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what would be better
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Yeah so I'm a noob. ;.;
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help me out .....
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will this drive work with my other drive in raid 1?
Raid 0 questions.
Good Deal 160 GB for $74.50 shipped
External HDD carrying case
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ASUS support MIA need help !!
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New Lite-On DVD DL burner out?
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16mb cache on HDD's?
Which one to choose?!
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What's the difference here?
Which DVD do you suggest for quality?
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HD life saving though standbye program??
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Seagate_____ SATA
And $400 dollars later...
I need help recovering data from damaged hard drive
How are your old CD-Rs holding up?
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School me on DVD burners, please.
Best Firmware NEC ND-3500A
Problematic lite-on cdrw
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FireWire to USB adapter
80 gb hard drive
How to trouble shoot a DVD burner.
Quick question on SATA drive
Hitachi Deskstar drivers for sata drives
Need WD's Data Lifeguard Utilities on CD not floppy.
Can I pretty much use any of the on-board SATA connections?
RAID 0 stripe size
What is PATA?
2 hardrives at once ?
single 74 Raptor, best cluster size for gaming?
Quick formated drive data recovery
Basic SATA Raid 1 Setup Question... Please help
my RAID 0 failed!!!
dvd rw
Sata Will Not Work!!
Does this look safe to you guys?
2 raptors in raid + a 300gig maxtor Wont Work
Plextor PX-716SA SATA DVDRW? Anyone tried it?
Yet another raid post (Help me)
via sata disk driver for win xp 64
RAID help
Dead HD?
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Constant Harddrive Resetting
Raptor Configuration Question
Overburning data to a 700Mb CD
Quick questions
Multiple Divx Movies on 1 Dvd
how do i know that my RAID is working fine?
building a storage server
very very confused @.@
POLL: please tell me what you wpuld do
HD Partitioning
max hdd size for this bios
SATA raid + a spare HD setup Problems!
raiding and reinstalling
dvd drive not working
data recovery
How would I partion with no Floppy?
External HD vs 2nd internal HD
Putting small HD inside a mouse?
"power calibration error" on DVD burner
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Laptop IDE to PC IDE conversion
Raptor Owners, With RAID 0
Extra Power Adapter
Having Trouble Creating Raid Set...
Best HDD to buy?
Hard drive formats to 6% Then it says Format terminated!
SATA - II, Hard Drives
seagate sata / NCQ feature
Oh gee
How do you know if a HDD is dead?
Audio cd burning help
Hard Drive Locked?? Help!
which NEC DVD writer?
Laptop hard drive question.
Raptor or 2x80 GB Hitachi RAID 0
Defrag. my Hard Drive w/Norton Speed Disk, a bit high when done??
The Newbies First SCSI Setup
How big?
Second harddrive not shown on "My Computer"
RAID drivers causing HAL Misinstallation?
sata and pata!
S-ATA or P-ATA???
Western Digital Passport.
New DVD-ROM drive...Which one?
NEED HELP ASAP! Freaking SATA/PATA not playing along?
Looking for ATA RAID Card
p4c800 with ide-raid and sata?
My Pc won't read my dc-drive?
Hard Drive apps?
partition damaged?
Need help to troubleshooting a new drive
I need to vent ...Maxtor and converters stink!
best 8x dvd media
raid jumpers
80 GB harddrive now showing up half the size??
Raptor problems.
DMA problems with dvd burner
DMA problems
Need to copy my stuff into a new hdd
Just put the raptor in and :'(
Satisfaction with Western Digital Raptor drives
another raptor Q, wheres my missing speed?
HDD drives, partitions, FAT32 vs NTFS and stuff...
Swapping controller boards, need a bit of guidance and a question answered.
Will Seagate release 16MB cache HDs?
Any reviews on Seagate Barracuda 300GB ATA HD?
HDD Prob, Help fast please.
"HP LightScribe"!!!! WTF...I did'nt know about this..
Dell and a new dvd burner problem
ATTENTION EVERYONE with Raptor questions!!(READ THIS)
SATA + PATA help
HD causing reboot?
Raptor worth it?
Adding old drive to system question
hdd dieing, or MB dieing?
Completely wiping out a hard drive?
Does Dvd X Copy have a dvd burning speed limit?
Installing windows on a sata drive
Seagate Hornet Travan Tape Drive IDE
ICH5 or Silicon Image?
Safely Remove Hardware Wizard?
To People Who Use SATA150
7200rpm 2.5" drive
Nero and my Burner
IDE cable length?
burning at high speeds
Hot-Swap Bay?
sandra 04 FS benchmark - post results
Cold HDD
Disk Read Error?
Will this program really make the data on your drive unrecoverable?
Aopen vs Asus Burners
FSB vs HDDs? (with no PCI lock)
I dropped my raptor
My 80gig drive reads 30
Stupid question but how many mb/s does each x on DVD/CDs equal to?
Heres the problem...
How do I recover Data?
2 IDE controllers, 2 drives
dvd burner wont respond to dvd+rw disk
Installing XP on 300 gig SATA help.
Mmm slots...
Fastest CD or DVD Drive
HELP!! plz look
Burning fails after installing Nec 3500ND DVD-RW
Need Help - Not getting full capacity in RAID 1 array
Lowering the Accoustic Noise oF HDD
sata 2 and raptors
Help me with an error please...
Raptor help
Raid Help
Raid Access Failure
Can someone clarify? (striping)
Hey you SCSI guru's
HDD size prob
300gb maxtor + gigabyte nforce 3 = work?
300gb maxtor + gigabyte nforce 3 = work?
I might have screwed up big time!
How to clone HDD without a floppy drive?
