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ordered another seagate drive have a few question on raid
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Bit worried about this Hard Drive
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Adding HD from old machine with new HD
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Matrix Raid, & Linux
to Raid0 or to not Raid0
defrag taking way to long
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Just a really quick question.
multiple IDE burners..how do i decrease amount of errors?
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Installing Windows on Segate 7200.10
Looking for a Hard Drive that was made in 2002?
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Question on HDD
Hitachi T7K250 vs T7K500
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which would be better performer?
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680i raid is impossible to create...need some help with USB raid drivers.
HDD: The Wrong Diskette is in the Drive?
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RAID Matrix, witch HD to get for Gameing and load times?
got a new raptor drive from santa, now to make it work...
Many External CDRW, how?
Seagate 7200.9 External drive problem...
What do I do to get a SATA and 2 x PATA working together
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External HD USB2.0: Fine for video?
Backing up DELL Restore partiton?
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archivable dvdr
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New SATA install ?
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Mathmatically Figuring Out The Size of a Hard Drive...
Anyone know how to fix this HDD problem?
Need Image Backup S/W for SATA & NTFS
Confused with WD Data lifeguard error regarding WD3200JB
Is this a performance hit - NOT RAID
partition magic
RAID Array not allowing WinXP to boot
Need buying advice (not model #s)
which HDD do you think would fit me?
Can HD be mounted in any orientation.
Gaming HDD?
Hooray for inbuilt RAID.. wait.. no...
-R +R Which media has greater compatibility?
Intel Matrix RAID crash?
drive power management
placing HD in case vertically...any problems?
WD Extreme
WD3200KS or Seag 7200.10 ST3320620AS ?
RAID or 10,000 RPM?
Need advice on low speeds on 36gig raptors
RAID problems?
Is this normal?
Would it be worth reinstalling windows?
Error Occurred (0)
External Hard Drive Build
Onboard RAID vs expensive PCI Raid cards?
looky what i found
Raid 0 + Difference between raptors
Flash drive dead?!?
USB hdd no longer formatted? Is all of my stuff gone?
help i need a " USB 1" compataable external dvd rom
DVD size 4.7GB ?
Having a problem installing Windows
New Seagate Cheetah 10K.7 73GB SCSI HD
Can't Defrag HD
Raid question
Is it worth waiting for hybrid drives?
Onboard SATA controller
formatting required?
SMART errors
Hot swap of SATA Drive
hard drive heat and data corruption
hard drive standby
hard drive and heatwave
Quick answer about SATAll and SATA running same time
Vista-Compatible Benchmarking Utility
Comp upgrades
Do I need a SATA II cable?
USB flash drive
Have RAID0 setup want to go RAID1 How too?
promise controller to o/b sata controller
Major Help! Fresh Windows Install, Cant get in my Drive!!!!
Delayed Write MFT errors/drive issue
New 320GB HD Not recognized, help!
DVD drive moving slooooow...
Damaged Windows CD
PLS HELP hard drive not showing up
Best Hard drive ghosting software?
Western Digital HDD model numbers?
SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series HD501LJ
Even MORE evidence that Blu-Ray is dead.
Ripping Dual Layer Movies to DL Discs
which dvd-rw burner to get hmm...
Seagate take the lead
SATA RAID problem
new comp help.
Possible hard drive problem
recover data after format??
Computer Rebooting Problem with Archos
2nd Drive for Encoding? Possible?
NEC 3520A problem with burning.
cant boot with 2 sata drives?!
why so jumpy?
Ok got all my SCSI stuff, now i'm not sure...
Changing that green circuitboard on my Hard Drive??
Best SATA 3.0GB/S drive
Good news from Seagate
Unable to cofigure SCSI hdds in raid's bios
Could we be looking at an impending HDD failure?
Tool-free hd slider
is a SATA drive considered IDE / ESDI by winXP?
My Frustration with DVD
blu-ray capacity...how?
RAiD-5 Rebuild on Nforce4
Misreported Hard Drive Space after Disk Clone
SATA 400GB HD - Unable to install! Please help!
Tough descision - RAID configuration (RAID5 or RAID0&RAID5)
Question about RAID
What do you think of this RAID setup?
SCSI vs Raptor Raid 1
SATA not recognized?
help needed setting up RAID 0
Activated windows, still not seeing my other 210 gigs of space.
RAID: File corruption and all sorts of funky errors
I need a DVD burner - tell me what to look for or what models are 'best'
Problem playing DVDs
WD3200JS SATA2 working CHS
WD3200JS SATA2 using CHS
flashram, limited write cycles?
Norton Ghost 9.0
can no longer see drives in bios
S.M.A.R.T. power-on hours count, how reliable ?
Shortchanged on my Seagate 320gig?
