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My Hard Drive is No More :(
RAID AND IDE hard drives at the same time?
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deathstar 120GXP whining noise
only 9,000kb/s ?!?
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2 Maxtor ATA 133 or 2 WD BB ver on RAID?
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PCI Bus Frequencies...
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Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA
millipede drives: what do you guys think?
how long does it take ?
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Real Time Differences...
Serial ATA
possible to upgrade to 8mb cache?
Aopen 48* cdrom
safe way to sell hard drive
harddrive benchmarks? and harddrive settings?
Why are we still using the obsolete "spinning disk" hard drives?
SCSI-3 or ATA-66, which is better ???
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8mb and 2mb HDD's
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Lost ~5GB HDD space within a few mins
Silicon Image 3112 S-ATA controller any good?
computer freezes when trying to burn
Oh No! I lost the OS on 2 PC's at once! Help!
dual boot, no longer there, but the choice is HELP
AAAAAAAAAHHHH! (help needed badly!)
If i get my RAID set up working will i need to reformat?
No fixed disk present??? HELP!!!
8MB and 2MB HDDs on RAID
Poll suggestion: How much space do you actualy use?
SATA adaptor?
StartUP Disks...
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Setting up a RAID 5 or 0+1
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JBOD question?
Question about pci raid controllers
Best place for cd-r/dvd/rw review?
get out the CC guys newegg has the WD RAPTORS!
slow down the hard drive ?
HD size???
videos on cd
win2k error
Gateway Hard Drive Help
Epia 5000 for file server, any good?
Burning Super Audio Cd's?
52x cdrw Liteon
RAID Decisions...
fat32 vs NTFS - what are they?
can't copy xp pro sp1? y not?
Can using 24 inch Round IDE cable corrupt HDD?
Which would be faster?
SATA... seems SCSI is doing serial too
Help me shop for a SATA harddrive
Question about how to defrag certain NTFS partitions...
atto benchy on my sata adapted ide WD 7200's in raid0
HD partitioning???
Partitioned/formatted...now I have issues
Not sure what to do about this...
160g only recognized as 137g help
Which one?
RMAing Maxtor drive... Clicking...Question..
How to swap harddrive without reinstall
New Plextor drive crams more data on a CD
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Removing DVD-R
Program for complete HDD wipe?
Can someone clarify this for me?
Problem with my new WD 80gb 8mb cache
Raptor RAID0 Question
question about cluster sizes
RAID 0 for Video Capture (Drive Question)
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WD raptor vs Seagate sata hd's
80gb 8mb Maxtor vs. 80gb 8mb WD
WD Raptor, yes, or no?
Problem Formatting CD-RW
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RAID - how to setup
building a RAID 1.....
SCSI woa's :(
3 filesystems burned, how to delete one? (Quick answer please!)
Booting from USB stick...
How to Enable 48-bit Logical Block Addressing Support (137 GB HDD barrier SOLUTION)
My hard drive looks to be dead... (this is a cry for help)
10,000 RPM IDE WD Drive!
8mb cache
sata raid0 benchy and comments.
RAID w/ different HDD's
pioneer dvr-105 owners please post!
dvd-r or +r media questions.
Why not more than 4 SATA ?
A Question About 64bit and 32bit ATA Raid Cards.
Need some HD help here
A few questions on multiple partitions
WD 250GB USB/FireWire
what dvd-rom??
Time for a new cd-rw?
Server Backup
problems activating dma
major DVD-rom problems HELP PLS
PIMP 250GB WD External Hard Drive
dvd burner recs
Booting from a USB device?
ide disk drives recognized as scsi on nforce2/NF7?
Does anyone sell HD cage by itself?
Barracude IV or V....?
how to learn the speed of the hdd?
ATA 100 card question
Maxtor 160GB SATA review
SCSI questions
new HD suggestions?
HD Installation...
Is this about right? hdd speed->raid
Help me i.d. this HD
transfering OS's
Raid 0+1 or Raid 5?
