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how much of a performance hit?
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SATA Problem. Help please!
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HOLY CRAP i hope this works! (regain HDD space)
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Maybe i am dumb....
dvd rom not reading discs
Asus P4P800 dxl and 250 WD storage drive on RAID...info needed
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Fixing the MTF or MBR?
just got a HP netserver RS/12
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Tiny jumpers?
RAM hard drive
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HD problem
IDE to Sata raid questions, please help.
my usb drive is dead??
DiamondMax10, 2k450, 7200.8, which to choose??
sata Q's
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Setting up RAID 1......couple of q's
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Make a Music disc from Dvd?
Problems with 200GB WD HDD
Can you partition a 200 GB drive into segments to get around the 137 GB limitation
promise raid card help...
Setting up SATA
REealy stupid question hear about dual layer and double layer
Raid 0 or raid 5?
To RAID 0 or not to RAID 0; That is the question...
is rounded IDE cables more fault tolerant than regular flat IDE cables?
How Fast Dose Ur Hard Drive Delete?
Help needed setting up scsi drives Plz
Which SATA drive?
Oc'ed TbredB = Trouble with HDD!!
Review of Maxtor Atlas 15k II - impressive results
RAID/IDE - SATA conversion question
Help with setting up RAID
7,200 vs 10,000rpm: Increased gaming performance?
Is this hard drive dead
How would you hook this up, 4 HD's, 2x CD's on an Asus P4P800 Delux board
Problem with HDD
Anyone else having major problems with USB Drives?
seagate barracuda 7200.7 sata ncq
CD capacity
About to buy Maxtor's rival to the RAPTOR!
How to format a drive with NTFS WITHOUT the WinXP cd?
Hard Drive Mobile Racks
Why no 15k SATA HD?
Maxtor 200G Sata 7200PRM 16Meg Cache how are they ?
Gdisk or Fdisk- which one to use to reformat?
so whats the biggest hd $ can buy?
what Formatted size is a 74gb Raptor?
Speedfan 4.18 + WD Raptor 36GB
Can someone help me find the Raid Driver to install XP please?
should i take my buddies 250gb for $110?
raid no longer detected after bios upgrade
RMAing my maxtor 80gb
woo, new toy for me
HDD rattleing
problem in RAID0 hardisks
USB ports
Raptor/Sata problem
Hard Drive Fitness
Do DVD-RW drives only burn to certain disc types?
WD160 giving status bad in post screen
18gb 15k scsi vs. 36 or 74gb raptor as boot drive?
can i and is there any point
Do I have to Reformat After Switching SATA Ports?
using 2 harddrives?
IDE being treated as SCSI..uhh little help?
Which Brand Large HDD?
Seagate 120's/... which one?
Help a noob out with 2 hard drive problems plz..
High random seek times for DVD+RW
sata raid driver - help this complete noob
activity lights
HDD Blow out
WinXP doesnt see my hard drive
How many people are down to one optical drive?
Create CD-ROM disc
Is My HDD Dead?? Help!
CRC Errors
Speedfan-wht is performance and fitness?Is there anything to be done?
Anyone knows where to find Seagate 7200.8 drive??
Will this work?
low level format= last resort?
Is it possible to do this with Raid?
Oh my, I didn't know these exist
HDD External Enclosures
Had the 127GB problem but what now?
Weird DVD R/RW problem
For those of you with a Liteon SOHW-1633S
SATA Read vs Write speed?
Arcserve 6 backup error
Which SCSI controller card?
Raptor arrived, but having problems
SATA Raid Works!
74 GB Raptor Question
DVD Shrink question
Using notebook drive as removable storage????
beads inside hard drive
HD and possible RAID question
What Length Rounded IDE Cables For TT Tsunami Case??
Easy question, please help
sata problem
8MB Buffer hd?
DVD RW choices my final 2 inside..opinions please
SCSI ultra1 did not respond within the timeout period
Seagate SATA
WD250JB and fresh XP install issues
finnally i bought it
Is the Seagate 7200.8 out yet?
