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This drive is HOT (where is that steaming smiley?)
Has anyone use a TerraStation?
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hot-swap enclosures
Making an HDD array - hardware or software raid
Seagate's DiscWizard Starter Edition ??
LiteOn SOHW-1693 DVD+-RW Problem
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New drive time: Hitachi T7K250?
Fix foreign drive without wipe
SATA HDD Power - Quick Reply Please
samsung error checking software
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Afree IDE DVD-ROM firmware update
Plz Really Need Help
WD800JB vs. WD800JD
Is RAID for me?
Is My Nec 3500 Dead
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How to check NCQ enabled?
RAID 0+1 on just 2 x 74gb Raptors. Is it possible?
Buying WD Raptors on eBay - warranty question
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Quick Raid 5 Question
New SATA HDD purchase
When is hard drive technology gonan catch up??
Corrupted DVD disc [How To Save Files?]
new hd
USB drive question?
Anyone use Matrix RAID, 0 and 5?
copying ide hard drive to sata raid hard drive
connect ata and serial drive
failing ide cable
Need new DVD+-R/CDRW drive... No Tray!
Maxtor SATA 150 boots as 133 during post.
NTLDR missing raid 0
Help with my Hard drive water cooling...
DVD+-RW problems - have tried different drives
Onboard raid vs Raid card
read buffer drop=coaster?
Help-Blue screen when installing windows w/P5WD2-P and WD Raptor 150gb
IDE to SATA - How?
corrupted partition
Who says that two raptors arent better than one? Part 2
Recover a dead external drive?
Two/four Raptor 150's and NVidia RAID
Possible RAID1 failure?
DMA isn't working?
Can overclocking cause damage Hard disks (HDDs)?
AHCI/Enhanced IDE sata mode perfomance problem
setting up hdd's and cd drives
DVD Burning not reading or writing
Sony DRU-530A problem
Question about DVD-ROM / DVD-R/RW etc...
PCI Raid card or IDE to SATA converter
320GB hdd works in NF4 board but not NF2
Installing a ide and sata together
How to disable Acoustic Management on Sata drives.
160 gig only 3 gigs?
HD performance issue in the 1st & 2nd IDE channel
Difference between Lightscribe and labelflash
Any hard drives have DMA?
2 devices on 1 IDE Channel or not
Booting from CDROM
Best Sata II Drive to Buy
Trying to find something
Dead HDD, can i get the data off?
Hard Drive Cooling
Raptor 10k - Wierd Problem, (graph inside)
Raid Questions
Dvd Video format?
Sata2 HDD question
New SATA Installation question
Quick question about RAID
Noob Lesson
Substitution for a jumper?
Q about SAS
Some insight on optical discs & their manufacturing...
200 GB MAXTOR ATA won't work!! :( :( HOW?
external usb drive? splitter?
Possibly a Hard Drive Problem
How long do DVDR Discs last?
BIOS not recongizing new hdd
WD SE16 320gb ok?
sata drive on an already used raid controller
What do i need with my OEM harddrive?
HD enclosure suggestions
OMG Owned!
Seagate 7200.8: Changing Acoustic Mode
NTFS Quick Format
Need a Little Advice???
Need some advice...
I'm Torn: Single Raptor or 7200RPM SATA RAID 0?
Improved Raptor Performance
whats it do?
Floppy Drive Question
Best way to go about this? Raid, slave, dual boot
recovering info from HD
Part 2 of the Raptor Raid Article is coming.
just installed 2 7K80's on raid for my system..
Raptor 74G or 2xSATA II in Raid0
Have 2 74's but how 'bout a good back up HD?
How are the IDE->SATA/USB enclosures?
RMA ? Seagate
What's the best drive (speed and comptibility) RAID or SCSI for around $230?
Help! SCSI
so I got a 36gb raptor
RAID 5 slow writes?
Raid 1 faster than Raid 5 ?
cutting up an IDE cable
transferring HD's
Will booting from a flash drive be faster than a HD?
HD and DVD Writer Bottlenecks
Ok, How should i proceed??
Boot up time is longer with Raptor, Why?
Realy old Hard Drive!
lot's of HDD decrease overall performance?
trying to burn a cd and a dvd at the same time?
Adding new H.D. to OEM computer
Sata controller no longer works after changing OC.. HELP
sataII cable??
Raid Question
raptor question
Does RAID 0 make sense on a DFI nF4 board?
What do you do with old data cd/dvds?
Differences between external drive enclosure chipsets?
Nec 3540 dvd-rw read issue
Buslink controller and Sata Help
Need advice
Any bad experiences with the Hitachi T7K250?
SATA cable length
SATA Drive Swap?
running 3 drives
Would this hard drive be worth it?
Deal on 74GB Raptors!!!
How Long Do Raptors Last & How Many Have You Had
Seagate's 12 GB mini hard disk
Pick a HD for me.
