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Laptop HDD in Desktop
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3TB HDD needs to be initialized when on USB 3.0 docking station?
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Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM
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Woot! that's fast!
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aiming for lower noise % heat(2.5 vs 3.5 disk)
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Seagate 7200.12 TB HDD Failure Help
using Perc5i as SATA controller vs chipset provided SATA ports
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Mechanical Hard Drive?
Suggestions for New SSD
Looking At WD 1TB Drive For My PS3, Single Platter Though???
HDD Setup
new ssd install hanging "competing installation"
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Crucial M4 64gb raid or no raid?
Intel SSD
going with raid 0 maybe
Hardware RAID, alternative to a PERC 5/i?...
HDD benefit from SATA III
Intel 320 80GB slow benchmarks
Corsair Force GT running slow
Intel SSD Warranty Help
crucial m4 128gb or corsair force gt 120gb?
SSD: 2.5 to 3.5 adapter
formatting an ssd
Global HDD capacity expected to be restored to 80% in 1Q12
Crucial M4 or Sandforce?
SSD showing as a removable drive
respawn load times SSD vs HDD
Best HDD?
HDD gettin full
Slow Sequential Read on RAID 1 ??? Why?
External Hard Drive Enclosures Help
Hdd failing
* A Disk error has occured *
USB 3.0 used for HDD performance?
WD refurbs
Is there a Sata and Sata Power USB Cable?
Choose which drive does storage duty- NOT gonna be easy.
Need Help choosing Backup software
NAS opinion's
Performance Issues with Crucial RealSSD 64GB
Yet another "Moving to SSD" question
Can a hackintosh share hard drives?
Screwed up my computer looking for help
Moving system files to new drive
ASUS X79 After the fact RAID Problem (Non-Boot)
Dell Perc 5/i
DVD drive lost
Intel X25 Raid 0 with 4 drives
Moving to SSD
Upgrade question
Please help to fix Western Digital external Hard drive problem !
HDD not showing right capacity
Corsair Nova 2 solution - Fix for poor performance
Losing SSD?
sata controller wont support 1tb hard drive...
OCZ Petrol SSDs
Any know issues with OCZ Vertex II?
Need a cheap SSD HELP!!
PC Repair stole hardrive!
Quick SSD Question
How does AHCI work
dvd burner + labeling
I'm kinda worried about my HDD!
HDD weird noise
SSD Performance and Protection Strategy
so i got my first ssd drive ;)
Which SSD for me?
SSD secure erase after BIOS update and SSD firmware update, do i really have to?
Sata 3 Raid Controller Card
Crap OCZ to Intel
Select proper boot device
Data recovery
Recover Raid Array?
OCZ Vertex Plus fails occassionally?!
OCZ Onyx 32GB in Toshiba Portege
My HDD Somehow got converted to RAW?? Please Help !!
Future 200Gb/s Hard Drives !!!
seagate barracuda 7200.12 broken question
Long RAID 5 expansion time?
Am I doing this right?
Corsair Force GT Problems
Intel SSD acting slow...
RAID..PCI controller?? Alittle Help!!
SSD Usage keeps growing?
Issues setting up a 3TB drive
SSD tips?
NAS / JBOD options?
Which HDD silencer?
winodws failing and locking up
HD pros: Is my hard drive toast?
Samsung ssd
Sata II sata III questions
Are there still problems with sandforce-based SSDs with intel systems?
Cant see my HDD
what storage do i need
Burn large ISO to DVD-R??
How do OCZ stack up against M4 or intel? (SSD)
Covert single disk to RAID and vice versus
SATA drivers, AHCI mode
Intel SSD Randomly Locking Up
Openindiana experience
Need some advice on SSDs
External Device As Primary Drive?
TestDisk automatically starts over?
SATA controller with support for 8 drives
HD prices still not falling
SMART utility for Win 7?
Help Help I think my HDD is gonna kick the bucket!!!
Few questions on HDDs.
First SSD purchase
Can Itunes and Music play on a separate drive??
raid 1 questions
HD for new gaming rig
Crucial vs Corsair SSD
Recommend a non-server raid controller
SSD cache gains depend on how you compute?
Crucial M4 256 crystal mark result
OCZ-Vertex3 235 MB/sec max xfer?
