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I really need some input on this
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Broken Promise? lol...
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LG GCE-8527BK (any good?)
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Gigabyte Iram when
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Raise FSB and no boot
Should i go from IDE to SATA
Slow boot problem solved!
can i mix pata and sata
Software for HD temps in a RAID-0 array?
Blu-Ray or HD-DVD?
seagate 7200.8
15k SCSI Benchmark links
The 5 Reasons Why Blu-Ray Will Win
Lite on SOHW-1693S issues
Having a Little bit of fun
hard drive temperature monitoring
0 writing hard drive
Newb Partition question..
160 gb Seagate and overclocking
PS2 DVD+R problem
Newb Question
Partitioned a drive, reinstalled Windows, can't find other partition.
SATA II drive on SATA I controller WARNING.
SATA I and SATA II questions
slow 716sa copying
RAID0 newb
Bounced my HD!!!
Boot Dos On External Drive ?HELP?
both dvd drives undetected...help!
Hard Dsic Confusion.....
cd-rom on same channel as HD = bad?
Hard Drive keeps deleting files...
sata probs.....
Can someone Explain?!
Sata Hot Swap Bays?
Maxtor Sata Drive Freaks
Plextor 712-A drive crapped again??
Huh? Sudden CRC errors all over the hard drive!
Are SATA drives affected by overclocking?
How is my raid scores?
WD's new warranty policy?
Reconfiguring Server: Partitioning
new pc, what drives should i buy?
use of a controller
Need help with SCSI drives.
Another HDD? What's the Difference?
Just got another 80gig sata barracuda
Will i see a difference. Raptor question.
SMART? What do these mean?
HDD Comparison
Need a New HD
Question about DVD recordable media...
HELP: random reboots
Just Got Back from a lanparty and....
HD corrupted possibly, plz help
Can't find second drive
What is the best program for copying from VCD to CD?
A VERY noisy Maxtor 300GB hardrive...
operating system not found
please help, Windows xp pro can't find my sata drive
SataII problems
Sata 10000rpm 16mb
New 200GB HDD, swapfile and drive label problem
My brother needs a HDD. Help please
Windows can't find drivers for maxtor sata drives...
CARD upgrade = BSOD
Please post your raid-0 benchmarks
Drive recommendations?
4 x SATA RAID0 or RAID5, whats faster
good or bad buy
Raid 1 problems
how do I get the raid array and OS drive to not conflict
Anyway to recover delete files?
tieing 4 drives into one
> Using Sata Drive As Master And Ide As Slave?
Help needed to salvage data from corrupted drive
Which type of Hard drive?!
Sata 2
New Hitachi T7K250 blows away Maxtor DiamondMax 10!!!
Hard drive dieing? or Bad Partition?
need a 400gb drive, which one should I look at?
Question regarding my Windows XP load times with my SATA 150 Deskstar 7K250
DVD-RW lifespan
HELP HELP New 120gig maxtor low MB?
Western Digital 250gb sataII hard drive
>600MB being read as 6MB?
Raid keeps corrupting my os, is that normal?
Did a dum dum-deleted partition accidently
Is Ultra320 SCSI Gone??
USB CD or DVD Drive; with out power cord.
SATA 150 vs. SATA 3.0gb/s ???
Sata help please :)
Looking for advice on a good DVD Writer, or Dual Layer, or whatever it's called.
Onboard SATA windows install
what hd to get
Long term storage solutions?
Based on these results, what appears to be wrong with my SATA II drive
SATAI drive with a SATAII MB
hdd suggestion
I think this is normal, but my HD (probably) is making a faint sound...
Portable hdd problem
Amyone have a working LSI 320-2e in a 939 mobo
heres what happens when you dont defrag for 2 years
Changing HDD Designations
New MB, CPU SATA show in Taskbar??
wd raptor problem (sata & windows xp hate eachother)
Sata drive suggestions
CD drive and DVD drive won't work in new case
si3112r problems
New Pendrives available
CD Storage Methods
Comparison of the LG GSA-4165 to the 63
Average life expectancy of random Dell harddrives?
Question about setting up raid... am I missing things in the stickies?
Will new hardware effect hard drive
RAID on a 80gig 7200 and a raptor?
Do fat32 support files over 4gb?????
Quick question
74gb raptor not that impressive to me. help
Hard Drive noise, worries or just paranoid?
HELP Shortening round P-ATA cables
Slow startup with WD raptor 74gb...
SATA 3.0GB/s Catch 22
Swaping Raid5 Array Between manufacturers adapters
Low level format utility for Quantum Firebal lct 20gb
Will SATA II mobo accept SATA150 drives?
t7k250 vs MaxlineIII 300: help me decide!
What DVD drive do you use with DVD Shrink???
Please help. hard drive error
silend hd?
My new raptors
Using SATA!
2 controller cards?
sata/sata2.5 question
SATA HHD Problems
Installing a HD without formatting it?
Whast teh RPM's on this drive.
RAID 0 stripe size on 64 bit Windows
Best Use of Raptor
2nd SATA drive not detected
Western Digital "RECERTIFIED" drives
[READ THIS] Posting in Correct Area
FastTrak S150 SX4 Question
LSI MegaRaid SATA 150-6 Question
Question about Raid and I need some hard drives.
