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Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB Special Edition
a little advice on raid
CDRW w/aluminum bezel...
Dead hard drive?
New harddrive, crappy scores. Help?
Hard drive crapping out?
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RAID controller cards
64k or 16k?
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Heat and harddisks... how bad?
what do you think of this, rofl
Promise Ultra100TX2 and PCI bus speed?!
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[Troubleshooting Help Needed] DVD's not being recognized....
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Im pretty sure its dead
please help: digital research cd-rw problems
! question before i RMA my Raptors to a store near me!
Bad thing happened
IT7 V2.0 SATA J3 performance problem
How Much do you use
Best Raid stripe size-- 16k? 32?
WD800JB evil sound
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Moving win2k to raid
probably know the answer but im going to ask
i dont get it???
Writing Zeros to a Raptor Raid?
First Time Riad Setup
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16k stripe size on WD Raptors Raid?
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Intresting Raptor Article.
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Setting Up Raid For First Time !!! HELP
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1 OS per partition?
simulation cd drive keeps reappearing
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Sony CRX175/ AOpen 2440 CDRW VERY picky about media
To stripe or not to stripe.
Are the OLD 2-4 gig hard drives very SLOW?
Scsi adaptors and scsi controller ???
Another Game Server Question? Raid 1 or 0
SATA converters --> speed?
W2K seeing 128GB when even BIOS see 160GB?
SATA Question
Mounting two partitions into a third?
I think my ATA 100 drive is running ATA 33
Raptor Raid 0
External Enclosure
Anyone have 75GXP IBM desk stars working with serilell converters?
CDR Win help!
raid-0 stripe size?
Raptors in Raid 0 = 19K Write Speeds? Stumped!
Lite On LTD-163D can't read????
need your help!!!!!
New Liteon Firmware
ATA 133 hard drive on an ATA100 motherboard
sata raid turned to poop
kx7-333 raid0 question?
raid on different speeds
Serial ---> IDE converter vs. sata controller card
Why is my h/d showing ATA33 in bios??
To floppy or not to floppy....
Maxtor 40gb 7200rpm broke or not??
Can win2000 handle 240GB hdd?
Broke 70,000 KB/s
PCI RAID Cards (IDE) and CPU Usage? And how about onboard RAID?
hard drive shows up in device manager but not control panel ?
DVD Recorders, still anyone worth it??
hidden disk in raid conf.
need help to format
To partition or not to partition is the ?
Change mb, keep raid?
RAID 0 with Raptors
highpoint SATA controller
WD Raptor 36GB SATA and Abit NF7-2 Version2
Help!! Hd Crash-need To Recover Data
Abit it7 max2 ver2 raid contr=dead?
HDD cooling
WD or Maxtor?
BUSLink USB Hard Drive, SCSI, and Error Code 10.
slow rebuild
Data recovery Assistance needed
High Temp HD's
POP goes the Maxtor
software RAID 0, on 2 RAID 0 hardware arrays?
hardrive speed question
Please help me understand...
SCSI Problems in Windows XP
Applications can't find my USB burner
What's the thermal output of a 10,000rpm SCSI hard drive?
Need help setting up S-ATA stuff.
6 2gb scsi
need help from other raptor users
need help fixing hard drive.
New drive = improved stability
which drive as master/slave?
Need suggestions for massive space for " coldstorage "
Ata 100?
finally got the cash for a 15krpm drive need advice
A7N8X SATA HD Config
hard drive slowed, help!
Would Raid Help For Video Capture And Editing
HD seems dead - am I missing something?
Which IBM's were the 'deathstars'
Disk structure is corrupt and unreadable...
aha 2940au
Should I RAID?
45GIG HD WD help
Help with new hdd please.
Old SCSI Drives
24/7 notebook???
SCSI controllers 32bit and 64bit
Best HHD tool? Possibley scanner and fixer?:(
Drive Clicking on Shutdown
Stupid RAID installation errors... ::Scratches head::
How much space are you using on software ?
Seagate Barracuda IV Problems
Upgrade Burner Time....
Raid Newbie Question
Abit BH6, how to break the udma/33 barrier..
Raid stripe block size?
drives no longer detected in bios, help?
Seagate 120 ATA happy with RAID?
what is the dif. between 5400 and 7200?
RAID Recognition in win 2003
friends meet my raptors / raptors meet my friends
switching hard drive question
old drive for swap file
Links for SCSI info?