Intel RST not operating correctly
RAID'ing SSD's
Is SATA2 bandwidth per port or the entire bus?
Hard drive sync
Parted Magic erase troubles with 120GB SanDisk SSD
What to do with my extra 30GB SSD
Change IDE to ACHI (easily!) without reinstalling Windows
NAS storage drives
USB enclosure - IDE and not working?
Mirroring the PRIMARY DISK
Crucial M4 SMART meter bug
Need Feedack on my SSD Shuffle plan
AMD 12.1 AHCI driver
Partition/format advice
Do these look normal?
Bios_Raid/Ahci question
Sandforce Vs marvel
Disabling CRC (cyclic redudancy check)?
SSD questions for the noobs
Norton Ghost not deleting
Asus x58 Sabertooth 6Gb/s
DAS/RAID Question
Assistance in hooking up HDD
My impression on the Crucial M4 256
I can't fully assign my 2.5TB HD, Help!
IS This For Real
What are the benefits of partitioning a 1 TB drive
Intel Smart Response Technolgy WONT WORK!
Any TRIM and SRT support for X79
CORSAIR Performance Pro SSD Fast Running at PC/NB
Hard Drive Signatures
What SATA 2 SSD to get?
Help, how to raid (hdd only)
File recovery
HDDs randomly dropping
Good, inexpensive PCIex1 SATA3 controller card?
Help! Recover partition/file system (NTFS)
Clonezilla image restore from notebook HD to SSD?
4 HHDs too hot in hot swap
!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Vertex 2 fw 1.33 ocz toolbox not seeing it
Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F120GB3A-BK
Silly SSD Question
Can using SATA3 on SATA2 cause lockups?
Partition Alignment
Need Raid 0 Advice
Accidentally quick formatted wrong drive!
OCZ Agility 3 60Gb setup, review and benchmarks
intel rapid storage
Help! Hard Drive Failing!!
WD Caviar Green-is this a piece of junk?
Intel G2 (80g) + 320 (80g) Raid 0
HDD query
Uggh, I Wish I Never Got an SSD
Desktop on the go
Nuke and Pave SSD, Keep Programs/Users?
Idiotic SATA <-> PATA adapter design
HDD not seen in Win7 or Boot Priority in EZ Mode.
Using hard drives with different cache memories for RAID?
PC Stutters/Lags randomly
Problem with SSD SATA3
NAS for Media and Files
Fix for 5200 hour issue with M4 drives
OCZ Synapse w/Dataplex, my review/rant
SSD sleep mode still an issue?
Installing a Second Hard Drive
Would 2 SSD's be better or can I partition?
is raid 0 and raid 1 at the same time possible?
1TB Seagate vs. 500gb Hybrid
USB hard drive (no longer) show up
PSU line switch for HD?
Fastest 3.5" 7200rpm HDD Today?
2.5" SATA "Not working" any further steps to take before trashing? WD5000BEVT
Which SSD for Sata1 laptop?
Laptop HD help
SSD comparision and questions on it
hard drive clicking (not the seek sound)
dreaded 7200.11
SSD SATA 2 or Seagate Momentus XT SATA 3 better?
Where those writes to the SSD comes from
Thoughts on this SSD?
Looking 4 usb hdd with network capablities for plugging into blu-ray player.
Crucial SSD 128GB
Upgrading to Crucial M4 256g
Laptop SSD
HeLP which SATA 3 ports should i connect ?
Crucial M4 BSOD Issue (and fix in 2 weeks)
Questions about Hotswap.
Should i update my new bought SSD or not ?
Where is my memory going?
Which RAID and how to set up?
Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS=$249
Crucial M4 256GiB - Wait?
OCZ Vertex 1
0x00000f4 error on M4 64GB
About Ready to Call a Professional, SSD and XP Install
SSD reinstall non-OS programs?
need help with SSD's :(
Does this look right for SSD Lifetime Read/Writes?
Putting Windows 7 onto an SSD
Need to nuke a HD
HDD's Noise Benchmark?
Should i enable AHCI on my corsair force GT 120GB ?
Looking for a good raid card.
New SSD, old Raptor HDD Keep for Games?
I can't run CHKDSK
Low Windows index score cause-ssd