*very* Cool HDD mod
Need help setting up HDs with ATA controller card
looking for 512 usb jump drive
adding 2nd SATA Hdd
White Label HDD's, are they worth anything?
Can't burn images with my dvd-rw?
Plextor Sata Burner and AA8Xe
Which dvd burner
Reallocation Event Count
How reliable is NTbackup?
PCI vs PCI-E controllers
Setting up RAID 5, but have Q's...
automated data back up question
Modding a Hard Drive
DiamondMax 10 Product codes
Need help with choice of RAID controller
Full Disk?
Using your HD at eye-poping speeds
hdd making squeaky noise
CDRW / CD / DVD diagnostics software?
Defragmenting: True or False
sata2 and raid
HDD Causing OCing instability ?
Is it worth the upgrade? HDD
Help needed on DELL CERC SATA1.5/6CH
Need help with older 2.5 Drives
Help with Sata and IDE problem.
Low cost multi drive USB case?
Need a RAID 5 card that performs... Not as easy as it sounds!
Deciding between Hitachi Deskstars T7K250 and 7K250
Problem with WD HDD
Windows doesn't like my Barracuda...
ATA pushing into SATA speeds!
raptor heat issue
Post your RAID results!
New hard drive - nothing but problems
External HD case question
Question about a Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 8 "40GB"
SATA HDD stopped being recognized by pc.
Raptor HDD: Shaking it violently
Bad Sectors?
Read this: about PATA, SATA and IDE
Why is it so difficult to get SATA to boot instead of IDE?
What HDD to get?
How long till my HD dies?
SATA and an old IDE
Rebuild RAID 10 on Asus P5AD2-E
3x Deskstar's or 3x Raptors RAID 0
S-ATA RAID-5 Controller Question
Parents CDRW
Random Freeze Ups
how to: setup software "xp" raid 0 ?
[NEWS] Samsung to launch dual standard Blu-ray/HD-DVD player
Fasttrak Raid Help
Hard drive Temp....Safe operating temp?
hd mounting
hd and swap file
PCIe or PCI sata raid card for out of spec PCI/PCIe bus?
trouble installing windows with RAID
Can I clone a Win2k install from a ghost DVD-R (PATA) to a SATA drive?
Any reason not to make my own external HDD?
I get so tired of this, my other hard drive failed and my Raptor died too.
Dvd and cd drives not clearing from explorer
how much room should i give XP ?
WTF?! Hitatchi "new bling"
Pioneer to Make Blu-Ray Disc Burners
Hard drive screw-up
Uncle's PX-716A doesn't work.....correctly
Help me find this internal flash card reader!?
The amazing mystery of the vanishing storage space!~
HD install woes
some one help! Raid 0 shows up as 2 harddrives =[
Single Platter hard drive
removing a 3.5" drive
Maxtor One Touch setup
quick question
Rave-MP ARC2.5 as USB flash drive?
Optical drives compatible with asus z71v
Accidentally deleted partition...
Raid 0 Goodness
LaCie 160GB USB 2.0 hard drive issues
harddrive choice
the wookiee harddrive
How to connect 80 pin scsi Seagate to ide?
Setting up external HD
norton ghost 2005 or 9.0 help with raid 0
nec slimline wont fit in asus z71v
hard drive wont stop making noise / caching?
New DVD Drive isnt showing up in Windows
Monsterdrive vs Microdrive...
NTLDR is missing
Curropted drive?
160gb sataII drive
Boot screen wont change
Which HD combo is better?
Max number of disks in Raid-0 on DFI nF4 Ultra-D
Repairing Bad Blocks / Sectors
Ghost partition to RAID?
Maxtor Warranty
hard drive failure
Which is better for storing/playing games - IDE or SATA?
rubber bands - good or bad?
Seagate 80GB Barracuda 7200.7 - ST380013AS - Anyone have this drive?
Raid 101
Raid3 vs Raid5
Speed-up cd read?
Extending ide and 4 pin molex idea. Will extending affect performance/power?
Which drive should be my OS/APP drive? SATA vs PATA
im getting a second hd
help me find a SCSI raid controller
copying data from one SATA drive to another ?
Should i use the floppy disk raid drivers or not when installing windows??
do all memorex drives have problems or did i get luck?
old tape drive backup
Hard drive sometiems doesnt boot up?
ok i need some help
Maxtor hard drive's always loud ?
what's the chance of TWO bad hard drives?
High pitch sound coming from hard drive
Looking for external DVD Burner
New SATA knocked out GPU temps reads
Burning dvds : DVD+R vs DVD-R
Cool Free Software for S.M.A.R.T Hard Drives
SCSI setup... need some opinions
Mini Curzer Thumb Drive
NAS options
Which hdd raptor 36g 10,000 rpm or ?
Huh? HD Tune problem
Are cheap cables okay?
120 gigs of NOTHIN!
40GB Maxtor Dead?
16 MB Cache Question.
Deciding on HDs, quick question
Vids not playing well on new HD
RAID 5 controller help
Hard Drive temp.
SATA Maxtor problems
WD74GB Raptor Vs. WD40GB Caviar *Pics*
ata33 not 133?
Any recommendations on USB Flash Drives?
errors in volume bitmap error in windows XP
should i buy a floppy?
2XMaxtor 250gb 16mb cache Raid 0 bench.
how to break up hardrive