Write-Protecting A CD-R / CD-RW
IT7Max2v2 + Raptor - No ATA150 option
Why are >4x CDRW disks so hard to find?
WD Raptor...a lil help please...
Can someone tell me how long it would take!!
RAID 0+1 with three drives?
Laxtnr harddrive
Im not sure if this goes in this thread but this is about CDRW drives that=LOUD
Hard drive temp diode?
Best CD-RW Drives
Pionner DVD-500M Not Reading DVD+R
good IDE RAID 5 controller
Hard Drive Rattle
Using an old HD to transfer files
When Hard Drives Go Bad
Was this a smart purchase
raid controller
weird noise ...
PORR WD800JB performance ?
scsi cord
S.M.A.R.T. Power-on Hours Count
Raptor question please answer
do i really need the space?
Change Default install drive???!!!??!
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 - What is this for a monster?
HD in need of recovery.
seagate 60gb showing up as 55gb
What cdr medie needed for over 80 minut burn
41mhz for PCI too high??
Which dvd burner
Power Calibration Error
CDRW/DVD Combo suggestions?
SCSI as a standard and Protocols
Best 80Gb HDD?
Best way to transfer to another drive?
a defrag app that i can use from a bootdisk or cd?
Fastest/Best CDRW on market
Holy Shmooo Thats Hot!!
Which HDD to choose?
Floppy RAID!!!!!!
Raptor or Raid
D740X at tcwo.com
wd 160g need help plz
how can i recover data from broken raid
I need a scsi adaptor(not a scsi PCI card)
120gb 8mb cache....
Maxtor Ownz!
which of these drives is faster?
WD 120 Gb 8Mb Raid 0 Configuration
hmm... raid controller going bad???
how do i access my raid array?
Is this harddrive related?
IDE Cable DIY???
Deskstar HDD Making Noise?
How do i speed up my hardrive or is that not possible
any 10000rpm ide drives?
Sandra scores on Promise RAID, believable?
SATA-Raid worth it???
Seagate USB Travan
Where to buy a RAID card in england?
Which is the best 20/40gig tape drive?
IT7 and Raptors
Operating temp for HDDs
Copy ANY DVD with a CD-R Burner!??????
just finished installing my WD 8mb cache 120gig drive...wow
Seagate V 120GB 8MB
Raid 0 with 5a2+
WEstern Digital Raid restarts constantly
silent scsi drives?
Configuring HDs like this.....
Lindows as file server
whole ide myth
whut dvd burner to get
Can cdrom drives overheat?
New LiteOn DVD+/-R Drive
hardware maintenance
How can I clear a drive with NTFS ?
XP crappy SCSI scores
My PCmark HDD score suddenly dropped. Any ideas?
External SATA Drive Enclosure
Why won't my DVD+RW fully erase?
Raid 0 Help and question
Anyone think my PCMark HDD score seems REALLY low
MP3 Project with HDD
Deciding on which sata converter to buy
some sata questions
Reformatting and RAID 0
nf7-s and 137 gb hard drive
Where does the HDD temp come from?
overclocking and raid
best hardrive brand to buy
WD 8mb & 2 mb in RAID
How to repair an XP installation on RAID?
Funny harddrive noise, what does it mean?
help copying harddrive
paper inside cdrw drive.. help!!
Little problem after doing a image using Norton Ghost 2003
Cleaning out the boot sector..,
reformating hd w/ winxp....
PC Mark HD score
Is raid worth the extra price?
Boot sector= boot track??
backup hard drive
hard drive just died need your advice
using virtual cd v4 (very nice program)
2 - 80 GB drives in raid0 configuration (benchmarks)
Completely cleaning a drive.
How do these drives compare?
quick question about RAID
which side of hd gets hot?
What would you do?
iometer has resumed development
faster H/D=higher FPS???
issues with my scsi zip drive (much bitterness...)
