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what should I do with my 2.5''?
Forget gigabyte drives. Next up, protein coated 50 TERABYTE optical discs
CNN article: New technology, similaar to RAM harddrive!
[NEWS] Lens That Writes on Both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray
HD-DVD & Blu Ray Hacked Already!!!!
separate hdd for os????
Old question about new HD,...
Sata II backwards compatability
WD360ADFD 36Gig 16M Raptors
Hm Old stuff.. what to do with it?
External Hard drive
OK Cant' think....how Can I wipe both of my drives to sell them?
Raptor 36?? and Raptor 36.7gig??? 2 Different Sata Connectors???
best ways to kill a drive?
Sata master and ide slave?
Seagate announces TERABYTE laptop hard disk drive using carbon nanotube technology
Windows Won't Read Hitachi Deskstar 80 gb
SCSI Compatibility
Reformatting with two drives?
Which Power for SATA?
Windows wont acknowledge hard drive
I think I need help with 'Burning' a CD. =D
Seagate 320GB 7200.10 Perpendicular Benchmarks
CD Drive Not Installed? Plz Help.
36 gb raptors going to Raid 0 it
partition limited to 128gbs
SATA-II Drives vs. Raptors
HDD causing computer to lock-up.
Using a DV camera as a tape drive?
RAID 0+1 vs. RAID 5
First SATA drive.
Backing Up a Laptop Harddrive Data/OS & settings
Recommend Me A External HDD
Illegal disc?
speed of drive
Floppy won't work
What would you do?
How is Perpendicular Recording Technology? (The New Drives)
Raptor noise control?
who makes the best Raid Controller
Out of these 3 USB 2.0, 1 Gb flash drives which would you choose and why?
Seagate 7200.10 Noise reports
Unable to recognize Hard Drive
how to switch drives?
Server Harddisk
Raid 0 problems on laptop
Do you notice a difference between the Raptor and a normal drive?
Hard Drive Hell and I need some Help, HOT HOT HOT
250G - 6V250F0 VS WD2500KS - what to choose
Mixing SATA and IDE drives.
Post your HD Tach & Setup
RAID0 under Windows XP Home
memorex dvd+r DL media?
external hdd will not enter stand by
Has anyone with Seagate HDDs made in China have degrading SMART values?
Need some more internal storage
Auto destruct hard drives...all of them!
IDE HDD to SATA adapter question.
Raid 0 drives... help me chose
Long term storage of Hard drives? What is the life expectency on a hd?
New SATA woes
Problems burning image, or anything...:(
Where to buy this drive?
Quick question about partitions and HDDs
Plextor SATA DVD drive hangs system on CD boot
HD performance?
Seagate RMA
Need some quick HD help
WD Settles lawsuit
50 raptors?
DVD RW Laptop Installation
Maxtor diamondmax 10 sata!!!!
DVD-RW Installation Help
Raptor difference? WD740GDRTL vs. WD740ADFD
Don't buy Mitsumi products.
Does CPU/bus speed affect sustained transfer rates for modern HDDs?
Help with SATA RAID
Dying harddrive.
The ultimate in RAID questions.
SATA150 drives on a SATA2 board?
SATA power.... a quickie question
changing cluster size
Raid Controller
Problem formating HD
Erasing Old Harddrive???
Burn a virtual CD
HD w/o Fluid Bearings
Question about JBOD
Slim CD/RW+ Mounting Bracket for 5.25'' PC Case Slot?
*sigh* already emtpy.. here i go again!
SATA in PIO mode
SATA in PIO mode
Is a RAID Card needed for Raid 0?
HD Corruption due to 128 GB limit
Kingston 1GB SD memory
Best long term storage medium ( passive)
Floppy Drives, Windows XP, and SATA
What Blank DVD's to choose
In the market for a hard drive
Re installing
Switching btw SATA and PATA
Slow access time with RAID 0
New Hard Drive
Very Weird dead hard-drive problem. Wont let me power-on PC.
New 36 Gig Raptors
Stuck at detecting array
Which will be a faster boot drive: 16MB Raptor or 2 7200 RPM's in Raid 0?
Question about software RAID controllers
got a quick SCSI question, need to update drive
Drive Related Question
Help getting data off HP system...
Raid 0 vs. 74gig Raptor?
