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With rapidly declining storage costs, would petabyte computers be the norm?
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What Kind of RAID Controller Do You Use?
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Write portected
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1 hdd = 2 partitions= delete to combine
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Intel Matrix Raid - Enable Write Back Cache?
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windows takin forever to load on a raptor?
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S.M.A.R.T monitoring??
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Moving a HDD from RAID to reg IDE ?!?
free ram drive program?
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RAID 0 Help, 80GB x 2
Strange Corruption
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Western digital 250ks whisling sound
i'm planning to sue MSI for distress... who's with me?
A magical seagate 80gb 7200.8 IDE?
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Upgrading drives
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Lite-On to Exit Consumer Device Market
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how big a fall can a drive suffer without being damaged? (lol)
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Green Light and Red Light
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Request for Seagate Perpendicular SMART data / SMART data help
any one can suggest a old model of SCSI HDD worth the buck plz ? THANKS VERY MUCH!!
Which Maxtor External HDD?
iRiver H320 not connecting
raptor ?
Does my mobo support IDE-RAID?
is there a way to verify copied data?
!!!!Too Big To Delete...Go Where? Please Help.
SATA/IDE Upgrade?
First RAID 0 setup Read Stickys, But
3 X Raptor 150 in Matrix Raid 0 - Results and Information
I screwed up! How can I...
ATA6? Notebook HD question
A Little Offtopic But Techinally Still Storage
WD Caviar or Raid Edition?
unusual media problem?
NAS specq
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Western digital 250gig ks raid0
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Any good SATA/2 to USB/FIREWIRE solution
External, NAS or XP embedded
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How to format SATA drive in Windows
Bad RMA Replacement Hard Drive?
LVM-esque Solution on Windows???
Help on setting up RAID 0
How do I transfer to a new hard drive?
boot issues
Can this be fixed, or is this drive dead?
10,000rpm perpendicular hard drives any time soon?
Windows keeps wanting to do the Stupid Checkdisk
Can this be rescued?
Are My Raptors Defective? Please Help
Help with RAID on DS3!!!
Can't Move a 4gig file to Ext. Drive
blu ray
Raid questions
RAID for performance?
USB Flash drive Kaput!! I need files off of it!!
Matrix RAID suggestions for gaming box
Quick Raid question.
HDD randomly turns off
2 36gig 8 meg &2 36gig 16 meg in 4 x raid 0
Need to learn everything about HDD's
SATA controller conflict on NF7-S?
2 Raptors, new motherboard, am I screwed?
safely remove harware ?
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fixing a SD card
do these benchies look off?
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Question about external enclosures
Not getting why TB drives cost so much...
Adaptec SCSI Controller?
Need help Installing O/S on SATA drive
Dying Raptor.
my maxtor is dead ?
1 of 3 partitions freezes at root in explorer? (aka I need advice)
Nice speed for new cheap raid
dual booting
scsi with sata and windows xp
IDE and PCI bus speed
SCSI Raid 0 or ...
Hard Drive WIERD problem! Please look
Moving From RAID-0 Raptors (8mb) to RAID-0 Perps...???
36GB(16MB Cache) Raptor Performance
Need a SATA 3.0GB/s HDD
Raptors Slow?
Thumbdrive RAID?
ICH8 having two RAIDs at once?
WD - Read Element Failure
Are external HDDs designed to run continuously?
Network File Sharing
Accessing causes SHUTDOWN
Need help in upgrading SCSI HDDs in company's server
Metadata update failed
15,000 rpm, U320 SCSI
I'm needing some extreme speedy storage.
Fastest Boot Drive - Non-Raptor
New 74 GB Raptor (16MB Cache) - wow
Removing OS
I need a good PATA card
Need Help wi Hardrive Troubleshooting
Sata II cards?
Reconsidering the Raptor
External DVD + iBook
sata 2 problem with mobo maybe
Three Terabytes (3,000 Gigabytes) on a CD-R
Is this Possible?
IDE drives don't show up when SATA drive installed
high speed protable storage
1 TB (Terabyte) External hard drives
SATAII on a SATA port?????
HELP ~ Doesn't Recognize my RAPTORS !!
Drive speed test hitachi 160 pata vs segate 160 sata III benchmark confusion
Raptors, 2x 36gb 8mb cache Plus 2x36gb 16mb in raid 0
Bios won't detect 2nd harddrive
RAID VS External HD's
RAID Recovery
Why does my new sata hdd show as removable?
Should I be noticing this much noise with my 320GB 7200.10?
Intel Matrix..is it a marketing scam?
Trouble with optical drives
reset firmware on maxtor ATA drive is it possible?
15,000 RPM System Drive - Is it worth it?
Intel MATRIX Raid ~ Raid-0/Raid-0 or Regular Raid-0
hard drives: firewire400 vs USB2 vs SATA150
need some advice.
Can Intel MATRIX Raid be used?
Need Help! HDD PCB component fried.
2x 36.7 Raptors vs 2x 74 Raptors - DIFFERENCE?
Raptor Noise? New Drive?
Dvd-rw and combo on same IDE probs
scsi drive
Slipstream your favourite drivers into XP CD easily, hopefully no more floppy drive !
best DVD-RAM
pagefile guru's ..i have a question
How to upgrade another sata drive using raid 0, 1, 5
Help me decide.
How many HD's can I have on...
Raptor help
Multiple partitions causing sound changes
Having serious issues with new PCI SATA controller
Is there REALLY that much of a Difference?
maxtor 300gig ultra 16 problem
Any way to triple boot?
HD Space missing on a 25 Gig Raptor Partition
Storage array
Raptor Drives: How Many Of U Are Using 1 Non-RAID
RAID 1 Monitor
blank dvd quality
USB external HD question...
