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Diamondmax Plus 9 drivers
SCSI detection
confused! how to switch hds
Drive imaging software work with SATA?
to raid...or not to raid?
Need some help
how can i do this faster?
Building RAID0... need XP?
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3114 Raid Controller with Single Drives?
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How to install a SATA hard drive?
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Overclocked HDDs: unlock more GB's
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Promise bios
PLEASE ADVISE best system partition size setup
Two add-in RAID controllers won't play nice
WD Making 200gb Fluid Bearing Drives?
advice on what stripping I should use for raid 0
witch better
Recovery Disc's and DVD-R's?
A way to recover a bad CDR?
relocating system partition
SATA HD and Mobo
please make the CRC errors stop!!!!!
Not sure if right place, but what's the best DVD-Rs from this list...
P4C800E-D BIOS IDE Config 2 Raptors Promise RAID0 settings?
not finding floppy
need help on adding extra HDD with 2 HDDs on ide
external hdd case problem
issues with my 2xraptors
What would be faster and by how much?
Raid 0
What is the absolte most thourough and slowest disk defragmenter software?
How many add-in controllers can be simultaneously used in PCI slots?
Sil3112 chipset SATA controller
SATA Dvd and CD drives?
Quick Question. Fujitsu MAS3735 or Maxtor Atlas 15K for Benchmarking?
Why have 2 WD hard drives failed in a row?
Got DRU530A Which Media To Use?
Sudden Problem with raid setup, I think
Abit NF7-S and Serial ATA Help... Anyone?
nf7-s SATA + WD Raptor
Formatting HDD
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 Weirdness
my cd-r and rw not detected!
Sick Raptor Advice
what is he best lite-on dvd/r drive out
Raid help
IDE Hot Swap Capability for Mix of HD and CD?
XP Setup/RAID Controller Drivers
SATA Adapters
Western Digital HD wipe drive clean program?
Sata Kv7
Is there a trick to getting the floppy to work or something?
DVD+RW drives
Wd Raptors & Fluid Dynamic Bearings?
Boot disk failure :(
NTLDR missing!
Hard drive speeds.
Emergency Help Needed Re: Sata Raid Booting
anyone used Drive Image 7 ?
Raid_0 and winXP
Raptor Installation problem
how many partitions in a raid 0
Best SI 3112A SATA drivers?
Raid Fun !
Most reliable SATA drive avlable?
Dvd Rom Buffer Size
Anyone have problems w/ Deskstar 7k250?
I need to know...
New serial drive, does this make any sense at all?
brand new maxtor, dected in bios not in windows
I dont think this is good, any help?
SATA drives almost too hot to touch?
Hd slows down at higher clock speeds?
CD Burning question
Slow, small hard drive question.
Will this Maxtor SCSI320 10Krpm work for a home desktop?
lite-on rebadge
What media to use for a solid state boot drive
RAID controller card question
good idea or bad idea?
laptop hdd replacement help please
LiteON cdrw/dvd died?
dvd decoding
formating a messed up hard drive
maxtor dead
Harddrive not detected !!!???
Question about running HD in SATA
Thinking of switching from WD to Maxtor?
Which would format faster and why, IDE or SATA?
10K SATA or: RAID 0 ATA 7200K
zip and hdd on primary channel
WD 200GB JB From Newegg Bad?
Western Digital 160GB Problem
New disk recommendations
SMART problems - 875 chipset with SATA
cant read my cd-r's??
2 cache and 8 cache
Problems.. gotta love em
A virus is eating my hard drive
If I have a 8x DVD burner can I burn a 4xDVDR at 8x?
do hard drives need to be grounded?
Older Compaq Server HDD's
10k RPM SATA's
Paciffic Digital 8x dvd+-rw+- any good?
array offline
Fast HDD
SCSI and SATA and dual booting
adding another HD problem
WD HD only clicks.
HDD Dying or OS probs?
Partitions on Raid 0
Raptor owners plz need quick responce
Harddrive spinning up late..
Buying New Hard Drive
not my first choice of pc
best dvd burner
why does my drive not show up?
