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s.m.a.r.t. probs
HD question?
Duel hard drives.
my Maxtors are going insane
Solid state storage.
Nero Stuck on 9%
i guess im noob [hardrive wont recognise]
USB2.0, Firewire, SATA, which is better?
How to Partition USB2.0 HDD?
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cd rom drive
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Major Help With Failed Dynamic Volume Pls
will an A7V8X address drives over 137 GB?
Trouble w/ PlexWriter 16/10/40A - WinXP
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cant read CD-R ? help
couple of HDD questions
hello... RAID 0 setup
TX2 Mod?
Hooking sound up to a CD-RW and DVD Rom
Formatting my HDD
Windows doenst detect every GB :( ???
USB and the 137?! gb barrier
hdd limiting factor
Will Norton Ghost 2003 let me...
Plextor 8x DVD?
How would u raid 2 hardrives?
160 no 128??
FWIW, My new 2 Raptors are 35.4 GB's.........
reformatting my hd
Got a Raptor, crap out of the box.
Can you change drive letter designations?
Partition hard drive
Best DVD +/- Writer for $150
SATA Prob. HELP....
Slow Raptors in Raid 0??? Help please!
SATA + IDE help
motherboard isn't worthy for SCSI
installing RAID O soon - how to test?
Sata Raid A7n8x
hard drive cloning
HD Randomly Powers Off, Spins back up
Eternal Hard drive needed, which 1
dvd+/- rw speed in the hours?
For the brave only... or desperate.
External hard drive and win 2k3
2nd hardrive...
want to raid-0 2 hdd
Windows question.
Need help with my RAID (very slow) PLEASE!!!
Need dvd help
Should I add a 2nd CD-RW?
If your using SATA look here (pictures)
So my HDD is slow....?
Samsung SM-352 question
Raptor and other HDD.
500mb maximum size
Help installing SATA drive !
Need Help with storage problem
Norton Ghost
CD Drives disappearing
Iwas thinking of getting a wd raptor
Flashing HDD LED when ATAPI devices attached
WD Data Life in Windows
2 Raptors or Seagates?!
Ok what should i use this drive for???
Am I doing something wrong?
Is This Possible? (raid0)
USB 2.0 Flash Drive Detected As Security Device?
HDD Cache
winxp slave -> win98 slave
This New Scsi Wire(quickly Please)
P4C800-E Delixe and PATA RAID
3 dead Hd`s in 1 year, Is it me??
quick partition question
new setup
Sony DRU 500a Broken?
ATA to SATA adapter??
Pioneer DVR-106D
hey SANGRAM are u there.I got a question
Full hard drive volume not being recognized plz help!
How often do you format your hard drive?
Defragging is eating my HD alive!!
Floppy drive not working?
moving swap file?
Raid 0 striping
Problems with My CDRW
HD fragmentation
Hard Drive Clicking
Raid 0 deletion
RAID sticky?
2mb + 8mb For Raid0 Ok??
serious hardisk problem...
RAID cards question
Sata or ide
Need new C.D. Rom
Got a problem with my MITSUMI CR-48XCTE Drive
Dell Raptor Drives
I'm having a problem with my cd-rw drive.
Harddrive Not Seen?
Very slow RAID
Raptor/Hatachi Drive Questions
S-ATA power connector: what gives?
uninstall nVidia IDE drivers for better control of hard drives
Experience with RAID 5 setups?
Raid on A7N8X mobo... I screwed something up. HELP
Games and Raid 0
DVD Recorders
Win 98 40Gig HDD Detection
3 hdd
Buy 74gb raptors here
what can i do to quiten my harddrive???
Raid with IDE and Sata?
i thinking of geting a 160G HDD but i worried about...
multiple disk changers
A question about a page file, can YOU answer it?
2disk raid or 4 disk...
Hard Drive Benchmark
RAID giving me mucho hassle when formatting.
Raptor vs 7200 ATA 8MB
CF reader
Is replacing PATA with SATA safe?
X-box HD
74gb Raptors IN STOCK!!?!
setting up sata!
