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I'm such a dork :(
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Disabling Acoustic Management
10k vs 7.2k RPM SATA Drive
anyone have one of these yet...?
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questoin on RAID(0) array by i865 chipset (Abit-IS7)
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Jumper Setting Help!
2mb vs. 8mb, ata100 vs. ata133, SATA vs. ATA?
Deactivate Write Verify on Western Digital HDD?
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want to setup raid with a ASUS P4C800-E DLX
Do You Floppy?
Formatted capacity question
sea gate hd clicking and slooow
How to DMA??? (no advanced settings tab in XP)
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TIPS/SUggestions for RAID-0???
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DVD Burning problems
Possible HDD+Mobo Incompatibility
Iomega REV drive
SATA and Windows installation
2MB/sec Throughput on a 7200rpm 8MB cache samsung HDD!!!
Weird thing here
new dvd burner
SATA drive not detected
Constant Errors
4 Drives in RAID 0
Weird problem, please help!
Unable to connect to logical disk manager service...
O&O Defrag
Laptop IDE -> Desktop?
Sata Hardrives SLOW????
SCSI + Sata + IDE = HELL.
raptor speed help!
Looking for a dvd-r drive
Does slower buring mean better quality?
2 x 74GB Raptor's & Partition Question...
NEC 2500A=Awesome
SP1/ 130Gig limits
Laptop floppy adapter?
Best software for DVD copy?
Impressed by hitachis
Bad HDD mean bad files?
page filing question
chunk size in a striped raid?
Quiet CD and DVD Drives
Quiet CD and DVD Drives
hdd s.m.a.r.t. capability?
Moving RAID0 array from one mobo to another - same controller
difference between DVD-ROM and RAM
ICHR 5 and Promise
160gb for $65 a good deal?
Hdd problem (I think) Please Help
WD Raptor SMART command failure
Dual HDD Question
Anyone have a USB 2.0 HDD?
need help with nf7-s/raptor raid problem
ICH5R and two PATA WD 160's- Slow why?
Help setting up raid 0 on NF7-S
Movies on 1x
Defrag Question
Who makes the quietest drives?
CD exploaded!!!
SMART predicting failure..
Updating CD-RW Drive
quick question... about UDMA
URGENT - hard drive failure help!!
Rotational speed/Cache question for RAID gurus
Best 80mb HDD IDE
Hitachi 7k250 vs. Seagate Cuda 7200.7
weird weird problem, need help bad..
unable to install intel raid drivers
How much hard drive have you ever used up?
WD2000JD SATA after format 131GB ?????
Sony DRU530A DVD+/-RW
WD 800JB temp
Once more "poll" Drive Image7.0, Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image??
additional hard drive
2nd optical drive
SATA RAID Block Size
Hard drive causing instability
How important is bitsetting i.e. Plextor 708A or NEC 2500A ?
Best ReWritable DVD Media
Mix/Match RAID
Storage Question
Raptor performance, help?
My DVD burner won't read disks anymoe!
maxtor har drive problem
A Raptor?
drive not detected
scraping sound from hdd
Really Slow Boot up
Is there software that will let me delete corrupt folders?
spin down hd controls
optical drive problems
USB storage drives
DAT72 Tape Drives
new sata hdd
smaller, quiet drines
dvd burner
Slow Raid 0 performance??? Please help!!!
Most efficient backup solution
is it worth getting a hd w/ 10k rpm?
buying sata
CD-Drive Problem
burnt HD's
Performance Difference
dual layered dvd burners coming out soon?
best cd-rw drive for under $110
Is This Possible?
HD chanel placment
Thinking About Getting This
Is there such a thing as a short SATA cable?
How do I know what firmware this DVD ROM combo uses?
Sony DWU18A Drivers?
problem with a raptor
SATA Drive undetectable in Norton Ghost
Which IDE RAID card is the best?
Disk "T@2"
Raid 0+1
Which sata drive?
Recommend Me A New CD-RW Burner :)
Problem w/ Samsung
raptors and other sata drives ?
