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Seagates plans for the future Options
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what is the best DVD+R Drive with LightScribe Technology?
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To Raid or Not to Raid
Question with new system and RAID setup. Please Advise.
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Raid 1 with an external enclosure
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monitoring hard drive use without seeing a LED
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Backup - Restore RAID 0????
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im such a noob lol
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may be dumb question
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ugh! unmountable_boot_volume
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biggest and cheapest
Missing optical drives - only in WinXP though
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283.7 MB/s Burst Read
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Had to lower down the speed???
need a new storage option
Teac DV516D mocking me. (it bites!)
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OEM stuff
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USB Drive [FAT to FAT32?]
sata, scsi and possible upgrades
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HD question
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Got new DVD burner, now what media should I buy?
Harddrive questions before buying
Harddrive Problems!
Problems with Plextor PX-716SA
NF4 SLI-DR - New RAPTOR 150 RAID 0 Major Problem... Need assistance
WD Caviar 120gb SATA-II Not Recognised
7200.8 Reliability?
i have two drives RAIDed via pci... my new mobo has onboard RAID...
Short DVD burner?
How hot does your SATA get?
wd 60 gig drive issue
New 160GB WD 10G short
Raid 0+1 Replacement HD not recognized
Which DVD-burner?
u320 on a u160 card
Seagate Ships Momentus Perpendicular HD's
120gig Maxtor Overheats !!! 56K warning
Help me with some redundant storage goodness!
Dual HDD's
should i go for raid 0 again?
Get Data Back - disk recovery program
HP tape drive switches
Looking for a new drive
I was hit w/ some virus or something and now my HD appears unformatted. HELP!!! :(
What just happened?
Bought new drive. Still same issues. HELP!!
DiamondMax 9,10,11 and nF4
Can i use different disk sizes on RAID 0??
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SATA dist arrays
Raptor normal sound?
Old laptop Compaq LTE286: replacing hard drive
Deleted Files Retreival
Write Speed Problems with a SH-W162
RAID question AFTER reading the sticky!
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Two new HD's dead???
Recommend a good PCI -> SATA control card
Emergency Help Needed on undeleting lost data
Sata to IDE adapter?
HD problem
SATA II backwards compatible? Also, SATA II vs. Raptor.
My harddrive is making noises
Bios not seeing SATA drives??
Will it be worth the $$? tell me
Liteon SHM-165P6S-01C 16x DVD±RW/RAM
External Harddisk
Do these HDD cases really work?
Crazy PATA/SATA question
Quick Burning question
HELLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! 0 partitions found!!!!
Another Raid Question
Having problem cloning PATA 100 ==> PATA 133
thinking of selling my hds
windblows not detecting dvd drive!
What do you use to fix deep disc scratches?
dvd/cd lens cleaner?
Looking for new cd-rw drive
Need help with partitioned hard drive_Total noob
excessive windows load screen
Tons Of Hard Drive Issues And Questions!!!!
blank dvds that won't burn at the listed speed
Problem with HD - Invalid MFT
64 bit or 32 bit Raid0?
DVD writer newbie
Scsi Adapter Card And Drive For A Desktop
sata cards
SATA 150 16mb Cache or SATAII 8mb Cache
a8n-sli and maxtor diamondmax 10
137gig limit on windows ME
Acoustic management
USB floppy disk drive raid :p
For gaming, speed only, 15k scsi, or sata raid?
DVD Burner slow to detect discs
P5WD2-P~How to run both Sata & IDE HDD's
I heard about a program that duplicate IDE HDDs capacity. What is all that about ?
Having problem deleting files. (possibly mtf)
Laptop hard drive upgrade question
Problems with 2 maxtor sata drives :(
correct drive noises
Western digital in raid0
Maxtor 300Gb shows up as SCSI drive? = data gone?
configure sata IC7 MAX 3 need HELP!
Problem reading WD Drive
Need more PATA slots
burned up hard drive?
nero dvd speed - benchmark and quality
Looking for new CDRW
Seagate Sata will not raid 5 on P5WD2 ICH7
Sata not getting detected at higher fsb
Moving RAID0 from ICH5R to ICH7R
Program to restore HDD to factory default?
Raptor 150 hits newegg...