Promise FT S150 TX4 RAID issue..
SATA v/s IDE tolerance to OC'ing
partitions not showing up.
hard drive question, interesting idea - will this work?
Media In UK?
seagate w/ NCQ
Are there good and bad HDD controllers?
4x74gb Raptors or 4x250gb Maxtor's - Raid5 ?
HL2 performance low... need new hard drive
Best performance for gaming. Raptors? no?
New Raptor NOISE
So, when are the FASTER NCQ drives coming out?
can't boot from scsi
looking for a good external hdd. any suggestions?
Recovering formatted data is a nightmare
Raptor, RAID 0, or neither
lost half of my hard drive space :-(
Free shipping on newegg
Please tell me i'm not crazy...
Flashing DVD-R drive question
What is the best sata harddrive to get as a backup storage drive?
Problems partitioning a 160GB WD HD with Win ME
What is the Best Combo CDrom R/RW DVD R/RW
"Warning Hard Drive Failure Imminent"
Peformance of IDE HDD and Optical Drive on same IDE channel
trying to boot up a possibly broken hd
Partitioning HDD without winxp disk
Is a single raptor worth it?
my 12x DVD-burner burns at 0.7x.. . wtf?
Raid 0 Question regarding size
IDE TO USB conversation kit
dvd-r seen as cd?
Afraid my hard-drive is going south...
Where do I hook up these drive lights?
Need help burning DivX to DVD...
**Vio1's SCSI Benchmarks and Observations**
Okay guys got my Raptor installed but...
Help Slipstreaming RAID Drivers
Seagate Barracuda 40gb drive for P1 system?
older computer doesnt see hard drive.
Help me choose a SATA drive
Which hard drive ?
multiple drives as one, wihtout raid?
Always CHKDISK on boot ?
74 GB raptor worth the $$$?
cli.exe application failed to initialize
Does WD ram HDD's that were brand name PC's.
12X DVD burner only burns 16X media at 4X
Computer hiccups while burning
Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 VS Maxtor DiamondMAX10
Will my RAID still work with a diff. manu. motherboard?
120g SATA Problem, cant figure out.
Maxtor doesnt seem to work with compaq
Non-working SATA
hard drive question...
HHEELLPP!!! Raid 0 dead
"Error loading os" help me out here
Western Digital is my new best friend!
ide to sata converters ?
Best general purpose DVD-ROM drive?
backup software
lost raid driver cd
difference between sata and ide
opinions on 15k SCSI HDs
raid partitioning
Odd Sata Hd problem
What do I need to install this Raptor?
LEXAR jumpdrive help
Would Asus really do that to an unsuspecting customer?
SATA prefomance gains
"Error loading operating system"
Wheres my Hard drive?
64 bit OS fat32 question
pata raid worth it?
quick raid question before i buy
Hard Disks Stress Tests
setting up a SATA hard drive
SATA Harddrive probs! Cant format!!!
Dying hard drive
strange HD problem
What can I do with CD-R's that I can't with CD-RW's?
how big should the strip size be
Sata.. questions maxtor 160 gig
Opinions of the WD Raptor 74 gig SATA?
DVD Burner ignored by WinXP at start-up?
large hard drive, good quality, low price?
Plextor vs Optorite
what is an "optical drive"?
What raid card should i get?
advice on multiple hard drives...
old hd?
DVD RW drives..one LAST time
Most GBs Per Dollar Drive Currently?
Good 18GB 15k scsi?
Few Questions popped in my head about Raid 0?
Fairly new Raptor making noises
SCSI HDD system
after installing sp2 for xp i cant use dvd shrink
How would I go about erasing data permanetely of a HDD???
DVD±R Media Codes
a good SCSI Ultra320 32bit controller
Stupid question, but i need help
WD Raptor 36GB vs 74GB
Maxtor 200GB HD failure?
RAID 0 Failure
My 80 gig hard dirve is being reconized as a 32 gig!!!!!!!!!!