MotherBoard Dusen Recognize My SATA HDD
RAID 5 Advice
Case for SATA drive
Which SATA 3.0GB Drive?
Thinking of raid setup, PLEASE help....
Installing a second raptor
raptor 74gb or HITACHI Deskstar 7K80 raid0?
Partitioning Hard Drive
DVD Burner Dead I Think? Need Recommendation For New One
Hard Drive Fried?
HD Help, IDE or ATA-133 ?
Which is faster? 74GB Raptor in RAID0 or single 150GB Raptor?
Hard drive messed up
flash gone poop?
Do i need a terminator?
Transfer Rate of my SATA HDD??
HDD not recognized.........Help please!!!!
cd drives are acting weird
Anyone RMA seagate drives?
weird DVD-RW Problem
Who says 2 X 74GIG Raptors isnt better than one? Anandtech?
how to set up raid on the Marvell controller (P5WD2-E Premium)
1 + 1 = 1
Wierd noise from HDD
Wheeee (RAID0)
Data Missing
Power connection for my WD2500
Lathe SCSI problem
USB flash drives not acknowledged
Should I have the faster drive as my secondary?
Check out my new SCSI and SAS PCI-E contollers
raid problems
My new 74 Gig Raptor - Seems Sluggish
high pitch noise coming from hdd
raptor drives
Dying SG 120 IDE?
What drivers to I get to install OS with my Raptor Drive?
Opinions/Experience with an Athena Back Plane
Is WD the only one with a 10k SATA drive? Why?
Half Dead Drive?? Bent Pin, Crammed inside Pin, reads slow as...??
Promise Pci Sata Sata300 Tx2 Plus
Biometric External Drive
Pci sata cards and the $#% i915p pcie lock
Which SATA drive?
HDD Making funny noises...
wont boot
WD Raptor 74 and 3dmark
Raptor X - The first HDD with a window!
paritioning a partition to install windows?
Not Recoverable, Not Destoryed
WD vs MAXTOR whats better?
formatting a hdd help fast please
cyclic redundancy check
Help with Lite-On CDRW drive.
WD Raptor Question
HDD dead or not?
cd and dvd drives keep disapearing in xp
Im freaking out-might have lost all my data
16mb buffer is it necessary?
need some help detecting a SATA drive
Raid0 Or Not?
dvdrw reading very slow?
seagate 7200rpm 2mb
Seagates plans for the future Options
DVD-Burner Question
bought new 200gb sata drive, wont show up but bios recognizes it?
Is SATA2 a gimmick???
what is the best DVD+R Drive with LightScribe Technology?
SATA HDD problem
To Raid or Not to Raid
Question with new system and RAID setup. Please Advise.
LG DVD Problem
Raid 1 with an external enclosure
Does anyone here have a RAID5 or RAID6
hard drive costs
RAID1 question
usb drive not showing all or close to 512mb..?
How do i set NO TO ALL for Replacing Files when Moving them
DVD will not show-up
Hard Drive Setup
monitoring hard drive use without seeing a LED
ATA 33? wtf?
SATA and ATA combined?
Lost stuff in drive
Need help partitioning
Can't Backup
Backup - Restore RAID 0????
NEC 3550A or LG 4167 ?
Help with dvds
im such a noob lol
Build raid from single ??
Hard drive platters
Cant load system with RAID !
2.5 hard drive connection issues
Bad RAID Card??
Need advice on 300gb drive
Floppy Disks > CD-ROMs
Lite-on or BenQ dvd burner lightscribe
What to do about partitioning
question on Sata hard drives...
HD keeps on spinning down
What to do, what to do...
Fastest hard drive out there
SATA 300 backplane?
hard drives problem
24" IDE cable exist ?
may be dumb question
Buggy Maxtor ATA HDD
Computer will POST but not boot with large hard drives...
How do I make a bootable copy of my RAID array on a IDE (PATA)?
Installed new cd burner....
DVD writer suggestions
Question about SATA Drives
ugh! unmountable_boot_volume
putting 2 hdd's in temporary
I want the best external harddrive
Ready for a fresh wipe! But...
How can i reduce MBs reserved by system?, I still have 75MB used ( HD is empty )
What RAID am I using?
biggest and cheapest
Missing optical drives - only in WinXP though
2 drives 1 drive/partition w.o raid?
Trying to boot off a SATA drive but mobo is old and has no SATA plugs.
Simple question
Will this card work?
Best HD pair
The strangest HDD corruption I have EVER seen.
CD-R vs. CD-RW?
Recommend a good dual layer DVD burner
Adding HD to Existing RAID
283.7 MB/s Burst Read
Spin Up/Down Characteristics of ball-bearing HDDs
2.5 drive for enclosure
Better backup solution?
16MB vs 8MB cache?
Had to lower down the speed???
need a new storage option
Teac DV516D mocking me. (it bites!)
what is my optimal drive configuration?
Are all FDDs created equally?
Will I need floppy drivers for my new SE16 (sata2)
Old RAID new problem