Install Windows on a Raid Drive
Upgrading Questions
How to check the results of a CheckDisk (Scan Disk) in WinXP Pro?
Old SCSI card always booting first no matter what
promise help
WD Reporting Incorrect Size
Drive copy programs?????
SCSI and SATA help!!!
URGENT! Cables set up for RAID
sata, to raid or not to raid?
Shareware for automatic backup?
Lost Space??
Xp doesnt recognize my USB 128meg flash drive
Xp doesnt recognize my USB 128meg flash drive
DVD-RW woes
cant install to a working drive!
Raid Setup Questions
Windows SP1 Doesnt Enable BigLba?
what brand for raid
raid 0
Atto ? ?
HELP USB2.0 external 120GB HDD
New MOBO Now Wont Format..
SATA RAID Question
Raptor took a crap......................
Plextor PX-708A or NEC ND-2500A???
heads up: 74gb raptor for $199 after rebate
slow cheetah drive
Problem with Lite-On CD-RW drive... weird stuff
Decison time: Raid 5 or Raid 1+0
A7n8x (assume not sata) w/ WD Raptor Sata drive?
WinXp Setup won't recognize SATA drive
Raid help..
Big problem with Hardisk please HELP
Large HD - (relatively) slow processor
IOMagic CDRW problems! Help?
15K RPM SCSI Ultra 320 Vs. Fibre Channel
cd burner problem
Please help w/Raptor RAID0 - P4C800D
Disappointing bench mark for my HardDisk (Maxtor 80G 7200rpm ATA100 2MB-Cache)
Can't burn ANYTHING :(
Is this my HDD or is it a fan?
ten bucks for a cable,I dont think so ..any ideas
Incredibly slow Plextor dvd burner!?
Is it possible to "wear out" a hard drive?
W-T-F is CRC-ERORR ?????
Question about WD Raptors
Can you use ghost for PATA to SATA?
Benchmark tool for raid testing..
WinXP install on RAID array w/o Floppy drive
Need help with MAxtor HDD plzzz really plzzzz
ATTO benchmark & strange results...
CD-R drive problem? *
dual layer dvd burners?
RAID users, I have questions
Partition question
LiteOn DVD burner issue... or is my setup?
3 HDD's on ASUS A7N8X
The Next Generation Seagate, Discuss: (Also Post Anything You've Seen/Heard About It)
New Harddrive Installation Problems
Clicking Harddrive?
Sony Spressa USB with a harddrive?
noob raid ?
Drive Is Starting To Fail And Needs To Be Rma'ed
CD/R-RW & 200FSB Ques
Battle of The Performance Monsters, SCSI + RAID related. (Advice Please)
Western Digital Vs. Seagate
Promise ATA raid and winXP BSOD
Possible problem with Abit serillel adapter
pci faster than ata100?
Problems setting up my raptor, noob here :(
I frown at Seagate
please help me something wrong with my harddrive
what prog to use?
dumb RAID question
Ok...Any Raid advice (atto benches inside)
Is it ok to mount HD upside down?
How can I show my benchmarks on the forum?
can u run a SCSI RAID 0 array (2 drives) and a single SCSI drive on same SCSI card?
Stupid question, but ?
Raid Card
Teac Cd-rw
2-3 month old hdd getting bad sectors
Raid + IDE = Windows Wont Boot
Hard drive diagnostics/file manager/partition manager BOOT CD
3ware and raid 5
does this look right for raptors in raid-0?
can onboard raid co-exist with pci raid? *sata
bad burn
hdd just died :-/
Change firmware on DWU14A?
Tape Drive Question
Seagate 200GB 7200Rpm 8mb cache drives
200GB, 7200RPM, Internal Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive
run a single ATA drive as normal ide on a raid sata channel?
HD wont' format to advertised size.
How long should a CD drive last?
ATTO Scores -- New SATA Hitachi 80gb Raid0
error when booting my laptop!
Only 186GB visible when there's 200
How to create a dos boot disk
No more ide slots available where to put my new wd 160?