Best IDE controller for OC'ing w/o PCI locks?
Difference of 2MB Cache compared to 8MB?
if you upgrad CPU/Mobo/RAM, do you have to reformat?
Raptor for OS + Games and 7200 for Storage?
Does an increase on cache help disk speed?
best dvd+r or dvd-r media for data
RAID0 on AI7 to P4C800-E DLX, Work?
Raid 0 Config Question
Software not like raid 0
What's the point of releasing SATA II hard drives?
SCSI Adapter (80-pin SCA to 68-pin) Problems
Raid 0 on ide
Pioneer DVR-104 trouble
Data transfer from ata to sata query
A way to do cheap 300gb backup
Creating another partition, help please
recommended dvd+r media?
Partition and Files Defaults
HD problem
Pin broke off HD question
IDE to SATA Problems.....
hd diagnostic cd?
780MB CDRs seen as 703MB CDRs
How bad are these numbers.
raptor with 16mb cache.
Kinda a dumb question, but...
Music Skipping
Dodgy SATA
Question about JBOD
question about laptop hardrive
Is this DVD writer any good?
raid, or storage on Nforce2?
Raid setup help
cpu utilization raid 0??
2x120 Seagate vs. 2x80 WD for RAid 0 ????
Asus CRW-5232AS- US adapter on new purchase
DVD burning software recommendation needed
Raid on P4C800E-DLX
Looking for Drive Imaging Software
Changed cases = loud HDD?
I want an NCQ pci card for my new max10's
Mobile rack for hard drives
Sata 1/2 Fsb Oc
HD Whine
How to create an ISO from files?
Major HDD problems Plz help.
Long single device floppy cable?
best way to defragment a drive?
Boting fom SCSI.
LSI 150-6 Sata RAID Q
Need the Fastest Cd-Rom Drive
80GB Maxtor 7200 IDE Reports Unreadable Dynamic, But Tests (Powermax) perfectly
Defrag method
Which is better? Maxtor Diamondmax 9 or 10?
tell me about raid
CD drive freezes computer when trying to read
Losing partitions..?
SATA RAID0 array built using ICH5R
About to buy this NEC 16X Double Layer...
nforce 3 sata support
whats the difference between these 2 Sony Dvd Burners ?
file recovery
how to go about setting up raid 0 first time..
Seagate Sata 200gb
Maxtor 200GB SATA problem?
Please suggest me either Seagate or Maxtor!
Zero writer for screwed HDD fix?
SerialATA 300
Going to SCSI (need some help)
SATA Raid array
Need Longer Sata Cables
What the hell is wrong with my SATA?
No More LED fans in HD Cages!
Quick Easy Question..
HDD suddenley wakep UP!
Storage Box
Sata Problem
WD Raptor making LOUD unusual noise!
moving my hd onto a diff comp..help
need new hard drive fast!!! help me pick one!!
Storage types, cost and lifetime
WD2000 Problems?
Boot Problems Related to WinXP Pro SP2
Tritton T-nas
Maxtor one touch hdd erased!!! need help
good deal on raptor?
DVD burner
Raptors; How many in Raid 0?
16X Dual Layer Roundup
Khypermedia cd-r's
Operation "getting a new hdd"
Windows XP install problems, SATA
IC7-max3 and a RAID 1. Performance hit?
Is my hard drive shot? :(
Damaged Drives?
3.5 HD dimensions
Why Raptors?
Is my old HD still useable for XP?
WTF, Mang. No HDD found in XP install.
Raid 0
Broke My 74gb Raptor Sata connector
can see HD in windows but I can't see it in bios Help
Help on recovering data...
Boot Time doubled...wtf?!
lowlevel format on usb?
Fixin a dell
So is it true that SATA isnt affected by PCI/AGP locks ?
What do you guys think of the Liteon 1633S?
Very low writing speeds on RAID 0 with HPT374
Need Help Fast! ...please...
