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DAE Rip Speeds
can oc'ing the pci bus improve HD perf?
HDD info
Master/Slave Q?
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DVD Burners
Raid 0 - 4 x 800JB 16k cluster size
floppy partition message on start up
Ricoh Mp7400a
RAID problems
WD 80gb special edition, disapointing marks, whats wrong?
How come my CDRW drives always take up 80%+ CPU?
24x CDRW burning at 4x or less?
WD 2mb/8mb Cash ?
WD to go 10k rpm in new S-ATA drive line
I need to get info from one HDD to another..
pci raid card suggestions.
HDD bulk eraser program, killdisk etc. advice
ATA 33 and DMA 2
where can i find a black bezel for lite-on?
scsi hd cooler
Problem with RAID in winXP
wd 80gb se problem
Blown HD
Good DVD Drive?
How do you know when it's corrupt?
converting ntfs to fat32
atto benchies,these ok?
What's best software to backup HD data?
$20 iomagic 48X vs Lite on 40X
Any ideas on the SCSI/WinXP issues?
Pcmcia Cd Rom
Which program do you know?
Command to lock hard drive???
Would it be possible to use...
External Cdrw
What is the amount of added help from ata 100 cables to 133?
Kenwood CD-ROM
Good place to buy color drives?
Low HDD Score
Is this Sandra benchmark good or bad?
cd/dvd ide speeds
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The 10000 rpm ATA HDD is almost here!
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Is this a good HD score
Feedback on DVD CDROM's
CHKDSK screwing up the system
Opening and Closing CD Sessions
10k Rpm IDE drives???
sticker on cdr
How many times can a CD-RW be used before its no good?
"Couldn't Open Boot Partition"
How to clean sweep a hearddrive?
need to read your NTFS partition in DOS?
best buy vpr matrix hard drive any good?
Hard Drive wear
Raid moved to new Raid???
Scsi issue...
Anyone have a lline on 90 or 99 minute CDR's?
where to find instructions on step by step hdd partition/defrag/install...?
Raid 0 and OS Installing
Setting up RAID with OS already installed
will these work in raid?
will it hurt if i install a hd on its side?
any solid state hardrives out there?
Is this a good benchmark score on my WD SE 80GIG 8MB CACHE?
Comp reboots when I try to defrag!!!!!
How well do IDE RAID cards handle high PCI speeds?
How about a recommendation on a raid controller card?
Is anyone actually using SATA?
Very low Sandra score, what happened?
What is this mean?
Can't read SD Cards w/Windows XP
Looking for Blue CDRom Drive
fixing a hard dive?
Looking for Benchmark/Diag Utilities
Acoustic control in Intel Application Accelerator
Maxtor 80GB 8MB cache making clicking noises!!!
rattling is fading in and out..whats wrong?
creative 8x4x32 problems
maxtor ata133 hdd always stuck in PIO mode?
Help with mess in HDD
Hard drive on the same cable as zip
Slow hard drives
onboard HT raid and 9500pro...
any reason this hard drive is not detecting?
8 Seagate Elite 23 ST423451W Oldies
Hard drive Buffer & Other Question
Is it posible to partition a 60gb and run RAID1 with 30+30gb hdd?
Question on raid 0 and 2 diff drives
Much increase in performance going from 2 drive RAID 0 to a 4 drive raid 0?
windows keeps scanning my second HD on boot
windows doesnt "see" my cd-rw sometimes...
Looking for a good nForce2 Board with RAID
Chkdsk always runs; event log
Suggestion for PHAT harddrive
need help with SCSI
Cursed by the CDRW Gods
fault in non-paged area
I've asked it before, but didn't get to check it b4 it was deleted, win2k RAID.
Few questions...
onboard raid + pci raid?
ok, guys another one:
AAhhhh....2gigs of data inaccesible? Help!!!
40GB WD HD 7200rpm 2mb cache
Back in Black
Success Success
How I shut my hard drive up
maxtor 250gig usb2/firewire anyone open up one of them
HD won't Format..
I am impressed!!!