WD 36 GB Raptors Striped Array Benchmarks
Large HD size & "Error loading operating system"?
WD 160GB Drive - Partitioning Questions
ICH5R or Promise?
Lite On is gone????
Bootable Raid from PCI
whats a good SATA harddrive?
cd rw drive wont overburn?
PCI IDE controller weirdness
Block sizes for raid
IBM Caught
Setting HDD Size
What's the best brand of CD-R's?
mad dog DVDs
Oh no, not again..
Need advice on RAID
Which would be faster?
I screwed up my hd
Transferring a RAID 0 Array
RMA a Raptor
Anyone get a new revision 36gb raptor?
Hard Drives detected... wont format
ISA IDE controller needed?
Raid 0 and Asus P4C800 E Deluxe..
Destroying CD's
Raid zero
DVD formats
In desperate need of help!! Please
Can SATA and IDE coexist?
Going to start a new life with a clean disk
dma question
plextor cdr's suck
WinXP/MSI CR52-M Problem
Moving raid
can i RAID 0 with two different drives?
Backup to 2nd HD.....
Best HD
Quick RAID question
new system = dead hdd :(
O/B SATA & Promise Fastrack 2000
Sandra Bench
Cant flash upgrade MSI CDRW drive
Formatting Problem
PCI cards
DVD+-RW which is best
Best Drive setup?
IDE and SATA raid
hdd problem
RocketRAID 1540 constant beep
Best IDE configuration!
want to use fast SCSI for main drive - recommendations?
Raid 5 setup 1TB became slow all of a sudden?
Did my Raptor just die????
BIOS detects optical drives, but XP doesn't
SCSI Bootdisk
Question about my backup drive,..
cache not working? another problem?
What's with the slow burning on my burner?
old hd
need help partitioning
Best Hard Drive Reducion
another newbie ?which is best,ide or sata
DVD-ROM drive won't show in WindowsXP
New version 36gig raptor soon
RAID Crash - Huge Problem
what is the difference between a retial and an oem hdd,other than price?????
is my NEC-1300A supposed to do this??
Need a recomendation on a DVD burner.
No fixed disks present.
Please help: issues with PX-708A
quick question regarding raid0
Please help - problem with external HDD
Is my harddrive corrupt? Stop error!
Is this a good harddrive? PLEASE READ!!!
Raid 1 and Asus p4p800-d board
Maxtor Drive Condenser Fried Out
S-ATA vs ATA ?
My A:\ drive is gone! *help*
noob ? can I copy my curant hdd,and use the copy in a new system??????
Best Way To Raid 1Terebyte
portable HD safe to carry around?
newbie witha tape drive.....ummm help?
Anyone Ever Have Problems With The WD2000JB?
IDE Raid 5 Card
Got RAID 0 working, but with no improment
conductor cables
Are larg capicity drives ?
sata nightmare
Two drives on 1 IDE cable
Hitachi and favorite Drive
how to format to original state
Which will yield the best performance?
whose the boss?
Do these HD Tach benchmarks look OK?
oversized harddrive holocaust
Drive Letters?
Are WD200 Drives All Bad???
Death of a Drive ?
Some questions about my RAID setup...
IoMagic 8X DVD+-R+-RW
HELP! I lost my HD
any other hardware for raid?
Windows RAID Problem
recomend a DVD burner under $100 or so
Raid: changing pci slot?
Raid Setup
Lost my HD
HD not reconized in windows...
Using a raid controller worth it?
PCMark2002 HDD Scores
what connection for hard drive
Burned DVDs have become unreadable
Asus CDRW drive is soooo slow!! 52x24x52
I can burn at 62x?
DVD CDRW problem
Reviews of RAID vs NON-RAID
250g sata or 2x120 RAID???
DVD+R problems...
Hard Corrupt all the time when i load more then 100g of Data file. Why?
Partioned my 80gb hdd
why wont windows start with raid controller
modding a promise ATA100
Raptor problem.
16-head hard drive: will setting my BIOS beyond 16 heads screw it up?
