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WD Caviar Black 1.5TB
SSD to RAID5 ... 20MB/s?
just tried out new 1tb Wd Elements Se and im getting an issue
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Copying large files to a 1.5tb Seagate drops to kbs speeds...
Sorry if this is a dumb problem...
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has anyone RMA'd to WD?
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Is my SSD Shutting Down/Sleeping?
Rust discoloration on 2TB Western Digital WD20EARS hard drive boards
To be a little clear about SRT
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Short stroking raid 0 & software raid 5ing the remaining space
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IDE TO SATA 100/133 conveter
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Kingston SSDNow V100 Series 64gb for 64.99 is it a good deal?
Looking for Good, Cheap RAID5 HDDs
OCZ Vertex 3
To cache or not to cache (SSD & ISR)
Is it possible to make a data disk with thumbnails that load automatically?
SATA I,II,III cable matters?
Which of these 2.5" drives are good for RAID 1?
First Time With SSD
To raid, or not to raid...
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Should I do something about my storage situation?
4 Seagate Baracuda Drive
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Would you return this WD Green Caviar?
OCZ RevoDrive and Asus CHIV
Does HDD brand really matter anymore?
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What is the best way to hook up several HD's
Making a copy of a harddisk?
SSD + Old Mirror'd set up + Noob = Hell
harddrive TTL unplugged
SRT vs RAID 0 for mass storage arrays
Anyone used OWC SSD's before?
Is this about right for SATA II speeds?
How to convert a dynamic disk to a basic.
Hard dirve help
could i RAID0 these 2 diffrent drives?
OCZ Agility 3 120GB for $139.99 worth it?
Small 16GB USB Drive
HDD Crash, Clicking noise
SSD Caching vs Straight SSD?
SSD's raid 0 after 9 months
Vertex 1 30GB Benchmark
Back to that "snappiness" of SSDs :D
Raid 10 or Raid 5?
Best 60GB SSD
New SSD paired with old WD caviar getting stop error 7B
What to use old SSD for?
SSD's and OC
What is the difference between 64mb of cache and 32mb of cache
Confused on what driver to use for new SSD
Is possible to mirror a hard drive to hot swap it out of a laptop?
Isolate and disregard bad sectors on a hard drive?
Can't format 32gig MicroSD card.. says write protected?
Help me find the release date of HDD
going through old hds, problem accessing
Need 16GB Fast & Reliable Flash Drive (bellow 25$)
Installing OCZ Revo 3
I just messed up big time
Expandable raid system?
Is it possible to seperate the OS on a different partition after the fact?
Home Server
Sata3 SSD running at Sata1
Raid 0
HDD Error
Reformat SSD
Can't install windows 7 on SSD
How to Install IRST SSD+HDD?
New SSD Questions
Spin rite
Should I RAID
Guess we're going to learn what happens when an SSD dies...
Question about booting with SSD
Quick Opinion Please on SSD drive
Stability issues unknown source
Launched a suit
Drives stopped registering in addition to a fan problem
Help Me Choos Which SSD
Time for new boot drives
20 drives but how do I do SAS?
What SSD for my laptop?
HDD is losing files... What's happening?!
How to quickly test read / write speeds of USB Flash Drives
2 drives uniformed?
Windows7 wont install
Cloning X58 to LG775 Help
Updating System to inc SSD boot Drive
Crucial M4 128GB black screen AFTER 0009 update
Please educate me: ssds in RAID
Is this a solid choice for Z68's IRST option?
HELP!!! Raid 0 on FASS and FYPS
SSD raid help!
SSD Cache + SSD Boot + HDD Storage??? Help
SSD question
Storage Dilemma
SSD issues once again. Looking for help/advice on what to do.
SSD problems... Freezing, etc.
Help selecting an HDD
Ocz vertex plus
8Gb Flash drive only showing 465MB Avail.
Just bought an SSD...question
Hot Spare Not Recognized By RAID Controller
WD800JD Caviar Blue OR WD800GD Raptor
HDD Geometry Error
Need SSD for Wifes C2D Macbook Pro
SSD Question - Sata II interface = 3.0?
New firmware for Crucial M4 ( 0009 )
Change Default Installation Directory In Windows 7 For SSD
Just bought a P67 board, can I bring over my array?
just got a crucial M4, need guidance
on board raid or raid card
Help making decisions please (NAS or more internals)
Card reader problem please help
Do OS Single Drive Partitions Really Increase Preformance?
I have a WD green 500gb with issues HELP
SSD showing no free space in windows 7..
Seagate 1tb 7200.11 Issue HELP PLEASE
Getting stop error 0024, ntfs
Kingston HyperX Sandforce based
Which SSD?
NAS and power outages; recommendations
sandforce controller
SSD BSOD: Just A Note
Looking for a new SSD
Problem with SSD
What could cause drive read speed to jump from 18 to 60mb/s?
Bootable disc for drive wiping
Best 120/60 gb SSD for under $200/100
Did I fry my hard drive?
Realloc. Sector # and Ultra DMA CRC Error #
How do YOU partition your drives Pre and Post OS Install?
A high quality HDD?
RAID 1 or RAID 5?