Promise SX4000 RAID woes
So vanilla ICH5 does or doesnt...
is my raptor going out?
So I got Norton Ghost...
Region-free firmware safe for PX-708A?
What am I doing wrong? Raptor HD...
Need Help for HD Problem
just ordered a dvdr
400 GIG Harddrive!!!! ....drool
Is This A Good Cd-RW?
How can I make new drive PRIMARY MASTER ??
My IDE slots are filled, can I add a HD to the raid slot?
Increase Your Liteon Read Speed
how can i tell if a hard drive is quite?
MY Hd's dont like each other
Alternative to Norton Ghost?
Poor College kid needs a cheap HDD replacement... please help!
Can you upgrade the firmware of a harddrive
heres a useless one...
DVD RW help please?
how do I make new drive the Master drive?
Might buy another hard drive - RAID and partitioning?
Auto play For CDRW
best brand for cd/dvd-drives and cd-rw drives??
new to raid and partitioning
I just got me some quality IDEs
Video to DVD help.
RAID Fragmentation
connecting drives
SATA RAID 0 finally
Dual Hard Drive problem
Which two SATA Drive's for best Raid0 performance today?
PCI bus speeds and Hard Drives...
How much of your computer's disk drive do you make use of?
How to revcover the corect capacity?
Raid 1.
Help! Hard drive not working!
Single SATA on A78X board.
Best DVD burner?
SATA drives hard to intall?..
Can trojans migrate to other drives?
Questions about partitions
Any way to format in 1mb clusters?
Direct Copy
Is this for real?
HDD: Buy advice needed
How do I make me new drive the master drive and transfer files from old drive
IDE hard drive problem...
video and sata
Good laptop HD manufacturers ?
SCSI question
Tell me the downfalls of RAID
Question on ATA100, ATA133 and buffer size
Having a problem with 2 drives! Help!!!
Is it my tape drive or my SCSI controller?
RAID 0 Recovery
My Atto v2.11 results
Anyone got a big magnet? *EG*
Question about a RAID setup
Is it ok if im running SATA Raid0 and Raid Array is Disk1 while PATA Slave is Disk 0?
quick question about hard drive selection...
Quick question
is it me or?
Can you Use IDE and SATA together with out a RAID
Another quick question please
quick question
SATA & floppy?
DVD Burner Issues
Your storage setup.
Seagate or Samsung
Storage setups
Harddrive still looks messy after defrag
quiet H/D
Help! SATA Hard Drive
What do you call it when every 5 seconds, your HDD spins up, stops, and then repeats?
Raid 0 speeds are so low, they seem ... capped?
GOT A PROBLEM HERE with my sata raid
problem with raptor 74gig
Which DVD burner
DVDRW help
more space needed
external enclosure
What is the cheapest SCSI solution
Copying a file from CD with CRC errors?
HDD not showing up after install, please help
Can i use an Xbox HDD in a Computer ?
serial ATA hard drive question...
Tapes to DVD
200GB to 300GB on a 12 centimeter disc by the summer of 2005
Would I be better off running my Raptor and slow sata drive in raid or not?
How To Burn A Dvd
hdd performance
SATA RAID 0 Problem
Everyone says to update drivers?
How do you get a 160 gig HD to be recognized in XP with Raid?
scsi cable help
teh final solution? RAID 0 strip and cluster size
uhoh, is my partition dead for good?
Bad Hard Drive Benchmark...What is Wrong
WD 74gb review/test
HELP! attempt at taking of bezel stops tray from opeining
formating/partitioning external hard drive
Just got a dvd+/- RW
Benchmark for WD 80GB/8mb, need a single raptor benchmark to compare to please
Unable to use Cdr and/or DVDr??? Please Help me before I buy a Apple!!
4.4gb only on a 105 dvdrw?
2 Mb hd vs. 8 Mb hd?
what to get
Want my second drive back!
What's the deal with SATA?
2 HD's in one external enclosure w/RAID
RAID0 Raptor performance...
New Hard Drive Wont Recognise...
