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need some fast storage.
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Ultra160 vs. SATA
windows xp taskbar displays "safely remove hardware" for my HD? huh?
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confused as h*ll
Flashcard as hardrive
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Cheap IDE cable Causes error?
Using 3.5" HDDs on the road
I am desperate, might this work?????
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Just purchased a NEC 3540A
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Ethics, friends, and dead harddrives.
HD makes a click
Sata windows installation
Raid or no?
ATA-100 vs ATA-133?
good deal?
huge problem
Sata for cd drives ?
OEM or not?
system backup with nero
The quietest 300GB hard drive.
not recognised
dvd-rom $19.00 from the egg
dumb question
Bootable RAID 0 with nForce 3 issues.
Self-Destructing harddrive
Hitachi Deskstar T7K250
is this overkill?
RAID Setup: An Easy How To
NEC 3520a
Disks placed vertically?
Hitachi Deskstar 7k500 500Gb sata 2
I hate asking dumb questions..
what caused this data loss?
installing 300 gig drive
Setting up raid 0
OS/Program performance drive question
New 300 gig Western Digital
RAID 1 Reliability, Can it prevent this problem?
Nec dvd burner
HD Dies, PC won't recognize anymore drives.
Sata help please
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drive unplugs
More Cache = Noticeably Better?
Possibly getting a 74gb raptor, have a few Q's
Harddrive partially corrupted? Few questions
Maxtor Diamond-MAX 11 To Ship Q3 2005 And Sports 500GB!
Much drive life to gain by removing unused harddrives?
CHKDSK... Annoyance...
Clickity Click Click click
We're all allowed to be stupid once in a while..
raptor 36 vs 74 in raid0
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hard drive in a PCI port
Best option? I'm looking for a highspeed windows drive
Urban Myth seen with own eyes
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Quick CD drive ?...
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Fairly Simple question
IMAPI in 2000 Server
IDE Wont Work with my SATA
HDD Authentication
Techniques of quietening harddrives without splashing out the cash?
Server Harddrive Problem!
Poor 36GB Raptor Performance Raid0
anyone still using a Sony DRU-510A?
3.5" Floppy Drive Performace
Should I get a seperate dvdrom for reading/copying dvds?
Im new to RAID. What would be an affordable RAID controller?
kinda dumb question
My dvd burner just doesnt seem to be working
SATA I raptor vs. SATA II drive?
Will these drives be ok like this?
Is My Raptor Running Slow?
Problem with Partition Magic - Unexpected minimum size
How to get around hard drive limit
Best SataII Hard Drive?
SataRAID 3112 Sync State Question
new computer...raid or not????
250gb maxtor ide ata 133 detect as scsi.
Need help installing my current Os single drive to a Raid O
Raptor Performace NOT What I expected
What's the best dvdrom drive for ripping dvds?
HDD Benchmark / daignostic
Burning Problem
USB External Enclosures - RAID
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Slow format?? Or Quick?
Are laptop hard drives supposed to make clicking noises?
HDtach results
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Did my hard drive die?
S.M.A.R.T. enabled with raid0 = head slapping?
backing up a laptop
OS on partition = performance gain?
Hard drive....gone?
*Best* 250GB SATA Drive
One Raptor or Two?
3 different Maxtors... dead. What to do?
Just a simple question
Signs of a dying HD?
HD's for a new rig?
Dead Maxtor Drive
Best deal on hard drives
Hitachi dvd player help
what should i set my stripe and cluster size?
Raptor or Raid?
raid 0
Format 80gb WD in DOS...??? How???
SCSI performance question
OS install, Win2K SP2
Formatting an X-box HDD?
What should one look for when choosing a dvdrom?
Raptors in Raid 0.. what exactly does that mean ?
Muic To My Ears
Rerouting cd rom drive
Mirroring IDE to SATA?
Plextor PX-712SA Help
Backing up data with the power off??