Is this real?
Hitachi 200GB HD - very hot
Hard Drive test results
RAiD 0 Dies...
Weird SATA power issue...
frequent burn errors
Windows on sata (non-raid)
DVD Burner
External Enclosure
Disk Drives not working
I'm having more HDD partition issues...
HD window... WHAT!!!
Do HDD overheat?
Performance on a budget
Is downloading stressful for a drive?
How to backup my notebook with Ghost ?
Going from raid 0 to raid1
Stripe and cluster size in raid 0
how many songs can you store in a 200Gb Hard Drive?
External 2.5 caddie extra power needed?
DVD Writters, which one to get, im a bit torn appart, help plz
Can you mix different drives with RAID-0 ?
Clearing Had drive
Copying partitions
raptor 74 16MB or sata II
serial ata question
HDD Issue
New Verbatim Archival Quality Media.
Dynamic Vs Basic
Can all 3Gb/s Hard Drives Run at SATA-150 also?
Hd testing software... software raid
Raid-0 pair not recognized after rebuild!!
300GB Seagate only shows 31.4GB
Are all Taiyo Yuden media equally good?
Verify Link Speed & Help picking new HDD
Raid question
Woohoo! Just ordered up 2 new 74GB 16mb Raptors!
New 750GB Competes with 150GB Raptor
nub to raid
600GB RAID 5 Array dies - dubious circumstances - please help restore!
instead of buying a new hardrive....
Strange bootup with card reader
Backing up raid o
Any competition for the raptor?
Windows Unpartition your storage drive?
Partitioning Flash Drive
Performance with a PATA raid 0
Array setup
P5WD2 - RAID 0 (I don't have mobo CD)
A couple of different opitions, which would be price/performance?
Project: Convert Internal to External, Advice needed.
load xp to flash memory?
Spread spectrum clocking?
SataII speeds
External USB2 hard drive enclosure temperature.
which is faster?
Trying to repair a CD
Can i get some hd track results?
hard drive "thinks" really loudly
2 extra sata ports
Dual Layer
Random Post! DVD-Rs SMELL!!!!!!
i wanna raid 2 36 gb raptors
How to Combine Partition?
seagate 7200.9 300gb extremely slow.
Raid help needed!
Ide question
Raid Failure?
Faster drive for boot or for games?
So when's WD releasing the new 36GB Raptors?
Multiply Older games on DVD
Anyone here use that LightScribe ****zle?
Seagate 72.8GB 10000 RPM Wide Ultra320 SCSI drives in a RAID1
what is the best way to go about a format ?
Cheap good 8-16x Dual Layer Disks
What free DVD Burn software do you use?
Partitioning - Worth Doing?
windows can't install b/c hard drives corrupted??
So when is the 74GB 16mb Raptor's price gonna drop?
question about sata optical drives
Quick Question
7200 or 10000
PLextor sata dvdr
Western Digital Raid
RAID Partitions - help!
flash vs HD
Corrupt/unreadable Hard Drive partition - Need Help pls
noob question - please help
seagate or maxtor 500gb
crazy HD question
where did the rest of my disk space go?
PATA-to-SATA adapters question
Certain files not being able to be defraged...
IDE ribbon cable question
extra drive
Beaten, Frozen, Recovered!
installing a new harddrive
Can't play DVD Movies (Please help)
Floppy drive DOA?
IDE detected in BIOS but not in device manager???
USB flash drives
NEC 3550A problems
Alternative to DVD Shrink?
I'm getting an "HDD Bios error" message. Is a 20GB Maxtor. Can this be fixed?
NEED HELP: CD session lost
Good external enclosure for my SATA 120GB Maxtor
Boot from USB
Trying to run XP off parallel port removable drive
Who here uses TrueCrypt for there HDD or Tumbdrive?
what drive/what kind to get ?
DL game DVD
ATA value misdisplayed
Hard drive going out?
Noobish question. Help plz
80gb 5400 vs 60gb 7200?
why not... more heads?
Different HD Sizes & Raid 0
New Raptors Released!!
CD-RW Problem
Is my hard drive on its way out?
Recommend - 2-4 Port Sata I/O Card Under $50
Bf2 better on a sata drive?
Poor read speeds w/ Raid. Advice?
