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Help, can't play games on my hdd
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need help quick plz!!!
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im going to be buying a new HD soon
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possible dying hd
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ide-sata connectors?
Dual layer? Worth it?
MDT white label drive...what to do when dying
Windows XP, Tyan Thunder K8W, LSI Megaraid 320-2
How do i.......
Anyone having problems with SATA and dvd/rw?
RAID cards? (a question on them)
4x DVD too slow ?
finalized dvd question
SCSI and RAID 5?
DVD burner going slow
any difference between WD protege and caviar drives?
HD speed problem
Problems w/ Ghost
External Enclosure
Changing Drive Letters
36gb raptor 6,6,6,6,6,6 partition stratigy
Blu-Ray In PS3
Please HELP With External Firewire Drive Problem
SATA Raid question
is there a way to combine harddrives?..someone help
Disk I/O Error?
SATA + IDE? Won't work here.
Cloning an IDE drive to a Raid Set
Want to set up raid
sata help
What is a simple volume?
I need to change my boot partition letter!
Onboard RAID Controller Help
Suggestions for IDE user wanting SATA.
Video encoding, burning video to media, some info needed please
Setting up raid for a fresh install, I need the file for WinXP
Help! IDE Detection
If I install xp with a ata66 IDE cable can I switch to an ata133 ide cable?
Strange CD Read/Crash Problems
need new hard drive any suggestions?
Cant benchmark hard drives in SSS?
Adaptec AHA-2940 Ultra Wide
Weird problem going on...
Western Digital Raptor 10K RPM SATA on Asus p4c800 E-Deluxe board
Cloning IDE to SATA drive ?
opinions on hitachi hard drives?
Adding hdds
need bechmarking utility
Raid-0 and defragging?
Need help quick!!!!!!
Cd-rom Help
Help on SCSI drives.
What channel does built in SATA connections use
Hd appears too small
My Lite-On combo drive won't play dvds... awesome.
will these two hard-drive run raid together
Raid Driver wo Floppy
Dual layer DVD?
New DVD Burner
Backing up
Fatest drives for my board?
hard drive monitoring?
Canatek Rocket drive
Looking for the best data ripping CDRW for backing up my data discs, please help
considering 10K 15K scsi need advice
can't get raptor to install with boot disk - HELP
Importance of hard disk buffer size?
Raid 0 and possible HDD problem???
raptor 36G or 74?
A few questions
Help Me Pls!!!
2nd and 3rd hard drives not showing in My Computer
Backing up a file server
3.5 external enclosure
looking for cdrom->dvdrom conversion article.
Hard Drive not recognized right
fixing a hard drive-is it possible?
Power consumption
NEC announces ND-3500A 16x ħR DVD Burner
I Hate Hard Drives
Overclock Affects Hard drive?
SATA power connector
Coolermaster CoolDrive 4 & Drive holes
How to Format CD-RW
RAID options
Whats the difference between these two drives?
Question about a DVD-Rw ..
1 HDD Causing O/S to load slow?
A7N8X-E Deluxe with Samsung SATA
Need cooling for 2 raptors?
Installed my raptor and WOOOW!
Tossing a second h/d in the mix
where is all of my hard drive space going?
how is this read speed?
sata again
Raid 0 SATA tests
Transferring Raid 0 Config to New Mobo
Hdd problem / copying hdd contents over
Need advice on some DvD R media
Which would you keep
ATA Raid Controlers
Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device ???
what is exactly the " freezing the hard drive" trick?
missing drive
Slow WD80JB hard drive?
Installed my Raptor, but now my IDE drives are gone??
HELP! flash drive problem
one old, one new, what do i do?
Dead HD help
need surface scanner!
can i still return a MAXTOR 160gb i bought like more than a year ago?
New rator drive but no monitor to see how it works
question for hte RAID masters...
wd 200gb problems
Data Recovery on a hard drive
Is it dead?
What is the best pagefile size to get optimal performance from my raptor?