Hard Drive Nuking virus or somthing?
S-ata Raid 5?
Program to rip DVD to AVI
Raptors: Are they worth it?
Data loss
ServeRaid 4LX + 5xSeagate X15's: known issues?
Looking for a good HDD, on a budget
spin up/down testing software
Spin-up problem with Quantum Fireball CX
hd performance
Raid 0 with no floppy?
UDF not working!
problems with raid-0
bad sector , is this the end ..
The most sad thing a nerd can ever have happien..
enable sata 2?
Ideas for speeding up hard drives
Quick Data Recovery Question
Seagate 400GB Pushbutton Backup External Hard Drive
Cooling hard drives important?
Hard drive recovery software
Maxtor to use or not to use?
Traveling With Hard Drive
External USB enclosure for DiamondMax 10?
Pls tell me I don't have to buy another HD..
RAID 0 Question - can you simply add another HDD?
music player not recognized
Seagate releases 2.5-inch perpendicular hard drive
Old C:drive in a new computer
Need help on deciding how to setup these hdds
My ICH7R RAID comparisons (single, 0, 1, 10, 5)
SATA Setup
Software to recover data on a damaged WD?
Clicking noise and problems finding drives
22hd...... Is It Enought!
Simple Volume
Multiple CD games to DVD?
Burning Problem?
going from 80 gig ide to (2) rapters in raid 0
HDD not as large as it should be
Hard drive question
cd drive doesn't "read" blank cd's anymore
HD seen as removable device?
HDD stuck in PIO
How to copy my partitions to a new hdd?
UltraDMA 133/ATA 133
Wipe HD?
Need to purchase second HD for Dual Booting Slackware Linux
Strange Disk Sounds?
Format MMC to different capacity
Does this look okay?
dvd rw problems?
Problems with SX6000 RAID controller
Recover unused space on hard drives
RAID or Raptor?
only 3 years warranty?!
Did I get quality?
Flash your 4x DVD+/-R to a DUAL LAYER 8x +/- Burner
buffer underrun....
Hitachi Deskstar SATA stuck in PIO?
Need opinions on this setup...
Raid Zero - Problem with CPU Utilization
Blue Screen of Death from LiteOn drive
old Seagate SCSI raid drives.
RAID Worth it?
Defrag drives in Linux?
SATA HD Dying?
Raid that benches horrible but seems to perform fine?
how do i format a hdd in an external enclosure?
SATA for 8rda+?
running 2 different raid 0 in one computer?
which one is better you think
Question about maxtor drives
Raid 5 Question
raid 0?
WTB? Am I required to RMA my Seagate HDD?
SATA Disk Problem
What HDD?
Current DVD writer of choice?
External DVD burner
Did my HDD just die?
Drives won't load Windows, but will load Linux ???
Lightscribe questions
How to reauthor unreferenced material in Shrink?
Can PCI RAID controller be used to recover array from onboard RAID?
which sata controll chip?
Hard drive cost efficiency
Taiyo Yuden
Gigabyte Brings Solid State Storage to the Mainstream
Data recovery
-I NEED HELP- Loading Windows with Sata Raid 0 config
Converting existing SATA drive to RAID info
2xWestern Digital Serial ATA 200GB 8MB
Hitachi Ships New SAS - Fibre Channel HDDs
1.3TB for $400?
Pri HD SMART status : bad, backup and replace
help partition/cleaning windows
Bitsetting fails on NEC 2500A
Hard Drives upside down.
Does anyone have some benchmarks for Raid 5 on the new ICH7R.
Recommend me a good DVD-ROM Drive
Windows XP install hang with WD 200GB HD
Sata Dont Give Enough Speed!