Need help switching hard drives
dea/suggestion for tech product
Explanation Needed
best hard drive?
Could not perform EndTrack?
compaq dvd rom trouble
HD Drivers?
WD800JB SMART issues
Floppy light always on :(
NEC ND-1300 or Sony DRU-510A
Did I Screw Up?
faster? raid 0 or 5???
Silicon Image Serial ATA PCI RAID Controller
Are Samsung ATA133 drives any good?
Can I trust my IBM deskstars?
How much different are raid controlers?
page file?
uhhh i think my hd is dead
SATA drive not conected to the HDD led?
If you had RAID and a backup drive...
New set-up question- Raptor HD
74GB Raptor Preliminary Results
Create Raid array.. w/o floppy?
DVD Burner....2 questions...
Which brand for handy drive? Apacer, Mushkin, Kingston?
Can someone answer this
best way to low level format?
Seagate OEM sata 120 GB drive question
quick upgrade question
New Raptors.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooo Raid Recovery??
Cd Burner pooped?
Why low hdd scores with pcmark?
what makes NTFS better then fat 32?
Weird problem, please help me!
4500 to 7200 rpm laptop drive
using a dvd+/- rw as a dvd player....good idea?
WTF??? Strange Noise...
How to increase NTFS encruption ?
Don't get disk with serial nr in sequence
please advise on external hdd
Storage Review has new Raptor Review !!!
Partitions in RAID0?
Sata/Raid/Heavy IO
WD 80gb 8mb cache or Maxtor 80gb 2mb cache?
Western Digital Hard Drives.... Once good, now.... CRAP
Western Digital Raptor Vs Western Digital Caviar
Has any one tried....
Any experience on this HD?
Raid 0 or Raid 1?
Upgrade from Seagate 7200rpm --> Raptor worthwhile?
Slow IDE Connection
"Boot disk failure" :/
what rev of 36gb raptor is newegg shipping?
Will the new 74gb raptor outperform 2x36.7gb raptors (raid 0)??
Boot problem with Seagate SATA
strange read errors.
Explain RAID to me?
Second RAID 0 array
External HDD to boot up a Laptop???
Western Digital 40Gb
question about raid 0
Lite-On LDW-411S
How do I diable S.M.A.R.T. on a AN35N Ultra Mobo?
RAID question
cluster size question! (big or small?)
Did I miss something? (120GB Hitachi)
HDD Crashes, now strange problem.
Raid 0 with four Raptor drives question
What brand?
Is this harddrive good? Please help
WD Raptors?
where can i find the cheapest HD?
Deathstar 5.5 year lifespan
Another raid question
My drive is faster using SATA
NEED Help with SATA raid
Loud hard drive.
Laptop HD in a desktop
7N400 Pro2 and Raid 0 Setup help
DVD backups, do I need 2 drives?
problems wiht maxblast (maxtor 120gb sata)
Just got my 2nd WD raptor
Queitest 80Gb-120Gb Hard Drive...
new hd and computer wont boot...?
disk defragging problems
Quick Raid-0 Question
god &@*^ checkdisk!
Vague CD-R burning issue
Is a 2mb Cache HardDrive bad for gaming?
RAID0 affected by M/Bd change??
HDD Question in games.
Help RAIDing 160 GB drives
Serial ata raid question
What are the correct settings when using ATTO?
Burning Problems
Sata Drive troubles....
Maxtor Perpendicular Recording Process
failed HD on RAID0/1 setup
Can I use SATA and EIDE....
DVD Burner Question
48bit Bios support
SATA Resource
Is 6 Drives Overkill?
Which HDs Of Yours Have Failed?
anyone have a plextor dvd burner??
Best Hard Drive Maker?
question on the S150 TX2PLUS card...
ah lady luck has struck again
Unmountable_Boot_Volume BSOD pertaining to Overclock
scsi drive is making constant a high pitch noise
Big upgrade with same hard drive?
Help with SATA RAID 0 conversion
Another n00b in need of help
I Know This is a Noob Question But...
C.d Rom question
WD Rapter dead :(
i want to add a 2nd hard drive ....how?
