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Hard Drive size barriers
does it matter
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Need Learning
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what does this mean? ( link to uploaded pic)
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Fully loading my ASUS P4C800 Deluxe
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Need a baseline comparision
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WD 160gb detects as 127gb in windows? why?
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Khybemedia 8X dvd burner $79
cheap ATA cables slower?
Raid 0 performance dropping with time, why?
SATA card
When F6 Doesn't Work (XP Install)
Restore mbr
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>.< Nero Hates me
Laptop HDD, and CD-rom, and LCD
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Lite on DVD burner firmware upgrade??
Seagate, Hitachi, or Maxtor (SATA)
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Raptor price
74gig Raptor warranty question. Most retailers have it listed as 1 year?
I need help, quick!
raid setup
raptor question
RAID 0 performance less than IDE single drive!
Raid vs Sata?
Is this possible?
SATA cables keep falling off
bios work is done, NEED A DAM DRIVER!!!!!
New SATA Drive - WinXP Boots, but...
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Hdd swapping
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old vs new..?
Raid 0+1 with 3 drives?
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16k/16k stipes/clusters = cant install ???
Will a Raid 0 card support these?
CD Blew, Near Death Experience
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Question about accessing one of my discs.
Serial ATA Seagate and Samsung
Sata 300, Nf7-s ?
What? WD Caviars?
Explain all these dvd types to me?
just did it all....!
Raid Setup
Maxtor sata 120gb anyone know if they have set buffer size?
*Clusters & Stripes: Benchmark Results*
My new SCSI -My Performance -Do I need Drivers?
SATA vs. IDE Benifits and drawbacks?
new cdrw (on ata card) makes old cdrw (on mobo) disappear?
SATA to PATA converter
taking apart external cdrw
Win98 HD Problems...
newbie usb HDD question
liteon xj-hd166
Remember to check your cables
Drive Benchmarking... Which one?
why i love officemax
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fixing mbr (windows on diff drive)
Hard Drive survival in a car .....
Win shows 130 instead of 200 ???
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SATA HDD brand choice
Raid foible
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Formating Problem
XP Pro and RAID
10000 RPM SATA raptor vs 7200 RPM IDE
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Can't Install Winbloze on new HD
RAID help plz
CD blew up
HD not formated?
ATA133 compatibility?
Want to go back to 1 big partition
Ata133 Q.
first attempt at RAID 0 - OK results?
Making a bootable pen drive..
HELP!! save my data
HD destroyed by defective IDE controller?
Dumb Newbie dual drive question
Woohoo 80 Gig harddrive just got
Problems with xp install on RAID
Burning CDs at 52x?
Important advice needed!
2.5inch HDD case
help! Hard drive not formatted?
HD not seen by bios
SCSI DVD Burner.
HDD & SCSI question
WD vs. Maxtor performance - wrong benchmarking?
Just got a 120GB WD HDD..
DVD Burner
deleted partition
CD-rom not FOUND !
New hdd
RAID controller
dvd burner n00b
ATA versus SATA
HDDs Suck !
Raptor 74 gig Raid "O" benchmarks.
Quick question
80GB HD only shows up as 10GB
Krag needs help setting up his Raptor 74gig'er raid O!!
SATA help
dvd drive question
missing gigs...coudlnt find post
RAID through USB
windows does not see my new hard drive
dvd x copy platinum
Which to pick???
Still looking for answers.
Hard drive Trouble
Best HDD setup P4P800D
raid 0 help
Opinions on DVDRWs
Dvd Software!
dvdr program
Interesting Windows Startup Speed: Seagate 120GB 8MB 7200rpm -vs- WD 20GB 2MB 5400rpm
temp probe on raptor
Major Sata problems!
250GB Maxtor Maxline Plus II PATA - 127MB/s
Boot Disk problems
sata to ata
To Stripe or Not to Stripe?
CD-ROM troubles...
problems initializing.
LG DRD 8160b dvd+r(w)?
Onboard SATA limits overclock?
w.d. raptor 36 gig
Need help with Sata issue
My Hateful CD-RW drive - Won't Burn (in hell:mad:)
15K u320 anyone?
60% hard drive boost?
Heh! I just bought 2 of the *new 74gig raptors.*
Did i make the right decision?
Why won't C defragment!?
New Harddrive
Transfering raid arrays
"This software will increase your drive performance by 60%" - Maxtor
i won a HD
160gb drives
CD Burner not writing at full speed.
some1 help me! (sata)
what's the best DVD burner for the money?
Just ordered a wd raptor 36 gig
need to recreate raid0 set
Can this be done?
Raptor Performance... Reality vs Benchmark
This so called "60% HDD Performance boost" driver, is it only for Maxtors?
Old drives don't work in new rig.
Controller Card Ram!?
Went from 96/mbs to 24/mbs Raid 0 Need help
ACK! Why is my raid so slow!??
what are some good hard drive benchmarks?
Multiple RAIDS
Cant find drive in DOS, HELP
Sata offers no performance boost?
slower HHD scores with RAID 0 than non RAID??!!
Price vs Performance
Software RAID 0
wd raptor and counter-strike
Advice on setting up RAID0 for Asus P4P800 Deluxe
SCSI adapter/controller card
Memorex DVD RW feedback please ASAP
raptor 36 in raid 0 don't use more than 2..