Hard Drive Copying Utility
which hard drive?
wd hd raid
Best DVD+Rs?
need advice - new sata/raid user
Reformmatted...now only half capacity
Smart tested BAD discussion
Whats the fastest CDR drive made today
SCSI320 controller
Windows doesnt see 2nd SATA HDD
Built new system, everything run greats - but
best raid configuration
Best Cluster and Stripe Size for Downloading Media (Not video editting or gaming)
temporary hard disk failure?
Sony Quad-Layer DVD +/- R Drive?
Video from Adobe Premier > DVD+R?
dvd playback problems
best prog for burning dvd's and dvd9to5
SATA hd install on Asus a7n8x deluxe problems
Need Help
my raid0 went slow...
250GB Maxtor HD
Need some SCSi help with Dell server
i did it!
Burning a label with a cd burner??
cluster size when setting up raid 0?
HDD limiting my OC??
weird HDD problem
Card Readers That Fit Into Your Floppy Drive?
Plextor SATA dvd dual layer
Will this Raid 5 controller card work with my board?
Samsung ready to release 16GB solid state hard drives
Seagate 7200.7Sata or Hitachi 7K250Sata
Using CD-Rs for data ... reliable?
hdd in device manager but not in windows explorer?
Couple quick questions about drives (sizing, usage, maybe RAID)
Any performance gain from a separate swap drive?
Whiny drive?
Server problems. Hard drive issue?
Is the HD Dead ?? Safe to Used ??
Raptor question
imminent failure. help
Formatting New Drive (external), what does this mean???
What would you do if you were me? hard drive issue
Suggest a HD for me
Hard drive is failing. Need opinions.
Failing HDD?
2 or 1 raptor?
Hard Disk Failure
Which of these two SATA HDD's are better?
New Blu-ray prototype stores 100GB
Reversing an IDE cable?
Any way to make 3 HDDs look like one, in any way?
Raptor and SP2 problem
need help both hard drives broken
WD intros SATA II & color-adjustable external hdds
RAID0 defragment error
Dual Raptors.
Which Drive will deliver in windows
hardrive wont boot up...yet still able to copy files to it?
DVD DL making horrible noise!
Raptor Problem
Raid 0 Risks
DVD Burners and Seek Times
HELP! Dead hard drive: Seagate Barracuda ATA V - ST380023A
New HDD Sata or IDE? Can I copy OS to new drive?
Watercooled Harddisk. Don't ask, just watch.
Will OC damage hard drive ?
is this SATA PCI card worth it?
Which burner?
Plextools v2.23 is out! Only Plextor owners Sorry!
Is there a need to Partition an External Hard Drive?
How can one synchronize folder?
Worth It?
iPod Read Speed Slower Than Write?
This all I need for scsi?
How Many Of You Have A RAID Set-up?
Is This HD Gone ???
I formatted and installed windows to the wrong drive, much help needed!
Bad floppy cable yields 15+ floppies in the trash!
XP not recognizing my other 120 GB.
Setting up External Hard Drive, jumper settings???
Looking For Reviews on the New 16meg Cashe HD"S
my DVD-RW crapped out on me, good replacement?
New HDD & some other questions
Recommendations for Partitioning Software?
damaged hard drive recovery please read???
CD Writer Question
Want to backup dvd collection, but don't want to shrink them.
SATA 1.5 or SATA 3?
Noob question
XP can't read a DVD+R that a G5 burned
Why Partitioning a drive in use requires one to reformat it?
Samsung DVDRW, wierd burning problem.
Easy swapping of drives
SATA External HDD -- can't get it to work
Maxtor 10 16Mb or Seagate 7200.8 8Mb
Quiet HDD
Very large DVD Solution?
2 Questions
flash drives
need help installing PX-716SA
hard drive manufacture's
OS on a CompactFlash, is it bad?
Sata DVD burners, is it worth the extra $
Help with a dead Harddrive
I need a shock proof hard drive
help with partitions
It never ends, trying to install a new HDD(part 2)
clicking noises
Quick question: Maxline III 250gb showed up less than listed
Changing Motherboards, can I save my Raid?
cannot access my Maxtor HD while i have it as slave
How to add a second Hard drive?
