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Brain HD idea
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hard drive fried?
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important data!!
hdd fryed?
Usb 2.0
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PlexTools Professional
Dynamic disks
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2 120 gig in RAID 0 or...
BTC 16x DVD rom
can my HD be fixed?
Problem transferring files to DVD
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Hard drive troubles
i bought 2 maxtor sata drives for raid 0 can i add 1 ata for storage
Did I just completely MISS the introduction of 8x DVD burners?
Raid_0 HELP.
can't boot from my SATA drive, unless I disconnect the PATA drive
does the size of a hard drive...
Installing a 2nd HD
HDD problem...
Bizarre CD-RW/DVD-ROM instability issue
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Plextor Firmware
Promise: Fastrak TX2 & TX2 ?????
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W2K Software RAID????
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Hdd, which one (120GB 8mb cache)?
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dead hd? PLease Help!!!1
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Help for SCSI-illiterate...
Which HDD to use, SCSI vs IDE
if you ahd to choose between these two drives...
is this just a waste?
Windows Boots as Drive F after Cloning
To RAID 0 or not to RAID 0?
The fluffy 137GB-problem with an external twist
CDRW wont burn over 32x??
Harddisk vs DVD-burner, storage solution!??!
firmware questions and ide setup
DVD-CDRW won't work
Why would anyone want to use an SATA-IDE adapter?
Lifespan of CD and DVD media?
CD Writer crashes system
Perfect Disc vs. Diskeeper
Stupid question maybe!
Sup with my Lite-on 52x burner?
What exactly Is The benifit of DvD +/- RW +/-R Dual Format DVD Recorders
CRC Errors
Ide Controller card to support 250gig
1 or 2 IDE cables when raid 0?
Deathstar Firmware Patch
Raid 0, 2 x 120gig
IDE cable length
137 GB HDD addressing limit in Windows XP
120gb with ECS KS75A
What is HPT RCM device?
Copy system drive to differnt size drive, win2k
CD-Rw that decided to go ROM
DLT backup drive
anyone know if i can o/c a benq 4816p cdrw?
Detecting IDE drives
best brand of CDR media?
1 or 2 channel RAID? Sure which one is faster?
Hard Drive spcae???
How do you set cluster size in Win2k Setup?
Is it my harddrive... Or what?
I think my HD is going...
cd integrity check and restore
how can i get my HDD's faster?
USB/Firewire RAID?
Broken Floppies? or mobo?
Burning ISO images on Windows XP Problem
Raptor S-ATA Boot up for Xp installion
Raptor S-ATA Boot up for Xp installion
Putting image of old hard drive on a different one?
DVD and Picky Media
slot load dvd burner
Storing digital photographs on a long trip
OK to mount HD's on their side?
DVD Problems
tape drive help...
backing up -- rcommendations?
Question about old hard drive replacement
Can you recommend a PCI RAID controller card....
My new WD 120GB Special Edition Drive
Win2k Software RAID
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Move Raid-0?!
messed up on installation..anyway to fix?
Updating BIOS FOR 21690N Adaptec what am I doing or not?
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My DVD-RAM drive and disks...?!
Bad Harddrive?
mp3 player hard drive hack?
Dual OS booting
2x5200 drives in RAID0 [vs] 1x7200 drive
need a little help setting up scsi raid controller
Hard Drive Kooler or just fan?
Cd-RW detected as CD-Rom, what do I do??
The REAL benefits of SATA
Hard Drive Enclosure
Does Ghost work with SATA RAID?
My new pet raptor.
Random Hard Drive Quits!! need help
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Does overclocking mess up SATA drives?
SCSI Drive Mixup
Putting hard drive in fridge helps?
Confused guy with 7 questions...
Which DVD RW Drive?
no 80 conductor cable installed?
Heads up! Cendyne went belly up!
Dad's comp is getting errors
Is there: Any 9 gig 15K SCSI drive / Any slot load CDRW?
Boot from SATA drive
Won't boot one day.. will the next
The Maxtor vs WD with a twist
How much partitions should I use?
Which would you keep??
How to install properly ?
Help me recover my data
Seagate Barracuda SATA Clicking Noises
data parity drive without RAID?
werid error
CD-R drive problem - not reading discs
Multi SCSI drives as one
15k SCSI!!!
botting from sata???
Data recovery software?
Questions on the 137GB limit
am I to chicken
Maxtor 60gb ata133 making weird noises
Need help
SATA Corruption - Help!
Oh Boy
Do PCI IDE controllers exist and do they work with the mobo's?
Moving files to a bigger HD... How?
which dvdrw?
Help, sorta newbie
HDD random power down
Hardware vs. Software RAID 0
Is the onboard Sata raid controller on the P4C800DL good enough ?
SATA RAID performance
What happens when you split a RAID0 setup??
Missing Drive Space
Adaptec 21690N two hardrives, only one shows
Disabled Drive
My DVD drive is behaving strangely...
Putting a laptop hard drive in a desktop
Are there any 5.25" Floppy Drives?
Opinions/Reviews of PANASONIC SW-9571-CYY?
Overclock lead to HD problem?
What should i do?
