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10000 rpm
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How high can you go?
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how do i find out what my primary and secondary ides are without going into bios?
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74 GB Raptor $155.99 after MIR
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Asus A7V266-e Raid Promis
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Has anyone seen a RAID controller card "buyer's guide?"
2 dead whats next
A great tool : Drive Snapshot
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I can't see files in Windows Explorer but I can access them?! WTF
Need input please?
Don't have a clue how to burn to DvD, make backup of files, etc?
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Need a little help
IDE/SATA Help Please!!!
Raid Or Scsi?
Ghost Questions, using DVD's and SATA Drives.
RAID and Partition questions
Good Internal CD-RW Drive?
Which DVD+R9 DL
Slow on copying and extracting file
Clicking HD?
Has my Seagate drive broke beyond repair?
Guide to low-level formatting
Seagate NCQ 7200.7 SATA II Performance
New Project: ATA100 Raid 0 Array.
DVD-drive problem
LG Gcc 4120B help with reading formats DVD R-(R+)
Hardware or SP2 Issue?
How would you partition 200gb's?
ATA100 Benchmark Util?
Optimal layout for burning ?
how to partion
URGENT!! Recovering Data from an Unformatted drive...
DVD + Windows Media?
DVD drive reading CD a 16x
Questions About Drive Speeds.
External Hard Drive much slower than internal?
Invisible Hard Drives??
Not writing at fastest Speed ??
XPrpo = Lose 20GB ???
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Basic Disk vs. Dynamic Disk:confused:
IBM Hard Drives
HDD Enclosure Problem?
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Problem formating hard drive
Sandra Software results??
Defraging a raid 0 array???
SATA Drive Limits Overclock?
SATA to IDE adaptor !!!
Help with ghosting hdd
Pioneer DVR-108
Having some serious issues....
Why Does My PC SUCK?
MMM New raid card....??????
serious issues with SI3112 pci controller
Swapping mobos: will i have to set up my SATA RAID again
PIO modes?
SATA Windows DIsk and IDE slave
Sata drive not showing in My Computer
IDE to SATA Convertors
IDE Prefetch ??
XP driver for IDE how to use with win2k?
Alternative to lacking PCI lock...PCI IDE card??
What is hardrive IO?
Maxtor Drive Dead...
SCSI-- Optimum Configuration Advice
slow boot after new harddrive...?
Above 120 Reconised (formatted)
USB floppies, how work on desktop PC?
This sound right for a raptor??
recovering form a mishap
hard drive question
80 Pin IDE question
2 36 gig raptors in raid 0 vs 1 72 gig raptor
What is a good DVD-R brand
Dvd Rw Dl
36Gb Serial ATA 10,000 RPM drive experiences?
Lost my partition?
RMA this HDD?
LBA problems ahoy! Maxtor 300 gig shows up as a 128 gig
Data sync to thumbdrive?
Harddrive broken?
De-Raiding my HDDs
Where to buy DVDs/CDs
External HDD?
2x80GB WD SE in RAID-0 vs. 1 raptor
LiteOn CDRW Problem After Disabling and Reenabling
Question on Raptor
SATA Controller
External HD
sata overclocking questions
hard dive mounting
could someone help me with this 250 sata
4xSata Raid 0 Only 115mb/s??? Something wrong :(
A neat little trick
Welp, they are finally here...
Weight of a standard hard drive
Backup software.
ISO quesiton?
PC won't boot into windows after storm???
history of SATA question
How much space between hard drives?
Which Drive for Windows pagefile
HDD upgrade
Detecting Ide Drives
SATA help needed again
help with SATA
Help! Computer won't load Windows with new Lite-On Drives
Anyone have a smaller hard drive (total storage capacity) than I?
NeroVision without a burner
Single Raptor 36gb up and running great....
Adaptec 2940UW in OC'ed machine
shrinking dvd's
need help with reformatting and reinstalling windows XP
Problem with WinXp home ed. install on new SATA hd
Raid config cross compatable?
What DVD-RW???
Need help choosing drives for new system
A question about RAID.
DVD drive and floppy not being recognized
SanDisk Partition Problem!
2 x 36gb raptors
SX6000 problems
Need Help with Ghost
Dual layer DVDs
drive error reading drive C
Western Digital - Outstanding RMA Department
SATA Installation Question
What's the difference (DVD-R DVD+R)?
Bigger drives = better performance?
Will this decrease drive performance?
dvd rom not reconigized
dvd+ or dvd-
Strange SATA running??
disk benchmarking
woo more storage, but...
crappy sata cable cause a lot of problems?
NCQ host bus adapter pricetag?