SOS SOS Save Our Ship
DVD/RW, CDRW not working
CD woes. :(
DVD Burner HELP! +/- oh my
windows won't see raid
RMAing a Harddrive
Incorrect free space
Files Recovery-Need Help Now!!!
WD 120GB JB Drive Just Died
Raid Setup ?
Raid W/ sata to ide converters
raid-0 raptors work good with my mobo? help plzz
How would you setup your drives for ripping video?
Need help my partition is gone after a new install
I am SO ****ED OFF!
Will this card fit?!?
Deal or what?!?!
Defragging and raid 0
Which 120 gig drive to get?
2mb vs 8mb?
HOT RAID array
my investment in storage.
Can't get UDMA to work on my CD-RW
Hologram disks...
Hard Drive Formatting Issues
36GB Raptor Issue, BEWARE!!!
Help! Dead Seagate 7200.7 SATA drive
Is this a good Hard Score on Sandra 2004??
42% cpu utilisation
Looking at these DVD burners ... any ideas?
When i overclock my drive drops from the list
200 gig WD shows up as 128 gig.
DVD died?
IDE Channel saturation
Swapping RAID0 to new MB need help!!!
74GB Raptors
Can' t Read cd! FAT32-NTFS conflict?
Problems playing a particular dvd
cd-Rom orr track
Acoustic Management...?
Which cdrom, lite-on or samsung?
Problem with TDK 48x24x48
WD200EB detected as 6GB Drive
help with a data transfer
SATA external enclosure?
Mitsumi 485GTE 54X32X54X only burns at 16X
Writing random 1's and 0's?
LG DRD8120B - DVD-ROM problem
Sata ?
Raptor 2.0 raid... will it work??????
How come formatted drive sizes are always smaller than specs?
my new raptor
Is my floppy drive hosed?
Basic or Dynamic?
What the f***!!!
Which SATA HD is good for $125?
Hard Drive Speed?
200gb SATA Drive
Hard Drive Problem...
DVD Burners : +r and -r, which one?
Western Digital Woes
Raid 0 redundancy idea
Hard drive going nuts Why?
btc burner wont burn music without messing up songs!
PATA to SATA converter
8 gig disappeared
ATA100 On a MObO w/ATA133
spare drive problem
compact flash
1 x 72GB OR 2 x 36GB(RAID0) Raptor
How do you create "Raid 0" using Intel/Windows special feature?
I think my HD is dead
sata card or upgrade to a sata mobo?
In my search for RAID for under 50.... Nikimi drives!
Slave HD disappears in XP
Which DVD-rom to buy? Lite-on or Pioneer?
quick question on HD and temp probes
What happened to my HD?!
RAID Array question
quickie question- my mobo w/ raid0
Help! Hdd available space does'nt change!
when is the new 72GB Raptors comming out?
Old drive cooling article brought back by /.
Noob help on HDD upgrade.
WD probs
Firelite...i cannot get it to work
I need help with software RAID pls.
Please show me how to set up RAID0 SATA
NEC 1300a and cheap media
Difference Between DVD-RW and DVD+RW
WD 180Gb 8mb problem
ValueDisk: Good or Bad?
SATA maxtor 120gb not regognized
New to Raid
paging files question
win xp and paging system
Is my hard drive dead?
Which DVD-burner to buy...
raptor RAID
CD-ROM stuck
SATA / IDE question
PATA/SATA RAID limitations
KG7-RAID max hard drive size
DVD-Burner to get??? Optorite, Nec, Liteon?
Harddrive Problem?
DvD Rw
Sil3112 Raid chip questions
I am afraid I.....
Why does my RAID seem slow??? HELP
Raid Help
HDD failing, most likely PSU, what does that mean?
how do i reformat...
$30 CD-RW Drives, are they worth it?
accoustic management on a maxtor sata
Hard Drive Noise
hard drive jumpers
WD @ Circut City
RAID 0 with 2 180GXP's WOW!!!!!! INSANE!!! OMG!!!
will a usb floppy drive?
Burning 800MB CD???
I delete files but I don't get the HD space back?!?!