Vaio user need help. Integrating Parallel HD with Serial?
how resistant to damage are DVD-R's?
Hardrive cache
Quiet DVD-Burner
Raid0 WD800JD slow bootup
raid5 and spanning
DVD-Burner... SATA? quiet?
MPAA accused of hiring a hacker
what does the cache mean on a hard drive?
Hitachi SATA connector-broken...
15k HDD's?
question about external hard drives
Windows not recognizing SATA drive
Seagate Acquires Maxtor
Comprehensive list of hard drives with specs
HDD Comparison Benches
Whats the best price / performance hd setup for me?
Drive Indexing Yes or No
Basic two-drive install question
Wierd hard drive deaths
Turning off HD
External slimline multi-region DVD drive for movie viewing
physical orientation
New sata drive
DVD burner recommendation.
sata II cables
ATA Flash Device Pricing
Does this sound weird to anyone else? (dead drive)
OEM Disc drive Flashing
Any Taiyo Yuden users?
Raid 5/6 question
What is Seagate's policy for removing data on returned hard drives?
SATA Driver help
Wierd Hitachi Problems
160gb drive reading as 30gb now?
UDMA.... help
4x250Gb or 2x500GB in raid 0
Data transfer performance vs. I/O performance?
New raptor..74 gig questions
Hard Drive Problems
DVD RWs (sp?) Drive
Hard Drive failure symptom
computer freezes and comes bak
Scsi drive
raid 1 question
Partitioning an external drive (USB).
Choosing new HDD's
raid question
Replacing my EIDE HDD with SATAII HDD
How would i turn my old hd into a portable drive
Seagate perpendicular drive @ newegg
mysterious filled up HDD
So where are the memory drives?
How to Format a 120 gig external into FAT32
Odd question
RAID w/o drivers?
Do you compress your HDD?
Windows XP ram drive
Seagate Vs. Western Digital for SATA
WD3200KS SATA not reading full size HDD
Overclocking leads to worse harddrive performance
Scsi Vs Sata
SCSI Performance
RAID 0 Crash?
Lost Partition(s), need Recovery Help
after fixboot fixmbr on xp, drive only shows 33 gig
Need Help!!
Partition Moving
can a sata drive be connected while the computer is running?
Whats the biggest HD?
RAID and such
Is this manufacturing reality?
Software vs Hardware RAID?
Plextor PX-760A or Plextor PX-755SA
HD Spins all the time?
External Native SATA enclosure
Good Results?
Transferring data from Laptop Hard Drive to Desktop, quick question
Flatmate's 80GB Maxtor kicked the bucket, need data off it
Why cant you use more then 4k cluster size on C:\?
Worse raid performance on better board?
Got my new cables! :attn:
how is firewire different then USB2?
Ideal cluster size for 300GB media drive?
150 Raptor vs. 2X74 Raptor Vs. 3X 36 Raptor
What is the proper way to set up a drive to cable?
Uping the pci frequency to 38 mhz, how bad is it?
Cell phones kill HDD'S!!
Partition problems after setting up my drives for Windows/Linux dual boot. Help!
Change HD letter
OS won't boot... Nor does Safe mode
Recommend a 3.5" HDD Enclosure
Hard drive suddenly moving at snail pace!
Pioneer DVD burner A10 or A11
what HDD set up do I have ?
I need a new HD... what to get? and other questions...
WD HDD Clicking
back up drive moved to new comp
Need 2 new DVD-RW's
labelflash software
Corruption recovery software...
Sata Help
Hitachi Deskstar T7K250
Stripping Rapture Speed
Raptor clicking
How can I detect if my 150gb Raptor is performing at correct speed?
Starforce has just about killed my DVD drive, need a new one.
Old hardware - Syquest need help
My Raptor Slowed Down??
Help me build a RAID 0 setup for around $100
Using an old HD to create a two-HD system and get around lost XP CD key possible?
SATA 3GB/s HDD compatible with mobo-1.5GB/s ?
SATA 3GB/s improvement over 1.5GB/s?
Moving my OS to a new SATA
Which is better?
