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Maximum HDD size on Abit KT7A (non-Raid)
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What should I do help please ?
winxp won't load w/ maxline3 sata2 hdd, plz help
IBM T41 dvd burner compatable drives
HDD testing programs
Need some advice
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X:\ is not accessible "parameter is incorrect"
a problem with copying "my" dvd's
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OS Partition size
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Help! with curzer mini drive
Something got screwed up using PartitionMagic--can't boot to Windows anymore! Help!
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SATA Mobo + IDE to SATA Converter
partition programs???
Getting a new drive..what should I get?
A8V Deluxe compatible HDDs?
Mirror Backup of Raid?
Help on new SCSI Setup..
About to setup RAID, quick question
Reformating an XP NTFS drive
Reformating an XP NTFS drive
Solid state, bootable hard drive out of ram. IT'S HERE!
Do you cool your HDDs?
where to get a HDD enclosure?
external enclosure question
How big a hard drive can I put in a thinkpad 560?
Boot from a compactflash pcmcia?
Tons of clicking before detection wd raptor 74g
how i successfully ghetto rigged a broken hdd pin.
Updating System, Assistance Please...
Deskstar 7K80 and DFI nf4 ultra
Does anyone with a NF3/NF4 mobo and using NCQ got no problems????
enclosures help
Can I use SataII HD with a SATA150 Mobo?
sata II not sure
SCSI woe
OMG I think I just reformatted by data storage partition by accident!
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How to setup Raid
AHCI (NCQ) AFTER OS Installation possible?
ATA + SATA problem
getting a hard drive to spin up by applying voltage?
Seagate or Hitachi 250GB drive? Please help me choose.
The fastest BENQ DW1640 meets the past king PLEXTOR PX-712A
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Hard Drive Died
New Computer...Old Hard Drive
Help me with my storage-backup Issue: Internal or external
how do i access this data?
help lost 30 gigs of 60 gigs
PCI / PCI-X HD Controller?
sata heat problems?
Memstick Pro Duo for Psp+PC ? Which Brand
WD1200JB Problem Fixed
Testing CompactFlash disks
Unanswered Questions Regarding Partitioning...
Hdd for a gamer.
whats the secret to burning dvds on an external dvd burner?
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Blown Circuits
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Memorex DVD+RW will not burn!
Hard Drive Reliability
SATA controller cards
30GB Maxtor>Raptor?!
help - wd sataII 250gb + asus p5ld2 945P no good together
do i need a floppy?
Pos Dvd-rw
seagate sata vs WD sataII
hangs at detecting ide drives.,....
which drive should be master in this server?
some questions
Best way to copy a HDD
IDE + SATA connector = SATA ?
CDFS...how to format to this?
Harware upgrade and Reformatting Question
120GB sata maxtor drive #2 dead??!??!?!!
Drive Feature Peformance Guide
Raid: Onboard vs PCI
Need help finding/selecting a SATA II Controller...
Dissapointing review on gigabyte I-RAM
Raptor 10K vs. Hitachi T7K250 RAID 0 (Results Inside)
Seagate Barracuda.
For this, EIDE or SATA?
new drive issues
trash or not?
double layer question
missing sata drives
can't monitor temps of all HDDs
Question for people who use round cables
What do you think about this adapter?
Samsung Spinpoint or Seagate?
New boot drive... how to clone old boot drive?
Raptor for OS drive: worth the cost?
USB Flash Drives Utilities
Stuck Lite-on CDRW
SATA problems, install and partitions.
I did it, pulled the trigger
windows killed my backup drive!! how do I get it back?
SATA and IDE problem
can this burn cd's and dvd's?
BSOD Hard drive related?
Which 250gb?
Hard drives on the used market...
Finding HDD physical size
CD-RW Drive Opens By Itself?!?!
DVD Burner on Abit Serillel Adapter?
LaCie Enclosure Failures: Common?
Scsi gurus needed!
SATAII External Enclosure... Anyone seen one?
My Benq DVD-RW Beyond 52x Writing Speed I'd Say
quick help
Which hard drive?
choosing a DVDRW
Overclock your CD drive ?
Fastest drive, not including raptors.