Is Thermal Lacquer a Generic Version of Lightscribe?
HD DVD wins, Blu-ray loses
Advice on fastest raptor or raptors in raid 0
Need help w/ repartitioning in 2k3
Raptor 150 NF7-S v2 compatibility
Drive not found? (PX-716SA)
Buzzing/Vibrating Sound
NEC 3550a Problems
Hard Drive, bios or windows?
reformat = decrease hdd life ?
Raid 0 question
LiteOn 16x SATA DVD-RW
Need a new HDD!
need help with tricky partition format...
Help with 200gb hd
HDD Question??
Looking For SATA PCI Controller Card
Seagate 7200.7
Good DVD R/RW?? for less than $45
Mini DVD's (-'s)
PCI-Express RAID-5 Card - Opinions?
Copying All Data to New Drive
Easiest way to convert AVI to put into dvd?
Network Attached Storage Input needed
Is it Windows or my Hard Drive?
Ah! external 120gig shows no data!
09gb triple layer hd dvd
Plastic data part broke on SATA drive!
Question about external enclousure
Floppy Drive with USB Ports on the front
Windows 2000 SP4 not seeing large disk
some Dynamic Disk questions
Raid 5 or WD Raptor 10K RPM
500ma usb powered HDs 20GB+
Raid Question: 40gb-Maxtor and 250 gb-7200.10
Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200JB 7200 RPM 8MB - yay or nay?
SCSI people, look here
Loading drivers without A: ?
Blu-Ray Recorders for PC
CD drive is scratching my cds!
How to set up a single raptor? Need nelp bad!
Best way to setup old drives
Best Partition setup for external USB?
Asus EZ Backup Raid Headache
can you ghost 2 sata drives in raid 0 to an ide drive
Noisy Seagate
sata vs pata
Raid Questions
Where Have All The 16mb Cache SATA Drives Gone?
hard drive problem
How to partition my new large HDD?
sata problem help help help
Whats wrong with my RAID 0?
Question about setting up Raid-0
Need help choosing the correct Hard Drive for data recovery! Thanks
Finding SATA drivers for OEM Laptops and Desktops
Raid issues with A8N-SLI
Buying new HDDs, upgrade from SATA 1.5GB/s to SATA 3.0GB/s?
Enabling SATA 3.0
Hard drive Icon
raid five rebuild force/ignore parity errors
Rounded cable question
Can I buy Double Sides 4.7GBs
Converting Raid 0 to Raid 5, etc.
With rapidly declining storage costs, would petabyte computers be the norm?
What Kind of RAID Controller Do You Use?
What Kind of RAID Controller Do You Use?
Pen Drive Blues?
Slow data transfer between two drives...
Help setting up Intel Matrix
Pushbutton Backup
OS install on WD1600JD (WD Sata 150) vs ST332062 (Seagate 7200.10 Sata 300)
Write portected
Intel® Matrix Driver Ver October 13, 2006 Released !
Hard drive was dropped...
Any way of making my own DVD copy protection
possibley Harddrive issue
eSATA - Plug & Play?
Thermal Monitor for Seagate Drives?
Lite-on SHW-160P6S-04 vs. -10
SATA RAID Setup Guide ???
Extending an Existing RAID1?
Raid Driver installation
Sata Hard Drive Please Help...
JBOD help
90° Sata Power Cable
Adaptec AHA7897 Ultra 2....?
Nas / torrent performance requirements
USB hardrives = great backup devices or Worst idea ever!?
Satisfaction with WD Raptor hard drives, take two
Burnt ICs on my Maxtor 120g DiamondMax 9 SATA!
High Pitched noise from Seagate HD
RAID Setup - Hotspare?
SCSI components question
Hard drive orientation?
weird hdd problem.
Intel ICH8 vs Jmicron JMB363 (Sata Performance)
Intel matrix/Jmicron on P5B-E
worth getting a second hdd for raid?
IDE Raid 1 help
System wont read drives
Constant hard drive access by CSRSS and LSASS
HD Failure?
Help before entering the "Matrix-World"
Inserting memory card causes USB card reader to get removed
Cheetah SCSI's
2 seagate harddrive issues.
IDE to SATA converter
Hard drive failing?
Weird DVD-RW
seagates run hotter than western digitals?
Most ideal configuration for a home pc?
new hard drive; partitioned?
hdd not seen
1 hdd = 2 partitions= delete to combine
HDD or windows problem?
Help deciding which setup to go for...
Intel Matrix Raid - Enable Write Back Cache?
windows takin forever to load on a raptor?
windows takin forever to load on a raptor?
install new hard disk
laptop sata drives
S.M.A.R.T monitoring??
Fast SATA drive
Moving a HDD from RAID to reg IDE ?!?