This RAID thing ****es me off
HD activity lights
get this program
Volume Information Loss
can someone recommend me a good PCI raid card for 2 western Digital 80 gig drives?
8mb cache benchmarks?
12 MB caches?????
Can someone tell me if their SCSI cards overclock well?
Will Sisoft Sandra see my windows software RAID drives?
Difference between PROMISE Fasttrak 100 and Fasttrak 100 TX2?
IBM 180GXP 120GB HD.Very nice
Difference between a Good and Bad Raid controller card?
IBM storage users read here
WD Caviar = The Best?
newbie with RAID
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9
SCSI---- Worth it?
WD 8meg cache vs 2meg
Speed Checkin Util.
2 Maxtor 2mb buffer in Raid 0
Hard Disk copying...
permanantly deleting files
HD limits VS MOBO?
why are the 'cuda IV's on newegg unreturnable?
What affects the longevity of HDD the most?
80GB 5400rpm worth upg. to 80GB 8mb 7200 Drive?
Is this a good deal
160 gig harddrive
Is there a dvd program that checks..........
Differences between drives?
Western Digital 8meg cache for RAID-0
Tekram SCSI 68 pin DC-390U3W Ultra160
Will i lose Data on a new raid 0?
Where can I find torx driver?
my hd shuts down on itself!
Adding/transferring to second drive
i need to recover data from a drive...
Riad Controller Card?
data lifeguard
raid0 array
Question on raid and partition
best CDR media?
I want one of these.
Linky's for best online hard drive sites
Serial ATA...SCSI...RAID question
Hp Cdrw
Bad FLash~
SATA Converter
bit of a problem
WD SE 80 GB Hard drive ATA 100 QUESTION
Powermax diag not detecting my Maxtor drives.
interesting problem... "shifting mp3s"
Why is this so cheap?
Need HardDrive help if possible.
WD 80 GB 8MB Cache 7200rpm
mo cache
hard drives
how do i take out the hd from my dell 4100....
Quiet Hard Drive
WD Announces Next-Gen Drives
Dont Look Here!!!
seeking inner peace (and quiet)
burning data problems
Light coming from HDD
my first problem with western digital...
SATA drives VS IDE w/SATA Converter
Mitsubishi to Ship 8x DVD±RW Laser in April 2003
Best free/inexpensive defrag program?
What is the best ATA IDE hard drive out there
WD1200JB makes wierd noise when comptuter boots
Why is my Harddrive "LED" constantly blinking?
2 odd questions
problem with RAID
Anyone know how to turn off speed limit in Nero?
HDD set to slave??
WinXP, ABIT KR7A-133RAID, and two IBM deskstars
Hard drives and PCI Speed
is my hard drive dieing?
Deleting files doesnt give you space back?!
first time RAID attempt, small issue
Anyone use a ATA PCI Card for 2nd HD?
Mixing drives in Raid question
ZIP 250 Jammed
DMA mode=Buffer Underrun
A couple of image Q's please
On copy, cd read slows down. way down
dalm IBM drives and RMA time!
SCSI Question(s)...
is 39 mhz ok for seagate 20 gig 5.4k?
200GB Maxtor
why get a dvd-rom drive?
Good quality round IDE cables?
Barracuda HDD with RAID owners READ HERE
hd screwed?
who made my cd-rw?
Serillel O ???
Firewire ide HD cases...
Drive Icon..
Only room for cd drive on a7n8x?
secondary and primary
which side goes up?
low PC Mark score
odd question
What is my Cendyne really?
How do you tell ATA cables apart?
Lite-On Firmware Question
firmware to increase the write speed of a CXR145E
Can i overclock my Lite-on drive???
dma problems on dvd-rom
Drive Copying Question
JustLink CDRW
ATA 66/100, need 'special' IDE cables?
5 1/4 HDDs
Bad sectors on SCSI-How to fix please?
RAID --> which HDD?
Dvd Writer Help Plz !!!
A small green LED On the D740X
Partition options/suggestions/help???
installin hd....need drivers?
CAn i get a new Firmware update for the WD SE drive??
Mobo Raid Connections
CRC error
Got my RAID 0 going and it is sucking.