Maxtor or Hitachi
Partitioning a USB thumbdrive
DVDrom's on raid
Had question
Serial ATA versus ATA 133 in terms of actual performance
Formatting question
How do you close YOUR CD/DVD Drive?
I need some pin layouts.....
need help with RAID0
ultra ata 133 card, need help installing drivers without floppy
DVD-ROM on ATA133 Cable Trouble
About SATA
Pardon me if this has been beatin to death (partion question)
No Partitions = Quieter?
My strange experiences with barracuda 80 gig
2 slower hd's in raid or 1 faster hd?
Why partition??
DVD burner worth it?
Computer freezes after reading FDD...
My hard drive is dying
Few questions
what's the best...
Question about regular USB speed
exact image?
Good HDD Read/Write speeds
2nd IDE drive suggestions
CD burning problem...Please help
which hard drive should i put where?
200gb vs 120gb hard drive question
Lacie 1000GB Hard Drive
HD keeps blinking
How to keep HDs cool?
HD Corruption @ 175 FSB?
DVD Burner Info.
About to buy a H/D...flag me if needed
USB thumb drive data Encryption?
HDD storage space disappearing!!!!!
Maxtor 80GB SATA
DVD+R -vs- DVD-R
WinXP Pro "only" said my LiteOn 48x at 8x??!!
Hard Drive clicking
Hard drives - On 24/7 or Off in between use
WD 40gig 7200rpm 8mb cache reliable?
partitioning without A:
Max Length of cables?
Getting an error in event log (Error 51), with my new CDRW, what does it mean?
Bad Sector
random reboots
Is there anything better than CHKDSK?
Making ISO's with Nero
How does one recreate the partition table?
USB 2.0 storage
what RAID setup???
DVD drive won't read DVDs
WD SATA 10k Raptor production model
Hard Drive detection problems....help!
will these work together?
major hd question conserning performance!
tkth, tkth... tkth, tkth any had a hardrive make that sound?
fdisk shafted me: looking for user friendly partition d/l's
HDD corrupt??
Should I stripe ?
Confused with RAID 0
cd-rom installation problem
how to make .cues?
Which Hdd ?
"could not perform fixation"
HDD with USB 2.0 or firewire
WD 120GB SE has become extremely loud
HHD performance degrading maybe?
1 200gig hdd or 2x120gig ???
How much space will this array have?
Bit of trouble slaving 2nd hd
hdd wont even boot as slave?
WD SE 80GB platter drives- how to tell
combo or seperate
Western Digital Raptor
where do i change cd name in Nero Express?
Raid 0 on Abit AT7-max
Please help with this Nero error....
How to create own external CDROM cage?
Looking for defrag program recommendation
Help Not Got A Clue
SATA problem
I S-ATA by any chance backward compatible?
program to tell me cache buffer size?
CD-ROM firmware ?
where to get one of those 3.5 to 5.25 drive rail??
High pitch 80gb maxtor HD
Two "new" drives running hot!
help me out with this question from a+ class..
use a zip drive as a floppy drive???
137GB barrier with A7N8X DLX
Need Help Pls !!!!!!!!!!!!
2 better than 1 >
What do you need to setup SCSI ?
DVD Media Question
Best way to shut my hd up?
RAID0 Stripe Size
Quick question bou "mapped network drives"
DVD-ROM firmware update failed... did I kill it?
my HDD have utterly horrible benchies:rolleyes:
Raid 0 setup from scratch!!
Maxtor 80gb
Overclocking CDRs
Why dosent windows run my Drive in UDMA Mode 5(ATA100) :(
DVD/CD-RW Drive Problem: Will not burn at max speed
Going from ATA33 to ATA100 - Easy Switch?
Question about 3 small HDD's
Question about raid... config
Confused about Raid
Is Maxtor Lieing To Us?
5.25" Floppy Drive
Software Raid
Maxtor RMA drive is sloowww
Partition Magic 8 problem.
