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Very Strang form of File Corruption
Please help!
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Modding (Custom?) E-IDE Cable Question
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Via 6420 or Promise on Asus A8V Deluxe??
bit setting
same size and model or just size?
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Chicago based data restore place
IBM 7K250 SATA Causing PC to Reboot
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problem with WD 160gb?!
hey DVDRW tower, what can i use it for?
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Pagefile Size/Location
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check disk messege during windows startup
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Which option is best?
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my drive caught on fire........
is this anything to worry about?
installed koolance exos and raid failed???
AAAAAA!!! All my data's corrupted!
Installing old HD
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Win and Bios showing less space that the real thing
Sata test in Sandrasoft pro locks!!
HD will fit in floppy drive bay?
raid 0 on old pata
Bought 2 80gb Sata, but I only use 1. Should I raid??? Do you run raid??
advantage of using ATA/serial hookups?
Hard Drive Zero'ing Program on floppy ?
RAID 5 question
quickie: cheap cheap ide cable
36gbRaptor for Win + 2 deskstars 250Gb Raid0 for installs (games) stupid decision?
Get Perpendicular music video (yes hard drive)
Partitions Gone! ... virus maybe?
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how to check the cache size of a HardDrive?
Help. backing up programs and data daily for business
Neat Thumb or rather Palm Drive. Kaser Jumbo Drive
Please tell me this drive didn't die...
Problem with 36Gb Raptors in RAID 0
How do IBM/Hitachi compare to the old IBM drives?
How Do I go about doing this?
partitioning help
Where's My D: Drive
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Partition with Windows still installed?
Sata II Hdds?
Anyone have a Koutech PIR133?
need help about ICH5R and fasttrack on asus p4c800-e
I Saw The Smoke Escape!
Get Perpendicular!
Portable HDD reccomendation?
Hard Drive projected Life Span
Question on installing programs...
74gb Raptor making weird clicking noise when not accessing anything
The Raptors benchtread!
Anyone have NCQ?
optimal HD setup, I only play one game and do nothing else.......
36 or 74 raptor or 2 cheapies in raid 0?
Single Raptor question
XP Problem
low SATA performance
Hard Drive melted!!! Pics included
50C too hot for hard drives???
[HELP] Disk Read Error
Backup Hd started clicking and killed my main drive too:(
samsung hd's
Noob to scsi, need help setting up raid
Drive usage...
Raid5 SCSI Array
I LOVE my new WD 120gb Caviar!!!
Maybe there´s a way to oc the hd afterall?
Problems with Maxtor Drive
2x 36gb Raptor in Raid, or 1x 74gb Raptor?
How loud is the 74GB Raptor in a 20db system?
IDE WD800JB raid 0 , i got questions
Help, my File system is losing data
DVD drive controls HD LED
Where to find/how to do firmware upgrade on Lite-On SOHW-1633S DVD burner?
Redundant Storage Solution
Slow Startup
Unsure about speed
RAID 0+1 vs. 5
What utility to wipe out MBR?
About to buy either SATA or IDE Baracuda - Quick Install Question
Getting Files that have ben DELETED
Question about TY discs
Burst speed of Maxtor diamondmaxt 10 200gb sata raid-0?
Please help sata raid
Are SATA DVD burners Worth the extra dough?
Setting cluster size for raid 0?
quick setup ???
Hard drive size problem
do not cover this hole
Command Queuing
Burned first dvd, got questions.
defraging a raid-0 hd setup?
HDD problems
Nero question
NexStar External Enclosure = Junk, better brand!??
Hard Drive
80gig hitachi sata problems :(
will switching drive controllers....
Barracuda Problem
adding more hard drives....
Barracuda vs Raptor
Via IDE Acclerator nighmare
MAC HD -- > Windows HD
Nec 350a lagging system
$ pur GB
argh harddrive wooos
SATA Driver
Using HD after writing zeroes
Dead hard drive..
New BenQ 1620 pro burning issues
DVD+/-RW question
External HDD vs An Internal IDE (free) for Norton Ghost backup image?
DVD-R Question
Pulling/transferring an array to another system
rma'ing a HD because its no longer silent?
Raptor question
Cant get my drive to correct Udma setting
Seagate 160 raid or Raptor 74?
RAID Controller and Memory Amount?
Enable write caching on the disk?
external Enclosure problem
Average SATA transfer speeds? 40mb/s?!?
My 36Gig raptor is slowing down a lot
74 gig Raptor question
Any special way to hook up a sata...?
250gb Harddrive for $79?
Disk performance is horrible, any ideas?
RAID 0 vs. RAID 5
dvd-r dvd+r
External Raid Cart, SATA300 Linked
having abit a problem
CD burner problems
Question about new hard drive installing
Best brand of blank DVDs for burning movies, not data?