My external dvd writer not recognized
DIY external hard drive with an enclosure
which hd is better ? maxtor or seagate?
bad burner? (nero results included)
is external hard drive good option for download folder?
dvd burner not reading disks
Hard drive problems
Need Help Recovering Data from a Profile
Deathstar 7K80 HDTach
Changing drive letters
Backups/Archiving (tape drives?)
post your hdtach
deleted partition
Noob Question
Recommend an external HD!!!
External enclosures or external HDD?
Can't get new sata drive dual boot to work
Sata problem? Not sure... help :(
WTF is wrong with my HD? Help!
Dynamic disk unreadable
I need SATA drive/driver help
RAID 5 Setup
Does RAID0 provide file security
Promise Ultra 66 raid mods
Difference in these drives?
IO external HD, not found
Broken raid 0+1, need help !
looking for e.SATA enclosures
noobish question
does any company make a multiple-harddrive external enclosure?
is there software availabe that will...
Using an iPod Mini HD without the iPod?
2gb Flash Drive
Moving data
Sata II and Nforce4 issues
80GB raptor?
Bought a Maxtor from Fry's
backup storage solution help
need info for new DVD burner..
2 74 gb raptors in raid 0 or 1 74 gb raptor and a mactor 500 gb 7,200 hd?
DOMINATOR SE DVD±R/±RW Reading Problem
HD questions...
SATA Optical Drives, where are they?
2 SATA controllers
Looking to buy a second harddrive
2 PATA hds on one bus?
conformation about raid 0
Problem with HD?
saving pirelli film "the call"
Help me decide!! Speed or Storage?!?
Auto CD Loader?
Mobile rack performance?
Harddrive dissapereing - delayed write error
New Seagate harddrives - 750GB
RAID 0 with IDE (PATA) drives?
how slow is too slow for your OS drive?
RAID1 checking the mirror disk
Possible to merge 2 partitions?
Issues when booting XP
Hard Drive - O/S Question
Data Error
usb drive - booting from a pci usb card
booting XP from a (ugh) usb1 drive
boot from scsi when the card is an IDE?
hd configuration
SCSI RAID 1 server..upgrading HDD..advice
Raptor vs SATA II drives
Merging HDDs to form 1 partition
how to image?
DVD-RW Choice
new hd for a friend.
Perpendicular Drives...
2 SCSI HHDs in RAID0 = horrible performance
How to tell my drives?
ATA 5 mobo and a ATA 6 HDD?
Seagate and noise question?
quick question about new 300gb seagate
RAID Help? paper/pres
change disk inside external usb drive
files won't defrag
Question about a drive I'm getting
Stupid JBOD Question
Hotter hd temp after changing position?
HD corruption and chkdsk screw ups
Maxtor 200GB drive causing system error 1 after failed install of Alcohol
Help..DFI ULTRA-D and WD 320gb SATAII
bad dvd? burner? ... something?
moving scsi raid0 to another perc4
"a read error occured"
pre-ata33 cable on a 24x cd rom
NEC 3550-A drive finally dead
Managing Partitions
I own the best CD-RW/DVD Burner in existence
I think the Deathstar is dying
Self powered external drive enclosure?
Program to check realtime HDD usage?
installatation of a second hard drive
failed DFI RAID install...
What is the Curie point of hdd magnetic platters?
quick raid Q
My raid keeps dropping out!
Reviving hard drive stories :D
"wireout" on a 80 wire cable
Windows on an independent drive?
Any tools to diagnose my dvdr drive?
Questions about the raid usage on Asus A8n-sli premo.
First Time
got myself a samsung SP1213C, any good?
Drive doesnt support files > 4GB?
Hard Drive Help ;(
PCI vs. PCi-E 4x for raid card
Two identical DVD RWs
lightscribing program?
Hard drive failure, any hope?
Is RAID a necessity?
Questiona bout SATA 3GB/sec drive
External Drive Question
Would this work?
Dead external hard drive?
Have to restart windows to read cd.
Raid 1 array rebuild
HD optimization
Array Offline
floppy problem
good dvd programs?
A8n-Sli Premium Raid Problems!!! Need help!
8MB vs 16MB cache
DVD a write-off?
Boot Disk for Drive Imaging a Raid using BartPE
ICHR7 Raid problem
Help with formatting
whole day wasted trying to get Raptor installed
Oh man. I just deleted my entire 200 gig HDD
Urgent help needed from those with Promise SATA150 TX series controller cards