (RAID 0) vs. 1x 320gb 16mb
Fitting 930mb onto a cdr?
WDD Fan, but umm...
RAiD 0 Transition.
raptor for boot drive or dedicated "game drive"?
HDD enclosue troubleshooting
best DL burner for $40/50?
10k rpm SATA
Help me decide on hard drive
Data Recovery
Disk wiping
NEC 3550A cant burn to verbatim DL media!
Need help
sATA driving me nutty. Please help
bad DVDRWs or dvd drive dieing
Show us your external hard drive raid arrays *PICS*
trying to add new hd
18gb 15000rpm scsi drives
Burning Multiple Songs onto one CD-R
Selective Hard Drive Power Down Possible?
Storage Drive
I'm a little confused about raid 0
Changing DVD/RW Drive Name in My Computer?
Performance diff in RAID 5 with these 2 cards
Max HDD size on old pavilion
HDD troubles after HW upgrade /w Vista
What is a Zip Drive?
External Hard Drive Question
2 36gb raptors or one 74gb?
Single 7200.10 320 Perp vs. 2X 7200.7 160's?
switching hard drives
FreeNAS questions
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2gig showing as 512k?!
Maxtor Going bad?
Want QUIET hard drive
what are the spikes in my benchmarks graph?
2 hd questions
18X DVD Burner only Burning at 4x ?
noOB needs Backup Help???
hard drive
IDE as Primary, Sata as secondary slave?
Matrix hdd offline
Minimalist Setup
Transport Hard Disk