! Need an idiots guide to backups
SCSI !0,,000rpm Hardrive Install
OS on seperate HD = Good or Bad?
RAID Level...
Burning CDís....NEED HELP!
2nd HD problems
Western Digital Raptor
An idea to help HD cooling
reading/loading problems with DVD-ROM
Low level format util?
WD 8MB Cache which firmware for Raid0?
Switching power between Hard Drives
Sweet Freebie...
Question about an external CD-RW
dvd +r/w and media
C drive wont reboot...
Optical storage mediums
External USB 2.0 freezes
what causes the floppy drive light to stay on?
Maxtor DiamondMax 160GD SATA
Cannot detect HD on cold boot! help
Broken HDD Pin
OMG..I have never seen a raid this big!
Using raid
Fiber Channel SCSI
Utility from Maxtor isn't good enough. Help!
10,000RPM SATA drive (WD Raptor)
u320 backward compatible?
7,200rpm & 10,000rpm much Diff?
max FSB before HD corruption
Use a disk image as a disk?
Hard Drive Restarts
Oh god....
? about RAID
Can you volt mod hard drives to overclock?
Using Norton Ghost 2002 without a floppy
Are USB floppy drives bootable?
pcmcia floppy?
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA Review
hard drive question
is that possible
What is Raid???
quiet hard drives
Drive not being detected... Uh oh
Maxtor or IBM (Hitachi)
DVD Burners
Serial ATA adaptors on optical drives?
USB Storage
does removable = hotswap?
LiteOn/Nero/Win XP
PSU making my hard drives fail?
a7n8x deluxe slow boot up, anyone?
WD's new baby: Raptor preview
Online mem test?
Usb 2.0 Vs ide
Seagate barracuda
2 Bootable PCI Controller Cards?
4x Hard drives
HD Gurus needed: How do I get the data...
Buying 80Gb. Maxtor or WD? Which is Quieter? Cooler? Faster?
Which Is The Fastest Cd-rom Or Dvd-rom Dirve?
DVD-ROM question
My 200 Gig HD W/ ATA Card sort of...
Sata Raid
This Comparision makes No SENSE!!!
Just broke 57,000 mark with Sandra 2003
Removing a hard drive cover and replacing it with..
Having trouble with restarting pc with raid 0 setup
Recommendation for a good IDE RAID card
Please explain fiber channel
Is this right?
Click, Click, Click
Magnetic fields, too much too close?
Format without using a PC?????
Any SATA HDs for sale yet?
80 gig NTFS HD in ATA100 mode (7200) getting 17,050 in Sandra?!?!?!
RAID on Asus A7N8X nForce 2
Ultra ATA100
Round cables vs. Flat
80 gig NTFS HD in ATA100 mode (7200) getting 17,050 in Sandra?!?!?!
Question on CD-ROM, DVD, CD-RW drives...etc
HDD's for 486's?!
LBA or Large?
Rounded Cables Questoin
Small hard drives?
any way to save a HDD?
cant get my drive in ATA-100
DiscZerver Network Attached Storage Device
3 hard drives stacked
WD SE or Barracuda V?
I have 200gb h/d maxtor
Diamondmax Plus or WD SE?
Sweet HD Mod
8 meg cache drives vs 2 meg cache drives
RAID dilemma
DVD rewrite drives I got a question or 2
which cdrw???
Older WD 60 Gig HD...need help with slow sequential transfer rate
On raid IDE controllers, can raid be turned off?
is my hard drive on its last breath?
Help with 2 Hard Drives please
Partitioning question????
What's a lanstack-300 by CMS? scsi drive?
I need your comment on fixing file system
Is RAID 0 worth it
I don't understand SATA
Another 2 biite the dust!!!
Scsi 40 Or 80 Will I Know A Difference
Need help with my CDRW
question about partitioning harddrive
Crunching noise of a 120GB Maxtor
I need help raising my Raid-0 performance