Raptor with a window
Raid-0 vs Raid-1
New² Raptor 150GB /w Window!
how to use DVD RW like CDRW
File location and formatting/
Strange noises from my harddrives
Raptor Recommendations
question regarding sata and pata
princo/princo A-grade - any good?
need major help... please!
should i burn at 16x?
Anyone know where to buy the New 150GB Raptor? (Besides direct, of course)
Seagate 300gb reading as 250gb??
16x DVD burner won't burn at 16x - looking for help
Maxtor SATA HDD toast?
SR's new Raptor review!
I Think My Raptor Died !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SATA 3.0GB/s vs. Serial ATA150 ????
Solid state disk drive
new iram like drive PCI-E
How to make new drive bootable?
Maxtor 6L300R0
16mb or 8mb buffer
i need a fast IDE/SATA too boot from
wtf...is my hdd sick?!
Building a New PC in 2006 Part 1 of many. Hard Drives!!
boot trouble
Is my HDD dead?
XP Pro freezes on new install on Raptor...
Fresh xp install problems
Faster for gaming/Partition main drive OR second drive?
Hitachis 80gb Raid 0 :)
Reposition psu under hard drive. Will that cause any problems?
sata not booting
nf7s v2 (nforce2) not seeing new raptor
need help
corrupted beyond repair?
Compact Flash II, Microdrives, Good for cameras? MP3 Players?
Sata very slow o.O;
Am I the only person sick of their WD raptor?
Newb to SATA... having a little trouble...
Cdrom Drive problem
Using 2 dvd burners at once
How to burn two dvd's at once?
Problems with NSLU2
Acoustic Managment (SeaGate)
Sata I/O Cards
Why are 10k/15k platters in 36GB increments and 7200 in 80, 100 etc?
I kinda deleted a partition on my flash drive....
HD OS installation problem
Raptor Low Power or Diamondmax Hipower?
is this Lightscribe drive any good?
PATA + SATA HD? PATA = slave? or what?
CD recording technology to write data as a picture?
which HDD
Loud HD
Sudden Harddrive Death?
Are all sata drives hotswappable?
Ugh. Raptor won't install windows
2 high speed optical drives on same IDE cable?
Dvd (+)(-) R
Best HD air cooler for a Raptor?
Are HDs in USB enclosure limited by BIOS?
western digital
Question about ATA-to-SATA adapters
Cool HDD window mod
Is my drive dead?
How do I make a partition within a partition?
HELPPPP! HD dieing?
WD2500JS works fine in MOBOs with SATA I only?
IS there a piece of software that..?
Sata Drive and SP2 problems
Why is my webserver going thought hd so bad?
hard drive problems!
HELP! Hard Drive problems!!!
my new build a couple q's
Raid 0
Need A Harddrive
DVDRW Issues
Flash drive that plays music?
RAID question
WD SE16 wd2500KS SATA Drive XP Install
Western Digital 300 gig
Raid problems
SATA 3gbs Vs. SATA150
RAID 0 benefit
SATA Windows2000 install problem
Transferring WinXP partition from PATA drive to SATA drive. Will it work?
Please help w/ external drive problem!!
Ide raid1 array using existing hard drive
Help please! I have a mega drive letter and partition MESS!
Creating a sata raid, complete newbie here
DVD to MPEG ripper?
Can i create Raid 1
where o where did my little drive go?
Sata Noob
New WD Raptor to be announced in Jan
Adaptec 1200A Problem
Raid Array Troubles
7200 RPM vs 5400 RPM
Seagate to buy Maxtor
What's the difference between these Raptors?
A7N8X-E Deluxe and SATA hardrive compatability
Just ordered a 300GB DiamondMax 10!
Maximum storage space allowed?
Laptop Hard drive
Seagate Technology To Acquire Maxtor Corporation
TDK 1616DLN taking 30mins to burn a DVD???
RAID arrays: are they portable between chipsets of the same family/generation?
Seagate Takes Over Maxtor
Is Raid Zero less effective with 3 hard drives, then 2??
Questions About My Raptor
PATA to SATA - would I notice?
Gigabyte iram released
My new 3550a
Need help with RAID
300GB HDD found as 127GB?!
Maxtor Trouble
raid card suddenly not working?