HDD won't boot, anyway to copy?
2 HDs, 2 OS
Can I get rid of my partition while saving the info on my HDD ?
Sata problem
Transporting Hard Drives
Wierd HDD Problem.
160GB hard drive problems with XP
Partition Question
wheres SATA 2?
CD Burning Speed?
RAID 0 data recovery
Noob to raid
Can I do this?
external enclosure for hd
SATA controller questions.
How do I change HD cluster size during a fresh install?
Trouble with my raptor...HELP!!!
Why Has My HD Packed In?
PCMark04 scores for a DiamondMax10 vs Raptor
games, on boot drive? or secondary drive..
Raptor NCQ?
Raptor not up to it's potential
External hard Drive
How good are these results?
Looking for a RAID5 IDE controller
Moving Windows?
Basic RAID question
ICH6R SATA or Sil3114??
Native Command Queuing?
This bad for my hdd?
anyone bought cheap refurb scsi drives before ?
Info on this card..?! *56k*
Change from PCI SATA RAID to Onbaord Raid - Keep Data Intact?
My Mobo, SATA, and IDE..
Formating Hard Drives
Should I use this adapter?
Not getting full capacity?
15k HDD?
3 Hard Drives Dead--What am I doing wrong!?
DVD RAM drive??
Optorite CD-RW - Would Formatting Fix it
Added second SATA drive and wont show up
Raid 0 config??
SATA Hard Disk Upgrade
Tool to map ISO to drive letter
Using DVD+R question
maxtor harddrive problem
Is my WD Dead?
Drive position on EIDE cable does it matter?
hd dying, need help
damaged molex pins on a HD- help!!
Will these two drives work in raid?
Best DVD+R for the price?
Quick SATA to Pata question
Best way to set up audio from CD drives?
Master? Slave?
crc errors help!
Knock Knock, who's there?
sata & ide help needed on Abit AS8
RAID 0 with slow drives or Raptor?
stripe size question
Dvd Shrink taking too long! dvd burner too slow?
Adding drive to SX4000 w/ RAID 5
Need SATA clarification - SB vs PCI chip?
average read speed for your raptor in hd tune?
raid-0 recomendations
NEC nd-2510A Junk
Please help..
This DVD player is giving me some headaches!
How Fast Are Your Hdds
Dynamic Disks? whats that?
DVD Burning Drive ?
Sata raid or single
Diamond Max 10 300GB SATA 16mb gets HOT
Maxtor 16 mb cache
Raid Upgrade Question
Do I need to..
whats gone wrong ?
Is it possible to create RAID 0+1 like this?
Dead Raptor?
can high FSB corrupt drives?
increase IDE performance?
Strange request, but...
nec 3520a read at 3.5x?
Installing SATA
Floppies Dying??
CD-R damage
How strict is Maxtor on RMAs?
how does jbod work?
10 minutes to shutdown???
Can i do this?
SATA installing
can someone help me find one of these?!
Multiple Raid Card Issues
Sound like cd in shredder coming from nd-3500
BenQ or NEC DVD burner??
double ur hardrive space for free!(honestly, not spam)
Anyone know anything about Maxtor Hard drives
ata in raid died is it a lost cause
Scsi in the future?
sata cd rom
Samsung's in raid 1... good idea?
Bad Sony DVD Burner
boot from external Box
40gb drive 34gb after format
Question for Seagate SATA HD /NF4 owners!
NF3/NF4 be aware of Maxtor's SATA HDs
setting up raptors in raid
Can an HDD be write protected?
looking for silent ATA HDD 160GB
3ware Escalade 5800
HDD SMART monitoring?
are raptors hard drive support Native Command Queuing
AAARGH Windows/NTFS killed my RAID!
External Harddrive Case - what's good?
SATA Samsung Issues
Problem installing windows, boot sector problem?
is it good to switch from standard sata raid 0 to raptor raid 0????
Anyone with experience with replacing the drive inside an external enclosure?
Sony DVDs dont work?
Have to get a new HD.
WD 200Gb HD doesnt spin..??
Is my HD about to break?
partitioning problem reguarding drive geometry....
HELP!!!!! WD1600 just failed, and it has 80GB of important stuff on it!
HD temps on maxtors
LaCie backup drives
Having problems setting up raid.
really strange hd problem
Need big, reliable, and cheaps Ide's.
Raid 0
Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC) Error on HDD
?Can i move everything from one to another hard disk?
Raid 0 array?
automatic Backup program?
Would RAID 0 do this...?
Emergency Raptor Raid-0 Problem, EXPERTS NEEDED!