SATA drivers for nf7-s.........
New DVD Burner
Quietest HDD brand or model?
Can i make hard drives less loud
Fresh Install question
I need help urgently(Partitions Gone Missing)
Some newbie RAID questions...
Samsung cd-rom crapped out
RAID section
WD 80gb 100 or 133?
Sata install wierdness. Plz Hlp.
Good dvd burner (4x)
Strike f1 to retry boot, f2 to enter system util. ????
Guess what drive is this?
what has been your best/worst?
CD-RW Drive
USB external drive
raptors vs scsi vs wd se drives
Need a disk data recovery util.. any suggestions?
crunch time what 120HDD to get......
Diamond Max Plus 9s and RAID0, Help
read error!
My filestorage drive is a cheeky monkey! Keeps corrupting and losing data!
2.5" vs 3.5" external enclosure
ATA133 works on ATA100 MB
HD Tach Question
raid array died on me. help
Is my drive dead?
is my raptor gonna die? its just a boy!
Maxtor 160 Gig HDD needs software to get past 127...can I get rid of it now?
SATA Raid Card
problems burning 8x dvds
RAID newb question
Network Storage Drive Question
Hrad drive is not identified
ATA100 vs ATA133 vs SATA ?
HDD benchmarking
Problem with 2 HDD setup
got some money to spend
Which HD set up for new rig..SATA RAID or SCSI RAID...both?
page file
Confused with this Boot/System setup...
Scan disk messed up hard drive??? cant read data anymore!
SATA Problome HELP!!
SATA and second drive
Need help with LG GCC4480B combo
dualboot w/two drives
large drive setups
Raid0 Questions
Overburning on Pioneer DVR-A06
How should I partition?
Slow System(cable select?)
SATA, and SATA 150?
ide sata converter abit nf7-s
CHKDSK makes me mad
New Hitachi 80gb - ?
HD Drops in Performance Suddenly
Hard Drive Mounting Question
boot times
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, help!
Can you ReSize a Hardrive?
Bad Sectors
Best Free Pre-Windows Partitioner
ATTO Benchmark Scores
refurbed or not refurbed?
WD1200JB Sata question
Are rev2 36gig Raptors out yet?
Running a hdd w/o the computer.
sata raid - 5 drives?
Corupted HD with XP Home
Accesses files on NTFS drive
WDSE8mb discrepancy
can I add a SATA?
P4C800-E Promise RAID problem
IC7 and SATA help!
able to fully copy hdd to another?
What happened to my 34.4GB?
Dual layer DVD burners
How will I need to configure these hard drives?
Do anyone knows the diagram of 68-pin to 50-pin converter?
PQ Drive Image Prob.
WD 80 gig booting extremely slow.
1 partition got lost, now windows cant see any of them!!
DVDR/CD-RW drives conflict with IDE HDD
How do I repair a file system?
where do you see the differance/benifit with Raid and SCSI
Large drive support question
Norton Ghost to copy Partitions?
raptor ?'s
10,000 RPM really worth the money?
What to get?
recent lite-on problem
Putting in a new Hard Drive
SATA noob questions...
Presario 700 Upgrade
installing CD/DVD drives with 1 boot IDE cables
My seagate 7200.7 120gb just had a barbeque!!!!!
make a tape drive read more than it is supposed to?
Can temps be monitored in a system with a RAID array?
ATTO scores
slow RAID setup?
Hard drive configuration?
95% Cpu Usage When Using Dvd Rom
Missing space!
Which 7200rpm drive has the fastest transfer rate?
How to resize unresizable ntfs partition?
Is your new 137gb+ showing up as ~126gb? Read here...
Need some advice on Raid 0 Stripe Size...
ATA to SATA adapters?
A ultra320 disk usable on an ultra160 controller?
160gig only has 130???
80 Gig Wester Digital HELP PLEASE!!!
How do i format my harddrive?
The problem of the large volume hard drive
loud whinning
a few questions about raptor...
help w/ lite-on dvd/cdr
slave HD added, don't want it to be partitioned