Dual Layer dvd+r "deal"
raptor power
Maxtor 133 => only show Ultra Mode 5 ?
Is a SATA better than IDE Hard drive
Which RAID Card for this Setup?
SATA Converter
CDr - DVDr physical storage
Couple Raptor questions...
"Errors in the Volume Bitmap"
Maxtor 5TO3H3 Problems ??
HDD problem/question
Need DLA software
New to installing Harddrives, need lots of help!
Seagate Five year warranty!
Sata Raid
waiting for barracuda 7200.8 ?!
What is this error?
Mirroring information problems
adding second HDD
Can this beat a Raptor?
installing a new cd-writer: HAVING AN ANNOYING PROBLEM
Stupid Storage Question
Can I run Cd-rw in RAID-0 to make two copies of same data
USB memory drive problem
Sata HDD question.
ide rounded cables
USB FDD Will it work when...
Seagate Announces 5 Year Warranty
help with storage ideas
Quick Raptor and SATA question.
OEM or Retail?
New 160 GB HD only shows 127 avail.
Need help with my Mp3 player!
dvd media speed compatiblitiy question
Question on how to add a second optical drive for best performance?
When will the Pioneer DVR-A08 be available
I found dual layer dvds for sale
Where the heck did all my music go ????
dvd burners
Asus A7V133
Sandra Hdd Scores?
Upgrade to Raptor?
Disk Boot Failure
Need RAID Recommendations
S.M.A.R.T and external enclosures (ME-740)
lost a partition
how do movie dvds you buy in stores get so big?
How big of a difference from 8MB to 16MB cache?
SCSI adapter help please
General quick Question
dvd rom not working?
what to look for in a DVD Recorder?
invisible floppy drive
HD Size Reporting Wrong
hooking up an external HD to a router
Is 35C hot for an HD?
Did I get a dead raptor?
Is my HDD dead?
new harddrive
maxtor problem going to happen?
REPEATED restarting
Windows Installer won't find SATA drive
Yamaha cdrw FW1
will a 40gb 5400rpm laptop hard drive work in a p2 266mhz laptop?
can anything be done with this drive
Hide and Go Seek
Need suggestions
Best Strip/Cluster Size?
Western Digital's WD2000BB
Burners not working right???
SATA -> PATA converters
Nero Audio CD issue
unreadable drive---HELP
Strange HDD Problem
using my current hd in my new rig
which SATA drive 7200rpm 160GB
Norton Ghost Question
anyone else have this problem?
bootable cd
Clone hdd
External HDD transfer rates?
Raptor Seems.......
NEED HELP QUICK!!....new hdd not recognized
Sata Power Connector VS. 4pin Molex
Bye bye hdd
160GB hard drive shows 33GB...
Need Help Please!! All Look @ This
Sideways HDD?
Question about Ritek DVDR's
Replacement for Promise TX2000 suggestions please!
DVD-RW advice plz
120gb Drives showing as 111gb?Please discuss
software raid5
Maxtor vs. Samsung
What is the dif between sata and ide hard drives
Buffer Differences?
I Need some help setting up my SATA Drive
Which HD For Me?
Can I do This? (Partitioning)
Dual layer dvd burners?
Windows XP setup doesn't recognize SATA drive.
trying to make a double sides movie to one sided dvd
New Western Digital drives soon?
Removing Sata Raid0 in favour of just single drives
Best way to partition a single HDD?
Get rid of floppy: Guide of bios update without floppy disk
Western Digital Caviar WD2000JD 200GB SATA Hard Drive
abit serillel adapters
Worth it to upgrade to a sata drive
Alternative to chkdsk?
Install SATA drive
Any way to muffle a whiny HD?
transfering contents of one driver to another
SCSI card Compatibility
nero not recognizing my lg dvd-rw
Question about WD Raptors
Samsung SP1604N quite noisy
Problem with my Matrix 253R
SATA + OCing = no SATA
LiteON 451s and 851s can be made Dual Layer!