Hitachi/IBM Deskstar 7k250 -vs- Seagate 120GB 8MB 7200RPM
"Quiet and Cool Hard Drive Enclosure" article
What HDDs for a fileserver
sata converter?
real quik, whats a good single drive pcmark2002 hd score?
Got a problem with maxtor 80 gig or aopen cd-rw..
2 raptor 36.7gb or 1 74gb?
Raid Problems
EIDE ATA 100/133 to Serial ATA Converter
Good old Quantum...
Swap File/Temp Directory
TIVO And DVD - RW/ Recording Through The PC
EZ-Drive ???
SATA RAID Question
WD 120GB or Maxtor 120GB
I got 2- WD 36gb Raptors...will I be impressed?
Setting up a RAID as boot drive
The 135 Gig Problem
which blank DVD one to buy: +R or - R
First vs second-gen 36GB Raptor
Advice needed
Add in card Vs On board SATA
What hd offers more bang for the buck?
SATA RAID losing data/files
Lite-On CD-RW/DVD Combo, should I get this?
USB Pen Drive options and opinions wanted
Sata @ 7200 Rpm
7200 ATA66 or 5400 ATA100
RAID 0 transfer?
Partition stuff, Help!
Extended - Primary partition questions
IDE question...
All i can say is "Compusa really needs to give me a job as computer repair"
180GB drive is only seen as 130GB
Hard Drive Mystery
dvd sound is choppy
Two different WD360GD Raptors
RAID question.
Need help with flashcard, seriously
easydisc usb pendrive problem
Any problems with S-ATA?
How hard Drives Work
Old Hardrive Question
my new raptor but......
recommended DVD +/- RW?
Flash stick/card copiers?
WD1200JB in Firewire cage formatting problems!
Raid0 died already
2Mb vs. 8Mb cache in raid
Question on RAID 0
need help please
Reviving a HDD?
SYBA controllers
New WD 74GB Raptor Benchmarks
low level format
forcing FAT32 Format?
backup drive
PIO DMA problem
Performace i should expect
Help an idiot swithch hard drives
Hard Drives???
odd problems with xp detection and raid
Tecra 8100 hard drive replacement
Maxtor 6Y120P0 Drive reporting 33.6 GB
Raptors very fast read painfully slow write
SATA selection need help 120 GB
Raid-0 and overclocking...
swapping to new MB with RAID0 config>>
Multiple problems with RAID
Does burn speed affect quality?
Hdd going south? or raid card?
CD-R's Crash my computer
How would i put more then 2 drives in my comp
52x LiteOn Safe?
Data Lifegaurd Tools?
HELP: My new 160gb SATA only shows 120gb?
is 18" round cable long enough for Lianli 7X series?
Allright Hard Drive Experts!! I Want Advice
Promise PCI ATA Controller Card?
Sata HD's arent being detected
WD is selling extended warranties
newb question: SCSI worth my time?
Old HD making modem sounds
harddrives...wont boot sometimes..
i have a maxtor sata
120GB SATA drive or 160GB ATA HD?
Pioneer 106 problem
Switching controllers?
Sata conversion?
Removable Hard Drives & Windows XP
Boot from a Sata controller PCI card. HOW?
Another drive...to slow for pagefile?
clone cd
Can't rewrite my rw's
What is SATA? And Raid?
SATA burners?
Un-regioning DVD drives
chaning over dries, data wise
Hard Drive Layout
Switching HD, Need Help!!!
Installing Xp on SATA raid... how?
:( HELP please with my WD HD
WD800BB Problem
how to create new partitions?
new rapters in stock at Newegg
help setting up RAID 0 on Nf7-s
Help me with my Seagate?
Overclocking and Harddrives
Which SATAs to Raid-0?
DOA Raptor
Is it possible to slow down the LG GCE 8520 burner?
Raptors or 7200s In Raid-0?
Not recognizing hard drives.
USB 2.0 problem help!
backing up blizzard games
Idea for speed, anybody to back my theory?
SATA problem
Overclocking and Harddrive?
Slow WD Raptor
Seagate 7200.7 SATA, any problems? Is it fast?
How are the Maxtor 160 GB 8mb drives
What to get to build a fibre channel SAN?
Serial ATA
HDD Prob?
LiteOn DVD LDW-411s and Nero6...
1 raptor vs sata raid0
Where to buy Raptors?
clone cd
Hung at the desktop...HD buzzing
Accessing app on old drive
Colored Face CD burner ?
buslink dvd burner
raid 0
this or that or even those too!
Acoustic Management on a Maxtor SATA drive
I may be making a switch
Any word on the new raptors??
IDE Raid0 vs Raptor
Combo Cd rom and DVD, Any good?
RAID inquiries... Don't know much
What interface to get?
Yet Another Holographic Storage Thread
What size are your partions?
Raptor Raid-0 and Asus P4P800?
Help with Slow Raid
2 harddrives corrupted at the same time?
What is the best way to setup this?
Lite-On or ???
Who killed the hard drive!!?
32bit data transfer? On or off?
Wierd STory about a WD40GB7200
white label? hardrives??
seagate sata
Hard Drive Overheating?
Super Quiet HDD
Weird floppy/bios Problem
SCSI drive on IDE3
Which partition is on the outer edge of the drive?