New question : What do you use Raptor harddrives for?
getting Windows XP to recognize hard drive
SCSI vs WD Raptors in RAID0
Will buy a new HD, need help...
Difference between NTFS and Fat32
is HighPoint raid card and good?
A Disappearing Drive! Help!
Where do I start??
does vibration affect hard drive?
Over heating drive... argh!!
Low raid0 performance?
adding drives to RAID 5 array
Burner problems
Using a PATA hd with SATA (converter)
SATA -> PATA converter
Raid0 Setup...
New 73gig WD Raptor...
Changing to NTFS
Seagate 120's in Raid
Need help with Raid0 stripes array thingy...
Help!!! New Motherboard, Old Hard drive
Fixing bad sectors?
Is it completely broken?
Raptor performance!
FAT22 or NFTS????????
ide to sata converter
Raptor RAID, and an extra storage drive?
SATA HD light
IDE raid question- booting, cloning......
small DVD drives.
software raid on 98se possible?
Samsung Combo SM-352B
Partioning a harddrive??????????????
Uhm... is the drive supposed to do this?
SATA power
question about home built external hd
Someone comment this bench of a Raptor please !
Moving Existing Setup to RAID 1
DVD Burn
SATA drives in bios
Apple hard drive in a PC
replace a disk an array
Changing NTFS Cluster Size?
SCSI, LVD, etc... ?
=[[Best RAID in Your Opinion]]=
-???which Raid???-
How can i burn cds that look like retail cds?
Liteon 48X Invalid Writestate when tryin to burn a cdr?
Tdk 48x24x48?
Noise level on Raptors
WD 120gb SATA Opinions?
Do the silver or copper braided IDE cables provide any benefit over the regular ones?
Sata and NF7-S Help
would i need to reformat
Setup question (raid 0 and a third disk)
Single Hard Drive on SATA on IT7-MAX2 v2?
SATA and SOLTEK 75FRN2-RL overclocked?
Aluminum bezels....no tape!
Sony 48x 24x 48x atapi i/o error
Question About RAID
Pins on FDD
Maxtor or Western?
Who cools their Hard Drive?
system wont show 2nd hard drive, but shows up in bios?
Speed Testing Fujitsu Hardrives??
Should I bother
Hard Drive problem?
How can I make my HDD Leds work with my Silcon Image Raid card?
Question about new drive /one partition or 2
Do they make...
HDD value Q
How do I buy this????
HDD is making jingles....
Low raid scores...what wrong?
damaged disk with worm...
cdrw wars: plextor vs liteon
Hotfix available for low write preformance with cache enabled
how fast is ata33
Adding drives to RAID5
why can't nero detect my laptop cdrw?
Please help,with my WD raptor 10k Performance
Unerasing a cd-rw
pioneer dvd-rom dvd-104f
CDRW Drive Recommendations?
Setting up RAID-0
ATA100 raid performance?
Was this a smart move?????!!
does a 2mb cache differ that much from an 8mb cache?
CR-RW problems
sata with an ata100 in the system?
Slot loading CD-RW?
52327s help liteon
Ranish Partition Manager_How to ?
Secondary Master Hard Disk Fail ?
Fastest Drives for RAID 0 (excluding Raptors/SCSI)
SATA or ATA 100?
Is it possible to. . .
cd-rw help
Sony CRX220E1 troubles
ps/2 hard drive
USB kill hdd?
External USB Hard drive Problems
OLD systems need new hard drives...
Maxor hard drive with noise
What's wrong with my CD-RW?
SATA raid 0 setup...how?
one 120GB 2Mb & one 120GB 8Mb drive....
ATA transfer speed
acoustic managment
Question about XP install with RAID driver disk
Updateing firmware on a lite on lvr 401225s
Write speed isnt maxed?
RAID zero question.
8mb and 2mb cache
Oh man, have I got a problem
going crazy with this sata malarky
kinda dumb Q but can I connect u320 scsi drive to u160 controller?
I setup RAID0 for the first time... does this look right?
external cdrom ?
quick noob raid question
WD Raptor power conector?
Missing: 12.5 GB
i dunno whats wrong
Need to reformat HD after setting up RAID?
where did the define array option go?
floppy drive stopped working
Maxtor 160GB
Drive won't format due to mystery files!
SATA Drive
ATTN: Anyone Experiance Slow Writes With GigaRaid Chip???
Raptor question
Replace drives in highpoint RAID 1?
Master and Slave
Problems with kHypermedia cd-rw
very interesting read!
Do IDE cables really make a difference?
Can somone explain (in detail) DVD ram?
Yo! I need help with raiding... big problems!
Hard Drive on RAID Question
Raptor not regognized by bios!
SATA or IDE raid??
Maxtor or Segate SATA
Not so mini mini-review of the NEC 1300A Dual Format DVD Recordable Drive
lite-on or msi
dvd media
Hard Drive RMA Packing Requirements-- Help?
PCMCIA Flash memory..does it exist?
CD-RW spin down time?
Dead Deskstar
is there a noticeable differance
Help! Samsung's new P80 Series - what's wrong?
CDRW problems
O/S on the slower smaller drive?
too darned fragged...