SATA on Sil RAID controller
How do I enable write caching?
nforce2 IDE drivers
Killed two HDs (long story)
Any harm to running drives right next to fans?
IDE Channels and numerous Drives
Fat32 or NTFS
some raptor raid0 benchies (NOT mine)
External Hard Drives
Do they make a Region hack for Powerdvd deluxe 4
New Drive = Stop Error 0000007b
dead floppy drive?!
HD Install...use partitions?
Current state of Silicon Image 3112 drivers?
what hard drive should i get?
dead HD controller
Where can I see comparisons of this drives:?
promise sata promise 100 converters
best drive for server ?
HD switch
transferring info from laptop HD to pc HD
ATA RAID Question
New western digital 200gb, serious error, help needed!
scsi setup
As good as dead?
Hot Drive
Seagate HD running @ 49C
Types of SCSI
8MB vs 2MB --> DVD
RAID 5, 0, 1/0 with 4 channels and 4 drives
difficulty with hard drive config?
Runied Hard Drive
Data recovery from formatted drive?
Multiple Hard Drive Question
Advice on hdd setup
Formating the mbr..0s on your hdd?
partition recovery?
Raid-0 w/ Diff HDDs
Need to quiet a harddrive...
Someone please help-partition/format issues
More hard drives wanted
120gxp just be slave...
MP3 burning problems
Help please... clearing MBR and partitions
Help! My BIOS recognizes my hd, but win2k doesn't.
slow raptor benches?
Failing to clone an XP install to a larger drive
ordered my raptors for raid0 :D
.cue problems with nero
Floppy trouble
cd drive spinup problems
Need help with RocketRAID 404 controller
Installing new hard drive, need assistance
Fdisk 98se won't recognize 120 gigs?
Drive setup question
Programs take alot longer to load lately...
Notebook HD adapter?
hard drive power down question?
A newbie questin about SATA RAID
Suggestions for cool hard drive
Help me recover a dynamic drive please...
Serial ATA info!
Serious HD gremlins
Which file format is better for RAID 0?
Sil3112 raid 0 stripe size
Help! Newbie Is Lost!!!
DV recording device.
RAID 0- must reformat to use?
installing OS on RAID array (trying to)
Maxtor's Powermax and RAID
new hard drive problem! - maxtor 80gig
raid and back-up
Help, Can't Format
Sata and CPU
1st time raid noob...going Raptor ICH5 Intel.
DVD burner
A Very Silly HD Question???
Difference Between DVD+R and DVD-R
Simulation and Verify while burning DVD-R Media
Wazzup with Dynamic Drives?
swap/page file overload...how to clean?
LG CD-RW DVD Combo drive
cd changers
80gb wd se 8mb cache too hot??
everybody is dumping WD Se 8mb Drives
Quieting down hard drives?
nforce2 = slowwwwwww
Windows 98 won't finish installing on 560MB drive...
Is it a good idea to make a partition just for swap file?
Speed with RAID 1
new WD 120gb 8mb pauses during boot
2 Hard Drives-- install question
Window mod on HDD
Anyone using x2 WD RAPTORS, RAID0 on Silicon Image
Problem w/drives greater than 137GB??
ata to SATA
I keep gettiging an error that my cd-drive.....
Going SCSI
Crazy setup question...
raid 0 array
ok to use IDE 40/40 pin/wire cable on a ATA 100 HDD with a puter of UDMA 33 max?
HD Parition all of a Sudden!!!......
new array controller, array gone?
My Hard Drive is No More :(
RAID AND IDE hard drives at the same time?
Possible dying hard drive?
deathstar 120GXP whining noise
only 9,000kb/s ?!?
Scsi/ide adapters?
deskstar 180xp
Hard Drive Mobile Racks
Best HD
Switch to turn disks off ?
need a scsi controller
Be warned: Asus 52* RW CD is LOUD!
drive formatting problems -- help please!
Raid on nForce2 boards?
HDD saving data on old one?
Need a reccomendation for a good cheap SATA controller card.
DVD drive for sff system
OC'd Bus and SATA drives
good cdrws?
Notebook HDD???
Is this HDD Setup right
2 Maxtor ATA 133 or 2 WD BB ver on RAID?
plextro cdrw and sony dvdrw
good ata/133 7200 8m 160GB?