2mb buffer to 8mb buffer, ATA100 to SATA, this even a good upgrade?
SATA Raid controller cards...
Need Help with liteon/sony DVD drive
Solid State drives
Raid-0 Poll
burn speed slow??
unlocking region code of Apple Powerbook Superdrive
SI ATA133 Controller Not Working in A7A266
somethings fishy with my cdrom
Which is better?
I don't get it....newegg with another mistake?
Laptop CD Drive, Desktop MoBo?
Newb DVD-ROM question
Strange problem
Harddrive encryption?
rebuild a stripeset?
"Dying" IDE cables?
5300 controller, Raid, and Cage
Hard Drive Noise
Question about Hard Drives PCI clock tolerances...
Help Please, CD-r not verifying, gets errors
Looking to buy a DVD burner.
New 40Gb HD only works set 32Gb
Anyone have experience with the Maxtor Ultra 250 GB retail boxed drive, 1 yr warranty
How much better is sata?
has anybody experienced this
Setting my SATA drive as master, IDE drive as slave
Laptop Problem (installing windows)
wtf my hdd is making a grinding noise
Transfering IDE Drives to New Sata Drives
Am I kidding myself
Difference in Performance
Disk Partitions in RAID
Harddrive setup question
Building a silent download pc what HD(silent)
nec nd-2500a v1.07 slow cd-r burning
HDD Problems - Corrupt
Average temps of a HD
Using Zip Ties to quiet vibration HOW TO?
Cant see HD in my computer
Cannot Scan Hard Drive for Errors
raptor raid0 questions and raid5
Hitachi Vs Samsung Vs Western Digital 160gb
ext. optical drive works for installing OS?
SATA RAID vs Single 10k SATA
hdd broken?
Adaptec SCSI in an OCed machine
Cheap RAID alternative (just crazy idea)
Deletion of Large Files Cause Stall
problem with my seagate 120gb.
Heat problem on Hard Disk...
problem copying cds on dvd burner drive
I think i am skrewed.........
Best All-In-One Drive
Dead Samsung 80gig drive trying to recover data
NEC 2510A drive recognized as 4x??
ntfs performance
raid 0 ?
Problems using EasyRecovery Pro. after deleting a partition using Fdisk
help with HD noise Q
burner writes in thirds
Maxtor DiamondMAX 10 Series Launched Today!
Old WD drive wierdness
Installing WinXP 64 Bit on K8V SE SATA drive
100 Terabyte storage 3.5 inch disk = reality
cache or rpm?
Huge boot slow down since new hdd added
Dead Usb Hard Drive?
Rebuilding my SATA-RAID 0 Volume
Future: 100TB drive coming in near future.
My greatest fear came true - trouble with my RAID-0
how big for a DJ?
Need help with scsi drives
Does 2 36 gig raptor drives in raid 0 produce good multitasking?
Decent,or best DVD discs?
Need to format...possible save of data ?
Laptop Harddrive
Help, can't play games on my hdd
Did I kill my lvl 0 array?
How many hard drives?
Starting Windows from CD
My Cyberdrive CDRW won't work with 8RDA3+
Delayed write failure with scsi
need help quick plz!!!
Memory card issues?
Where to buy Blank CD-R/RW media?
5400rpm vs 7200 rpm
Setting a floppy drive as A: instead of B:?
need adivce on dvd burner
Which if these HDs should I get?
Raid Explained?
Just had a CD shatter
Data Recovery
160gig HDD --> only 127gig?
Correct DVD format
Disaster Please Help!
Quick question on ideal configuration.
DVD player not dvd movies
So, I almost caught my system on fire ... am I still at risk?
Best DVD Writer?
Having problems burning dvd-rs with purple bottom
im going to be buying a new HD soon
SATA Question
uh oh...failing hard drive?
Seen the new Western Digital Caviar in BLACK?
74 GB Raptor problems!!
Which is faster for video editing?
Safely remove hardware icon wont go away!
RAID with WD 80GB and 120GB?
New Seagate drive, SATA II
Is this drive dual layer?
possible dying hd
ghost work on sata?
ide-sata connectors?
Dual layer? Worth it?
MDT white label drive...what to do when dying
Windows XP, Tyan Thunder K8W, LSI Megaraid 320-2
How do i.......
Anyone having problems with SATA and dvd/rw?
RAID cards? (a question on them)
4x DVD too slow ?
finalized dvd question
SCSI and RAID 5?
DVD burner going slow
any difference between WD protege and caviar drives?
HD speed problem
Problems w/ Ghost
External Enclosure
Changing Drive Letters
36gb raptor 6,6,6,6,6,6 partition stratigy
Blu-Ray In PS3