Weird HDD Problem
Can I RAID 0 different capacity HDD's?
NEC 35XX drives will support PI/PIF scanning
Question about HD setup
How to clean dust out of a dvdrw drive?
ultra ata vs ultra dma
Good, Price-Worthy SATA RAID Card?
HD whine
Laptop HD in my PC?
Help HD problems Dell Inspirion 8600. Please
sata raid 0 5400rpm \vs/ ata raid 0 7200rpm
Which Hard Drive to Buy?
4200rpm vs 5400rpm?
Sata and ide on the same computer
USB Pen Drives, any recommendations?
Reading HDD Temps Through SATA Controller
Iomagic Idvd16dd
Flash Memory Partition
does any one know how to copy a partition over a network
do you need to use the sata drivers that come with mobo ?
Can Sata 3GB ports accept Sata 1.5GB?
HELP: HD shipping materials
ASUS A8V switching from VIA - SATA to PROMISE - Sata
Every second my comp is on... More and more data is lost!
are raptors all they are cracked up to be?
I did a baaaad, baaaad thing - recover data from a formatted drive?
Does overclocking affect a SATA Drives?
max HD size for isp1100 server
how to test a notebook hard drive?
best way to back-up 100GB of files, keep directory structure?
Anyone Tried LightScribe Products?
Its time for a change I think
external dvd writers??
DvD media
Silicon Image Raid Help
ESDI hard drives (old school)
10 seconds to format 250gb?
SCA adapter
my DRU-510A brner isnt working, anyone decode this error log?
RAID array testing
NTBACKUP will not run...help please.
Best 2510A Firmware?
Gigabyte GA-8PEnXP Rev 2 and SATA RAID
Intel to AMD Hard Drive Transfer
xbox hdd 10 gig is it there a 20 gig in there
audio DVD?
I cant pull the trigger on a 74gb Raptor!
Im Noob help
wd2000jb seems slow slow ..?
hard drive in external housing
File Server
HD won't boot after installing new hardware
7200rpm raid-0 VS single wd 10,000rpm raptor
Odd problem with installing Windows with my Raptor.
Hard drive... not freaking recognized >_<
formated and now slow windows boot up
Optical drives locking up in sleep mode...
New mobo...
10K RPM SATA 300 Drive
OS crashed, had data on boot partition.
NVIDIA NForce Raid not recognized by windows
Enableing DMA
Quick Sata Raid question
where to put drive..
PATA Raid w/ 2 250gb Maxtors?
ide cables
hard disk drop
ata question
80GB Maxtor Problem
Maxtor Vs. DVD-ROM
Small but loud
NEC DVD burner problem
HUGE SATA problem with Asus board...
Pcmark 2002 hdd score
errattic burn buffer! Is this bad?
Backup Harddisks and external Enclosures
Hard drive removable rack question
Ranish Question
PATA Raid 5
External Storage
Please help hdd changed to RAW
What should I look for in a DVD burner?
did my hdd crash or is it just a bug?
Hard Drive Transfering
Maxtor's HD's...
Hard drive question.
Partitioning Question
Question about IDE 100/133 performance
Please please please help me...
SATA Problem :'(
External 4-hd case...
direct burning to dvd from tv card
Western Digital Drive troubleshooting
need new dvd-rom and dvd-rw
Which hdd?
Help woth choosing HD between 3 options?
DVDs Jerky at times Why?
Lite on dvd burner flaky help?
Format Slave Drive
Setup Raid 10 lsi 320-2x
DVD BURNER REVIEW 12 drives all DL check it out.
Looking for some portable HDD options...
WD data lifeguard tools question
HD Problem
Dvd rom question
faster set up
Slow cd/dvd access
Am i getting ripped off????
modding an external hard drive into an internal hard drive
Raid 0 HDD's and upgrading to a diff mobo >
Worth it to buy an NCQ drive?
Harddrive Woes
Whats a good cheap flash drive?
IDE and SATA on same RAID controller?
WD 2000JD or Hitachi 7K250 SATA 250GB
Upgrade from a ATA-100 to a SATA I , Will there be a performance difference?
hdd torture 101 [ coffee menace ]
Is my Liteon DVD-Rom Dead?
To raptor or to raptor Raid is the question?
Undo RAID?
Check disk error on D:/ Partition
Which Hard disk?
can an image of a raid volume be used on a non-raid disk?
HTPC Double Case
Spanned hard drives question
Put XP on Samsung SpinPoint SP1614C or Maxtor DiamondMax 9 6Y120M0
need new hard drive
dvd-r Blanks
How do i get nvidia raid drivers
My new setup, help!
Why exactly is SCSI better for DB's than SATA?