Old RAID Controller Pick Up New RAID?
10k or 15k scsi, how much faster?
RAID 0 Problems w/ WIN2k
hp netraid-2m (lsi e1600 oem) continuously beeps
Whats the best HDD brand?
SATA I vs IDE for External Drive transfer via USB2.0
Which DVD-RW, NEC 3520A or Pioneer DVR-109?
Blu-Ray dvdr drive
How check for errors after burn dvd/cd?
Can RAM screw up partition table????
problem with external hard drive..please help
PMA update failure when burning DVD's.
Need a new Hard drive
SATA II 4x250gb Raid0
Who makes the best CD/DVD's?
Mixing HardDrives Question
Dirty DVD Drive
S-ATA2 on S-ATA board?
Brand New WD 200GB Drive- WONT DETECT...broken?
Media Questions
Burning DVDs - Quick question
SATA 1.5 / SATA II 3.0 ? Big difference ?
What is faster?
Particioning a drive in use.
Hard Drive max safe Temps...
Hitachi 7K250 160GB - good choice?
Eek! One of my Raptors just got damaged!
IBM Deskstar 75 GXP Class Action Settlement
"detecting IDE drives" problem
S-ATA DVD Burners?
Laser labelling?
NEC 3500AG and Verbatim 8x DVD+R's...
what DVD drive is the most quiet?
Sata II
Removing 2nd device in Dual device ATA cables? Safe?
Laser Magnetic Storage LD4100
Weird kinda problem.
Password protection
Nforce4 SMbus and IDE drivers make my access times higher.
Is this possible?
my LG GSA-4081B does not write@8x
The Future of Storage
head park sound
How many HDD on one IDE
XP not reading 2nd HD
How do I copy my boot drive?
Not Enough Power for Dual SATA Maxtors?
smart hdd temps
Raid 0 With Max 3 MoBo, n00b with Raid 0.
Is raid 0 worth it??
SCSI and Gaming?
Need advice.
to scsi or not?
ASUS and SATA CD/DVD ROM probs anyone?
S-ATA design flaw - Please Read
Oh dear...WD1200JB about to X_X
help me remove my face....plate
Anyone interested in WD 74gb Raptors?
Post your SATA benchmarks.
Had enough with WD
Seagate Barracuda faster than WD Raptor?
Hard drive error
Recovering data from unpartitioned space?
Pioneer dvr-109 problem
Wierd problem
A tool to check files integrity?
My 40GB hdd shows 1.99GB on windows
Help my 160gb fogot its ntfs partition! TechTV keepsakes at stake!
deleat everthing on ur hard drive?
cheap hdd for backup only
HP LightScribe DVD640
sata experience
CDRW's Skipping
Cheap ATA cable causing slow transfer speed?
SCSI Bit Copy
I made an adaptor to use Destop 3.5" HD on a notebook IDE socket
Why are WD IDE drives ATA100 not ATA133?
250gig sata for cheaper than $106?
promise ultra 66 to ultra 100/133 bios change
Help needed with HD
bring back my HD to me
RAID musings
windows corrupt!
WD 37GB RAPTOR 10k RPM performance issues
Changing drive letters on OS drives?
So I FINALLY got a new hard drive...
Can I back up my Xbox games on PC?
NCQ and Nforce4?
Great free HD recovery tool
RAID 0 (changing mobo)
Which one LG or Asus
Corrupted? Or not really? Can I salvage any data?
What's the converter i need, to use an IDE drive with SATA mobo ?
Why HDD goes to PIO mode???
need floppy drive for sata hdd?
RAID 0 BIOS Won't Boot After OC
DVD+RW memorex wont read in Burner?
Sata controller for single raptor
Sweet. Just bought a 300GB hdd and 24 hours later it dies.
Setting up raid 0