Poor hard drive performance. Is sandra lying?
60 gb wd showing 8.5 gb on old system please help!
Why is my HD "LED" constantly flickering?
Western Digital SE drives Firmware Prob
seagate reliability?
maxtor or western digital?
need to read tape backup
Plextor 40/12/40a Firmware mod
Can Anyone Help?
8Mb WD still king of IDE HDDs
promice ati133/ card quesiton
whats this mean?
hard drive down, hard drive down
Question about Swapfile drive.
Just ran Sandra 2003 on my WD SE 80 GIG 8 MEG Cache...
New Hard Drives?
major fragmentation problems need advice
Would SCSI HDD on SCSI PCI Card handle 41MHz PCI speed?
Zip drive disk types??
SCSI newbie questions
Bad harddrive???????
Any experiance with O&O Defrag v4?
future of harddrives
help with HD speed
any online vendors with inexpensive zip drives?
Just completed my RAID 0. Very impressed!
Mini CDRW disks
Take a look here If you have a maxtor drive
Odd HD benchmarks w/abit SR7-8X
Who ever thoguht they could use all the space....
Raid and HD's
Need help mounting HDD
Western Digital SE
Drive indexing...on or off?
Seagate SATA Review
Question on recovery with software raid.
Promise Fastraxx SX4000
Maxtor 40gig DiamondMax Plus 8 .. eny good?
HD Scandisk probs..
Moving drives from software to hardware Raid-0?
All hail my 5-1/4" floppy!
Serial ATA Adapters?
DVD rom/CD writer drivers gone
wd 160gb se
Floppy and Zip Combo?
Can anyone tell me what this is ?
External HardDrive restarting computer?
I killed a HD, need help
On-Board RAID or PCI better????
Stuff needed for RAID0 ?
Harddrive speeds effects your computer?
noobie with RAID
Western Digital 8mb cache vs. IBM 8mb cache drives
Umm HD help please
cd-rw problem
DVD-R software
SCSI SCA Adapter
scsi seagate 15k.3 problems
bigger stripe size better?
Clueless Newbie...Instal HD & CD-RW...
How far can you take your WD 80GB SE
SATA Hard Drivers
Question on Partition Magic , Raid and Win 98SE
Free space better for performance?
WD Caviar Special ED good?
RAID 0 ON Acorp 6A815EPD
I need CD-RW drive recomendation?
40 GB = standard??
scsi newb questions
hard drive fitness?
setup raid, boot off reg ide
Is it worth to wait for SATA harddrives?
Overclocking and Hard Drives
individual sleeping modes
Is there a software raid that you can put windows on?
What happened ??
Which HDD to buy?
bad HD performance
burner not burning but reading
Need a little help, do you have a WD 80 gig SE drive
Installing Windows XP SP1 on a SCSI drive but only has NTFS?
help me make a new HD setup (raid Qs)
Retrieving data after format
Help suggest replacement for 2 WD 100JBs
DVD rom - choppy playback
Running 1 drive on raid
Hard drive becoming more noisier!
SATA "Benefits"- the Real Deal
S-ATA cables for sale at newegg!
Which hard drive performs best and is quiet?
how many times can you re-write a cdrw?
Lite On DVD Players
Different size drives in raid array?
raid 0 and partitioning
HDD PM/AM Utilities
Failed CD-RW, repairable?
Ultra DMA mode 6 Impossible with XP !
IMO cooling should be mandatory for HDs
Raid Setup W/ 80gb & 40gb
Sandra likes FAT32 better than NTFS
Moving to a bigger HDD - partition help
Promise U100 TX2 mod to RAID?
3 hdd's only 2 in explorer
i need a good controller
my benchmark need help
DMA problems with my DVD-ROM
hard drive oc?
my harddrive keeps making this buzzing noise
IDE UIDE EIDE?? WHat is it all?
Verbatim Brand CDRW / Buy It?
ibm is a no or? loss of data+failing?
can eneyone help hdd data retreveal
need some help with partitions
Jumper Settings?