Hard drive advice-SATA vs RAID
PCI Bus Frequencies...
different speed drives on the same cable
How to put a disconnected hard drive to "Suspend" mode?
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA
millipede drives: what do you guys think?
how long does it take ?
Question about formatting
Is RAID fussier about FSB then standard?
Real Time Differences...
Serial ATA
possible to upgrade to 8mb cache?
Aopen 48* cdrom
safe way to sell hard drive
harddrive benchmarks? and harddrive settings?
Why are we still using the obsolete "spinning disk" hard drives?
SCSI-3 or ATA-66, which is better ???
hardware encryption
8mb and 2mb HDD's
My HD is pulling a smoke and mirror trick
Oopsie...way to clone a damaged drive?
Lost ~5GB HDD space within a few mins
Silicon Image 3112 S-ATA controller any good?
computer freezes when trying to burn
Oh No! I lost the OS on 2 PC's at once! Help!
dual boot, no longer there, but the choice is HELP
AAAAAAAAAHHHH! (help needed badly!)
If i get my RAID set up working will i need to reformat?
No fixed disk present??? HELP!!!
8MB and 2MB HDDs on RAID
Poll suggestion: How much space do you actualy use?
SATA adaptor?
StartUP Disks...
several harddrive questions
Setting up a RAID 5 or 0+1
Way to test CDROM speed?
JBOD question?
Question about pci raid controllers
Best place for cd-r/dvd/rw review?
get out the CC guys newegg has the WD RAPTORS!
slow down the hard drive ?
HD size???
videos on cd
win2k error
Gateway Hard Drive Help
Epia 5000 for file server, any good?
Burning Super Audio Cd's?
52x cdrw Liteon
RAID Decisions...
fat32 vs NTFS - what are they?
can't copy xp pro sp1? y not?
Can using 24 inch Round IDE cable corrupt HDD?
Which would be faster?
SATA... seems SCSI is doing serial too
Help me shop for a SATA harddrive
Question about how to defrag certain NTFS partitions...
atto benchy on my sata adapted ide WD 7200's in raid0
HD partitioning???
Partitioned/formatted...now I have issues
Not sure what to do about this...
160g only recognized as 137g help
Which one?
RMAing Maxtor drive... Clicking...Question..
How to swap harddrive without reinstall
New Plextor drive crams more data on a CD
Help me install a DVD-ROM Drive
Removing DVD-R
Program for complete HDD wipe?
Can someone clarify this for me?
Problem with my new WD 80gb 8mb cache
Raptor RAID0 Question
question about cluster sizes
RAID 0 for Video Capture (Drive Question)
what is a CRC error?
WD raptor vs Seagate sata hd's
80gb 8mb Maxtor vs. 80gb 8mb WD
WD Raptor, yes, or no?
Problem Formatting CD-RW
New barracuda is slow...
RAID - how to setup
building a RAID 1.....
SCSI woa's :(
3 filesystems burned, how to delete one? (Quick answer please!)
Booting from USB stick...
How to Enable 48-bit Logical Block Addressing Support (137 GB HDD barrier SOLUTION)
My hard drive looks to be dead... (this is a cry for help)
10,000 RPM IDE WD Drive!
8mb cache
sata raid0 benchy and comments.
RAID w/ different HDD's
pioneer dvr-105 owners please post!
dvd-r or +r media questions.
Why not more than 4 SATA ?
A Question About 64bit and 32bit ATA Raid Cards.
Need some HD help here
A few questions on multiple partitions
WD 250GB USB/FireWire
what dvd-rom??
Time for a new cd-rw?
Server Backup
problems activating dma
major DVD-rom problems HELP PLS
PIMP 250GB WD External Hard Drive
dvd burner recs
Booting from a USB device?
ide disk drives recognized as scsi on nforce2/NF7?
Does anyone sell HD cage by itself?
Barracude IV or V....?
how to learn the speed of the hdd?
ATA 100 card question
Maxtor 160GB SATA review
SCSI questions
new HD suggestions?
HD Installation...
Is this about right? hdd speed->raid
Help me i.d. this HD
transfering OS's
Raid 0+1 or Raid 5?
Write-Protecting A CD-R / CD-RW
IT7Max2v2 + Raptor - No ATA150 option
Why are >4x CDRW disks so hard to find?
WD Raptor...a lil help please...
Can someone tell me how long it would take!!
RAID 0+1 with three drives?
Laxtnr harddrive