Sata question
What raid controller do I need for IDE drives?
sata 3gb/s
2 Raid types, 1 controller.
ide hard drives vs sata1 or 2 in overclocking
Card Advice...
Maxtor 160 GIG OEM
Hard drive going 3.6MB/s avg?
This is so cool
Possible to setup a raid on my NF7-S, temporaily?
Hard Drive Help!!!
What hard drive for me?
SMART problem? + HDD Q
Harddrive problems
hdd dead?
The lowdown on dvd UDF burning
Seagate 250gb IDE External fall to its death.
Did Maxtor have a bad run of 200gig drives? 2 out of 2 have died.
Odd Boot Priority
Intel ICH7 vs ICH8....whats the dif?
need NAS recommendations
i seriously think SATA is crap...
Ruined hdd?
Is raid1 a fool proof backup method?
sata question
Question about transfering windows
issues with my hardisk
CD-ROM and HD on IDE?
Mini-external HD not registering...
Broken dvd burning software disc, need help.
Which Configuration?
250gb seagate hdd
urgent, please help!!
problem with Seagate HDD
Dual Core and DVD Copying
Segate 320gig drives one shows as half size and the other doesnt show?
NEC-2510A won't burn dual layer DVD+R
Rebuild NTFS File Structure?
Intel ICH8R - Raid5
2*7200.10 raid 0 raid 1, backups?
dual boot?
What is the problem here? Secondary HDD "shuts off" after a period of inactivity
Intel Matrix?
HDD upgrade
SMART status on my Seagate 7200.9 and 7200.10
Hard Drive Death?
RAID 0 worthwhile with old Raptors on NF3?
Jumpers on a SATA
2x Seagate Barracuda 320GB SataII in Raid 0?
Question about RAID 0
3rd hard drive!
random freezes/restarts
SATA II standby problems
SATA HD Not Recognized by BIOS or OS
NTFS partition may now be ext2fs
Windows booting *incredibly* slow with multi HDD...?
10 hard drives = how much wattage?
Can normal DVD rom read Dual Layer DVD?
2x7200RPM vs. Single Raptor
Can't format?
Hard Disk IDE Bent Pins
nvraid problems
Hardrive bottleneck?
doesn't show up!
Dual Raptor 150 Raid 0 on Intel Matrix ICH8 Conroe Rig
terminators at both ends? scsi
Bah! Bloody seagate 320..
Can't format new HDDs or my old HDDs...?
Help with a stubborn SD card
ACPI spindown - manually?
Harddrive Switcher?
DW1655 (BenQ) DVDRW drive dying?
i have 4 harddrives and 2dvd drives, need more space, how can i add more harddrives
Is PageFile Safe on my Backup Drive?
Booting from a external HD
Removing a drive from RAID 0
hard drive problem?
WD 500gb RE2 vs WD 150GB Raptor
Getting updated on DVD burners
My laptop cd drive isn't working correctly.
Computer so slooooooow- hard drive voltage issue?
MAU3036RC sas
dual raid0 and 4x raptors
Notebook HDD not recognizing all of its HDD space.
[help] dvdrw wont burn
Anyway to save my Windows XP installation?
lightscribe driver
Can't load windows
Help with RAID
WD 320 Gig running at 48c-50C - is that too hot?
Chkdsk problem
Is RAID Make HD Died Sooner?
Hard drive image screw-up...
Floppy Duplicator
HDD Access Denied
which controller card to use
Raid 5 on Motherboards (Good or Bad?)
DOA hard drive?
HD Recovery Ideas
broken hard drive???
Cheapest possible raid array...?
What sort of HDD & media for long term storage ?
Upgrading Notebook Hard Drive
want to revert from latest dvd firmware to earlier version
ext hdd enclosure with usb + ethernet
What is RAID 0 ???
missing hard drive space- not from decimal binary conversion
Seagate 250gb perp raid 0
Areca ARE-1170 dog slow
Brand CDs for MP3s
Can't boot from new raid drives
Not Again!! NTFS hemorrhaging bits; oh the pain...
2 part question, 280 gb come from nowhere
To raid or not to raid...
How to make an external drive useable on OSX and WinXP?
quick help with new hard drive
How to enable SATA II in Windows?
Help me choose between these 2 HDDs...
hard drives make pc switch off
5400 vs 7200 rpm
Sata and Serial ata
how to enable Raid 0 "Write Back Cache?
Slow cd drives
Help format one SOB stubborn drive
RAID 0 Help, Please
Problems with Seagate need help
Young Enthusiast needs Help with HD please
Clearing S.M.A.R.T.
A*N-SLI Premium Sil3114 Controller Died. How to recover?
Transfer data from old HD to new HD
i/o magic dvd burner acts weird with dvd+r
external hd
quick question about a hitachi
Hitachi Deskstar 80GB SATA150 - My Speed Results
Cannot read Hard Drive - RAW?
My Drive Unformatted itself?!
Carbonite unlimited storage for 3 months for free
Maxtor, sux!?
Suggestions needed for massive IO disk
Quiet Hard Drive
HDD mirror itself?
HD Will Not Iniialize
HD problem
External enclosure and front bay hard drive cage
seagate 320gb ST3320620AS
trouble with UDF and DVD RAM
Is my HD done for??
Can't Run RAID on My Ultra-D... What is to blame...?
HDD acting alil different.
10000 rpm 150 vs 7500 rpm 300. which is better
Registered User
HD Malfunctioning?
Do raided drives always need to be the same size?
Acess Deined?
Multiple RAID types on one mobo or HD outside the RAID possible?
How do you tell if the Raptor 150 gig is running in 1.5 or 3 SATA?
my SATA drive disappeared...
question about DVD rebuilder
Professional Recovery centers
which hard drive make are best
SCSI 15K RPM Drives in RAID 0 Array
n00b question