Effect of Vibration on Hard Drive Performance - Results
have ? about DVD RW
Seagate SCSI 80 pin hdd
death to me
Samsung HDDs, any good?
Help speed up drive at expense of noise
need help with an IBM 80gig "Deathstar"
New Liteon Firmware
Best raid contoller card???
CD-R Power Calibration Error
DVD Drive Dead?
do cd-rws die from overusage or is it something else?
Let me get this staight...
Stupid IBM HD
should i upgrade and how?
What cd-rw is the best???
Raid + SATA
mpeg/divx to DVD?
Conserve hard drive space until S-ATA, then buy a new one?
Promise SX4000 cache question
Experience RAID 0 Users in here!
400GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache OUT!
IBM no longer makes Hard Drives!
Barracuda IV vs V
DVD-ROM freezing prob
HDD replacement dilemma
Damn bloody Hard drive...
Serial to ATA adapters...round IDE gone?
Setting up 2 drives
Change Cluster Size
RAID what?
too many ide devices
what would you recommend?
Maxtor 200GB
HP cd-writer cd12 series probs
Help Needed Its An Emergency! Calling All Techies!
Blinking light?
Why is my harddrive so Slow
Tight new Samsung drive..
Performance drops in HDTach
Thank you for all the messages and help here>>
Heat related HDD question.
West Dig 120/7200
Seagate SATA 150 performs like CRAP!
Warnung about DTEMP and SMART indicator programs...
stupid question
Preformance ATA100 vs. SATA133
Fast quiet disks...
Got a few questions about big hard drives
New hd not recognized in windows
hardrive experience
Raid Vs Really big drive
USB Jump Drive
inconsistent sandra benchmarks
Raid 0 drives?
How to recover an unindexed CD-RW?
I/O Brand. (CDRW) What's Your Opinion?
Has your WD SE drive failed?
new hardrive
How Hot is too hot for a HD?
Fat32, NTFS, and LAN
My RAID 0 setup seems too slow....
Quick Sony DRU-500A Question
tough decision on: Maxtor 8mb cache or WD regular
Western Digital 60gb 7200rpm vs WD 60GB 7200rpm w/ 8mb cache?
CD/DVD repair kit?
Why only 15000 on Sandra?
How to transer 5.25 floppy to 3.5?
Comments on I/O burner..
burn speeds
How Do I Know If Raid Is On??
Raid Level 1 PLEASE HELP!!!
Formatting a laptop
help! performance loss!
Win98 Crashes with Memorex DVD-Burner
Before I start setting up my raid, I have a few questions.
What If...?
how to do raid setup????
need a new IDE harddrive, which one? (no raid or scsi or stuff like that)
Jet Engine Dvd
RAID 0 qhestion?
-[[temp alocation]]- (help needed)
CD-RW and CD-R = Error?? Why?
Getting new harddrive/ have Gateway HD came w/ WinXP-how 2 put winxp on new HD HELP!!
Serious hardrive problems! HELP NEEDED!
ultra 66 controllers
is this true about WD 8mb buffer drives in raid0??
My XP SCSI prob fixed by cas reg hack!
20256r onboard raid
Partition advice, please
CD Burner Problem
"Thunk" hard drive issues
The "click" isn't always a dying drive
Seen post christmas blowouts?
Best HDD's For RAID
can DVD drives crap out? 1yr old.
Promise TX2 card....
Promise TX2000 Raid vs Maxtor ATA133
Multiple partitions advantageous?
8mb cash woth it?
Another RAID question
Which drive should by my master?
Help me decide on which Hard Dive/Setup?
Using Second HardDrive?
Using Second HardDrive?
RAID without the card?
ATA133 or Serial ATA 150
What Brand is Best??
question about raid
Need help....quick
HDD of the Future!?!?
What the difference between...
Why so low in Sandra with WD 7200 8MB Cache?
This drive is locked...please help
PC Mark 2002 Really Low HD Score/ New HD?
Raid setup
DMA setting on CD-RW make a difference?
Floppy drive problems
Bin + Cue
Destroying optical drives
Convert to NTFS and peformance drops
confused =s
Maxtor 500GB?
HD temp in raid ... ?