SATAI or SATAII cables?
Winxp installation problem. New Raptor
Dual Booting my PC, Question
Very high end blank DVDs?
Laptop to Desktop Drive converter.
Buffer size issue
OCforums DVD media DB
HDD test/benchmark software
connecting two HD's via IDE?
What are ok HD temps?
which is faster?
Looking for new storage drive
Replaced My Raid0 with a Raptor
Raptor? Other drive?
sata and ata
external HD ?
Hard Drive Causing MAJOR problems....
ideal setup???
Problems with SATA drive installation
Help !!! My 120gig maxtor is Dying.
Is my Harddrive dead?
Changing motherboarsd+RAID0 array
Undeleteing a partition
Need HELP! The disk in drive e...
How do you back up?
HELP! Trying to install new LG dvd burner ........
External HD to external HD
Vertical data clusters
What brand to choose?
Best Sata Hard Drive Other Than Raptor?
Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 300GB
Ahhhh Urgent Storage problem
What brand HD do you use most?
Hitachi Deskstar T7K250......Is it good or bad?
Received new HD..now shown in "My comp"
NCQ drive
hard Drive Problem.....
Laptop Drive to Desktop
SATA, what's with all the pins?
Interpreting results: Is this fast? - 8 x RAID 5
Very annoying CD/DVD problem...
flashing 3520a
2 hardrives ?
Quietest Optical Drive?
WTH is wrong with my cd/dvd drives???
best $40 dvd burner
Opinions of Kingwin KH-350U-BK 3.5" USB2.0 External HD Enclosure?
1st Time NTFS user / SATA
SATAII Drive on Asus P5LD2
Deathstar is back!
drive broken?
Can I burn a PAL movie to an NTSC disk?
Customer Support/Idiot Father-proof RAID 1 Array
issues with a new hdd
Is it time to get a new burner?
which is best
raptor fails in under 6 hours.
Hot Swap IDE Drive Enclosure
Major Problem.
Raid Controller Cards
SCSI Controller & bus speed questions
USB enclosures.
Pioneer 110 Problem
Can you stripe a SATA with PATA?
hdd bottom plate
Promise Fasttrak Tx2200
Is there anyway to burn a Live music dvd (the songs) to a cd?
2.5" to 3.5 Adapter, where can I get one?
Why Sata over IDE?
1080P Movies to show up in '06?
SATA-IDE Adapter
What do you use to bechmark your hard drive?
Raid 1 without format?
Does PATA slow down to the slowest drive on the cable?
Best External HD for $100?
(Question) Partition
Raid or not? Hitachi XD
I need a good recommendation here on Enterprise SATA & IDE drives (120$max)
Hard drive silencing
Are all laptop hdd the same?
SATA pointless for non-hard drive spindles?
DVD-RW Drive Not Reading....
help with swap
Maxtor OneTouch II / Dantz Retrospect Express Program
DVD Rom combo
Sata Raid 5 card pci
SATA 1 and compatibility
RAID boot utilities
Need help finding driver.
help on hdd and dvd choice
Hard Drive cut and paste
oh bugger...
HD recovery?
DVD-RW that works with nvidia Driver
Seagate HD Questions
Ata100, Ata133
Multiple Hard Drive copying through RAID
need a program
Dvd-burning not working
Building new PC...Will I need a Floppy Drive?
Koutech IDE Raid Controller - Installation Problems
What is the biggest SATA harddrive in GBs?
How do flash drives never loose their data after staying uncharged for a long time?
sata 2 or 10,000rpm raptors ?
Changing Drive Letters with SATA/ IDE
What way should I chhose for RAID? ATA HPT372N or SATA ICH5R
IDE1 not seeing any devices ?
Hard drive, RAID, config problems w/ new rig.
Hard drives with partitions ***
Editing the boot ini
New HDD question...
Fastest Raid
Burning a DVD to a CD?
Hot swap HD
dvd-rw info..
Does anyone have one of these Samsung Harddrives?
CD-ROMS not responding?
Mobos that support true PCI-E 4x?
Hard Drive problem source of ram problems?
Could not read from the selected boot disk (error message during boot)
Gaming HDD's...Cache or RPM speed?
"Scatchless disk"
WARNING: OnBoard RAID1 Does not work!