RAID 5 performance
bad problem with new drive
HDD mounted upside-down!?
Problem Copying Drive Contents to New Raptor
Why is this hd half as thick as others?
Raid Controler...
sata II question
Gigabyte I-RAM? Where for art thou?
Just got myself my frist SATA HDD
can't back up
Raid 1 Help
Help with harddrives/booting
USB 2.0 and 1.1 question
Need help with SATA please
7200 comparted to 10000
Via SATA controllers and WD Sata drives (fix)
Western Digital Caviar WD400BB
HDD 3.5 -> 5.25 Mount with Shock Absorbers
Samsung P series SATA II drives
AI7 ICH5R Raid0 Raptors ordeal
Building First PC.. Need Advice on Which HD to get
HDD Confusion
Switching storage HD to another mobo?
semi-noobish hard drive question
any know where i can get a...
would a slow hard drive slow me down alot?
2 Hard Drives (Question)
Seagate Vs Maxtor
via 8237 does NOT support sataII?
what do you guys think?
Linux stuck in my harddrive.
WD HDs not found on XP setup
Does anybody have spare, relatively small decent hard drives?
Overclocking DVD backups
WD Raptor 16mb 160gig coming?
Another RAID array Question?
Sata Power
IDE drives over 137GB can't be used with Windows 98/Me, what about Serial drives?
Cd/Dvd Drive NOT EVEN DEteCTED anymore
xp sp1 instal wont see my sata drive help??
How do I defrag my sata drive?
Booting issues w/o slave
Sata Cable Problems?
Do I need a new Hard Drive?
another raptor for raid 0, worth it?
which SATA(II) HDD for OSes?
Storage device error in wmp
Seagate SATA question
SATA Hotswap
How do I create a partion on partitioned space (no unpartitioned space on my HD)?
SATA DVD-R Drives, is it worth it?
Friends "dead?" 200gb Sata WD
how do i copy the partitions off of a Raid'd drive?
types of laptop drive interfaces
converting internal drive to external
Ack, someone please help with model numbers!
How much Hard drive space do i need
Question about RAID 1
WD 37GB raptor cluster size?
Help a drive newb out
Raid array to new mb?
flash drive question
7/12/05 Seagate & Hitachi drive $$$
Question about reformating my laptop
slow boot
another raid question
SATA Cable
1394b isn't supported by windows?!?
raid question
Data Migration
Storage solution reccomendations
data recovery centers -- i need one
sata II
new drive not recognized
Lack of power to HDD's.
new liggy and dee firmwire for 3540
which dvd rewriter
dual layer dvd query
"Hard drive not found" in booting up from windows cd
Single Disk Raid? To Span or Stripe?
RAID 0 Array Questions
Recovering information from a failed hardrive
DVD Media Reviews
Question about RAID1
Best HD in this list?
hard drive encryption software
dead drive?? ???
my server..in my bedroom
SATA worth the extra money?
Raid 0 setup problem, please help
burner unable to read anything
"Enable advanced performance", what does it do?
Hard dirve help.
problems with generic dvd rom
Annoying SATA problem
Oldest Working HDD???
Maxtor 250gig Problems
Dvd Drive Broken??
Question about SD card speed
Cant get my sata drive to format.
Only "Read Only" on shared drive
SCSI initialization problems
formatting my old hard drive
137gb Only???
placement of temp sensor
Is there a penalty for using one slow HD on a ide controller
Harddrive problem :(
how important is 16mb cache?
NEC DVDRW 3520A (Rev. 1.04) Firmkware ?
Size of Operating Systems on Hard Disk
Software RAID0 with 2 usb drives
FireWire (1394) FAQ
Trouble with installing RAID from scratch
splitting video??
Sata II
Hard Drive vs. Back Up Tape
Hard drive not showing up on Windows :(
Choosing a CD/DVD drive
3 questions: dvd burning and sata II?
Fixing a USB ZIP Drive???
Cloning a faulty hard drive
Easiest way to transfer data/files from one computer to another.
Problems with 4Gb microdrive
Question about hard drive connection
Lightscribe PROBLEM
SATA optical drive?
SATA Hotswappable Rack
Need help choosing a new sATA HDD
Cd rom drive keeps dissapearing?????