Can I transfer all me files to new drive??
Nero Will not Read my CD-RW Drive
cd-rw question
SATA Unreadable!!!!!!!!!!!!
CDR problems
little help installing my new RAID setup
How does RAID affect latency?
Clunking Maxtor
Seek failure?
suggestions upgrading hd performance and space
Need help with laptop hard drive.
Cannot access drive n WinXP
Sony DW-U18 oem 8x dvd writer
Recommendations for good inexpensive slim/laptop CDRW/DVD drives
Format From Windows
Does this atto benchmark look right for a Maxtor ATA 133 7200rpm 2mb drive?
software RAID windows reload
1 SATA 1 ATA Where is SATA
Bonehead mistake, can I recover my data?
Anyone up for some "storage comedy"?
One of my partitions is misreporting space should be 1gb says 30gb...
Whats the deal?
Silicon Image SIL3112 Issues
Need a dvd burner
Hd Noise Too Much!!!
Will these hard drives work for RAID0
HD Tach 3.00 Beta available!!!
Difference between format (quick) and format?
3 CD/DVD drives
Would this work fine?
Ata and Sata
Hard Drive Speed Limits Reached..
200 GIG? Or RAID setup
USB memory stick question
Slave not recognized.
WD1600 gone bad?
scsi hard drives and controller
Laptop Harddrives
Where Is The Updated 37gb Raptor?
Recording with 2 DVD+/-R drives?
Primary harddisk drive failure 0
Anyone spot one of those 400GB Hitachi drives yet?
CD Drive problem
Weird SATA phenomenom
Tutorial: How to repair a tape drive with a slightly overstreatched belt
Need help setting up SATA
HDD Data LifeSpan?
Cheap data recovery?
Is this a good DVDRW??
How does Drive Imaging work..like Norton Ghost for example
Could HD cause instability?
using a raptor as the only HD?
dual-layer DVD burner?
WD Caviar SE 120GB 7200RPM for $129.99CAD
What's the difference with WD Caviar SE and WD Caviar version?
Will 120gb hard drive work with my mobo??
HD light question
maxtor 40 gig + a raptor 36 gig?
Could A Pentium II 233mhz Handle A 20gig HDD?
RAID 5 on the cheap (skate?)
What DVD Burner to get? Help needed.
Delayed Write Failed error on HD
Floppy Help
Dead Maxtor OEM harddrive, who will support me?
EMERGENCY - SMART is screaming at me
really slow boot..
Difference between these two Hitachi hard drives
Cannot boot off CDROM
Help me save two years of accounting
Stripe Size
IDE 28-bit limitation?
Legal Question about DVD's
early warnings???
Good deal on DVD media?
Whats the outlook in the next 4 months?
SATA moves to 300mb/s
WD1200JB wont detect
noob to raid needs info
Is it possible to decrease speed of HD rotation ?
RAID 0 (2x36gb Raptors) slow? Benchmark inside (warning: may be 56k unfriendly)
Drive Mount Unside Down?
sata raid...disk read error
ideal power down time for HDDs?
Can Duct tape help me now? ....
Can't boot from my CD-ROMs
How was your experience with WD 7200 rpm?
raid question
RAid 0 Trouble
S.M.A.R.T am I?
stripe size for single raptor
Raptor drive letter problem
Raid 1=Format?
Smartfan Fitness S.M.A.R.T etc issue
partition magic?
Fastest HD setup: What to buy?
Wd Hdd 30gb Death. Recovery Q
think my maxtor is dead
cd and dvd on same cable
help with partition
Paritioning problem ??
Dvd Rom. Dying or Dirty?
Died in it's sleep...
is my lite-on 48X24X48X16 dead?
RAM disk!!!
raptors on sale at newegg!
Cd drive just stopped working.
Delayed write failures on a 1394 drive, any ideas?
new hd help please
Let me get this right...
Via SATA raid, and installing windows
Help w/ Raptors
Interesting for those with very noisy, vibrating hard drives
Raptors, good or bad?
SATA Hard Drive Problem