Hard Drive Benchmarks
74GB raptor or 160GB ATA100 X 2 In raid 0
2 raptors in raid 0
Moving 1+0 Raid.
fat 32 hard drive
CDRW not recognized
[URGET] Cant find files after REINSTALL
win me hd detection issue
overclocking a barracuda ?
SATA power or 4 pin power for Raptor?
Dear Mr.TechWizards:
HD mgiht be ready to go
Why wont my harddrive boot? Urgent
Dumb question, but i have to ask.
Laptop DVD drive won't open
I just upgraded to a Seagate
DVD jumps
Running OS on its own partition?
CDRW drive not workin
hdd shuts down by it self
Since my mb doesnt support SATA Raid, how do i combine 2 drives
Opinions/Reviews of Coolmax USB HDD Enclosure
Installing windows, page file on different drive faster???
Samsung SATA or WD Raptor
CS Source Freeze due to HD?
Raid 0-1 questions
standby option for one of two HDs
Bad Sectors
RAID0 on a PCX card?
loading bar at startup (related to hdd?)
quiet 160GB HDD
SATA II, -NCQ [Native Command Queuing]
S.O.S. ====> My RAID 0 Bluescreened
Big Hard Drive, real size not gig.
best DVD burner for game backups
Opinions... 200gb maxtor,western digital,or seagate
Picking a SATA drive
What the? Resize to 64k from 512 and read error?
Help a noob with Hard drive config.
clearing out raid 0 partition methods?
160GB HD... Why does it say 127GB?
Formating Detection Error
RAID 0 Question (is it possible?)
Swapping HDDs - Raid 0
Um, am i reading this right?
DVD Rom ejecting DVDs
CD Drives
My Maxtor just died... need some info.
What happened to the pioneer dvd drives?
360GD Raptor Noise
De la Norton Ghost 9.0 Sata Raid0 Problemos Senoirs
Weird WD 80gb HDD
How can you tell?
I'm impressed
Running an OS from an external USB 2.0 Drive is it possible.
DVD Burning Problem...
By deleting files I am increasing the amount of free space, right? Wrong.
Fastest 250GB drive
not a moment too soon
Self Destructing DVDs
Guide/Sticky on difference of HD
Should I get a small 10K or 15K HD just to put my OS partitions on?
ata100 drive in a ata66 compatible mobo
who's currently making the best hard drives?
Cluster Size
Can i mix these 2 hdd's without problems ?
HELP! installing my 200gb drive
Hardware/ Software RAID
DVD Rom mechanical surgery... hand me the scalpel nurse!
Floppy drive
Been outa the HDD race for awhile and i need some Info about SATA Raid
has any one tried this sata raid card by netcell?
Does my raptor need a fan blowing on it?
UGH... thought i'd share this
Operating environment for hard drives
H.D.D Trouble
ata 100/133/150
Where To Install Programs When More Than 1 HDD?
SCSI terminator question
hdd locking up comp
Hdd Crashed
Optical Drive Recognition Issue
Sata, storage drive, drivers, formatting, and XP?
Partition question
Working Hd Suddenly Asked By Xp To Be Formatted *why That Happens??*
SCSI tips?
sata vs ide
Dumb speed freak questions.
Raptor or Maxtor
Is my Raptor working right?
I need help understanding how to set up RAID 0
IBM Ultrastar 18gb drive
Drive displays as used 23 gig after fresh isntall?
WD Raptor SATA
Why cant I backup my files to another (same) drive?
Firmware revisions?
which power connector-sata or molex
Best place to place a 20GB 5400 drive on a 160GB 7200 system...
Installing 20gig HD Question
76gig raptor vs 16mb cache drives
Convereted FAT32 drive to NTFS, now it is hella slow?
Asus 5224A CDRW can't read/write information
My Raptor cooling/silencing
Dual Harddrive Problems
Project: Ultra-blue
Just got new system, need help on RAID/Partitioning
Dvd Burner
How do I retrieve data from a HD that crashed?
Maxtor failure HELP!
temp probe on hard drive