Anyone had trouble with the new WD 250GB's?
Wierd stuff with my 2 HD!
Question bout RAID 0....help...
how to set up a SATA harddrive on the nf7-s?
Trying to install slave HD...
Backup image of RAID 0
Best CD-ROM drive speed?
I think my Hard drive just died - please help me!
I think my Hard drive just died - please help me!
RAID 0 problems anyone to help
Magneto Optical Review
need help to choose a hard drive in 4 hour
IBM knew about problems of Deathstars fefore shipping.
WTB cheap LAPTOP HD, but cant post in classifieds
Slave hard drive not showing up in Windows XP
added another HD to rig, not showing in widows??
IDE Configs - Need Clarity...
hgst.com or IBM's RMA may be a pain in the arse .. but WOW!!!
Must Have DVD
I'm a bit confused
Need help changing drive letter
Drive Organization
Need help with raid setup
Anyone using a Promise TX4?
Problem With IBM Hard drive
CD drives stuck in PIO mode
SATA HDD do i need to hook up the power twice to this HDD?
Scsi 101
Quantam Fireball LCT hard drives?
New drive(s) Question
Drives gone ?
Does SATA use the PCI Bus
powerMax w/o Floppy Drive ?
Maxtor DP9 perfomance question....
sata150 vs. ata100/133
Actual use of CDRW
Old drive devoloped errs.
Burst vs. sustained transfere rate
Hard Drive Beeping?
hdd problem but might be something different help
Another review of the Deskstar 7K250@storagereview.com
ata 100 vs ata 133?
First Time doing a RMA I need somre tips/help
what's a good raid card?
Maxtor DM9, has acoutsic management enabled, hindering performance.
Raptors or Scsi
hard drive dilemma
Help me pick a new S-ata Hard Drive! :)
Annoying Hard Drive Boot problem
which SATA drives?
old scsi vs sata raid
Heres an interesting HD question for you all
ATA 133 and SATA
I love my maxtor drives!
Hard drive specs, what's good, what's not?
Hitachi/IBM Deskstar 7k250 mini-review
Raid0 ???
Sata Raid0 setup?
dvd burner?
wondering if this raid card will work with this?
External dvd burner buying questions
SATA on a IDE motherboard?
Is this a Diamondmax Plus 9??
HD question
I Love My Files !!
Slim CD Cases, where to getem?
Seagate Selection
Dvd ?
HELP! problem with WD 200gb drive
Cable Boxes
hmm, sorta large file...
Incorrect Free Space
SIIG ATA/100 PCI controller
What's the best hard drive for $50-$80?
Will this RAID 1 / Hard Drive / Motherboard Combo work?
Installing Windows on a SATA HD
Should I wait to buy my Raptors?
Quality SCSI cable question
ntldr being a pest again
2MB Buffer vs. 8 MB Buffer for RAID0
Raid/error occurd?
SCSI Raid Help needed
somesorta file 'integrity' checker program??
Settling fears about subwoofers near HDDs?
partitioning raid 0 drive
Store mistake = me HAPPY
CD burner not working
HOw to flash a CDRW drives firmware in DOS???
slow cd writer
HD corruption
partitioning raid 0 drive
This might sound a little odd but...
The 137Gig limit....
Putting Raptors in RAID - PCI Controller or New Mobo?
New to RAID, which controller should i get
Change drive letter?
n00bed by Harddrives
Windows XP, blue screens, drive letters, etc.
EZ Cd creator 4 crashes randomly
Newbie needs help
newb raid question
Need A good RAID Card
Hard drive setup with Raid
wd400bb and 400jb in rado 0?
laser's squared
Dual Layer, 8.5GB DVD+R!!!
Suggest a raid controller card
Whats the HD normal operating temp?
Slow boots ups, 4 tries to restart... etc. HELP
Maxtor HD Failure Help!!!!
Raid card?
I can't get SATA to work!
WinXP Write Cache Probs?
Iomega CDRW problem
quick question...
New System
Whats the diff between these 2 drives
SATA drive and ASUS P4P800 Delux