41c idle 48c after defraging HDD
array help-drive thinks that it doesn't belong
Which SATA RAID Card?
*beg* Ideas as to how to bakc this up please?
Top End?
Which DVD for data backup.
Cd burner bufferunderunerror
Serious dumb dumb problem!
My Seagate SATA 80GB is melting!
strange raptor problem
does NCQ work for nforce2 boards
Transferring HD Data To Another HD
Hitachi Sata 160gb on newegg
NTFS 3.1 Partition changed to OS/2 Boot Manager, how to change back?!
Are maxtor 250gig 16mb cashe good as 200gig?
Unable to boot/load os to external USB 2.0 HDD
Pioneer DVR-108 Main Optical
Theoretic pondering - a RAM-only computer? (no HDD)
DVD Drive Dosen't Spin Up
Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 vs. Maxtor 16mb cache NQC drives
My Hard Drive Blew Up :(!!!
so I'm setting up a partition just for the page file...
hdd disappear
Help with HDD's
SCSI + termination
SATA Help!
hard drive question
WD Raptor?
Laptop hard drives
15 MB/s SANDRA??
Missing 40 MB on a burned CD. It's used space, yet unclaimed...??
Will A 6 Year Old Maxtor 1.8gb Hard Drive... Still Run?
IDE controller error after installing SATA Hard Drive
which sata driver?
Mounting SATA Drive
Matrix Raid Install a Big Headache?!
Windows 98 Max Hardrive ?
Need a new DVD/RW Suggestions
Prob w/ SATA & IDE drives...
questions about raid
USB HD transfer speeds?
IDE HDD and SATA DVDR, how to connect?
Would this slow down my cpu speed?
Stat raid mix hdd
HELP! (stupid mistake)
Data Recovery HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Questions about owning a Raptor...
&4 gig raptor, sata adaptor, performance ?'s
best gaming hard drive setup??
Basic versus Dynamic partitions
IDE vs SATA DVD burning
another annoying sata question(s)
Windows ME, to small of a partition
How Do you Change read/write Speed of CD/DVD Drive?
HDD not in My Comp, Explorer, but in Device Manager & Bios
Wierd Setup??
Boot Problems
Can USB 2.0 Keep Up with DVD+-RW Drives?
Please Help!!!
Muliple Drives
video cd, dvd player?
New Harddrive Problems
broken RAID0, how to recover???
ok, multi drive question
is 41C loaded good temp for HDD?
Raid-0 ???s
Hard Drive HELP!!!!!
Help with DVD-RW Drive
Good or not? raid 0 setup
Help /w installing new HD . . .
raptors in RAID
Turning a native external hard drive internal - is this possible ?
Cluster size important
Samsung TS-H352 / TS-H292 jumper mystery
Mixing ATA100/133 on same IDE controller?
Serial ATA - 10,000 RPM good?
Help with installing secondary hard drive!!!
RAID 0 with one 2mb and one 8mb cache drive
How do you install a Hitachi 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive on Asus P4C800 E Deluxe?
going to buy HDD, is it still worth it to go with ATA?
Copying/(Cloning?) 1 hard-drive to another
Is it possible for a malfuntioning mobo to kill HDDs connected to it?
Burning AVI's to play in living room
Default Drive ??
Sata 2.0?
Christmas Crash
make a HD quieter?
RAID Controler question?
Please help me out this holiday
Maxtor 120 GB USB looks suspicious
Problems with my hard drive
Need app to check cach size of hard drive. Any suggestions.
maximum number of sata drives
Ok I already have an IDE hard drive but...
nec nd 3500a dvd burner
Data Recovery/Undelete
Sandisk cruzer mircro problem!
Sata 101
Is SATA Plug and play?
Quick Sata install question
Flash Hard Drive
jumper settings
SATA connector problem
Me and RAID = 5 days of insanity
Clone a HD
Pioneer DVR-A08XL
sata drivers question
is it possible?
Allocation size for 160gb drive
raptor hd problem
upsidedown HDD - anybody try it?
Which DVD Writer?
Maxtor or WD? ARGGHHH!
SATA Power question
Need a good SATA controller
Maxtor 300GB 16MB cache SATA whines 1 month old
HD Tach: Terrible Results
SATA failed
Floppy Help
200GB 16mb Cach SATA drives, anyone using them.
Deathstar- Any way to recover data?
SATA + IDE OS SET uP? which is better?
does anyone remember the seagate scandal?
A Call for Help... I know this is a Long Shot.
Anyway to copy all the data from a damage dvd?
Anyone remember that site that review Hard drives? And any quiet ones?
corrupted DVD's, how do I copy off of them?
How do you change drives to match drive letter
Am I faster now?
problem with valuedic dvd+rw on nec-3500ag
What prog do yall use to back up onto DVD?
Partitioning Help
PX-712SA - "Please insert disc" error
Why does it say IDE?
Dumb question
Maxtor 200 GB S-ATA randomly not found on startup
Boot times increased adding SATA controller???
Raptor Question
36gb raptor very slow
Need help with new dvd burner
IDE drive on SATA boards
Buying new primary hard drive - questions
I need a cdrw / dvd drive for my lappy, what are my options?
another raptor problem...
Defragging Question
Transferring HDD to new MOBO
Need help setting up a PCI IDE controller card. Windows doesn't see drive.
hitachi 400gb sata drive
WD Raptor 74GB (10,000 RPM) - Transfer Rate Slow?
onboard raid or not
How do i hook up my sata?
Serial ATA optical drive question
Hard Drive Clicking Once In Awhile.
devices on seperate chains
Dual Layer burning w/ Plextor 712a