WD 10k 74Gb Raptor problems
Is SCSI Compatible With All Mobos?
Trouble with HD
Need Help finding Female-Female IDE adaptor
15K U160-Cheetah on a Dell Dimension....slow?
importance of cache?
is this characteristic of a bad hard drive?
i dont understand why
cd burner problems
Seagate VS Hitachi VS Maxtor.
Ghosting HDDs
Poll Requested on Raid 0
SATA HD and Installing XP
Better to spin down drives on idle or not?
DVD Writer Question
Maxtor HD is dying... need help picking a new SATA HD
make the god damn headache stop and answer my question on RAID 0
instaling sata harddrive
Quantum Fireball Problem Please Help
Lite-On SOHW-812s to SOHW-832s
Newb Adding a Second hard drive?
WD 2x160 SATA vs. WD 2x74 Raptor (RAID 0)
how to recover a hard drive that has been formmatted.
error 1507
what connector? (sata)
To RAID or Not to RAID? Im confused as it is...
Hard Drive Overheating?!
200gb WD HDD question and RAID 0+1 question
Raid0-What App can convert SATA HD Cluster from 4K to 16K without 3rd HD & windows?
DVD playback artifacts
ATA or SATA - is the upgrade really worth it?
help retreiving "My Documents"
Need help, Samsung 160GB
HDD Installation
Windows xp not recognizing partitions
Does NewEgg OEM Come With Cables?
Space disappearing... should have 60gb free..
160GB recognized as 127GB
Western Digital or Seagate?
best 120 gb hard drive
cant install win2k sp4 on wd80jb on ide channel 1
Raid problem (?)
Why do dvd roms hate me?
What would you do with a Bigfoot?
Computer Slow After Gamingq
7200rpm raid 0 or one 10000rpm?
A 16MB cache laptop HD?
Dead harddrive revival
How to set slave and master with lappy drives?
Problem transfering files to new HD
What would be better?
New WD2500 and some questions
need help, installing windows on a new comp, cannot detect HD!
Hard drive question (slave)
Difference between ATA 100 and ATA 133?
2 hard drives to 1
need help!!! floppy drive problem
DVDrom hang / absent on initial boot
Tekram SCSI card...cant find driver for a new OS install....ugggg
sigh.... sata
Which HDD should I use as master?
Why do Raptors/SCSI drives have Odd Capacities
15k RPM SCSI and Raid 0
Hard drive wont recognize....
Need A Good PCI SCSI Raid Controller
The future of our HDs?
Making a TB server, a bit of help needed
Fibre Channel?
New Hard Drive
Need opinion on two HDD
raid on nf3 150
SATA and overclocking
raid o quetions
Transplanting a raid array
USB Key needs format?
dvd-rom quit reading dvd+r and dvd-r
[HELP] Need to buy a Serial ATA drive / Also question about IDE /SATA
NOOB Raid Question....
Will I Benefit from RAID 0?
CD Drive Disable
drive question
no format
U160 SCSI Drive and 64bit controller card in DELL Dimension
Plextor PX-708A (Dual Layer compatible?)
Stuck on PIO
bad sectors on HD
Laptop drive for a desktop
Raid the right answer?
Stress Test
noober raid me
Raptor Questions
Detect Second Raptor?
Installing RAID drivers*
1 bad cluster. What to do?
hooking up a ide hardrive to a sata port?
master or slave in a raid 0 with 2 drives
DVD writers
How much of an image does an Image Make?
Hardrive Recommendations.....
Is putting a fan next to hard drive safe
Driver help! confusing me
Disk Boot Failure
Harddrive Troubles.. need help
Good DVD/CD burner
Seagate shorting out.
RAID has no place on desktop
Quiet hard drives?
[NEEDS UPDATING SEE MY POST ON PAGE 2 -- David]**Raptors: Game Load-Up Results!**
Harddrive Size??!
Raptors are HOT!!!!!