{SOLVED} new hdd and winxp
Need Advice - What to buy
Firmware update available - Intel® SSD 320 Series fix Bad Context 13x Error
TO clone or NOT to clone?
sata III on sata II board showing as sata I
256gb samsung mlc ssd gets 5.9 WEI and 103MB/sec hdtune. This normal?
Laptop died...How do I get my files back?
Large storage organization
LG Disk drive wont play blu rays!!!?
Agility 3 SSD + UD3R Marvell 9128 = Problems
How to erase recovery partition?
access data on hdd.. corrupt partition table?
Worth getting SSD for OS?
Old IDE HDD's, what do?
Broken hard drive. If I bought identical, can i swap data?
Intel New 320/510 Series SSD at PC and NB Dual Platform Review
SSD Raid 0
Strange SATA cable... how does it work?
Seagate HDD Issue
2TB HDD recommendation
Agility 3 - 3xRaid 0 - Win7 inst Problem!
Raid 0 Question, Kinda different
Samsung and Plextor gaining popularity?
Two New SATA Specs: SATA Express & µSSD
Best SATA 2 ssd?
Managing Drives
Plater hdd difference between Sata 2 & 3
Questions about mirroring my windows boot partition SSD to a standard drive...
Turn a Machine into a Hard Drive?
Opinions wanted please!
need a new hdd
ssd on old laptop
Why Cant I Burn To Dual Layer Discs?
Will SSD drive prices drop soon?
Which External Hard Drive should I get?
OCZ vertex 3
Crucial M4 128GB on Intel system Advice
PERC 5/i died - now what?
Should I Raid 4 500gb harddrives?
Blu-ray drive or no?
Best way to RAID these drives...?
Need some Input on a NAS build and setup
I'm trying SSD again Corsair P128 to Crucial M4 128
SSD - cache or main drive?
Anyone else waiting for 1tb platter hard drives?
need help with drive recovery
new storage options
Make two harddisks one?
Add a drive to raid 5?
BluRay Drive for HTPC
The use of an SSD
Some questions about SSD's
New Hard drive?
Disk Error 7 Question
Samsung 1TB F3 HD103SJ OR WD WD1002FAEX
Bypassing Marvell 9128.
PCIe Card for SSD
Flash Drive Cant Format.
Props to Western Digital!
hard drive getting slower
independent hard drives
upgrade to SSD, now how do I get windows 7 off the old Drive
SSD Reliability...is it better than HDD? (Answers!?)
HELP: File Name Too Long Debacle
How to disable HDD error check on star-up?
Questions about raid0
Drive DIDN'T die.
Purchased Revodrive-Replace SSD for Windows, or use for installed games?
hd light on nearly all the time... is this normal?
Expanding onto identical WD20EARS with different number of HEADS and SECTORS
Reformat HDD Question
Migrating RAID to new controller
couple hdd/raid questions...
SSD Purely for Booting Windows 7?
Please guide me on an idea?
Is a SSD a good idea?
Asus Maximus IV extreme RAID 0
How much storage do you have? (2nd Half 2011)
Do you use an SSD? (Q2 2011)
Drive Died :(
Intel SRT Speculation
SSDs and JTV streaming
Seagate goflex issue
XP Computer at Work Burning Bad Discs
Computer Won't See RAID
Which SATA Controller for 2x 30GB Vertex RAID0
Plextor SSD's Anyone?
How accurate is S.M.A.R.T???
Hard drive recommendation as well as Raid question
z68 ssd catching question
Barracuda 7200
Decrease in speed after installing RAID PCI Card
Looking for SSD to test Intel SRT
old hard drive from 2003.. compatible?
Help choosing new internal hard drive
Thecus N5200XXX 5 Bay NAS Enclosure help
"Error Occurred(0)" in raid 0 vertex 3s
NEW 2nd HDD is not showing up
Advice on inexpensive network storage
Raid 0 for video capture
SSD VS. Raid O
Help Organizing SSD & HDD
Mouse stutter issue with new SSD
Buying new ssd. Need help choosing
Raid 0 with different controllers
32gb ssd enough?
Click on start up
OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SSD Review
windows 7
SSD Raid 5 or RevoDrive?
Let drives run 24/7 or not?
SRT Setup Help!
External Hardware Raid
Backup Question - Dynamic Volume
Caviar Black vs Spinpoint F3 RAID 0
Merits and demerits of chkdsk
Corsair Nova 2 seems a bit slow?
Help to eject a disc from optical drive w/ no eject button
Storage Harddrive Disappeared on Windows
can one raid 5 system be recovered by another?
will raid 5 suck up CPU cycles all the time?
need help with setting up ssd operation and hdd to storage
program to see newest file
i really hate waking up to these emails...
Hard Disk Sentinel, anyone use it?
Anybody use somethign like Fancy Cache or SuperCache?
External hard drive 3.0 advice
advice on what to do? vertex3, raid0 issue
Unusual storage issue
Need New HDD (Help)
In the world of No TRIM support.
Are SSD's Destructive?
Need serious help...!
Retiring HDD?
Corsair Force GT - Low Marks
C300 vs Vertex 3 (Urgent)
Hardware assisted RAID???
Short Crucial M4 256GB Review