Raid 0 with 4 drives?????!!!!!
How do I set up IDE Raid0 on a 915 chipset?
Move Intel RAID to NV RAID?
should i run a raid array ?
HDD Dead?
SAta and my Motherboard
need some fast storage.
setting up my new hard drive
Master boot record not found
raid0 recovery question
Recommend me some drives please...
Ultra160 vs. SATA
windows xp taskbar displays "safely remove hardware" for my HD? huh?
Ultra-DMA Mode 2 ( 33.3 MB/sec ). would it slow me down?
HDD Problem: disk write failed
Hard Drive causes computer to not boot?
Where has this memory gone????
scsi problem
Updating the firmware on my DVD drive?
Is this a Good Hard Drive 200GB for 70 dollars?
Never had a drive die on my before..
I need a DVD writer...help choosing please!
confused as h*ll
Flashcard as hardrive
Is it possible that there are more than one type of IDE cables?
Cheap IDE cable Causes error?
Using 3.5" HDDs on the road
I am desperate, might this work?????
Floppy Won't Stop Spinning
How to install SATA drivers after WinXP installed?
Just purchased a NEC 3540A
nvraid 0 + 120gb + 80gb = 150gb???
Need a PCI RAID 5 controller
Storage HDD problem
Ethics, friends, and dead harddrives.
HD makes a click
Sata windows installation
Raid or no?
ATA-100 vs ATA-133?
good deal?
huge problem
Sata for cd drives ?
OEM or not?
system backup with nero
The quietest 300GB hard drive.
not recognised
dvd-rom $19.00 from the egg
dumb question
Bootable RAID 0 with nForce 3 issues.
Self-Destructing harddrive
Hitachi Deskstar T7K250
is this overkill?
RAID Setup: An Easy How To
NEC 3520a
Disks placed vertically?
Hitachi Deskstar 7k500 500Gb sata 2
I hate asking dumb questions..
what caused this data loss?
installing 300 gig drive
Setting up raid 0
OS/Program performance drive question
New 300 gig Western Digital
RAID 1 Reliability, Can it prevent this problem?
Nec dvd burner
HD Dies, PC won't recognize anymore drives.
Sata help please
Windows setup doesnt read full HD capacity!
drive unplugs
More Cache = Noticeably Better?
Possibly getting a 74gb raptor, have a few Q's
Harddrive partially corrupted? Few questions
Maxtor Diamond-MAX 11 To Ship Q3 2005 And Sports 500GB!
Much drive life to gain by removing unused harddrives?
CHKDSK... Annoyance...
Clickity Click Click click
We're all allowed to be stupid once in a while..
raptor 36 vs 74 in raid0
Wrong Recognision of DVD drive
hard drive in a PCI port
Best option? I'm looking for a highspeed windows drive
Urban Myth seen with own eyes
NF4 Intel Ed. RAID advice
Is My DVD writter dead???
HardDrive Problem
Quick CD drive ?...
mounting drives vertically?
Fairly Simple question
IMAPI in 2000 Server
IDE Wont Work with my SATA
HDD Authentication
Techniques of quietening harddrives without splashing out the cash?
Server Harddrive Problem!
Poor 36GB Raptor Performance Raid0
anyone still using a Sony DRU-510A?
3.5" Floppy Drive Performace
Should I get a seperate dvdrom for reading/copying dvds?
Im new to RAID. What would be an affordable RAID controller?
kinda dumb question
My dvd burner just doesnt seem to be working
SATA I raptor vs. SATA II drive?
Will these drives be ok like this?
Is My Raptor Running Slow?
Problem with Partition Magic - Unexpected minimum size
How to get around hard drive limit
Best SataII Hard Drive?
SataRAID 3112 Sync State Question
new computer...raid or not????
250gb maxtor ide ata 133 detect as scsi.
Need help installing my current Os single drive to a Raid O
Raptor Performace NOT What I expected
What's the best dvdrom drive for ripping dvds?
HDD Benchmark / daignostic
Burning Problem
USB External Enclosures - RAID
Switching a HDD to primary slave
Slow format?? Or Quick?
Are laptop hard drives supposed to make clicking noises?