BIOS and Windows know the dvd/cd drives are there but can't find them...
EMERGENCY....corrupt data
GRUB error?
Is this ok for a cheap, decent dual layer burner?
external HD question
RAID 0, A Cheat?
I want to watch a DVD, I put it in...CRASH
200 Gig WD
Installing a new HDD
Program to read hdd temps & smart over usb/firewire?
Upgrading motherboards, can I keep harddrive?
Taking issue with the recently posted RAID O post
Solid State Hard Drives?
How to repair a Storage HD w/NTFS?
Plextor 708A Firmware 1.06
Pioneer DVR-A07U (ie. 107D) vs. DVR-A07XL
DVD spindle speed
Anand says JUST SAY NO to RAID0
How to make an Image of c: with Partiton Magic 8?
My New Raptors Raid 0
Need advice on hard drive selection!
WD 36Gb Raptor-should I spend the money
My new Raid 0 set up, Is everything OK
Notebook to IDE ?
Nero is reading wrong!
My new RAID-0 Setup :)
HD won't boot Win9x.. what am I missing???
Well i got a new DVD R-RW Drive...
Ultra ATA/100 / Ultra ATA/133??
What is killing my drives?!!!
How do I enable UDMA
anyone know how to reset the MBR??
Dual layer dvd+r dl media hard to find...
Anandtech Nukes RAID-0
HD Performance Testing - what to use ?
Windows not recognizing CDRW but BIOS does
Where should I put my HDD?
IDE Raid Card vs. on-board raid
Basic or Dynamic Disks in XP and 2000
Raptor Help
Dynamic Volume vs Basic Volume
so many coasters ;_;
Please help me narrow it down...
I need help with SATA raid 0
SATA raid 0 help needed.
New RAID drives - possible partitioning
Mounting a Hard Drive upside down
HELP! recovering data emptied out of recycle bin
Lite-On SOHC-5232K Write problems...
Two different scenarios
optorite DD0405 Need help
Maxtor Maxline III
OMG i love my raptor!!
Click of Death
Signs of a failing drive?
Stripe Size with 2 raptors.
Why are my dual raptors in Raid 0 running so slow?
32 bit vs 64 bit
Can't decide...
what is best optimal setup for my drives
Different Transfer Rates?
loading harddrive scsi driver problem
Best media to use for dvd burning
160 GB SATA Choices
Connecting 2hds & dvdrw/dvd drives
Am I Missing Anything?
Two 7200rpm SATA drives or raptors?
How should I set up my storage?
should i go with scsi or sata? (noob question)
My Poor Dead HD
Primary IDE vs Secondary IDE
Do games run faster if you use a seperate drive for them?
NEC 2510A issues
Who makes the quietest SATA HDDs?
Help picking an optical drive
Help having problems with RAID 5
Please help with WD 250 GB and windows explorer
need to attach a sata drive to and ide..
Should I partition my storage drive as primary or logical?
Drive burn speed isnt right..,.???
Fibre Channel
Looking for SATA help!
Does a hard drive affect pc performance??
When installing SATA drives...
160 GB overkill
Are there SATA Optical drives?
Help! Maxtor RMA Address
unpartitioning hard drives?
2 raptor in raid 0 worth it?
Anyone Recommend CDR Labels
3 Hard Drives?
Maxtor's MaXLine III 250GB
Sandra File System Benchmark Question
New SATA harddrive not showing up in My Computer
Cant install XP on new Raptor!!!
quick question about HDDs
My WD 7200 RPM 250 GB hard drive is being fruity. HELP.
setting up a raid
Maxtor Low Level Format speed up?
Is S.M.A.R.T. really that smart? Do You use it?
Maxtor 80GB not co-operating
I think my harddrive is going out...
Autorun not working
My Poor...Poor 38.3GB Hardrive
IDE to SATA, worth the switch?
What's up with these maxtor drives?
Choosing A SCSI Host-Bus Adapter
Question about SATA RAID